wish i had long brown hair again

Interrupted || Jack Maynard Imagine

Shamelessly, I ogled at his body, watching as the muscles worked beneath the skin. At least, it was shameless until he turned around and caught me staring.

“You’re so creepy,” Jack laughs, I turn my attention back to the book in front of me.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I smirk.

My eyes rake up to meet his again, “I’m not working out with you in the same room as me again.” He huffs.

“But you look so good,” I compliment.

“You’re so annoying,” He smiles making his way over to me sitting next to me on the floor. I place my book on the ground.

“My boyfriend is so hot,” I place my hands on his chest, batting my eyelashes at him.

“Oh yeah?” He asks a smirk taking up residence on your face.

“Mhm,” I nod my head. Wrapping my arms around his neck. He places his hands onto my waist pulling me closer to his body. The feeling of his hot body below mine. His eyes boring into mine, then down to my lips. My eyes copy his. His lips dragged between his teeth. Our eyes trailing back up to meet each other again. His hands trail up to my face, gripping onto it gently fingers caressing my cheek softly.

“You’re so beautiful,” He whispers lips hovering above mine.

“Kiss me,” I breathe.

Jack’s lips hover over mine. My hands trail up and tangle in his chestnut brown hair that had over time grew out so it was long enough that I could hide my fingers in it.

“As you wish,” He whispers. His lips place themselves on mine and before long his tongue is exploring my mouth. The taste of him is intoxicating.

One sharp knock on Jack’s apartment door draws us back to reality. Jack groans and presses his forehead against mine.

“Come in,” Jack shouts annoyance evidence in his voice. The door opens and a sheepish looking Conor makes his way in.

“Sorry mate, but I need to borrow your girlfriend, I need some advice,” Jacks jaw falls open.

“So first you interrupt our makeup session and now you’re going to take her?” Jack asks making me laugh.

“Please?” Conor asks, eyes having a conversation with Jack silently.

“I’ll see you later,” I say kissing is cheek.

“I love you,” He says kissing me softly.

“I love you too,”

Stood Up

Person: Dan Avidan

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you got stood up on a date at the coffee shop i work in here let me get you a drink on the house au

A/N: WHOA two posts in one day. I saw this AU and it was super cute and I got this idea instantly. Sorry it’s not Barry/Stiles but I love Danny

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The fresh coffee smell hit you as you opened the door to the local café. It wasn’t local to your town, but to the town where you were meeting someone. It was 7 p.m. and the sun was below the horizon, decorating the sky in brilliant purples and pinks. It was a perfect atmosphere for your date. You saw a small table in the front corner of the shop, windows on both sides of the building. You went over to the vacant table and sighed happily, excited about your luck.

                  It was your first date in a couple years. You didn’t focus on relationships in college, trying to stay on track with your engineering major. You were so enveloped in your school work; you hardly gave yourself down time for friends or college activities. Since you recently graduated, you decided to try a dating site to get back out there again. You met a guy who also had an engineering major and hit it off instantly, and he suggested meeting at his local coffee shop. So here you were, 7 on the dot.

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kassellie  asked:

Can you do a scenario where 2p!America is braiding his S/o's long thick brown curly hair after a shower please? I'm ready to FANGIRL 🔥

Well then your wish is my command, though I had to chuckle, since that describes Admin Sarah to a T and I literally was just braiding her hair. I love this ask! -Admin Jay

Allen laid back on the bed as he sighed loudly as he scrolled through post after post on Instagram before trying his luck at Crossy Roads again…maybe this time the Swift Snail would make it across the road…
“Sugar, you gonna leave any water for the other people in the apartment?”
He checked the time on his phone before rolling his eyes and chuckling, she always took forever in the shower. Though getting to see her walk out in just a towel was always a plus with him, and he never complained.
“Yeah, I’m done!”
Liar. That meant she was just putting in conditioner, and that meant at least 3 more minutes. 
“Whatever, sugar! I’ll believe that when God fucking says so!”
3 minutes later, lo and behold, there was the door opening as the steam rolled out. Allen sat up and licked his lips ready to feast his eyes on his sexy as hell s/o. As they came over and sat on the bed beside him, he wasted no time in kissing down their neck as he chuckled deeply in their ear as he nibbled it. 
“There you are~…I was getting lonely here by myself…”
“Oh please. Allen, can you braid my hair?”
“Huh? Sure. Let me see…”
Allen rolled off the bed and grabbed his s/o’s brush before sitting beside them and slowly brushing their hair out, thanking god it was still wet so it was easier to brush. Once he brushed it all out, he slowly started to part it and expertly braid it. Once he tied off the braid, he kissed the back of his s/o’s neck and smirked.
“Who da best?”
“Damn straight, sugar.”

