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Do you think Apprentice Xehanort heard MX and Terra’s voices or saw those two like Sora with Kairi back in KH1?(Maybe even Eraqus)

Even: Master Ansem, Xehanort is having hallucinations again!

Ansem: Braig did you had too many drinks last night?

Braig: AS IF!

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Hi. I was reading your posts about Hillary and prison slave labor. I was going over it in my head, and truly and honestly find nothing okay with that. But I know some people will find ways to excuse it, like "they're in prison to be punished." Is there anything, in your opinion that could be adjusted to the system to make prison labor ethical? For example, paying the inmates or reducing sentences (which is already done, no?) I'm curious as to your position is all. Prison is punishment enough.

You’re going to get a different answer based on who you ask, tbh. And this circles back to the question of what constitutes as a meaningful method of pursuing justice in a given society. It goes without saying (I would hope) that the current system of imprisonment and incarceration, in both America and elsewhere, is completely unethical, as a whole, from its very conception. The whole point, especially in the advent of the Civil War and after emancipation, is to provide a continued means of enslaving African Americans in “legal” ways by positing enslavement as punishment. And to be totally honest with you, I would say that it’s really not possible, especially within the current framework, to make prison labour “ethical.” Like, enforcing a rule that doing work should, in any way, be a punishment for someone’s transgression is like? 

I don’t know, maybe I’m just struggling to articulate it well, but that just seems wrong to me. Work is not punishment. It can’t and shouldn’t be a means of punishing people for having done something wrong. And taking that standpoint, especially in the light of capitalism…it just strikes me as wrong somehow, and I really wish I had the knowledge to explain why, but I don’t. If anyone has anything to add, or any resources that might be able to provide some better answers, please reblog because that’d be very helpful. But the short answer is that no, I don’t think prison labour can be made ethical in any way. The current prison system is in and of itself unethical, on a systematic level, and the issue would have to go a lot deeper than just addressing things like pay or hours or w/e else.

- Mod A

EUROVISION AGE: A Dragon Age/Eurovision Fanmix
Because nobody expects the Glitterquisition

An * indicates song lyrics that aren’t in English. Lyrics have been translated as best as possible.

The below links take you to the official Eurovision performance videos, except where not available (2014 songs, Regina) or where I thought the official music video was better.

The Members of the Inquisition

The Inquisitor: Popular”, Eric Saade (2011)
(I will be popular, I will be popular…)

Cullen:  “Rise Like a Phoenix”, Conchita Wurst (2014)
(I rise like a phoenix/Out of the ashes/Seeking, rather than vengeance, retribution)

Vivienne: Work Your Magic”, Dmitry Koldun (2007)
(Work your magic/You set my beating heart in motion/When you cast your loving potion)

Varric: Fairytale”, Alexander Rybak (2009)
(I’m in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts/And I don’t care if I lose my mind, I’m already cursed)

White-Haired Mage Who Might Be Cole: Bistra Voda”, Grupa Regina (2009)
(…when everybody else leaves/I’m keeping you for as long as I live)*

Solas: Unsubstantial Blues”, Ruzsa Magdi (2007)
(You’re such a casual man, lending an empty hand…)

Cassandra: Be My Valentine (Anti-Crisis Girl)”, Svetlana Loboda (2009)
(Baby, I can save your world/I’m your anti-crisis girl)

Iron Bull: Boom Boom”, Emmy (2011)
(You are the strongest fighter/You’re the king for me)

The Mustachioed Man a.k.a Dorian: Moustache”, TWIN TWIN (2014)
(I’d give everything I have/for a moustache)*

Leliana: L’amour a la Francaise”, Les Fatals Picards (2007)
(A souvenir, a rendezvous/Flowers, flowers, flowers for you)*

Sera: Satellite”, Lena (2010)
(Love my aim is straight and true/Cupid’s arrow is just for you)

Scribe Girl: Madness of Love”, Raphael Gualazzi (2011)
(I don’t know who you are/I don’t care who you are anymore/I know for certain I won’t bother you with nostalgia)*

