wish i had more details :


My Rock of Ages II inspired piece! :’D With the CHEEEESE WHEEEEL!

I kinda wish I had put some more details into it, but it’s taken me long enough to draw as it is. I’m not much of a painter, but I wanted it to have at least SOME resemblance to the game itself. So I’m sorry it’s come out like it has ^^’ 

Rock of Ages 2 is such a fun unique game, from it’s Monty Python paper cutout style cut scenes to it’s variety of boulders to the gameplay itself. 

For @therealjacksepticeye

An illustration I have made last year for the @legionzine, featuring @remusprime’s character Nynaede and the spirit of Ysera. Remus picked the theme “All Nightmare Long”, and I got a lot of help in a form of screenshots and pointing out details :P I wish that I had a bit more time to work on it, but in overall I’m quite happy with the result!

I don't think she's pregnant guys and here's why

I think she said she’s ready to try for a baby

Because if the twins are theirs they had to be what 5?

Asuka is probably in her late teens and Romeo is probably early twenties and here their still kids

Plus why would Wendy blush so much if levy was jus the pregnant

Also they escape to probably try and start for a child

I think they left to start making them babies

What do you guys think?

*update ok someone pointed out that it fits either way with asuka and Romeos age and the twins so it’s either they left the party to start trying for kids or to celebrate a pregnancy I only say the 1st is because of that blush Wendy got is similar to this one

Since fairy tail isn’t really a romance manga is probably why they are so vague with whose with who etc since it’s a manga about friendship but I wish we had more details 

Laxus is hinted to be linked to one of these three or maybe not

Nothing much on if aquarius key was found but maybe they might find it on this journey 

I guess this ending is made to be full of possibilities 

we got the okay from @takethatzine that we can start posting our full pieces now so uhhh here’s my part. I kinda wish I had experimented with a more interesting angle or fixed some of the details but I’m still pretty okay with it. 

you should still go buy the zine though it’s beautiful


In case anyone’s curious–this is some of my homework for my art class. Character Design! Which is frankly the funnest part of being an artist. I’ve literally spent the last several days putting this together.

I very specifically was assigned a Sailor/Pirate/Etc theme to work within. And I had to take design cues from Nicolas Marlet (the character designer for Kung Fu Panda and How to Train your Dragon, if you’re not familiar with the name). Though keep in mind I merely had to draw inspiration from him–not copy his style exactly.

The rest is copy-pasta from my homework submission:

“This definitely required me to delve into a more Disney-esqe style than I’m used to, which I found to be a fun and engaging challenge.

This hypothetical story features a heroic privateer, Captain Amelia–and her ongoing conflict with big, nasty, and infamous pirate Grissom.

Nicolas Marlet, the artist I was tasked to emulating rarely never seems to draw adult heroic females so I had to extrapolate a lot based on his other designs, specifically a few examples of female child/young-teen heroes. He’s fond of reducing characters to their elemental shapes–very cartoony. I tried to emphasize the contrast of thinks and thins, and didn’t deviate from primal shapes. I incorporation costume details, expressions (Wish I had time to do more), and a silhouette/height comparison frame–Obviously for a full production there’d be more characters, which is why I’ve left space on the sides of the silhouettes.

I borrowed a lot of costume design elements of Amelia from Master and Commander (I love that movie). I went tried to encourage circular and square shapes, as is textbook for heroic designs–but I made her hair style very wide and prominent, something Marlet seems fond of in his designs. Her color scheme is also largely reds, blues, golds, and white, to help suggest heroic and noble themes. I was tempted to add a lot more trims to her designs for flair–but past experience has taught me to be wary of over-designing characters that will be drawn hundreds of times over the course of a project, so I restrained myself.

