wish i got to play with one of those

--Mr."Hardly" Perfect--Another poem for Thomas Sanders! <3

Your dark brown eyes,

leave me hopelessly hypnotized.

That cute crooked smile,

melts my big heart into a pile.

Your adorkable personality,

makes me forget the harsh pains of reality.

Every fandom you’re apart of has me love you even more,

my deep love for you is like an open door.

My ears can’t help but ring,

of every beautiful song you sing.

I’m always left in a gaze,

when you act out in those community plays.

You’re just far too sweet,

for us not to meet.

Your quirky humor,

makes me wish I would’ve found you sooner.

You’re everything I want and more,

you’re the only one I truly adore.

Every little thing about yous got me Sherlocked,

because of you my worlds been rocked, harder than by The Beatles.

Without you my heart is filled with piercing needles.

I need ya more than you know,

without you I wouldn’t know how to go.

You are my one true love,

my purest Turtle Dove.

It’s hard to fathom that such a being like you exists,

at the end of the day you’re the only one I’ve missed.

You, with all your “flaws”, know how to work it,

this is why you are my Mr.”Hardly” Perfect!

Torture sentence starters
  • “Oh god.. Oh please, god, no!”
  • “Please… Please..! I’ll do anything..!!”
  • “P-please.. Please don’t..”
  • “Anything but that.. Please, please! Stop!”
  • “Stop? Why on earth would I do a thing like that for?”
  • “We’re having so much fun!”
  • “We’ll have so much fun, you and I…”
  • “Look at the new toy I got for us to play with!”
  • “Shut up! Shut up!!”
  • “Oh please.. Like I haven’t heard that one before…”
  • “If I had a nickel for every time someone begged me to stop… I’d be fucking rich.”
  • “Ooh, look at that. Look at all the blood. Amazing, isn’t it?”
  • “Let’s crack open the hood and see what’s underneath, shall we?”
  • “You know what I love more than agonized screaming? The sound of people choking on their own blood. Very satisfying.”
  • “If you beg, I might just stop… Maybe. But only if you’re sincere.”
  • “Beg me, you stupid whore! Beg me to stop! Come on!!”
  • “Go ahead – beg for forgiveness. God’s the only friend you’ve got down here. ”
  • “Shut up or I’ll wrap your intestines around your throat like a scarf.”
  • “Ha ha! I love it when they scream!”
  • “Keep going… I love the sound of your voice.”
  • “Stop praying! There is no God here.”
  • “Shut the fuck up!!”
  • “Let’s play a game, shall we? It’s called, ‘how many of your organs can I remove before you die?’“
  • “Alright, here’s the deal… Since you scream every time you see me – let’s just remove your eyes, hm?”
  • “Has anyone ever told you how good you look in red?”
  • “Beautiful… Absolutely beautiful…”
  • “I’m not going to kill you… But I’m going to make you wish I would.”
  • “This is what you get! This is what you get for hurting me!”
  • “Do you like rats? I hope so. Because we’re going to play a little game with one that involves your stomach, a container, and an open flame.”
  • “Have you ever heard of abacination?”
  • “You’ve got cavities back there, you know. Why don’t remove those pesky teeth for you, hm?”
  • “Wake up! Can’t have you passing out on me.”
  • “I won’t scream.”
  • “I won’t tell you anything.”
  • “There’s no way I’m gonna tell you shit.”
  • “By the time anyone finds your body, they won’t be able to identify it.”
  • “No one is coming for you.”
  • “You won’t get away with this!”
  • “People will notice! They’ll look for me!”
  • “Stop, oh god, please! Please stop.. The pain..!”
  • “You’re insane!”
  • “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing – I’ve got a medical degree, you know.”
  • “Shh, don’t cry. Don’t cry.”
  • “No tears now, okay? Everything will soon be over.”
  • “Stop! Please, stop! I’ll tell you anything! Just stop!”
  • “Tell me – how does this feel?”
  • “I hate you! Oh god, I hate you!”
  • “Fuck you!”
  • “Fuck off!”
  • “Oh, what a mess you’ve made…”
  • “You look like a mess.”
  • “Chin up, kid. It’ll be over soon enough.”
  • “I’m just going to borrow a few fingers, okay?”
  • “Could you lend me a ‘hand’? Yes? Oh good. I was planning on taking it anyway.”
  • “Shut up, I’m not going to kill you. You don’t deserve that kind of mercy.”
  • “You know why you’re here.”
  • “Own up to what you’ve done and maybe you’ll leave here alive!”
  • “What the fuck is wrong with you!?!”
  • “Please! Someone help! Anyone! Oh god.. PLEASE!”
  • “Not that – anything but that! P-please! PLEASE, NO!”
  • “Let me go. Please.. Please let me go…”
  • “I’ll tell you anything you want! Just please, please stop!”
  • “I’m not going to break that easy.”
The original The Sims game was inherently dark and kind of creepy.

Is it just me?

When I first bought the game back in 2001, I remember it being addictive, awesome, groundbreaking for its time and wonderfully odd. When compared to the later, sweeter installments, and even its many expansion packs, it feels cold and well…kind of creepy in comparison.

The original How to Play instruction manual for The Sims, which I remember vividly but could never find in my house, was snarky and full of witty commentary. Later on the manual was more straightforward, but still retained some of the self-referential humor that is inherent in the gameplay and is, I think, part of what makes the game kind of unnerving.

(To this day, I wish I could find that damn original manual!)

