wish i had a graphics tablet

Day 4

how Jack has changed my life

I think I’ve mentioned it before but very few people have had a huge impact on my life. Only two of them are Youtuber and Jack is one of them!

Shortly after I’ve had subscribed and watched almost every vlog and RYC video, I was filled with happiness and felt the urge to do something. I don’t know how to describe it but Jack talking about doing the thing he loves and telling us not to be afraid to try things and just do what we like, got me really motivated. It made me realise I’ve had given up all the things I love to do without a real reason.

The first thing I started doing again was editing, I mean all this programs were installed on my PC and I’ve had never touched them because I was afraid of failing I guess. A few weeks later I wished for a new graphic tablet for my birthday and started drawing again. thanks grandma  At this point I was so full of happiness and motivation I ended up doing a few other things, like learning English grammar, translating english books to learn new words and I even started writing again. And probably the biggest change of all is that I now feel comfortable enough to upload videos of me speaking to the camera.

I know it sounds like I try to do all at once because I wanna be the best but I really don’t wanna brag about. I honestly do it because I love it and Jack gave me the motivation and confidence to do all this!

@therealjacksepticeye If you end up reading this… THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😊


laylaanne it had to be virge and gord

virgil lost a bet or something, has to stand there and operate gordon’s dumb strings for the whole party. probably chokes him with the strings halfway thru the night

oh. virgil’s dressed as WILLIAM T. RIKER