Dread-Pirate Grissom, is just one big block of a man. He’s a brute, a bully, and a thug, but I also wanted to subtlety suggest he is smarter than he looks by giving him dramatic eyes/eyebrows for an emotive face (as opposed to say, a perpetual dull expression). His colors tend towards darks and reds, suggesting death and danger; I also tried to have his color scheme inversely mirror Amelia’s, but honestly it’s something I’d want to work more on. His pose too, I think needs to be more dynamic, now that I’m getting a fresh look at it. Oh well.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I really enjoy character design.”

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I had a dream that Lance and Keith were sitting on the roof and Lance was like "what's ur favorite sunset uve seen" and Keith gave this little smirk and was like "well there was this one where the sky was still blue, and then shades of red overtook it and it turned purple" in the most lOVING VOICE and Lance went all blushy and the kissed, I kinda wish it had more details bc I woke up with a huge smile on my face aaa

Awww, that’s so cute and fluffy!!! My heart,,,,can’t take it!!! My heart is fragile from the new trailer, ahhhhhh rip me I’m dying send help pls my children need me.


And what I’ve learned about being pretty,
is I do not belong to it.
It belongs to me.

You are my one in a billion. My heart dog, my soulmate in black and white and fur. You are everything I wanted you to be: a teacher, a friend, my partner in crime. Oh, how I wish, thirteen years down the road, I had been a little more detailed in what I wanted. I would not change you for the world though.

You are hellfire in a form with teeth. You do not know how to do anything less than giving your all. Your unstable mind made you the greatest teacher I could ask for; what motivation is there that is stronger than understanding the one you love? Oh, how I poured over the books to understand you, to try to fix you, to accept you. I would not be here today if you were not with me.

There were times when I would have given up if it weren’t for you - who would take my dog, so full of rage, other than to send him to sleep forever? Who would understand you as I tried, love you as I did? Who would you love as you loved me - willing, time and time again, to work through whatever demons your head summoned, just because I asked. You loved me with no questions asked: I was a god in your dark world, the light you never got to fully reach. We tried so hard, and you really did come so far. I am so sorry your mind did not let you be everything I wanted. I promise you were enough - always enough.

We are nearing the end of your legacy. I have noticed it - how you slow down, how you hesitate to come up the steps. How you sometimes fall trying to make it onto the bed, or how you don’t really hear me when I call for you. I know each day with you is precious and I cherish how you hold on for me. I really am all you care about - a heart so big that only knows me. I am not worthy but please give me a little longer. I am not ready to let you go.

I will forever bare the scars from where your teeth found flesh. Your memento - there was so much unbridled rage within you, how was I to ever escape unscathed? Yours will be the first name I stain into my skin, just as you were my Novice A dog, you will still be leading the pack long after you’re gone. I love you, I love you, I love you.

I promise you that when it is time, when you are done fighting, I will let you go even if I don’t want to. I promise I will carry you when you’re too tired to continue on our short walks. I promise I will pick you up to put you on the bed, even if I am exhausted. I promise every lesson you have taught me will linger within me and every mistake I made with you will never be repeated. I promise I will never again let a dog go through what you did. And I promise, when you’re gone, I will continue. You lived for me. I will live for you. You are stubbornness and strength and love, I can only try to mimic it.

You are the best of them. My Daedra. My old man. For all that we’ve been through - #IAmResponsible for the lessons you taught me and I will never forget them.

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Do you see Helion is Egyptian/Northern African or more South Asian? There are so many different opinions on it and I am trying to make up my mind... I wish Sarah had given us even more detail.

I see Helion as Middle Eastern, think old school Persia (aka modern-day Iran).

I actually think we got some good details, the important details, from Sarah and the book. I prefer not to get a too a detailed description so it is partially up to our imagination and interpretation – it’s much more fun that way.

So even if I see Helion as Middle Eastern/Persian everyone are entitled to their own interpretation and a Southern Asian Helion sounds amazing, Nonnie! (I do kind of feel like Egypt is covered since SJM mentioned Drakon and Miryam is inspired by Ancient Egypt, so it is fun to explore other southern areas and countries).