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Hey vppa, would you mind maybe sharing your thoughts about 2seok (Seokjin/Hoseok)? I come to you because you're the queen of Jin shipping and its a pairing I find myself beginning to be intrigued by but cannot quite figure out. Only if you want to though!! Feel free to ignore otherwise. Hope you're having a wonderful day dearest <3

Oh man, yeah! Yeah of course I’d love to! (And I’m not the queen of Jin shipping nooo ah!!) I feel you though, 2seok is a pairing that I still can’t quite get a grasp on but I’d love to share my thoughts, as unorganized as they are!

First of all Seokjin and Hobi are both known as the mothers of Bangtan. Where Seokjin cooks, Hobi cleans and much like Yoongi, 2seok is constantly looking after their dongsaengs, doting esp on the maknae line. Though Hoseok tends to be loud and Seokjin is more quiet, they can both be quite warm and I guess caring in general. I feel like a lot of 2seok moments would be spent in comfortable silence or long winding discussions whenever they’re not laughing their asses off over some lame joke (which is probably often).

One thing I love is that they are so complimentary of each other, I mean Hoseok is always saying how handsome he is, how much he loves Jin’s cooking. And of course lately Seokjin is constantly raving about how handsome Hobi is, how he loves that Hoseok is in the center nowadays and maybe it’s just me but I feel like Hobi must’ve said something or expressed some feeling of inadequacy (he’s so hard on himself ;-;) that Seokjin literally all of a sudden just started throwing compliments at him?? IDK I just love it okay there is so much love

ANYWAY I think I might’ve mentioned it elsewhere but Hoseok is pretty touchy with all the members, but for some reason for me 2seok’s skinship feels almost unconscious? I don’t really know how he is with the other members because I wear Seokjin goggles 25/8 but from what I see of 2seok, they’re full of linked arms and casual touches and happy hugs, except they don’t even quite realize it themselves? Like their skinship doesn’t seem like it’s exaggerated for the camera like sometimes Hobi does to get some laughs. Ah idk, Hoseok mentioned that him and Jin have always been together since the trainee days and they just seem like kind of a comfortable ship that you don’t really notice because…they’re just so comfy with one another? I mean even in fic, I’d have an extremely difficult time ever coming up with a first-meeting idea for them, they just seem like the type to already have an established relationship or possibly a friends with benefits type situation (though I love and maybe prefer humorous 2seok fics). What am I even saying anymore idk but here are some 2seok gifs (why are there only like five to chose from??):

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And here are some really great 2seok fics that I’ve really enjoyed: