wish i had a tardis

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I’m going to put this under the cut, because it’s probably going to be really long and filled with lots of pictures and stories, and I’m sure not everyone cares to read it. 

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i wish i had a tardis

imagine all of the stuff i could get done…

  • pick up my wages and spend them all
  • watch the full season 3 of glee
  • tell past-self not to cut off all of my hair (</3)
  • ruin the Harry Potter series for EVERYONE.
  • travel to 2012… you know, just to check shit doesn’t go down
  • watch A Very Potter Musical live and snatch Darren off stage.
  • stop myself pouring fake blood all over my favourite dress thinking it would come off in the wash.

it’s just so convenient. screw saving the world, just as long as I don’t ruin that dress…
and now I’m all depressed because none of this can happen. it’s Bernards Watch all over again…

necrotitan825  asked:

So, doctor who series 8. Mini opinion on each episode?

1-Deep Breath - Dark and slow, but in hindsight very enjoyable and great first outing.

2-Into the Dalek - Derivative of Dalek, sadly, and doesn’t really do anything new. Begins the season’s bizarre theme of the Doctor absolutely despising soldiers despite his past with UNIT, the Brigadier, and other soldiers who weren’t dicks.

3-Robot of Sherwood - Fun adventure with lots of great moments. Establishes plot hole of season where robots are searching for “The Promised Land” despite the actual Promised Land depicted not being something that robots would care about. Needs more of 12 and his spoon.

4-Listen - Best episode of the season, IMHO. Creepy and atmospheric in all the right ways. I reject the idea that many have of Moffat being a bad writer - it’s just that as a writer he possesses many strengths, but as the showrunner he ends up focusing his efforts on areas he is considerably weaker in. He’s good at horror, he’s good at timey-wimey, he’s good at one-off stories. While 11’s overall storyline involving the Silence did eventually have all of its questions answered, 3-4 years of development for that is unnecessary and reeeaally slow pacing. AT4W’s storylines may raise a question or two within the ending to be resolved in the next one, but I make sure that the story can be wrapped up nicely for the most part without worrying about the one or two questions raised. And as we’ll see when we get to the finale, he gets some things wrong in order to get to a specific plot point he wants as opposed to (and at the expense of) the natural outgrowth of the plot and characters.

5-Time Heist - Another fun adventure, very enjoyable.

6-The Caretaker - Not my cup of tea. It’s not BAD, but I’m into Doctor Who for adventures in time and space, not adventures of Clara’s civilian life away from the TARDIS. However, it DOES reestablish that the Doctor is an aristocrat and while I can be okay with him not generally wanting to be around the military, this continues the crap about him hating soldiers in this incarnation more than others (just as another reminder, soldiers were helping him out right at the end of his previous life on Trenzalore).

7-Kill the Moon - Nicely atmospheric, but the explanation is ludicrous and stupid and wrapped up too nicely. I don’t think it was INTENDED as an allegory for abortion, but it comes across that way and is subsequently VEEERRRY iffy. The only thing I really do like is the ending, where Clara rightfully chews the Doctor out. At the beginning of the season, he claimed Clara was his “carer,” or “She cares so I don’t have to.” However, the evidence at the time suggested she DIDN’T care. People died horribly, terrible things happened around her… and she just giggled and skipped away without a thought or concern about it. In this, she rightfully smacks the Doctor down for his patronizing attitude and how if he wants to claim earth as his second home, he needs to actually BE a part of it.

8-Mummy on the Orient Express - Great stuff, but remains unclear if this episode was part of the overall season arc or not given the dead bodies angle. Wish the engineer had joined the TARDIS crew. I don’t think we’ve had a mechanic/engineer for a companion before, might be fun to see someone who could help fix the TARDIS in things or cobble together solutions like the Doctor would.

9-Flatline - Great premise and revisits some similar themes from “Voyage of the Damned,” but handled considerably better than that crap. Great to see Clara have to try to handle things herself for the most part. Loved how she stopped the kid from sacrificing himself pointlessly.

