wish i had a before pic


Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 #20  - Aka. the one where Guy and Kyle move to Oa to open a bar together

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I've actually had custard bread before. There's this bakery my mom goes to and it has all types of sweets and its do good!!

omg it’s yummy right 🍞🍞🍞there’s a cute bakery near my school so i eat it like once a week (that’s why i have so many pics 😥) i usually don’t like sweet things but custard bread is so good & has the perfect taste so i indulge. rly custard bread……….wow. wish i could send some 2 u all


I just returned from my vacation, and was COMPLETELY stoked to see my Jinroh deck had arrived WAY before the allotted deliver time! I’m a little late to this train but I thought I’d post a couple of (shitty) pics of what came in the box. I so wish I had a scanner and a better camera, but what can you do? Tbh, I have no fucking clue how to play, but the art is mesmerizing (especially of Mephisto because I’m a slut for official Mephisto art…)

Top two: Full deck and box

Below top two: Hero’s

Three across: Villains, Neutrals, ref cards, instruction booklet, and a little card from Kato-sensei!

Bottom four: Close up shots of the front and back of ref cards, close up of instruction book, and the page explaining Mephisto’s card (the fuckin’ diva got a whole page to himself).

/Learnt that I got Krystall on the TCC exchange

/Me: huhuhUHUH.

Well I finally got the chance to have my trash hands on your precious kid @dolciette :^). I had my ^q^ face with me all the times when I was drawing Rima kid ‘cause she is too cute hahaHA. DON’T I ENJOY TO DRAW CUTE GIRLS. I just kinda wish that I saw that /PAIRING/ pic before I finished this one so I will def go draw some /PAIRING/ thing for the exchange too HAHA trASH.

My hips have always been my biggest source of frustration in terms of my body image. I always wished that I could just cut them off so that dresses didn’t sit on them like a big shelf.

The other night I was feeling a little defeated and like I had hit a plateau. I decided to take some progress pictures and compare them to my first pictures I took around the time when I began my fitness journey to see what the difference was.
When I put these two pictures side by side, I was TOTALLY surprised. I could not believe that my body has transformed that much and that my curves are now something that I enjoy and embrace.
I just kept thinking “oh my gosh…that’s me! Like I literally just took that photo, and I like what I see!”

So happy and proud of myself for this #transformationtuesday. If you would have told me 10 months ago that I would love my body, consistently eat well and LOVE going to the gym, I would have said you were crazy. Yet here I am, doing all of those things :)

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I had some extra time before work so I took some before photos and ugh I feel so massive. Like I really wish I had taken pics when I started so I could actually see that I’m making progress because my stomach is still SO big… I’ll have a thigh gap but sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have an actual flat stomach 😢 I just wanna be petite for once in my life…

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Phoebe deletes pics all the time because she's 12 and who knows, maybe she gets tired of looking at the berating comments whenever she dares to mention her brother's girlfriend. God, I wish people would agree to just leave the actual children alone.

Someone got an ask yesterday or the day before about how one of the twins had just started following the late late show on Instagram. And it’s just like, why do you even know this? It would be nice if everyone would collectively agree the kids are off-limits. 


Bucky looked up at Vision and had to bite his cheek to make sure he didn’t yell. Was Vision serious? Bucky was still utterly in love with you and here was another man, a man he thought he could trust, asking if you could be his instead. 

“I understand if you wish to reject this idea.” Vision spoke calmly. Bucky looked to the floor and had to speak before he changed his mind.

“It’s ok. You can do it. It would make her happy.”


ikilledabuginthewall replied to your post “End Of Year Fic-Writer ask meme:”


1.  What’s your personal favourite thing you wrote this year?

Mmmm… that’s difficult because you know I don’t usually like what I write… but I will probably say the first chapter of “A year”, I think I had never before captured the love between Blaine and Sam like I did in that one. And the dday at the beach with blam, the kids and uncle Cooper.

5. Which of your fics do you wish was more successful?

Probably “Dirty singing”, because it was a lot of effort at the time and it didn’t get much feedback.

6. What’s your favourite piece of dialogue you wrote this year?

I can’t possibly pic one scene, I don’t remember… though there was some funny stuff at the end of “the anniversary” when blam were bantering, so I guess I could say that. Or some TWD conversations.

8. Which fic this year was most fun to write?

“The anniversary”, probably, it came out so easily!

9. If you could go back and change something about one of the fics you wrote this year, what would it be?

TWD, I would have never started it to begin with! XD  i’m going to cheat here ‘cause it’s not from the last year, but I would completely change the confrontatin with Kurt in “What’s meant to be”. I changed my plans over a suggestion from a reader and I regretted it a big deal later, because it came out horribly and it was going so well until then.

Thank you soooo much, dear!!


Never give up ladies!! I use to weigh 175! Now I’m 148, I wish I had a before pic but I never really took pics when I was out of shape. I still have a long way to go because now I’m focused on trying to build muscles! Never forget to use ur weights!!

Houston, tx

**sorry in advance for the super long post and kudos to you if you read the whole thing also sorry for the lq pic but i love it and i look happy af in it**
Sometimes something comes along and makes you remember why you’re here. 1989 came out one year ago when I was in a position I had really never been in before. I was a freshman in college with not really any friends and I was experiencing my first real long distance relationship. I would wake up the morning wishing I didn’t. I hated what I saw in the mirror everyday and was trying to diet and work out which made me absolutely miserable. And on top of all of that, I was self harming nearly everyday or every other. I was in a position where I wanted to get better and recover from everything I had been through and was going through, but recovery is hard and was far too much work when I was trying to keep every other aspect of my life together. When I heard 1989 for the first time, I was inspired. Something about the powerful independent music made something inside of me made me want to get better. So that’s what I did. Taylor took charge of her life and made it her own instead of leaving it up to other people to decide for her. She inspired me to take charge of my own life too. I moved into my own dorm, which was a terrifying situation because I had never been completely on my own before, but I took advantage of the opportunity and started to take care of myself. I started to not want to change what I looked like, but learned to love what I am. I decided to venture outside my comfort zone. I learned that doing things alone is okay and sometimes, even good for you. I decided I didn’t want to be a “practical” major anymore and changed to being a Music Education major because if I’m going to spend 5 years at this school, I’m going to do it doing something I love to do. I dyed my hair the complete opposite color and had 9 inches of it cut off and donated. I started to not care what people said about me. I learned to be HAPPY. If you would have told me on this day last year that I would be happily living out my college years as a music major, with great friends and sorority sisters, that I wouldn’t care what I looked like, that I got rid of the long hair I would hide behind, that I would be nearly a year clean and wake up excited about life instead of wishing i didn’t wake up, I would have told you you were crazy. Incredible things can happen in a year and I’m so happy I have the music from 1989 and Taylor to thank for being where I am today. @taylorswift

Just when I thought I couldn’t love them anymore. I mean how cute is this pic? The way Blaine is looking at Kurt’s cheek like he wants to forget the camera and whoever is holding the camera and just pounce. And Kurt is giving that face he has during the beginning of You Make Me Feel So Young duet; as if surprised by Blaine’s affection but in truth is just luring Blaine in. Ahhh boys you don’t know what you do to me. 

I wish they had released these pics before. I sometimes wonder how many pics of this couple are still hidden. Can you imagine? We will go about our lives, and sometimes our dash will have a gif and we will smile over Klaine. 

But then every so often a new never been seen picture of Klaine will pop up and it’s like we are right back to 2012 flailing, staring and giggling over a pair of boys that captured our hearts years ago…