Just looking at that main screen with that one neighborhood you’re forever attached to as the jaunty background music plays in the ever-sunny world, even that kind of weirds me out. 

Maybe it’s the uncanny valley-ness of the dated graphics, maybe it’s remembering the way the kids never aged, how the adults remained awkward and odd and never got any older, and how if the children failed school, they were just sent off to some horrific place only known as “boot camp”…forever. Yes, remember? They NEVER came back.

And when those burglars came stalking in the night and the Buy and Build modes just shut off as that scary, urgent music played and you were left helpless and asleep…

And when the fires started out of nowhere while your Sims made that same plate of salad-looking food and you forgot to install a smoke alarm and you were forced to watch them hopelessly burn to death and run around screaming for their lives…

And in the first expansion pack, Livin’ Large, when that awful Tragic Clown appeared and made it impossible for your Sim to rest or eat until they fell ill and eventually just died unless you put that eerie clown portrait in front of the fireplace…if you even figured that out…

Sure, things got more mellow and felt less odd with later expansion packs, especially when you were given the ability to visit shopping areas like Old Town and other places outside of the claustrophobic little classic neighborhood.

And OK, I’m not saying The Sims is a scary game or even that it freaked me out as a child, but I will always look back on the original as being, well…kinda creepy.


30 Day Mass Effect Challenge

↬ 12. Favourite NPC

Steve Cortez! Honest to God I adore this man. He is sweet, loveable, and his story about his husband breaks my heart and I always make sure to go down to talk to him after every mission. He’s one of those characters that I wish got more screen time, just due to the fact that I loved having him around and if I could stand playing as MaleShep, I would most certainly romance Steve.

Also he is the only one not to make fun of Shep’s dancing so A++ my guy. I love you. 

anonymous asked:

Can i have a HC where MC buys the RFA a video game and finds out that they are all rage-videogamers? Like MC will be cooking in the kitchen and then all the sudden hears their S/O shouting something so ridiculous because they're mad at the game?

Idk much about videogames, so these are short and maybe not that good. Hope you still like this!

I’ll be back soon with the first fic for Choimatos’ b-day!

RFA turning into rage gamers


  • When he saw you bought Resident Evil 7, he laughed.
  • More like scoffed.
  • “Babe, you give money to them, you encourage them on keep on doing those bad movies.”
  • Then he sees you playing and… okay, seems realistic, seems like a good horror movie…
  • He gives it a shot when you’re not home and boy…
  •  He doesn’t really like horror genre in general, he just likes when you two are watching some movie and you keep clinging on him.
  • But this game is so good, it has action, mistery and it’s scary as fuck, he would cling on you for his dearest life if he didn’t feel like playing the knight all the time for you.


  • For. Your. Honor
  • Look at these graphics, Yoosung! LOLOL could nevah!
  • He’s offended by such a blasphemy!
  • So it’s a little bit of a cold war, he’s on his room playing LOLOL, you’re in the living room playing FYH, and you look so focused.
  • So he needs to see what’s driving your attention on scolding him for playing so much.
  • And gurl… you were so right. LOLOL could never, indeed.
  • Now you can scold each other for playing so much, but just because you’re taking turns on playing this.


  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3? WTF?
  • She didn’t even know like video games, let alone games with so much… violence!
  • Oh, she’s so worried you’ll end up like Yoosung!
  • And she won’t be able to do anything, because she hasn’t the guts to scold you like she does to Yoosung.
  • “MC, what are you doing?” “Learning history, geography and how to build guns!” “Okay…”
  • You explain to her very excitedly about the game and she… sees the appeal. Cn she try a little?
  • Ugh, why didn’t she find out about this before? This would be such a great anger relief in those days at C &R…


  • He had access to the best and the most current releases when he was a kid and… never cared about this.
  • You glare at him, what would you give to have all the games you wished for?
  • So now you got all the Super Mario editions!
  • And though the most recent ones are beautiful, you have a thing for the classics.
  • Apparently, so has he, as he watches you attentively and ask you to reming him how to play.
  • “I liked this one when I was little.” Hmmm, he still does.
  • It’s been a few hours now, won’t he go to work?


  • He’s been using the memes, but he doesn’t really care for the origin.
  •  You do, it’s from Persona 5, and you just bought it.
  • He’s watching you play, and you look so caught up with the plot, it’s adorable.
  • He keeps asking you questions to see you get all excited, then he starts taking interest in your answers.
  • Next thing you know, he’s helping you.
  • Now he has the console.
  • And you don’t even care, you both just want to finish this. The house is so silent, Saeran and Vanderwood are starting to get worried.
Red Dragon con 3 recap part 3

PART 1 - 2 

Hugh and Bryan Q&A panel summary (well, only Hugh in this post though)

Poor Hugh had to start the panel alone, because Bryan was still taking his time doing his autographs! In the end, the whole panel lasted close to 1hr extra, but I’m not sure anyone really minded! (Also, once again, apologies for possible inaccuracies, but I tried to make this as detailed as I could!)


-The panel started with Hugh announcing he would not planning to do any one man reenactments of BDSM practices :’D 

-The first (oh god haha) question was if he did any preparations for his role in Hysteria? Well, he did hand exercises…also, some guy in customs in Israel asked him “did you do that vibrator movie?”

-Dream project? “Besides the obvious?”. Hugh trusts Bryan, and would take part in any of his projects. 

-Will presenting to be “on the spectrum” was a defense mechanism!

