wish i coulda spent more time on it

If Rihanna gonna call it makeup for all….she need more dark shades. Duh. Enough folks– dark skinned folks who this affects– have said this. She has a lot of lightskint undertones that I don’t usually see, and I swear I didn’t know pale came in that many shades, but high key? We’re okay. I can get a golden honey/rich caramel/medium deep to work even if they run too yellow or whatever. Dark skin doesn’t come in just 4 shades though. You can’t make it work if they never give it to you.

But her highlighters and that lipgloss look good. 👀👀 I wish she would have given us the shimmer and fun colors as a start and spent more time with the foundations. And then she still coulda launched the pale shit later instead of making the girls who STAY waiting for variety​ AND quality to wait longer. Pale girls, and to a decent extent lightskinned girls have enough variety to hold us over. Like yeah I want some rihanna sex-proof ass foundation but a bitch can wait. That’s just facts.