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30 Day Mass Effect Challenge

↬ 12. Favourite NPC

Steve Cortez! Honest to God I adore this man. He is sweet, loveable, and his story about his husband breaks my heart and I always make sure to go down to talk to him after every mission. He’s one of those characters that I wish got more screen time, just due to the fact that I loved having him around and if I could stand playing as MaleShep, I would most certainly romance Steve.

Also he is the only one not to make fun of Shep’s dancing so A++ my guy. I love you. 

So a friend of mine and I were playing capture the flag in overwatch, tied 1 to 1 and I’m playing Pharah. Now, I’m a terrible Pharah, but I know an opportunity when I see one, and their flag is completely unguarded because their whole team was rushing ours. So I slip on in and take it, then jet out of there as fast as possible, because that’s what you do in those situations.

What I find is our flag dropped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and no one can go out there and play frogger long enough to get it before they die. We couldn’t return it, they couldn’t take it.

And that is how we won the game despite me being the crappiest Pharah in all existence.

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Legoland California used to be my favorite place in the world. It’s still way up there, in fact. We’d try to go every summer, with my late grandfather, drive for hours from Ventura to Anaheim, and spend all day rolling in LEGOs, and especially hitting the BIONICLE/TECHNIC build-you-own-stuff and video game rooms, playing BIONICLE: The Game, even though we owned our own copy at home. I remember, one of the last times we went there before moving out of California, they were playing Mask of Light on loop. My brother and I got separated from grandpa and ended up at the front desk waiting for him to pick us up, calmly watching MoL for what must have been the twentieth time.

Just one of those times in life you wish you could go back to, you know? Back when LEGO treated BIONICLE with respect, and it made up all of my childhood fantasies.

i wish i had time to replay the mass effect trilogy, but I do feel the need to say that playing those games reignited my love for space travel and what’s in space and I’m so high fantasy all the time that I forgot that there are worlds above us.

I bought mass effect after doing some research on it- right after Christmas, actually.  I got a bit through my other games- then I decided to pop in mass effect and I played it straight through in 3 days and popped in the second one, and so on and so forth until I finished it.

While I will miss the old crew- Tali, Kaidan, and Ash most of all- I’m excited to get to know the new crew, and I’m excited to search brand new worlds with a brand new hero, and go to places that I can only dream of seeing in my lifetime.

Get to know me meme (very late whoops)

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Relationship status: 

Favourite colour: Bordeaux red

Pets: None at the moment. My cat died one year ago

Last song I listened to: CMA - You’re not Alone

Favourite TV show: Anime: Yuri on Ice. Non-Anime: Sherlock and How To Get Away With Murder

First fandom: Harry Potter x) 

Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing piano, hiking, riding my bike around town

Books I’m currently reading: Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Health Psychology, Introduction to Pshychopathology, Introduction to Social Psychology, Consumer behavior and Influence Psychology. (yes those are all school text books lol I have no time to read books outside of school at the moment T_T ) 

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passion fruit, kiwi, star fruit

passion fruit: how would you describe your style?

Homeless person metal dad grunge with expensive sneakers 

kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

Jellyfish. When I was little I got stung by one of them. Not only am I fascinated with those creatures, they were also used as a background visual for when we played the Phoenix on stage and they were always my favorite thing to look at on that big screen. Since every song has an image in my head, be it colors, landscapes or animals, those little fellows were it for the Phoenix. What gets me the most about them is that jellyfish of the same species don’t sting ohers of their kind and it makes me wish people were a little bit more like them. Minus the slippery part maybe…

star fruit: favorite sea creature?

Technically that’s also jellyfish but I’d make life a little bit too easy for me if I’d end up giving the same answer. I think the sea is home to many fascinating species and the fact that it’s not nearly as explored as we think it is creepes me out. Everything that lives in the ocean is stunning and I love how extremely developed these animals are. I enjoy watching documentaries about them and studying the way they hunt, maybe changing colors or disgusing themselves as a rock or corals. We have those tactical killers and the more aggressive ones on the other hand, like sharks. But then there are also these friendly beasts called whale sharks that are giants but only feed on plankton. That’s mindblowing.

Okay so everyone gets those questions from anons and random people that are like “Why do you want to cancel the show, everyone will be homeless.” Well now I can just give you Jason/Shawna’s response to that. 

Towards the end of S2 after the first Clexa kiss, many blorkes threaten to boycott. Some even sent angry messages on tumblr to Shawna. Jason tweeted out one of shawna’s responses. 

Here is Jason’s Tweet:

Here is the question Shawna got:  Good lord I wish you guys would play to your strength. Bellarke sells - draws in crowds. You have kept them apart so long this season literally every person I know has checked out and just wants to know if they are together at the end of the season or if they kiss. I wish you would fix this. You guys have literally no idea who your audience is if you think this show can work on the CW without at least a little romance. $0.02

Shawna gives a really long response which is why I am not just reblogging this.

Towards the end Shawna sums it up by saying:  You are free to stop watching the show. Everyone who works on this show is grateful for the viewers and will keep making the show they want. If you don’t like it, that’s your prerogative. You get to vote with your tv remote or browser. Don’t like it, don’t watch it.

If enough of the audience does tune out, the show will be canceled. But you know what? That happens. Writers care more about telling their stories the way they want to tell them. They’d rather have three seasons of a show they love than ten seasons of a show they hate (well, except the money is good, but creatively it would be a Pyrrhic victory.)I guess the 

tl;dr of this answer is: The writers will do what they want. Thanks for your opinion. It’s noted. No, they won’t change the show just to suit you.Class dismissed.

Link to the full post if you want it:  http://shawnambenson.tumblr.com/post/112234940332/good-lord-i-wish-you-guys-would-play-to-your