-People kept telling Hugh “thank you for being here”, and he just had to emphasize that HE is really happy to be here. (aww)

-Role models: directors who went the extra mile, family, friends.

-Cal is a “very lonely man”. “The last thing I would do would be to practice in front of a mirror”.

-Hugh and Mads joked about Will finding Hannibal’s notes on him, and wondered if Hannibal had a “don’t show this to Will” folder.

-Hugh about Hannibal: Hannibal is an evil genius, getting dressed up in the morning, preparing food etc. “When does that man sleep?”

-Will Graham would be the world’s worst Christian Grey like billionaire: he’d live in the same house, buy more dogs, upgrade his fishing equipment, build a wall around the house…and he’d never take off his glasses.

-Hannibal & Will relationship: To Hugh, when Will asks “is Hannibal in love with me”, it’s weird it hasn’t occurred to him before. Before that question, he saw it as platonic obsessive love. “For both of them it’s a relief from loneliness. Is that not love?”. Meeting a person who answers all your questions, even if they create more questions in the process. The world makes more sense when they’re together. (I really wish I could give a direct quote about this!)

- Will was plenty dark before Hannibal’s influence. Will was born with his mental makeup, as was Hannibal. “It doesn’t matter what kid got eaten”.

-What does Will listen to? “He could be a Deadhead and listens to 70s rock. He could also have a deep love for Austrian chamber music”. Will could be one of those people who are full of surprises, so maybe he played the piano in his house, but it probably came with the house.

-”You could think about these things more in depth. I’m very aware the characters are not real, except Scott’s performance which was rooted in reality”

-”If Will and Hannibal survived the fall…”, “Oh they did”. Maybe Hannibal had a magic toolbox that saved them? The fall was real, not a metaphor. It was a deliberate decision for Will to go off the cliff, he was convinced they both had to go. After the fall, there would be a lot of recuperation going on, and it would allow a kind of character reset. However, a show without Will’s empathy would not the show anymore. 

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Can we get a ryden timeline... xx (love the blog)

thank you anon xo, and I can do a Ryden timeline and edit: I took the readmore out because it doesn’t work on mobile so sorry this is going to be lengthy, and I apologize, some of the stuff I’m gonna say I can not find the articles or pictures to back myself up.

I think I’m gonna do this timeline by year 


Ryan and Jac, Brendon and Audrey

  -So back in like the wee baby days of Panic! Ryan and Brendon both dated a couple of “scene queens’ (oh early 00′s) and I wouldn’t mention it but there are sceenshots of conversations between the two girls saying stuff like “Oh your boyfriend turned mine gay.” and a few other things about the boys having a thing.

Ryan’s Livejournal

-Here’s the tumblr post all of his entries are on, seriously give them a read in your freetime

-he’s deleted the account, so :(. Like right after the Myrtle Beach stuff but that is the next thing

-So his livejournal, full of teenage angst, the early developments of songs from fever, vague relationship posts, great banter between him and brendon including:

-I apologize there are a few other things of them interacting on lj but I can’t fine any screenshots or anything of them

Kerrang! Slow Dancing article

-So basically in a December 2006 issue of Kerrang! they put in an article and I quote  “Urie and Ross crack up as they slow-dance together through the heaving dressing room, belting out ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by fellow Las Vegas quartet The Killers as they glide through the crowd.”

-Don’t believe me here’s a pic of the article with that paragraph circled, super hard to read, but it’s there

Myrtle Beach

-Shit gets sexy here (like literally)

-So the myrtle beach lore is what I would call 1/3 of the huge Ryden lore stories

-Basically after a show Panic! and their crew all went skinny dipping in Myrtle Beach

-In some interview or another I’m pretty sure one of the backup dancers on tour implied that they fucked. 

-Ryan wrote this livejournal entry about the night:

Sun, Jun 25 2006

The moon bred new Atlantic life tonight.the salt burned you right out of my eyes.and secrets we’re not proud of were taken with the tide. We were all newborns with blurred vision and no sense of direction.

Today I saw cancer, cigarettes and shortness of breath.

this is why I walk to the ocean.swim with jellyfish.I may never get this chance again.

this is why if you want to kiss you should kiss.

If you want to cry you should cry, and

if you want to live you should live.

You don’t have to love me. You already did. At least enough to keep me smiling from South Carolina to Virginia.it’s for lovers (orjustfriends)

This is why I do it.

-and then promptly deleted his lj account shortly after that



-Seattle is already a significant place for Ryan as noted by this livejournal post:

Mon, Feb 6 2006

lay like lions in the sand..

one day we’ll settle in Seattle.

-But back to what this is really for (also totally copy and pasting this from my seattle post yesterday)

-Ryan turned 21 Pete Wentz  threw his party at one of his clubs in NYC, none of the other Panic! were 21 yet so they were already in seattle for the next show they were playing. 

^^^ Ryan @ his bday party,  -But anyways sometime during that night Ryan left his birthday party to fly out to Seattle, and was spotting in a resturant with Brendon, and a fan reconized them and got a picture which is here (sorry she’s blurred out I can’t find one not like that.)

-So yeah our boy left is own bday party to be with Brendon and wrote a song about it ( more on that in the next section) 

 -Ryan and Brendon also did an interview together around that same time where Ryan was still wearing the outfit from his B-day party and Brendon was wearing what he wore in that picture with a fan. Link to that interview: Here


-2ish years since fever

-How much detail so I gotta go into here? That album was gay as fuck.