Get to Know Me Tag

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Ahhhh thank you friends! :D :D 

Rules: Answer these 92 statements and tag 20 people

1. Drink: Coffee & Green tea
2. Phone call: My brother
3. Text message: My best friend  
4. Song you listened to:  Futile Devices – Sufjan Stevens
5. Time you cried: I laughed so hard I cried the other day. Honestly I cry a lot, for pretty much any strong emotion. I feel things very deeply and idgaf.

6. Dated someone twice: Nope
7. Kissed someone and regretted it:Yes
8. Been cheated on: Nope
9. Lost someone special: Yes
10. Been depressed: Yes
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: Dear God yes. 

12-14: dusty rose, grey, gold/metallics in general

15. Made new friends: Yes
16. Fallen out of love: Nope
17. Laughed until you cried: Yes
18. Found out someone was talking about you: Yes
19. Met someone who changed you: My daughter :) 
20. Found out who your friends are: I’ve honestly kinda had the same ones for a while
21. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: Lol yes

22. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: Most of them but plenty that I don’t
23. Do you have any pets: Noooooooo. We talked about getting a dog then we found out I was knocked up. LOL.
24. Do you want to change your name: Yeah it doesn’t really suit me. I like the reasons I was named my name, but I feel like it’s kinda generic.
25. What did you do for your last Birthday: Took care of my baby, but my husband surprised me with a our first time out to dinner without her by asking my dad and stepmom to come down and watch Willa for the evening. :D It was a really special evening.
26. What time did you wake up: around 530-6 ish
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: Drinking gin with my BFF and updating fanfic while watching a re-run of Mr. Robot
28. Name something you can’t wait for: my daughter to take a nap so I can take a nap, I’m dead rn.
29. When was the last time you saw your mom: We don’t communicate. I saw her last 8 months ago though.
30. What is one thing you wish you could change in your life: I wish I had majored in something different in my undergrad, something that gave me a greater capacity to help other/make a difference, like nursing. 
31. What are you listening right now: The Predatory Wasp of The Palisades is Out to Get Us – Sufjan Stevens, and my daughter playing 
32. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Unfortunately many awful Toms 
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: All these questions that remind me of my shitty mom
34. Most visited website: google docs lol

35. Mole/s: Yes
36. Mark/s: Scar on my chin, a brown birth mark that looks like Lake Winnebago on my wrist
37. Childhood dream: I had a lot of dreams, and a lot of those dreams were crushed. LOL.
38. Hair color: Auburn
39. Long or short hair: Medium. I wish it was short again but I need to be able to put it up so my kid doesn’t yank it out of my head.
40. Do you have a crush on someone: I have lots of friend crushes, I want to be friends with pretty much everyone.
41. What do you like about yourself: I feel things really deeply. I relate to others easily, I love a lot. I used to hate this because it opens you up to a lot of hurt but I think it’s worth it.
42. Piercings: My ear lobes. I used to have my cartilage but it closed up because I can’t wear it in the military and stuff.
43. Blood type: O POS BABE

44. Nickname: Trout (hence my URL)
45. Relationship status: Married = Very Yes
46. Zodiac: Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Favorite TV Show: I can’t get over how good Mr. Robot is

49. Tattoos: Sakura blossoms on my foot
50. Right or left hand: Right-handed
51. Surgery: Just tonsils and wisdom teeth
52. Hair dyed in different color: I’m a basic bitch I have balayage highlights. 
53. Sport: Distance Running, breastfeeding in any and all situations
55. Vacation: I wish.
56. Pair of trainers: Too british for me to understand

57. Eating: I ate a way too big lunch so just mellon for dinner tonight
59. I’m about to: try to get my daughter to nap
61. Waiting for: my house to clean itself
62. Want: sleep
63. Get married: I’ve been married almost 3 years
64. Career: I’m a stay home mom and an NCO in the Air Force (the Guard/Reserve, so once a month). I’m hoping to focus more on my AF career when my daughter is a little older because I wanna kick ass. 