10-In the Forest of the Night - TERRIBLE. The premise is initially sound with the forest, but falls apart quickly not only for the “the earth is doing this itself!” crap, but Clara suddenly reverses her position from the end of “Kill the Moon” with the Doctor being involved with humanity. I am confused about the main child, too - the doctors thought she was so traumatized by her sister’s disappearance that she went crazy and needed medication? The beings she was in contact with had little to no explanation, the idea that we would FORGET the trees thing was idiotic, the “little kid makes a message that the world tooootally believes!” was rubbish, and her sister comes back without any explanation of just where in the hell she was, why she disappeared, and she’s just okay and SERIOUSLY THIS WAS BAAAAD.

11-Dark Water - GREAT first part for the finale. Sets up legitimate emotional roller coaster, the twists were unexpected (well, ONE would have been except the stupid “Next episode” trailer FRICKING GAVE IT AWAY, STOP DOING THAT), Clara was very well handled, the Doctor’s plan was reasonably sound to “go to hell,” the horror of what happens when you die is terrifying (and HAS been done before in a Tales from the Crypt episode), even if it is scientifically horse-crap (how exactly do you feel pain when your nerves are dead?) and yet again an example of Moffat doing horror well. The acting is great and is a just superb setup for the finale. 

12-Death in Heaven – Unfortunately, the actual finale does not live up to it. Where to even begin? Well, on that note the beginning is great. In fact, you could argue the first half is fantastic, it just falls apart by the middle and never recovers. The Doctor DOES. NOT. DO. ANYTHING. He spends the entire episode repeating and speculating the point that was already QUITE clear from the end of the first part. He does not solve the problem, is not active in resolving the situation, a good character (and also an audience-insert one at that) is killed just to show the bad guy is nuts, the situation with Danny DID NOT REQUIRE SELF-SACRIFICE and he could have been healed from his situation, his ending with the kid makes absolutely NO fricking sense given what the Nethersphere was, Missy’s motivation was crap, same for her reasoning for setting up the Doctor and Clara (how did she know who Clara was? How did she know Clara was a control freak? Why does she care about the Doctor’s companion being a control freak?), the Doctor’s emotional reaction is VERY reserved all things considered which is bizarre given how much MORE emotional investment he should have in the situation (he should have been at the point where he would want to friggin’ CHOKE Missy given all she’s done – he was more violent and reactionary to the half-faced man from Deep Breath!), and it reduces my favorite villains to being puppets of Missy instead of a threat in their own right. The coordinates thing is eye-rolling when Missy explicitly stated THAT IT WAS IN ANOTHER DIMENSION. OF COURSE IT’S NOT GOING TO BE THERE IN THIS UNIVERSE, YOU MORON. THEY WOULD HAVE CONTACTED YOU IF THEY WERE BACK! 

That finale soured the great feeling and anticipation I had from the first part. Very disappointing and depressing for no reason. Overall, I think there’s more good than bad. I love Capaldi’s Doctor, I’m looking forward to more, but that finale could have been SO MUCH MORE. So many talented people in this season and a lot of it was squandered.

