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It’s time for the Best Friends’ Ball! Twinkle Twirl helps everyone get ready for the big day. But what is she going to wear? With a little help from a special pegasus pony, Twinkle Twirl will find a way to sparkle, too.

2004 Hasbro/Harper Festival. 

Written by Ruth Benjamin, illustrated by Ken Edwards

I scanned my copy of “Belle of the Ball”! 

It’s a little beat up since, unlike all the other G3 books I have, the pages are made out of plain ol’ paper instead of the glossy stuff. :x I only scanned the pages and added the text in Photoshop. These “Picture Readers” books had pictures in the text, (example: “A wishing 🌟!”) but I wasn’t going to try to replicate that. :’)

📖🌈 Full book under the cut, 11 pages total 🌈📖

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A Christmas Starry (PLEASE READ!)

My father came up with this story years ago and he’s been telling it for as long as I can remember. But it’s only just recently that he’s had the courage to write it down and have it copy written. His biggest wish is to have as many people as possible read his story and share it with their families. I told my father that I would do my best to help his wish come true. He doesn’t believe that anything good could happen to him I want to show that it can. I know this isn’t what you normally see in your tags but please reblog this story and help make my Dad’s wish come true!


A Christmas “Starry”

By Tomas David Edgar

Illustrated by Laviniya Wong (gillies-interrupted)

One day a man was driving along with his little daughter. “Tell me a story she said to her father. You are so good with stories.” “Well” said the father” let me think”. Then he started to talk.

“Once upon a time there was a little Christmas Star that was bright and shiny. It was kept in a box along with many other Christmas ornaments”. “Each year the star was taken out along with the other Christmas ornaments and hung on the family’s Christmas tree.”

The star was very happy and loved to hang there. It loved the sounds and smells that were all around and this star loved the way the other lights shined and reflected off of him.

He was always the center of attention and he felt glad to be so important. The children would look closely at the stars gleam and they could see their reflections in him just like in a mirror.

As always Christmas would be over and it would be time for the ornaments to be put back in the box. One by one they were packed away to go to sleep until next Christmas. Each one in would fit into its own spot and the star would be put back into the space that formed a star shape in the middle of the box.

But this year something different happened; the star had been hung a little farther back inside the tree and was somehow missed. Before they could put the star away the cover of the box was dropped and it was fitted onto the box and no one noticed that the star was still on the tree.

The father of the family as usual took down the tree and put it on the outside curb for the city to pick up and take it away. The little star had never been outside before and was very cold. All night he hung on the branch. I am so cold he thought; why didn’t they put me back inside my warm and comfortable box? He was all alone all night.

Early the next morning the star heard a great noise and a big truck came along. Then some men picked up the tree and threw it on the back of the truck. There were many other Christmas trees and they made a great pile, then with a shudder the big truck started down the street and turned onto the highway.

The wind blew hard and the little star turned round and round hanging by its string on the little branch. All of a sudden a big rush of wind blew in and the little star flew into the air. He landed on the side of the road and settled into the grass surrounded by dirt and sand.

The star could see the sky and he lay there listening to the sounds of the traffic. As the days went by it snowed and covered the star up and he got wet and some dirt and dust stuck to him. His shine became dull and he did not to look much like a star anymore. As the winter turned to spring he had settled a little bit into the earth. He was very sad and even began to forget that he was a little star.

One day a man was walking along the highway and stopped by the little star. He looked down and saw a little glance of light that bounced off the ground. Reaching down he picked him up. He looked at the star and smiled. Brushing the star off gently it was placed in his pocket.

When the man got home, He gently washed off the dirt and little by little the shine began to return. Then he put the star back inside his pocket.

“What happened next” said the little girl to her father? “Well” said the man the story has a happy ending.” Then he said “reach into my coat pocket”. The little girl reached in and felt something. She pulled it out and there was a little gold Star. “Oh dad” said the little girl “is this for me?” “Yes “said he “you can keep it”.

The little girl was so happy ‘This is the best story I have ever heard.

From that point on every Christmas the girl put the star on her family tree.

And as always at the end of the season the ornaments were put away in there boxes. But instead of being put away with the other ornaments, the little girl hung the star on the end of her bed. That way She could always keep an eye on him. He is now a very happy little star.

The End


hey all I made this huge shape copy of zevran’s tattoo and i wanted to share it with everyone. there have been multiple occasions where i have found myself wishing i had a simple shape outline of his tat and i was finally like ? i own illustrator? so wala i just traced it straight off his face. this is totally free to use and you don’t need to credit me or anything although it would be nice :-) 

Wishing I hadn’t sold my Original ‘Aurora’ piece a few years ago without taking digital print copies beforehand. Have had so many enquiries about a print and I just can’t provide one! ohhhhhh the mistakes of a 'then’ young artist. In any case… I have learnt my lesson!
Looks like I’ll have to start creating a new collection and get back to the drawing board to do some even BETTER Illustrations.