65. Hugs or kisses: Both
66. Lips or eyes: Nose
67. Shorter or taller: Idgaf
68. Older or younger: My husband is a whole 5 months younger than me, YEAH I HAVE AN AGE FETISH OBVI
70. Nice arms or nice stomach: honestly we all get old and gross eventually
71. Sensitive or loud: are these really an and/or thing?
72. Hook up or relationship: Dude the hook-up fantasy is FIRE. But I am very relationship. Lol.
73. Troublemaker or hesitant: IDK man.

74. Kissed a Stranger: Lol what what are you talking about I definitely haven’t done the thing every bi girl does and made out with a girl to get someone to buy me alcohol  OF COURSE NOT
75. Drank hard liquor: Yes!
76. Lost glasses/contact lenses: Yes :’(
77. Turned someone down: Yes
78. Sex on the first date: No
79. Broken someone’s heart: Maybe
80. Had your heart broken: Yes
81. Been arrested: No
82. Cried when someone died: Yes
83. Fallen for a friend: Yes

84. Yourself: I am a like, very all or nothing gal. One day you’ll catch me believing I can take on the GD world and change everything, the next day I think I’m a failure and life is pointless. LOL.
85. Miracles: Nah
86. Love at first sight: Kinda yeah
87. Santa Claus: I’m Jewish
88. Kiss on the first date: Yes

90. Current best friend name: Sarah :) 
91. Eye color: Green
92. Favorite movie: I cry whenever I watch American Beauty. Idk if it’s my favorite but I love it.


I do not know 20 people. Here @ask-secretrivamika (you can do on your personal blog if you want I forgot its name), UM then @lexiiiiiiibaby, @dangerandbeauty @rivamikaismyjam @jacpin2002 @rightoveryonder you all give me love. Do it if you feel like it! :D @dark-als YOU TOO YOU ANGEL and @sluttttysurveycorps I bet you’ve already done this but I love you, so I tag you.

in my dream last night I had this girlfriend and 😭 bloody hell, I miss her 😭😭😭 I wish I could remember her face

she was cunning, witty, a bit intimidating, adventurous and absolutely beautiful. all I remember is her long brown hair and this sly voice she had, and this smirk all full of sharp teeth and gentleness at the same time. and how perfect she felt.

she’s not the first dream-lover I’m going to be hung up about though. there’s also Richie, my guy I met on this weird endless expanse of astro-turf that I promised I would find again. I still haven’t seen him but I know when I do I’ll make sure I know where to go… the girl from last night, I think, is somewhere in Australia. that’s all I know so far.

I Promise

“Please, Tommy. Please.”
That’s the last thing he said.
The last time he spoke.
The last time he breathed air.
The last time he saw Thomas.
The last time he saw me.
“NEWT!” I screamed, seeing his body jerk back and hit the ground. I saw Thomas fall to his knees next to Newt, the gun clattering to the concrete.
I barely remember running. Barely remember the pain in my heart. Barely remember anything.
I reached Newt’s side, sobbing uncontrollably. My love, my angel, the only thing I lived for.
“T-thomas,” I stuttered, tears running down my face. “H-how could you?”
He looked up, his own eyes filled with tears. “I had to,” he said, barely getting the words out. “That was his last wish. His last-” His voice choked up, and he broke down completely. He put his head between his knees, arms wrapped around his knees. His body shook with sobs.
I turned slowly to look at Newt’s face. I had never seen him look so peaceful, so at ease. His face was smooth, free of the worry lines that had plagued him for so long. His golden hair was still as messy as ever. His soft brown eyes lay wide open, never to meet my gaze again. The only thing that ruined the picture was the bullet hole in the center of his forehead.
Fingers shaking, I closed his eyelids gently.
“There,” I said, taking shaky breaths. “He’s… just… sleeping-”
My voice broke and I collapsed over his chest, sobbing uncontrollably. Why, why, why? Why my Newt? Not him. Anyone but him.
I lay my head against his chest, never again to hear his calming heartbeat. I felt a lump in his shirt pocket. I lifted my head up, and reached into his pocket to find a small package. Fingers shaking, I undid the wrappings.
His bracelet. His favorite leather cuff bracelet that he wore everywhere and cherished greatly. And a letter, in his handwriting. Addressed to me.