- It’s lengthy so I won’t go into depth but this entire album is basically about a summer love, more specifically the two people in love (Ryan and Brendon since this is a Ryden thing) Who use “the sun” and “the moon” to refer to eachother. It’s up for debate who’s who. And i’m not going to get into it

-Most notably is the lyric “We must reinvent love.” From Mad as Rabbits which is quoting a poem by a gay man about how since he doesn’t like women love must be reinvented

Northern Downpour (yeah I had to give this it’s own section)

 -This is a song on pretty.odd is heavily suspected to be about that night in Seattle, including lyrics such as “I missed your skin when you we’re East, you clicked your heels and wished for me.” (Ryan was in NYC which is east of Seattle), along with Seattle is rainy and in the North of the US.

-Ryan told Brendon to pay special attention to the lyric “I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home.” and that is the lyric he got chocked up on playing it post-split

-Also during the Live in Chicago performance Brendon sings “Northern Downpour sends it’s love-” and then adds in and “I love you.” Right after.

Cape Town

-Pain, sadness

-No one knows what the fuck happened (aside from those involved)

-Cape Town, South Africa is where the last Panic! show with Ryan and Jon in the band played. It’s shady, and what is know is that Ryan and Brendon were not getting along to the point where they could stand to be in the same room together so Ryan and Jon left and created The Young Veins. 

- The Young Veins just so happen to have a song called Cape Town

-There’s a lot of speculation about said song being about Ryden and the band split (wrapped up into a metaphor about a girl). Mostly because the song is about a lost love. (in cape town.)

-Another large reason this is a very significant place in Ryden lore would be the lyric comparisons from the song Cape Town by The Young Veins, and a few songs off of Vices & Virtues. Most notably. From Cape Town: “Woke me in the morning asked me if I meant it, I didn't”. And from The Calendar (A song confirmed to be about the panic! split): “And I meant everything I said that night”

-The V&V bonus track the song Bittersweet has the lyric: “I’ve been to Tokyo, and to South Africa so many places that you may say I’ve seen it all”. Cape Town is in South African, not hard to make a connect about the two. And that concludes today’s lesson on the mystery of Cape Town.

Post-Split bits and peaces

-The Young Veins went off and wrote an album all about regret called Take A Vacation!

-Brendon and Spencer went on and released Vices & Virtues which is full of salt and bitterness. Salty Breakup album. 

-Ryan and Brendon parallel lyrics to eachother and I reccomend doing research on it or shooting me an ask and I’ll talk about it. 

And that is a timeline of Ryden 2004-2011ish. Feel free to ask me for more post breakup stuff (like Halloween, or the whole ‘they were cool after the split to now they rarely talk’ ) This is just getting lengthy but I will answer more questions on it


23 Years Old!?

Hi friends! Soo, today was my birthday. I turned 23 today, but let me tell you, I feel a lot older haha. Raising two little ones surely will put some grey in your hair. 

Honestly, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of today and just wanted to spend it with my family around the house. My wish was granted by the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. We lounged around all day, played outside, and took a nap together. It was perfect. 

The one thing I did want for my birthday was some more pictures of us as a family to put in my scrapbook, and as you can see I got those. I’m hoping to do an actual professional photo shoot later on, maybe when the kids get a little older. For now, some home photos are just perfect. Ron did surprise me with breakfast in bed and a beautiful necklace, even tho I said no gifts. 

All in all, it’s been the best birthday I’ve ever had. Until next time, ciao! 

16 Days of Outlander - Day #1 Sassenach

So excited to have an excuse to rewatch Season 1 all the way through (I realized that I’ve watched the first eight episodes way more times than the second eight, despite the fact that I only watched the first eight for the first time the day before the second half of Season 1 started airing). 

Fair warning: I’ve been trying my hand at screen caps to go with the posts for this 16 Days of Outlander. 

Anyway, onto my favorites for 01x01 Sassenach.

Favorite performance: Caitriona Balfe. From the beginning of the episode through the end, she has so much to do to carry and establish the story and not just for the episode, but for the series. What gets me every time is the scene below when she learns the war is over. Everyone else is celebrating and while I wouldn’t say she’s disappointed - she’s far too compassionate for that - she does immediately look lost. Having just come from that horrible leg injury, there’s clearly still work to be done but when her friend tells her “it’s over” I can’t help feeling that there’s a little bit of Claire that feels like her usefulness is already slipping away. To convey such depth right off the bat in the episode floors me every time. 

Favorite Claire and Frank Moment: Jumping on the bed. There are little glimpses of the marriage Claire and Frank used to have (few and far between, though they may be) but those glimpses show enough of what they’re both trying/hoping so hard to recapture - namely the levity they felt before five years of war - that I can’t help loving this little moment. It’s clearly going to take work if they are going to have any chance of succeeding - I mean, immediately after getting into their room, Frank just takes out a book and starts reading. It shows a little better the balance/dynamic they once had. Claire helping Frank not to be too serious all the time; Frank helping rein in some of Claire’s wilder tendencies. It isn’t as great a balance as she will have with Jamie but it probably worked better for Claire and Frank before the war changed them so much as individuals.

Favorite Location: Reverend Wakefield’s library/study. I mean just look at it! That fireplace, that window, how open and light it is. I would love to have a room like that to work and play in - it’s got plenty of room for both. Totally personal taste on my part but just… love it, want it, don’t care that we hardly spend any time there this episode (and can’t wait till we get another look at it later).

