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Look at this handsome fellow. I wish I had one as a pet. They’re lovely chaps. Slow, deliberate in their eating habits, and they poop once a week. I also find them unbelievably charming.

But look at him…and tell me you don’t think that certain myths are not simply humans who didn’t know any better encountering this sort of scene and wondering “What in sweet merciful Hell did I just see in that shadow?”

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The most nearly with Uta's name is Utu the mesopotamian sun god. Hope it could help your confusion agaisnt his name. And Dumuzi in Utu story which Utu protect is likely to be Ken kaneki, then it could be the answer why Uta really fascinated with Ken. According from that (if reference is true) he might be protagonist in the near-end of story, do you agree?

I am not as well versed in Mesopotamian myth as I wish I were so I had to look that one up. I’m not sure how good the information I could find is. Mythology information online is often sketchy and incomplete at best. If you have a link to a good version of the myth you are referring to, feel free to link me, though.

It’s an interesting connection, but my instinct is that it’s a coincidence? The sun has pretty similar meanings cross culturally so a lot of Utu/Shamash’s domains correspond with the meanings of the Tarot card the Sun - things like revealing truth. But the domains of law and justice are both out of the Tarot card’s purview and seem a poor fit for the self proclaim reprobate that Uta is.

Uta means “song” in Japanese which I think is where the name comes from.

But who knows, anon. Amon’s name evokes one middle eastern god already. Why not another. Though Utu, from what I’m reading, fits Amon better than it does Uta. 

Uta isn’t gonna become a protagonist, but if you mean winding up on Kaneki’s side, I think its possible. Uta wants Kaneki’s story to continue, I think, and see where it’ll go, and he’s quite fond of this story and Kaneki, in the way one doesn’t want to see their favorite character get killed off. Beyond that, Uta’s motives are unclear, if indeed there is anything more than that.

I can imagine Uta ending up helping :re or Kaneki, even if it’s against Furuta or the larger Clown forces, but Nico’s already done that, too. It’s not really that much of a stretch.

But the Clowns, as much as I love them, are antithetical to the message the manga is trying to teach and that Kaneki needs to learn - to value people and their feelings and your connection to them - to connect empathetically and genuinely and to gain meaning and purpose from that.

The Clowns, in that way, are, if not villains, ideologically incompatible with the “good guys”. I’m not sure if that means they need to be defeated or even proven wrong, but it does mean that Kaneki allying himself with them and their ideology is a bad end. 

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Hey, thanks for the ask!

11. Which expansions did you like the most, and which ones did you dislike?

I loved Shadow of Revan and KotFE. I don’t think Ziost and Oricon count but I enjoy those too! KotET…. Uh… Well I am neutral with KotET, has a lot of good and bad. And then we have RotHC, which is frankly, just pure shit. 

12. Do you have a preferred mount/speeder? Is there one you want, but don’t own yet?

I like Varactyl mounts quite a lot, I only own one on Ja’de, sadly. (Coastal Varactyl). I have a lot of mounts, but the HK-55 jetpack is my go to one. I wish I had a Rancor, for reasons…

18. Which achievement(s) are you most proud of?

I completed Temple of Sacrifice when it was really hard, like a month or two after it was out. 

I also did Ravagers when it was effing hard. I don’t remember if I did it HM as well.

I also did Dread Palace in HM back when 55 was the level cap, before SoR was a thing. 

I am proud of most of my Ops achievements heh…

today a child had a complete meltdown because we didnt have any pink bands and she had to wear a blue one. man i wish i had these kind of problems, instead of worrying about my car insurance, dentist appointments, facists destroying everything ect…


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