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As pleased as I am that Castle ended when it did (although I do miss it!), I'm wondering: how badly do you figure ABC wishes it had gone forward with S9 right now? I just saw a 0.6 for Agents of Shield, and with Conviction and Notorious dead, and Secrets & Lies on its way out, too, the entire drama section of the network is just going to be Shonda Rhimes soon.

It kind of depends on which part of ABC you are looking at, I think. The ABC network probably doesn’t miss the show that much because by the time season eight rolled around it was nothing but trouble for them and the ratings weren’t really paying off with advertising dollars at 1.0/1.1/1.2 which is what the network really cares about because that’s how they make their money. I do think they are missing the reliability of the Castle fandom because you never really had to worry that we weren’t going to tune in week after week, and they also would love to have a drama still going that wasn’t from Shonda Rhimes and/or Shondaland, as well as something that saw a significant kickback in delayed ratings like Castle did in its final two seasons. 

ABC Studios, on the other hand, desperately misses Castle. Castle made the studio more money than any other drama in over a decade, solely because of its popularity in foreign countries and the number of syndication deals. For the studio, that’s a huge chunk of change that they are going to lose, and they would take all of the headaches, frustrations, and what have you to still have it in production. 

I do think that ABC (the network) regrets maybe not taking care of Castle and letting things deteriorate until there was no saving the show under its original premise. But maybe they’ve learned a valuable lesson and the next show that comes along won’t suffer the same fate. 

private teacher warning signs. If your private teacher is doing many of these things at once, do not be afraid to find someone new. It does not matter how good they are at their instrument if they are not a good teacher committed to helping you grow. These primarily apply to people who are not in college for music yet, but in some extreme circumstances a professor could be just as guilty and it might be time to transfer.

-Saying things “I wish I had never gone into music,” and intently discouraging you from pursuing music. You want someone who actively loves their instrument. 

- Telling you things like, “Oh, you’ll never make it,” or, “no, you can’t do that.” without any advice on how to improve or work towards said goal. Honesty is one thing, but complete rejection is another.  While telling you things like “the road will be hard” is honesty, telling you you aren’t good enough is not constructive if they see that you are set on it.

-Never letting you move on or work on something else or be “done” with a piece until it is their incredibly specific idea of “perfect” while simultaneously giving you only vague ideas of how to fix something. (ex: I don’t like the way you played this measure here. fix it for next week. next week rolls around, they have something else incredibly minor and specific. and so on) 

-stopping you every five seconds while you play something for them. A good teacher should allow you to play large chunks to get an accurate picture of your musicality and musical intent, rather than stopping you at every single mistake (ie, you played that one eighth note too short, wrong, do it again.) The exception would be if there is an outright mistake that consistently happens every time you play.

-never saying anything positive, EVER. This is the biggest warning sign. If a teacher has nothing but criticism to offer (especially non-constructive criticism), they are taking something out on you. Yes, constructive criticism is expected and necessary to improve your playing. However a teacher should also tell you what you’re doing right, or you might feel like you’re never improving.

I was in the LGBT Resource Center on campus today because I’m crocheting a bunch of blankets for the room (there’s no heating allocated by the university for that part of the building). Dude with a Trump shirt on dropped by and said to the handful of people down there “Y’all know if Trump wins, your little group of perverted faggots is the first ones we’re coming from. You ain’t gonna last long on this campus once we have that national blessing.”

So basically, I attend the most conservative, least lgbtq-friendly public university in the United States and will no longer be able to visit one of the very few safe spaces on campus if Trump wins tomorrow, because I’m afraid I might be targeted. :/

For the love of god, your friends, and your fellow citizens, do whatever you possibly can to vote tomorrow.