Favorite Minor Character: Mrs. Graham. In working on my Jamie through the stones fic, I’ve gotten very attached to Mrs. Graham as a character. I also love Claire’s surprise when she realizes that Mrs. Graham is one of the “druids” dancing at Craigh na Dun. She’s just one of those characters I really wish we could have more time with in the series as a whole. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation Moment: Frank’s encounter with Jamie’s ghost. One scene, two favorites. This is the scene I go back to and rewatch over and over and over. The lighting, the perspective, the sound mixing/editing… I just love everything about this scene. And it’s a scene I’ve enjoyed analyzing so much in the book. That you can see Frank watching Jamie watching Claire: Frank’s attention on Jamie and the fact that he is watching his [Frank’s] wife; Jamie’s complete absorption in watching Claire fighting with the curls he loves to much. The haunting way he just vanishes when Frank turns and the lightning illuminating Frank briefly before all the power in the square goes out just emphasizes the significance of that moment so subtly and so well.

Favorite Costume: Claire’s night gown. I’m not a huge fan of the 1940′s costumes - I find the 18th century costumes more impressive but we don’t see too many of them this episode. This costume is also one of the most “traditionally” feminine costumes Claire wears. A lot of her 1940′s dresses have sleek lines but this flows and billows. 

Favorite Music Moment: Claire gets shot at (Fallen Through Time on Volume 1 of the Outlander Soundtrack). I am addicted to television and film scores and the music for Outlander is definitely up there on my list of all time favorites (seriously, at least a third of my iPod is instrumentals from soundtracks - about 2 days worth of music). The transition in this scene as Claire stumbles around the woods trying to figure out what just happened to being shot at by the Red Coats is perfected by the shift in the music from quiet and innocuous to loud and raucous (courtesy of some amazing bagpipes and drums/bodhran). 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Cocknammon Rock. It’s after they’ve been riding for a while - Claire has already fixed his shoulder which has earned her a few points with Jamie - and when she mentions the Red Coats’ preference for Cocknammon Rock as an ambush point, Jamie doesn’t hesitate to believe and trust her word. He alerts Dougal immediately and when Dougal basically asks, “are you sure?” Jamie takes one look and Claire and asserts, “yeah, he’s sure.” Then Dougal gives the order and Jamie promptly dumps Claire off the horse and breaks free of the belt she used to bind his arm to his side. 

Favorite Line, Favorite “This wasn’t in the book” Part: “On your horse soldier.” Another two-fer. I love this line that wasn’t in the book, so much so, it’s my favorite in the episode. Seeing Claire in action at the beginning of the episode when the war ended balances nicely with this line (and scene of her healing in action) at the end. They’re scenes when her mask/facade drops completely - no polite smiles or wary/guarded looks, just Claire at her most competent. The scene passes from Claire cursing at Jamie in frustration through the more somber and serious hint from Jamie about just how dangerous BJR is and ending it with this more light-hearted, mildly affectionate, but respectful note adds to the understanding that has begun to develop between Jamie and Claire. 

Favorite Performance Honorable Mention: Sam Heughan. Claire may not be consciously aware of Jamie’s feelings for her for a while but his falling for her occurs hard and fast - both on the page and on the screen. The ability to capture in that one glance what I tend to think of as Jamie’s enlightenment about his feelings, could not have been easy but there it is, broadcast for all to see. Jamie is entirely hers in that single moment by the roadside as she curses him for being too stubborn to admit he was hurt and needed help (basically, Jamie in a nutshell). 

Under Control (Part 19 of Faking It)

And the kinks continue! Enjoy!

Read Faking It, Just Breathe, Sex Hair and Blindfolds, Cold as Ice, Rough Around the Edges, Sticky Sweet, Slow Burn, Adult Film 101, Date Night, Hell on Heels,  The More, The Merrier, Even More, Even Merrier,  Hunter’s Aftercare, and Under Arrest, Flexibility, MeltingAnger Management, and Tight Spot.

Warning: SMUTTY SMUT, dom!Dean

Word Count: 3150

A/N: 19 parts? Seriously? Y’all are the best for sticking with me this long.

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Acknowledge Part 2

Summary: A continuation to “Acknowledge”. Louise and the rest of the office workers wonder when Dan and their boss’ relationship is going to become official. Contains pastel!Dan + rich and successful Phil.

Read part 1 HERE

“Good morning,” Louise greeted Dan on the Friday of his third week at Lester Global Inc. He was wearing a cute button up lavender colored shirt with sleeves that reached his mid elbow, accompanied with another pair of white skinny jeans. The flower crown that sat atop his head was a combination of pink and white flowers, looking absolutely beautiful. Louise shook her head and set her things on the desk.

“You just get cuter everyday. I think that’s my favorite crown so far.”

“Thanks, Mr. Lester got it for me.” Dan informed her, cheeks flushing as he instinctively felt for the crown.

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Birthday Wishes

Originally posted by clubeskimo

Birthday Wishes

“Wake up~” You chimed crawling on top of Jay. “Good Morning~” You’d been looking forward to this day all year. Jay would always try to play it off and be relaxed and cool in front of AOMG, but you knew just how sensitive he was about being 30. He was always going to be a kid at heart, but he no longer had the comfort of hiding behind being in his twenties. At least in Korea. 

He groaned covering his face “What’s so good about it?”

“It’s your birthday! And you’re officially-”

“Don’t say it” he covered your mouth and sighed. “The goal is to make it through the day without hearing it.”

You grabbed and pecked his hand, giggling. “I don’t understand the big deal. Technically you’re only thirty in Korea.”

