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One nonfictional comment (we will return to our regular fanfic programming shortly, though I am not quite sure with what):

How everything at WH13 was run, from Comcast to Syfy to Kenny on down, is not my personal concern . But I am tolerably familiar with filmmaking, from several different perspectives. And every time I come close to buying, from anyone who’s trying to sell it, the business about “This Myka and HG thing was such a SURPRISE!!” and/or “It was all under the radar!”, I think back to HG’s first episode. And I think about that closeup on their hands, when Myka’s cuffing her to the chair.

And I could stop there, but I don’t. I think about scene blocking and shot/reverse shots and grapplers and narrative arcs that span two seasons. I think about making someone a hologram—how that keeps bodies so ostentatiously apart. I think about “Bering and Wells.” I come back to narrative arcs and business decisions and explanations and the way many of these pieces do not, never did, fit together. And then I think about how it might have been better if they could have continued not to fit together, instead of being forced into a configuration that looks a lot like everything else. (And yes, I get sad. Because what I personally will miss most is holding my breath during every single Myka/HG scene, because almost anything could happen.)

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Hey, the dude who donated 20 dollars here. The donation whatsit didn't let me include much text, just wanted to say that you're really an inspiration to me and, I'm sure, a lot of other people. You're really an awesome person and I wish you all the best! <3

Screams, I can’t believe people are giving so much, like, really, thank you!

I don’t even really have words to put to it like, just so many acts of random kindness all at once and it leaves me speechless. I’m really genuinely stunned people are being so kind to a random person like me and saying so many sweet things every day. I have nearly 500 messages in my inbox, most of which are just people leaving thanks or well-wishes. And that is amazing, like really truly amazing.

I’m just happy I can make other people happy, even if only for a short while each day, and I haven’t been so excited to share something for a long time and being able to do all of that again is nice, it’s really nice and you’re all so very nice. So thank you, again, thank you so very much.