Bara Warden: Hard Rock Hallelujah”, Lordi (2006)
(Brothers and sisters, keep strong in the faith/On the Day of Rock-ening, it’s who dares wins)

Music to Choose Your Party Members By: Party for Everybody”, Buranovskiye Babushki  (2012)
(Party for everybody!)*

Music to Drown In Your Feels By: Waterline”, Jedward (2012)
(I thought that I’d been over my head/for the last time…)


At the Orlesian Ball: Dancing Lasha Tumbai”, Verka Serduchka (2007)
(Me English not understand/Let’s speak dance!)*

The Rift Opens: Only Love Survives”, Ryan Dolan (2013)
(Let the world collide, don’t be afraid/And if it’s the end of time, love will remain)

The Mage-Templar War: Only Teardrops”, Emmelie de Forest (2013)
(How many times can we win and lose?/How many times ‘til we get it right between us?)

That Pirate Hat: Wolves of the Sea”, Pirates of the Sea (2008)
(We will steal the show, Jolly Rogers go!/ We are wolves of the sea)

A Tavern Song: Alcohol is Free”, Koza Mostra (2013)
(Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is free! Alcohol is free! Alcohol is free!)*

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Fun fact: Maria was really shy and didn't like talking to anyone. She always wanted to maintain a low profile, but even so her first thought after the Reynolds Pamphlet aka "I'ma paint this innocent abused woman as a whore while destroying my wife and her sister so 3 women I will have destroyed not to mention my career ONLY IN 100 PAGES" wasn't "oh god what will I do" It was to ask James to change the last name of Susan so she won't be mocked. EVERYTHING MARIA DID SHE DID FOR SUSAN

Maria honestly was such a wonderful mother. I wish we had more info about her and Susan. Neither of them were ever really truly happy which is so sad

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Hey there! I was just wondering if you had any comic recommendations for Vic Sage/Renee Montoya? I've read the Vetch and Edwards run, and I do want to see more! He just doesn't have a lot of content unfortunately.

OH BOY i’m excited for this one!!! the only good thing about liking a less published character is that you can read ALL the materials they show up in fairly easily? He’ll occasionally show up in the background of a JLA comic but i can’t keep track of those, so here are some of the ones that focus on vic (bc he’s the only one i have reliable links/info for)


  • The “original” run (1987) is a must-read!! it’s very good and establishes the question as a more serious character. he WAS the inspiration for rorschach of Watchmen fame, and in the series he actually comments on it saying “i hate rorschach” (online link here). Unlike batman he is 100% ready to kill a motherfucker.
  • the TRUE original run is the 1968 steve ditko run but i have yet to find it anywhere so i have no idea what it’s like but i NEED IT
  • he showed up VERY BRIEFLY in crisis of infinite earths (1985) issues #5 and 6. i have provided images so you don’t have to comb through them looking for him

(issue #5)

(issue #6)

  • The question quarterly (1990) only ran for five issues and deals w vic in south america i think. i don’t remember much of it. (online link here)
  • they brought him back again in 1997 but i haven’t read this one yet; it’s on my list (online link here)
  • in 52 he recruits renee as he successor bc he’s dying of cancer and is an absolute JOY and also a complete HAM i love him so much (online link here)
  • trinity of sin is largely considered to be Very Bad but i’m so starved for q content i read it anyway and there’s a few funny/touching things. he teams up with pandora and phantom stranger (who i want to punch in the face a lot) he’s the only one of the trinity who didn’t get his own miniseries and also is hinted to be the roman soldier who speared jesus while he was on the cross (laaaame) (online link here)
  • he’s been in a few blue beetle comics. my fav is the recent convergence comic where he beats braniac with philosophy (online link here)
  • you mentioned the 2005 run set in metropolis which i LOVE but i’m gonna link it here anyway (online link here)
  • apparently he has appeared as an EVIL version in some of the new 52 suicide squad comics (as a bureaucrat, yuck and also fake!!! fake vic!!)
  • he’s also apparently in Multiversity: Pax Americana (2015) where he’s much more rorschach-y and murder-y but i haven’t read this yet so i really can’t say. (online link here)
  • he’s in a Blackest Night comic that i can’t find online, but i have a link to its wiki page
  • he’s in batman/huntress: cry for blood (2000) (read online here)