“Dammit.” he pouted sitting up, making you fall back onto his lap. “It’s not the same. Everyone’s going to just consider me 30…Damn, I’m old.” he sighed heavily. 

“Awww Ahjussi don’t feel bad.”

“You know what!”

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So She’s Not a Phantom...

It’s time to continue this conversation about my thoughts on Danny Phantom as a show, and I’m excited to the shows second most important character Sam Manson. A lot of this excitement comes from the fact that I actually want to talk about problems I had with the show since praising strengths rarely leads to any sort of growth or understanding about how we can create better media, and Danny himself just didn’t need that much improvement as a standalone character. Sam isn’t much better in this regard because she’s also fairly wonderful with one or two exceptions, but she is the last of the shows glittering splendor before we get to me ripping on Tucker and everything else in this infernally enjoyable show that missed its mark.

Lets start with what worked on Sam. First off a thousand years of praise to the brilliance of her actress Grey DeLisle who always brings something unmistakably iconic to every role she inhabits (most notable roles being Mandy of the Grim Adventures, Azula, and Frankie Foster). DeLise accomplishes a lot of the same sincerity, precision timing, and consistency in character that I praised  Kaufman for in the last one of these, but lets talk about her as a an actual character instead of a performance.

Sam is the smart, counter cultural, well defined bedrock that Danny builds his life upon. Nearly everything else in Dannys life is either a fleeting untrustable moment of temporary happiness or specifically designed to kick him in the genitals until he cries. Sam isn’t that. She sees the value in Danny that we as the audience can see, and she provides him constant valuable insight on reaching his goals. Sam is also in a lot of ways a full realization of a happy Danny. She isn’t dependent on others for her happiness, so she isn’t constantly hurt by her classmates being the worst the way Danny is. She’s never at odds with her identity and seems to have a complete idea of who she is, which Danny never gets down. She’s open about her identity with her parents despite their disapproval unlike Danny. Sam is a really cool realization of what Danny wants to be, even if the show never acknowledges her as that. She is the confidence and completeness of the cool kids in a counter culture package that quietly shows the potential for Danny to find happiness within himself. This is probably the best thing Sam brings to the show, since without her the tone surrounding Danny would just be hopeless oppression like we get with the X Men. Sam is the promise that Danny can be OK.

So I love Sam and the show could never have worked without her and she’s an amazing role model for female viewers and easily one of the best characters Nickelodeon has produced but she’s not perfect. For starters, I wish she had other friends. I wish she had female friends. So much of Sams world is built around Danny and it would have been nice letting her have a life outside him. I know she and Tucker both have reasons to be closed off to other friends and the show does play with those a bit, but Sam is so much stronger a character and a person than Tucker or Danny ever get to be that I wish we got to see her build more to her life than just being Danny’s backup.

The biggest issue I have though is one I feel I’m alone on. I hate Danny and Sam becoming romantic. I remember being a kid and watching the pair platonicly bond as they showed me two characters of opposite genders didn’t have to fall in love. These characters taught me that you could just be friends and I value that lesson. I don’t feel their romance is a big accomplishment for either in terms of character arch. Danny was always about finding a comfortable identity for himself and getting the world to see him as someone of value. Sam never really got an arch at all other than winning her man which seems shallow for how enjoyable a character she was. I’ve never liked the smooch of victory trope and while i don’t feel this reduces Sams quality as a character I do think it highlights how little she was given since this romance was 100% of what we were building to for her.

Imagine an episode were Danny questions if he has feelings for Sam and like many young people in his situation mistakes his feelings of respect and friendship as romantic love. Imagine him making an advance on Sam that to her seems out of nowhere and the episode has them talk about this and deal with the first major hurtle to their friendship as Sam has to question if Danny’s friendship with her was ever more than a desire to hook up, or when it became that, causing her go become super uncomfortable, and Danny has to deal with the fact that he might have ruined the most important friendship he has and then how that will change things with Tucker and could cost him that friendship too. You could have them actually talk about this and whether Sam would even want a relationship with anyone, much less someone as all over the place as Danny, or even telling Danny he doesn’t need a relationship to be happy, or even going so far as to say he might be unhappy because he’s trying to force a romance that doesn’t exist everywhere around him. It could be a really smart and sincere moment that in the end shows how strong their friendship is because they can get past it, rather than the idea that their friendship was strong so it became romance. I feel like that’s so much more interesting. I feel like an interaction like that would have turned this show into something that would be talked about forever in the world of children’s television rather than just a sorta-cool-thing-that-happened in the mid 2000′s. Also have Skulker or someone making problems during the whole episode or something.

Sam is a wonderful character who is tragically limited to the role of Danny’s support and romance despite her power to have been so much more compelling and unique. The problems with her character are by no means the worst in the show (I’m coming for you next Tucker) and they don’t take away too much from what makes her work so well, but lord knows I wish I got to see a character this well done aspire to more than a cookie cutter friend turned romance plot line.

everything reminds me of you

so @sammywilk-imaginations is doing a little contest, and I just thought hey, why not. so here’s a sammy imagine. sorry, I got a little carried away, and the ending kinda sucks, so I’m sorry, but please enjoy.

I’d be happy with any of the 4 giveaways if I do by chance win any of the prizes. preferably the tie dye shirt, and if not one of the shirts, the montrose matte liquid lipstick.

But even if I don’t win, I really enjoyed writing this imagine, and I really hope you guys like it.


I had just gotten off work, taking the back way home to avoid traffic. The roads I was so familiar with due to the late night car rides at 2 am with him

Pulling up to the stop sign I was hit with one of my favorite memories.