Whenever I see your picture or hear people talk about you, my breath always catches in my throat and I’m struck by this painful twinge that twists my sides and brings the stinging of tears to back of my eyes.
It’s the thought of you being happy and living your life… imagining you laughing and joking with other people that hurts… Don’t get me wrong – I still care for you and the thought of you being happy makes me happy… but at the same time it makes me sad.
Because… life goes on, or at least it did for you and being confronted with your happiness makes me feel like I made no difference to your life… as if there was never any point in me being in it at all. You were happy before you met me and you’re still the same happy person now even though I’m gone.
I know it’s foolish to wish I had meant more to you… that my absence would change your world or have some sort of lasting impact so I shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the day we said goodbye wasn’t devastating enough to make the world stop turning for you…
Not like it did for me…
—  Ranata Suzuki | Your Life Went On Without Me

i hate people who say that they wish luke had gone dark side at the end of star wars because him staying “good” is boring… no! it’s the best, watching this boy who has been told his whole life that he’s a lot like his father and who then finds out the horrible things his father has done and is capable of doing but he stays good! he defies these expectations and these comparisons and stays good, and he chooses to only apply to himself the good things his father was capable of (e.g. “i am a jedi like my father before me”). and as someone who doesn’t have a great relationship with their dad, and who never ever wants to be anything like him, that’s important. so luke staying good makes me happy and there’s nothing boring about that


Finally finished Lunreia/Lunre for my SD adopts! So many dots and swirls- click the black base for the full version.

Also the accompanying adopt that went with the accent. It’s subtle and nice and I like how it lines up with the butterfly. :> I’m always a sucker for stained dragons too!

Still lots of work to be done for now though huff puff. The next three will b the bigguns and then I can get back to working apparel for Gala and prepping for re-opening then.

Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton. You have inspired me since early childhood. I have never seen a political figure so tenacious, so hardworking and passionate, so committed to making the nation and the world a better place. I remember looking to you as hope for women in leadership, and you have proven yourself time and time again. I wish this race had gone differently for you from the start. I believe in your ideas and your desire for change. I believe in your ability to both stand up for your beliefs and to admit when you were wrong or didn’t act quickly enough. That is a truly admirable and remarkable quality in anyone, let alone a public official. Regardless of the way this election ended, I still find a role model in you. I know I will be able to point to you as a role model for my future daughters and sons. This fight is not over. You have always led by example, and we will follow that example now: the example of resilience, intelligence, perspicacity, persistence, and a deeply caring heart. These are the weapons we will use. And we will win, without violence or hate. Thank you for inspiring us all to keep trying and keep fighting. Thank you for your fearless leadership. Thank you for providing an example of a fiercely independent, deeply caring, and incredibly passionate woman in leadership. Thank you, Hillary.

How I wish that “scene” had gone


Mick’s resigned, devastated face is the very last straw of this long, weird day. Sara is still grinning and Jax is still chuckling at his own “joke” when Felicity feels her patience snap in half like an uncooked piece of spaghetti. 

“Okay, you know what, you were brainwashed too. So were you, fly-boy. So you can take your attitudes and shove them where the sun don’t shine,” Felicity snapped, fully aware that she was facing down an assassin and a human nuclear explosion with nothing more than her wit and a smart phone. She turned to face Mick again, maintaining the umbrella’s height over the tall man all the while. He was staring at her like he was seeing her for the first time and he didn’t quite know what to think.

“Hey, I was just…” Jax mumbled as Sara looked on in angry, embarrassed shock. Everyone was watching.

“I’m so sorry about that, what were we talking about before we were so rudely interrupted?” Felicity asked, her head held high and her voice unwavering. Mick grinned at her.

hey guys quick question…i took a valerian root capsule (500mg) for the first time last night, and my heart started thudding hard about an hour later…it’s been doing it off and on since, as well as mild chest pains. i’m getting a little scared that this won’t go away, and i was wondering if any of you guys had had a similar experience with it? :c

This was in August of 2016 I didn’t get the chance to talk to him again or make plans… I had just started school again so I was always busy with homework. He was killed in September.. shot in the chest by a dude he used to go to school with. I wish I had gone with him.


Six episodes later, we find out that they were both wrong.