  • he appeared most famously in a more eccentric/light hearted characterization in Justice League Unlimited the animated series. he was actually the main character in a very important plot point and began dating helen bartinelli (huntress) (appearance: s1/ep6, s2/ep6, s2/ep9, and s3/ep9. he also has a few cameos)
  • he also appears in a few teasers for batman the brave and the bold s1/ep14, s2/ep23, and very very briefly in s2/ep24
  • you can unlock him in lego batman 3: beyond gotham somehow (i have not done this)
  • they’ve talked about wanting to put him in the CW’s Arrow and they very well should

i have a much harder time keeping track of renee. she was first introduced in Batman the Animated Series as detective Harvey Bullock’s partner. since then she’s been in quite a few comics (usually in short appearances, i don’t know of any longer standing ones), specifically Gotham Central, DC Bombshells, Birds of Prey, Gotham Girls, Batman Inc., and Batwoman: Detective Comics

the only one i’ve really read a lot of is Gotham Central. her characterization is really good even though her relationship with harvey dent is FUCKED UP (online link here)

i wish i had more info for her. :( feel free to add anything on if anyone has some

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Will Levi be able to kill Zeke and fulfill his promise though? Without Erwin his Ackerpower must not be as strong anymore. I wonder how significant the difference will be actually. Do you think maybe Hanji will address it? Or perhaps there hasn't been enough fighting during those 4 years to realize there's any difference? I wish we had more concrete info on the subject.

Hey Anon, this is something I’ve been wondering about too – will the loss of Levi’s liege have a significant impact on his strength and power?  When Mikasa attacked Levi on the rooftop in Shiganshina she overwhelmed him easily and was clearly surprised by his lack of strength.  It could be that this was a result of Levi’s Ackerpowers weakening, with Erwin on deaths door step, but it could equally be that Levi is just fucking exhausted.  He’s just singlehandedly killed dozens of titans, fought and beaten the Beast Titan and then let him escape.  He thought he’d already lost Erwin, only to be given an eleventh hour chance to save him, a chance that rides on a horrific choice.  And on top of that, two of his trusted subordinates, members of his own hand picked squad, have just violently turned on him.  Sheesh. It’s no wonder the poor guy is a little off his game.

I’d be prepared to believe that Erwin’s death has had a significant impact on Levi’s strength if it wasn’t for one factor.  Kenny Ackerman continues fighting like a demented bad ass motherfucker years after Uri’s death.  

We’ll have to wait and see whether Levi is also able to maintain his power.  I think his vow to Erwin will drive him forward but at the same time I don’t trust Yams and I have a nasty feeling that something will prevent Levi from fulfilling that vow, whether that is his strength failing, or some unexpected deus ex machine remains to be seen. 

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To add to that other anon, BSD Chuuya's bio does say he loves music. I wish that would be explored more. Like the other canon likes he has aside from music is alcohol, hats, and fighting, and that is pretty much already exposed by his actions and fashion sense.

Honestly, I wish we had more info about Chuuya besides his drinking and Dazai. Like, I adore all of the canon content, but he’s into music and he’s so motherly to his subordinates, and he has all these other traits to explore that don’t include Dazai in every second of his appearances.

Hans/Anna week 
↳ Day Four: Swordfight (deleted content)

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do u have any like hcs or cool thoughts on Trans girl Keith?? bc i like the idea of Keith as a Trans girl but haven't seen any meta on that hc

um! i dont have meta per se, because i dont think anything in canon points to it, its just a Feel i’ve got… and idk if my thoughts are especially Fun, but! i have A LOT TO SAY IM SORRY THIS GOT REALLY LONG