I told you we shouldn’t have gone this way.’ I giggled from the drivers seat in Sammy’s jeep as he was by the back tire, trying to dig us out of the mud we were stuck in.

‘just shut up and give it some gas babe.’ he spoke, smiling at me in the rearview mirror.

‘okay.’ I called out, lightly stepping on the gas, the sound of the engine revving making things much more difficult to hear.

I heard Sammy’s muffled voice call out to me, telling me ‘more’ so I put my foot down further on the pedal, letting up after the jeep didn’t budge, turning to look at Sammy to see him covered in mud.

Covering my mouth I let out a few giggles as he trudged up to the drivers side, stopping and looking at me, wiping the mud off his face, a wicked grin on his face.

‘Sammy, don’t you dare!’ I warned, trying to back away, but Sammy quickly reached out and smeared his mud covered hand all over my face.

‘Samuel Wilkinson’ I yelped, in shock, getting out of the jeep and chasing after Sammy who was laughing hysterically.

I scooped down, grabbing a thing of mud in my hand, sneaking around the jeep as Sammy was crouched down, trying to hide, and throwing it at him.

Soon it was an all out mud fight, and I was in a fit of laughter as he ran up to me and bear hugged me from behind, rubbing mud all over my face and hair.


shaking my head to rid the memory, I continued on my way home, turning on the radio to help clear my mind.

Pulling up to the stop light back in the city, the familiar beginning of what was, and still is, my favorite song came on.

take off those heels

lay on my bed

whisper dirty secrets while I’m pulling on your hair

poison in our veins, but we don’t even care

Candles drippin’ on your body, baby this ain’t truth or dare

Everybody wonders where we’ve run off to

My body on your body, baby stickin’ like some glue

Naughty, let’s get naughty girl, it’s only one or two

The fever’s fuckin runnin’, feel the heat between us two

I couldn’t find myself to change the song as the familiar song played, quickly singing along to the words of Chase Rice’s version of ride, the memory of that day rushing back.


Our 6 month anniversary, and I wanted it to be perfect. I was in my studio apartment, cooking dinner, and setting everything up. Too focused on setting the table perfectly, wine glasses filled, candles lit, the smell of the chicken roasting in the oven filled the room, but I was still so nervous it wouldn’t be perfect.

So stressed over the night and how I wanted things to go, I didn’t even hear the door open, or close. Or his footsteps approaching. Only when his arms snaked around my waist from behind me, I knew Sammy had made it from the studio.

‘baby, this is incredible.’ he muttered in my ear, nibbling on it, giving me chills.

‘you like it?’ I muttered, still focused on his lips that moved to my neck, the radio playing in the background.

‘love it. almost as much as I love you’

I threw my head back, exposing more of my neck to him.

‘is dinner done?’ he muttered against my neck.

‘not yet. probably 20 more minutes.’ I spoke breathlessly.

‘perfect.’ he spoke, turning me around and kissing my lips passionately, things quickly heating up as he walked me over to the couch, the faint sound of ‘ride’ coming from the speakers, as we made love for the first time.

That’s when I knew, I wanted to be with Sammy for as long as possible.


Driving by the park, I saw a group of guys playing basketball. I try to blink away the memory, but it fills my head quickly.


you dragged me all the way to the park to watch you play basketball?” I laughed as we walked up to the court, seeing Nate, the Jacks and a few of the other guys I’ve grown to know over the past year.

‘yeah, I figured you could be my cheerleader, although, I’m still wishing you’d be wearing one of those skirts.’ he smirked, pulling me into him tighter as we got closer.

‘we’ll save that for later babe, if you win.’ I teased, leaning up and pecking his cheek.


By the time I pulled into the driveway, I had a few tears in my eyes, wiping them away as I made my way up to my apartment, unlocking the door and dropping my bag by the door, and heading into the kitchen to grab myself a glass of water.

I was out on my little deck, staring out at the lights of the city. I sighed, another memory hitting like a brick.


(y/n)’ Sammy whispered next to me, his hand locked with mine, tracing shapes on the back of my hand with his thumb. ‘i love you so much.’

‘I love you too Sammy.’

‘these have been the best 3 years of my life. And I can’t picture my life without you.’ he spoke, staring out at the lights of the city below, continuing. ‘and I just, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.’ he spoke, causing me to turn at him and look at him wide eyed.


he turned and sent me a soft smile.

‘I mean it. I’m not proposing now, trust me, I’m gonna make our proposal unforgettable, I’m just warning you now.’ he joked, looking back out at the city. ‘I just, I think of my future, and I see you next to me for the rest of my life. Raising our first child together, I know you’re going to be a great mother. And our first born is going to look out after their little brother and sisters. And we’ll move to somewhere away from the city, so we can have a family away from all the crazy that is LA. I just, I know that I wanna be with you, forever.’ he spoke, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it.


Laying in bed at night, staring up at the ceiling, trying to fall asleep, after another day filled with the memories I just couldn’t get rid of. My never ending thoughts, flooding back.

did he still think about me? as much as I thought about him?

did he even still care? as much as I still do?

fighting with my own thoughts, I eventually managed to fall asleep, tossing and turning as I was hit with slumber, and left to my dreams.


tears flooded out of my eyes as I sat on the bed, watching Sammy pace back and forth.

Sammy’ I sighed.

‘(y/n) don’t. how could you even think of that?’

