wish i had a graphics tablet

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Surely you've alredy answered to this question before but I just received as a christmas gift a graphic tablet so I was wondering if you had any advice for a new beginner?? Thankss <3

sure, I’ll come up with a few!;)

• don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away, for some people it’s easy to adjust to the differences, to some it takes a bit of time, it’s normal!

• layers are your friends and not enemies. I think especially for a beginner, they can make drawing process less stressful;

• you might end up wishing you could call on your pen.. where is the pen? you never know;

• even art you might consider shitty is great because you made it with your own two hands and it might still inspire someone even though you don’t see why;

• save your drawings all the time. Ctrl+s your best friend. After all, you never know when the electricity will go down, or when your computer shuts off all the sudden. The more you save the less progress you lose if anything happens;

• try not to cry and get too frustrated IF you get too involved drawing and forget to save AND something happens. You can make it even better!

• save your drawings in PNG format, this way it will not lose the original colours once you post it on the internet, if you choose to do so;

• enjoy the process! if you can’t enjoy it today, don’t get too upset, it will come eventually again!

• if you draw too much digital art don’t be surprised if you try to CTRL+Z your table once you draw traditionally, happens to the best of us:”D

• don’t be afraid to experiment with colouring, but don’t force it out of yourself either, if all you’re getting from this experiment is frustration;

• if you’re confused with the program you choose, look for tutorials on the internet, they are your friends!

• you can draw in all known Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Open Canvas etc..try as many to figure what works best for you!

• carry on and keep on rolling!~

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okay so i'm sorry for asking what it basically a pretty selfish question but: i am looking into digital art software/hardware, and i was wondering if you ever feel restrained by the capabilities of photoshop, or if you think it is a really good software to use, and if you wish you were using a different tablet/software instead (if so what would that be)? basically, what is your professional opinion?

i LOVE photoshop. i’ve utilized it for multiple purposes, and it’s one of the programs that hasn’t let me down. i went up a ladder before getting to it, using free programs like, uh..i think it was called “Brush” that i found, then GIMP, fire alpaca, paint tool SAI, etc–but so far PS has beaten them all for me.

THAT BEING SAID, i do use windows as my OS, and windows supports a third-party plugin that i heavily use. that’s Lazy Nezumi Pro, and it’s what rendered SAI inferior for me. photoshop all day, every day. i do know a lot of people mix PS with Illustrator though, which i’ve not had the chance to do yet.

in regards to hardware, i really wish i was using a cintiq or some other graphics tablet with a screen display. after doing a lot of traditional recently, i really do like my organic, full-arm brush movements. it’d handle my humongous high res pieces a lot better, too. but it’s definitely not something i would say is necessary for someone starting out.

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Thanks so much for the advice!! I’m going to try that as soon as I get a chance!!

you are super welcome! i try to help where i can!! ♥♥♥

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Whenever I see your art, it makes me so excited and inspired to get to be as good as you. You were one of my inspirations to ask for a graphics tablet and get into digital art. I've only had the tablet for a little while now, and when I feel like I'll never get there, I just look at your art. I don't know what makes me feel so happy looking at it, I just love your style. I hope you love what you're doing, because you're amazing at it!

Oh my gosh. Yes, I do love what I do. It’s just so much fun and the only thing I wish for is more time to draw. I have so many ideas and things I want to do and I can’t get any of it down fast enough.

Also hey! Keep at it! It takes a while to learn and craft your style to be the way you want it. It’s an ongoing process, and I’m still learning myself. But as long as you see improvement, no matter how fast it comes, then you’re on the right track. There’s no rush on anything. You can do it!