  • she kinda gradually figured it out in her like, mid-late teens? (i hc keith as 19) from being on sorta bad parts of the internet. like, there are a lot of trans girls who gradually find themselves through hanging out in fetishizing 4chan threads, unfortunately… i feel like she stumbled across that bc of going there for like, video game threads or whatever, i think practically everyone went to /b/ a couple times as a teenager just to see why people talk about it
  • she doesnt have “girly interests” really so it takes a long time to realize that her body dysphoria is still valid for being trans, and not just a “fetish” or something, the way people online treat it… meeting pidge was a big step in helping that worry
  • shes generally a really private person, so she feels like theres a strong divide between ‘boy keith’ and ‘girl keith’, and like ‘boy keith’ is genuine, but she’s not bigender, she’s a girl… she comes out really slowly, to one person at a time, once she feels like they know her well enough to really understand her as just a Person, not like, “a boy who does/likes x”
    • like, even if the other person is also trans or very accepting, it’s less about concern for Coming Out As Trans and more concern about being ‘vulnerable’ by letting them past the “quiet rough impatient pilot boy” version of her. she’s very private about a lot of things but gender ties into a lot of it because ‘boy keith’ is a standoffish public mode and ‘girl keith’ is a real self
  • she came out first to some online friends, most of whom are also trans; they probably met through some obscure embarrassing like, teen mechanics forum, or a video game fandom, and unknowingly stuck together as Future Trans Kids
  • the first person she came out to irl was shiro, when they were friends pre-kerberos; they hung out a lot doing stuff like dirtbike racing in the desert, and shiro was open about not really liking masculinity stuff, and keith felt a bit like shiro could tell there’s something Not Boy about keith but never treated her weirdly for it, so it felt safe to come out. obviously shiro was accepting and later decided he’s nb (tho i cant decide exactly what sort)
  • hunk was probably next? hunk is easy to talk to, i care a lot about him reaching out to keith, and tbh keith has kind of a crush on him… they spend a lot of time together in general (or at least, a lot by keith’s standards), so hunk noticed her feeling a little strange and stressed around pidge after pidge came out and asked why
  • keith has some inferiority trouble about pidge at first, because pidge Always Knew and is already transitioning, while keith figured it out “late” (teens is still young but you know how it feels) and in a “weird”/”gross” way and couldn’t imagine trying to come out to her foster family (they probably wouldve been.. well-meaning. theyd understand eventually but still be frustrating at first and probably tell her to wait to do hrt as an adult), and feels anxious about the fact that transitioning would be Visible and draw questions… she sees pidge as the Good and Real type of trans and herself as fake and gross. but after admitting this to hunk he assures her that it’s still valid and that pidge herself wouldnt think of someone else as fake or lesser for having a different process
  • so keith decides to come out to pidge and they gradually get closer and become really sisterly; it definitely reassures keith that neither of them are very femme and both have “male” interests. she learns some hacking and programming stuff from pidge, and helps pidge and hunk work on modifications to the lions and stuff
  • lance is last because… i love lance but he did not react very tastefully to pidge coming out, and, the way he interacts with keith specifically is really macho from the start. keith feels like she definitely has to be Boy Keith with lance all the time, because lance treats her as a Boy Rival. she tries to be friendly with lance (the cradling thing, which lance shut down and tbh that hurt her feelings because.. keith doesnt reach out a lot..) and they spend time in proximity because theyre both close to hunk, but it’s harder for keith to get very personal with lance, because of the macho antagonism stuff. 
  • but once shes out to everyone else it feels sort of frustrating and messy to be closeted with Just lance, especially like.. with the voltron mind link.. (i wish we had more info about how deep that goes, though.) so she decides to trust lance and try to take friendly initiative by coming out to him too. probably overly casually, or she maybe gave the others permission to start using she/her in front of lance finally. hes confused and kinda fumbles his reaction but apologizes quickly and thanks her for trusting him
  • akdjks this is so long already sorry so uhh allura and coran basically just find out by everyone else referring to keith differently (she doesnt have very strong one-on-one relationships with them yet, so it hasnt come up), and theyre cool with it
  • once she’s out to everyone she starts changing presentation gradually! because tbh so long as her teammates support her she doesnt have to care at all about human gender standards/impressions, or feel weird about strangers noticing changes
    • she actually cuts her hair shorter, rather than growing it out, because the mullet was kind of a dysphoria thing– maintaining a lazy shitty haircut because you dont know what you actually want to look like, or are afraid to pursue it
    • they find a way to synthesize hrt for her, for gradual body shape changes
    • she used to prefer to keep her arms/chest pretty covered, but knowing that people believe in her gender, and knowing shiro is nb and Mega Ripped, helps her comfort and she wears tanktops more
      • when she grows boob she is Free with it. does keith look like someone who would wear a bra, ever,
    • she doesnt like makeup that much because she doesnt like.. textures, or having to wash it off, but a bit of eyeliner and highlighter helps her look how she wants to. she just leaves it on for days. her skin isnt great and she wont let lance help with that bc not washing her face is her right