‘Sammy, we talked about this-’

‘no we didn’t.’

‘Sammy, we said we wanted to wait till after we were married.’

‘we’re engaged, what’s the difference.’

‘Sammy, we still have so much planning to do. A baby’s just gonna get in the way.’

‘I can’t believe you don’t want it.’

‘Sammy, you have to understand where I’m coming from with this.’ i sighed.

‘do you not want us to be a family?’ he asked. I hesitated before I answered, and that was enough for Sammy. ‘oh my god. you don’t. you don’t want us to be a family?’

‘Sammy I didn’t say that I j-’

‘you didn’t say anything (y/n)! clearly you’re having second thoughts.’

‘Sammy’ I sighed, reaching out, but he pulled away.

‘don’t. I love you, but I can’t be with someone who doesn’t want to be a family.’

‘Sammy, w-what are you saying?’

‘I…I’m done. I can’t be with you if you don’t want to be with me and start a family together. I love you (y/n) I really do, and I can’t be with you knowing you don’t love me enough if you’re having second thoughts on becoming a family.’ 

and I sat there speechless as I watched him get up off the bed and walked out the door, leaving me alone with the so much on my mind.


I sprung up, grabbing at my stomach, rubbing circles on it to try and soothe it.

It’s been 6 months since Sammy and I went our separate ways. I still thought about him all the time, he never left my brain. Especially with the fact that I was carrying our child, a permanent reminder of him. of us.

My phone going off, caught my attention. Groaning I reached out and grabbed it, unlocking it and reading the messages that flooded my screen.

Biting my lip, I nervously replied, my heart skipping a beat at his reply.

I sat nervously on the couch, the sound of a knock on my door startling me. I jumped up and answered the door, my breath hitching in my throat seeing him stand before me.

Staring at each other, just taking in being in front of one another for the first time in 6 months, his eyes flicked down to my enlarged stomach.

“oh my god.” he gasped. “t-that’s-”

“it’s ours.” I smiled, a tear falling from my eye from happiness.

“(y/n) I had no idea. I’m so sorry.” he muttered, his hand on my stomach.

“It’s okay Sammy. The last conversation we had was about me getting rid of it. But, I just couldn’t.”

“why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

“I-I thought you hated me. For even talking about getting rid of it. I thought you’d be mad.”

“no baby. I’m so so happy. I’m sorry for everything. Please. Can we forget these past 6 months. Can we pick up where we left off? I love you (y/n) and I don’t want to miss out on watching my baby girl or little boy grow up.” he spoke, his hands cupping my face now.

I couldn’t find words. All I could do was nod my head eagerly, and throw my arms around his neck, our lips meeting for the first time in months.

Pulling apart, our foreheads resting against one another’s he whispered out to me.

“I’m glad to finally be home. I’ve missed you baby.”

“I’ve missed you too Sammy.”

RP Meme: First Lyric, Lana Del Rey
  • "Feet don't fail me now"
  • "My old man is a bad man but I can't deny the way he holds my hand."
  • "You're no good for me"
  • "Let's get outta this town, baby"
  • "Kiss me hard before you go."
  • "Everything I want, I have."
  • "Remember how we used to party up all night?"
  • "All my friends tell me I should move on."
  • "I shared my body and my mind with you, thats way over now."
  • "Down on the west coast they got a saying: if your not drinking then your not playing"
  • "I've seen the world, done it all."
  • "I have been to Hollywood Hills."
  • "Wish I may, wish I might find my one true love tonight."
  • "My pussy tastes like Pepsi-Cola"
  • "Not even they can stop me now."
  • "Will you be my baby tonight?"
  • "You make me wanna be like one of those girls."
  • "Being a mistress on the side might not appeal to fools like you."
  • "The other woman has time to manicure her nails."
  • "He used to call me DN - that stood for deadly nightshade."
  • "They say I'm too young to love you."

How We Spent The Fourth Of July

First of all, I want to start off by saying Happy Forth of July and we all wish you the best on this holiday!

Our day took place outside today. We went for a swim in the lake, played in the sprinkler, and went on many walks, trying to find different types of animals and flowers.

 Around lunch, Reese made some cheeseburgers and hot dogs, Aine’s request, of course. After that, we made some fruit popsicles, which were amazing! I’ll probably make a whole separate post on that sooner or later. Later that afternoon, we watched the parade. Aine got one of those mini flags, and she would not let go of that thing until she fell asleep. The parade went on for quite a while, so that took up about the rest of our day. When we got home, I set up a little beach picnic for dinner and so we could sit out, eat, and watch the fireworks.

 The fireworks started at around seven p.m. and we stayed out watching until around eleven o’ clock. Aine was definitely fighting sleep, since it was way past her bedtime, but she finally drifted off during the middle of the show. That’s about it for our holiday, what about yours? Don’t be afraid to comment on how your day went!

far, but never gone | shawn mendes


word count: 1,715

author’s note: so this is my very first shawn imagine/one-shot!! i just really wanted to get something out there first. please be sure to send in requests if u have any and tell me what you think <3333

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Even when Shawn was away, you found him everywhere.

His gray hoodie, which he had left in your room the last time he was there, hung over the back of your desk chair. His toothbrush stood proudly in the cup on your bathroom counter, beckoning your eyes toward it when you applied makeup in the mirror each morning. The tube of lipstick on your nightstand was the shade you wore on your first date. The dress you were now slipping over your head was his favorite on you. He was with you in each movement, each moment, each passing tick of a clock.

And yet it wasn’t enough.

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