thoughts on Doctor Who as I watch it (spoilers and moffat hate)
  • I’m not really a fan of Strax and co. I just resent that they got randomly introduced to the show out of nowhere to be the Doctor’s best friends when MARTHA AND JACK HARKNESS EXIST AND GOT IGNORED. I just see it as Moffat unwilling to accept anything that came before him, and the only characters he uses are his own. Mind you I kinda like Jenny. 
  • I wish the Doctor had opened the TARDIS door and told them to fuck off. I just really want 12 to be a grumpy arsehole who swears all the time. 
  • men are monkeys ammirite ladies? wow steven moffat well done that should keep the feminists quiet now you have proof you aren’t sexist because men are monkeys lol
  • strax assigns people the wrong gender all the time hahaha wow such funny amaze jokes
  • also he’s apparently spent years living on earth and STILL doesn’t know what hair is lololol my sides are fucking splitting
  • jokes definitely don’t become annoying and tired when they are used several times every episode 
  • deep conversation about how clara actually like older men so she’s not shallow after all? like I think that’s what that was?
  • aaaand another stupid joke about the doctor talking to an animal 
  • pudding brain will be repeated three million times during capaldi’s run calling it now
  • seriously though that is the laziest fucking joke moffat has used so far I’m almost surprised he went that low
  • nit: continuity error the bucket on the table disappeared between shots
  • none of these jokes about strax not knowing about humans are funny in the slightest jesus fucking christ this is embarrassing now
  • I really liked the scene with the Doctor in the alleyway. Some good dialogue. Also gives me hope that 12 with be a grumpy arsehole.
  • Also the Doctor’s got strong eyebrow game
  • I also really like the restaurant scene. Clara and 12 have great chemistry and I enjoy watching them argue. Also like I genuinely laughed at things that were meant to be funny in this scene well done. 
  • these robot things are like the same as the robots from Girl in the Fireplace, they’re both clockwork and they are both harvesting organs from people
  • was that a comment about how long amy’s legs are because wtf moffat that is creepy. remember that time moffat said he hired karen gillan because of her legs? yeah…
  • I really like how they argue all the time
  • “I don’t I’m just hoping” I like this line yes good
  • “droids harvesting spare parts, that rings a bell” hey moffat just acknowledged the fact that he’s reusing a plot I guess that makes it okay!
  • I really liked the flashback to Clara as a struggling new teacher and hope that is explored more. Though it might have been more effective if we saw this earlier, and that she would say things but would never really follow through on them, which is something that has changed as she develops. Like character development has more impact if you know about the characters flaws more than a few seconds before she improves on them?
  • geronimo how bout geroniNO ammirite guys
  • seriously though stop saying geronimo
  • if the robots are millions of years old who built them originally? will moffat ever answer this question? who knowwwsssssssss
  • more doctor drinking alcohol campaign 2k14
  • ew
  • what is that a skin balloon
  • ew
  • stop referencing girl in the fireplace I’m trying to forget that ever happened
  • hmm yes the mirror thing that’s quite good. 
  • yeahhh boi dark!doctor hope he murders more people
  • yay grumpy!doctor that doesn’t hug people!
  • I really want a grumpy arsehole doctor that occasionally murders the bad people and clara calls him out on it and it eventually leads somewhere character wise?
  • The last scene with 12 and Clara reminded me a lot of the end of End of the World with 9 and Rose I think I liked it and hope the similarities are accidental because I’m not sure if they’re like too many similarities or not?
  • The actual last scene makes me worried. Like is this woman going to be the exact same as River Song, or that eyepatch lady, or that other lady that was at the end of the last season? Is it the same lady? Like I can’t tell because all of Moffat’s villain ladies are exactly the same. They call themselves psychopaths, love the Doctor, and have absolutely no motivations at all they just do evil shit. And like I’m getting that vibe from her. I’m guessing it’s going to become a lol @ the delusional “crazy” woman who has an unrequited love for the Doctor isn’t that funny? 
  • wow they’re going with daleks for episode 2 that’s brave?

overall feeling: shitty plot which is basically reused from Girl in the Fireplace, dozens of reused shitty jokes, but the amazing chemistry between 12 and Clara is maybe not quite enough to save the episode, but enough for me to look forward to the next episode. 


It’s Friday! I wish I had a Tardis to make the weekend last longer! #doctorwho #10thDoctor #cosplay

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The Doctor once told me that everything has its time. Love, life, hope, gone in the blink of an eye. I used to tell him, ‘Not everything. Not the Doctor.’ But as I stand here now and look at the burning machine he once called home, I realise he was right all those years ago. The Doctor didn’t lie for once and I wish he had.