uhh!! i THINK thats it. thank you for asking and giving me an excuse to organize all of this, it helped me solidify a few details so im grateful!!

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Did Anne Boleyn and Kathryn Howard look similar? I know they both had darker than blonde hair, but did they share any other physical traits?

So, as it turns out, the debate over Katherine Howard’s appearance is almost as confused as the debate over Anne’s. Right down to the questionably authentic portraits scattered everywhere. The Anne Boleyn Files, bless them, did a piece on Katherine (just scroll down to the ‘Appearance’ section) that briefly sums up the different descriptions of her. In short:

David Starkey describes Katherine as “petite, plump [and] pretty”, and also as having the same infamously vague “auburn” hair as Anne. Joanna Denny, who wrote a book devoted to Katherine, describes her as having “rich dark blonde” hair, “hazel-green” eyes and a “dainty” build. Antonia Fraser’s book, meanwhile, says that the French ambassador at the time rated her beauty, like that of Anne of Cleves, as “middling”. It sounds like a lot of her contemporaries described Katherine as being petite, but there’s not a whole lot else to go on. (And I don’t recall Anne ever being described as particularly petite!)

If we take the above portraits as being genuine, I think you can see a bit of a family resemblance. Dark eyes, dark-ish hair (I’d be interested to know where Denny is getting “blonde” from), that mouth. It’s odd, though - the only adaption I can think of that has Anne and Katherine looking anything alike is Young Bess. Given their blood relationship and their similar ends, you’d think we would see more physical similarity in their casting.

I hope this is at least a little helpful! And I do wish I had more info on what Katherine looked like; if any Kat Howard fans want to jump in here, feel free!

I wish we had more info about some of the other characters. I know they weren’t essential, but I’d love to know more about the rest of the Order, and the older Sacred 28 families, and the other teachers; Madam Hooch, Professor Vector, Professor Babbling, Madam Pince etc. I’d just love to know more about the characters lives, not just they taught at/went to Hogwarts and fought in the War.

Is it just me of is it weird that Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama and Hiruzen didn't comment on Tsunade and Sakura's Yin seals?

Come on, that was Mito’s signature mark. Madara obviously knew her, Hiruzen did as well. It’s even worse in Hashirama’s case because his grandaughter and her disciple inherited his wife’s mark and he didn’t even make a comment. He even saw Sakura unlock it and talked to Tsunade with the f***ing mark looking at him right in his face.

I would like to think that Tsunade’s grandfather would be proud that his grandaughter is following her grandmother. 

Is it just me or does Tsunade’s Senju lineage and family background not get enough attention? 


Who is Hashirama and Mito’s child?

I really wish we had more info on Mito, Hashimito, Tsunade’s parents, Tsunade and the Senju clan at that time.

Details and plot holes like these bother me the most!

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How often would Tetrox deal with, uh, racism (not sure if that's the appropriate world since they're from different species) from inklings? I'd figure that she would some ignorant squids pester her and her team from time to time, though I'm guessing everybody would be too afraid of Belladonna to try to mess with them =V

Why do I have a feeling she uses “is it because I’m an octoling?” phrase a lot?

Haha! For real tho I dunno… I mean, I still think inklings and octolings mostly have this friendly rivalry going. Ugh, I wish he had more info about this but I was going through splatoon wiki yesterday and I was reminded by this one particular drawing from the end credits

I really think inklings and octolings do get along in the end