Dear Y/N,
If you’re reading this, I’ve already gone. Don’t ya worry yourself none, I’m in a better place now.
Don’t blame Tommy. He was following my request, my last wish. I know it was hard for him. Ah, I love that shank so much.
But, Y/N… I wanted to tell ya that I love you. So bloody much. When you first came up in the Box, I knew there was something special about you. You were different, but in a shucking good way. Smart, pretty, strong, determined… Shuck, I could fill this whole page with your qualities. I want to thank you for all the memories that we shared. Bonfire chats, your amazing hugs that smelled of lavender, your kisses that set my bloody heart on fire. Your face, so happy when I told you I loved you. The way you kissed me after I told you. The way you made my life worth living again, even after all my bad times.
So wear my bracelet (Sorry if it’s sweaty- I wore that bloody thing everywhere), and remember me. Kiss it, and it’ll be like kissing me (On my lips, I shucking hope!). If you need to talk, I’m here, Y/N. I’ll always be here, in your heart.
Bit more than I wanted to say, but what the shuck. You’re worth the effort.
Love, yours forever and always,
PS: I found Chuck and we found his mum. He’s still bloody annoying, but I love that little bugger.

I wiped the tears off my face, even though it was useless- my face was a flood. I put on Newt’s bracelet, and rubbed it with my thumb. Then I kissed it gently.
I folded his letter up, sealed it with a kiss, and tucked it safely into my shirt pocket. I scooted over to Thomas and took him into my arms. He curled up in my lap and clung to be like a little kid, still sobbing. My face was oddly dry now, but I knew why. Newt’s letter had set me at peace. My heart, my mind, and my soul.
I rubbed Thomas’s back, slowly rocking him back and forth. “Shhhhhh,” I soothed, stroking his hair. “It’s okay,” I said, looking out at the setting sun, remembering the sunsets I had enjoyed with Newt. He was probably watching this same one, knowing that I was too.
“It’s okay, Thomas,” I repeated softly, still rocking him.
“Newt is alright. I promise.”

I hate myself.
For the record, I broke down halfway through writing this, so it’s okay if you cried. I was listening to bittersweet songs and felt like writing something sad. I teared up at first, but it soon turned into a flood and I was sobbing uncontrollably. Sorry for the torture. Feel free to vent at me for it.
But Newt’s okay, I promise.



BLONDE SUHO (EXO elders are going blonde. i think its hot but the way suho looked here with his hand is just too cute.)

DIRTY BLONDE KRIS (well, i like it dirty. the man looks so fine.)

(rumours are saying that DO had a piercing and showed the picture on the left. well, sorry to say but its actually KRIS.)

BROWN RED LUHAN (sorry lulu but you’re still pretty to me.)

BLACK YIXING (holy healing unicorn! sexyyyy!! so dangerous~)

BLACK BAEKHYUN (hot as fuck. i just wanna throw you like Kris does it. LOL)

BLACK AND TRIMMED CHEN (what happened baby? you worked so hard nonstop with promotions from EXO to SM ballad. AND THIS IS HOW THEY REPAY YOU??!?!?!!? T.T)

BLONDE KAI (yeah. you turn into a sexy beast when blonde.)

aww.. he looks so stressed.. this is exactly how i look when i saw EXO changing hair colors again.

RED CHANYEOL (hot fucking hell. messy red hair. i cried.)  

THIS IS NOT LEGIT! damn, i was too overwhelmed with my feels okay.


DARK BROWN SEHUN (YEHET! will it stay for long? we’ll never know.)

eeny teeny tiny still blonde TAO possibly?

if you can see clearly his sideburn.. so close. ugh

ARE WE MISSING SOMEONE? yeah. rumours are saying that kyungsoo had a piercing. but its not true. 


he’s off limits for changes right now. but damn that piercing.. i wish it was true.