wish i couldve put more people!

wildandwhirling replied to your post “[[MOR] every single person who has told me that i’m “””too good””””…”

Ugh, reminds me of the crap that I went through when I was going through high school online. Because I needed “socialization” (believe me, if I’d been “socialized”, I would…not be in a good place right now.) Do what you need to.

I’m glad you got to do what was best for you~ my mindset is pretty similar? like there’s no point in me putting myself through those “”crucial”” experiences for other people when those people don’t realize how awful the outcome would rly be. but without people like you sharing your experiences i’d probably be way more inclined to listen to the people who rly can’t understand my perspective. i wish your situation couldve been better, but i’m glad someone else relates. ty~