wish i could visit there


I can’t believe that people are actually liking my singing? Like I posted that recording on my Instagram but no one said anything then. And I post it here, and people like it, reblog it and sends me messages telling me that they liked it. Either you people need som kind of hearing adjustment, or you are really the best people on this planet. You don’t understand, I am so touched. So incredibly touched, and I wish that I could visit you all in person to shower you with appreciation. This post can’t possibly convey what I am feeling right now. I wish it could. Thank you, you are the best. I love you.

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An illustration of the first Drabble of the little series Where @thelastspeecher crosses her au universe, the Stanley Mcgucket series, with my au universe, The Mystery Dads universe! 

The guest room is not terrible attractive, I tell you I struggled with the design. Also I wanted it to have like, white farm house style kind of furniture but that just doesn’t work with my drawing style and? Yeah yikes.

Anyway, the Drabble can be read here. 

Me and a good friend of mine were talking about it recently and we ended up wondering about FFXV if it had Mermaids. You wouldn’t get a whole lot of mean or harmful ones in it just due to the fact you can’t work your way into the ocean. (Not to say there wouldn’t be at all but it’d be harder since the boys are touching the sea much)
So what about Altissia having mermaids?

The ones who live there already know about them. But the chocobros really don’t.
They ride the Gondola and the people running it just know they are tourists, they haven’t seen these boys before and face it the clothes kind of show they are, and are like “keep hands and arms and everything inside the boat at all times. If you have a wallet with a chain do not let your chain hang out” and so on and they all think it’s just standard safety procedures. But then the people who run it are like “Don’t even sit on the edge just in case of a rare occurrence of a mermaid” and they get that warning for if you’re anywhere near the water don’t even look over and they all just kind of laugh it off because that must be one of those weird legends they tell to the non-locals just to pull their leg.
until it finally happens…

Maybe it was Gladio who was sitting on the side edge, and one suddenly peeks up and grabs him by the hips and pulls him in.
Or maybe Noctis had a good-luck charm that was partly dangling down and he later finds out that it’s gone, but he doesn’t know who(what) snatched it and now he’s on a wild goose chase for it.
Perhaps Ignis was cleaning his glasses and he held it out over the water, he was trying to get the sun to reflect on it to see if he missed a spot and there’s just a sudden SPLASH- it’s gone and now he’s soaked.
Or Prompto got bored and was leaning over, and he just happened to be leaning down and getting too close to the water… And suddenly there are hands at his face and something looking him directly in the eye. (maybe if the mermaid was a bold and wily one, they could pull him in for a smooch before throwing him back)
But could you imagine though? In a grand place like that, that’s already full of wonderful scenic shots just waiting to be taken, if every now and then one of them snuck their way into a picture? Or every now and then surfacing to interact with people just to sate their own curiosity. Wily mermaids who nab something off of you whenever you aren’t looking- heck some of the vendors who are set on boats are paranoid and watch over their goods like a hawk just to make sure them sneaky little mermaids didn’t snitch anything.

Hell imagine if there was some that ventured out to Galden Quey. They become somewhat of an urban legend because no one manages to get a good look at them and never has there been a clear picture, so everyone’s like “It’s just a fish. You saw only just a fish why did you show me this picture of fish tail?”
The waters near Cape Caem? Now that’s where you got to watch out. Get too close to the shore when the mermaids hang around there and someone is bound to become lost treasure.

I don’t talk about it a lot but I love Smilodon guys. Like a lot. I mean

look at this majestic motherfucker. 

And like, people think that Smilodon was basically just lions with long teeth but actually! no, not at all. Smilodon was a lot stockier than lions, because unlike lions who chase down their prey, Smilodon probably wrestled it’s prey to the ground, and possibly as a pride. Smilodons lack the long tails of lions, which means they aren’t as agile runners. There’s debate as to whether Smilodons were solitary hunters or not, but I personally think they were social creatures because we have the bones of cats who were significantly injured, to the point where they would not have been able to hunt, but who lived for years after the injury. This indicates at least some semblance of a pride, because that injured Smilodon had to have been provided food by another cat. 

And the way they killed prey was different from lions. Lions clamp down on the windpipe of the prey until they suffocate, but this requires both conical teeth and a jaw strength that Smilodon didn’t have. Smilodon had jaws that were about as strong as a large dog’s but not strong enough to do what a lion does. And it’s teeth weren’t conical, they were more like steak knives, thin in the front and back but broad on the sides, meaning they were pretty fragile if pressure was applied to the sides of the tooth and would have snapped if it tried to hold down struggling prey.

What they think it did was overpowered it until the prey couldn’t move, then used it’s teeth to cut the jugular, ensuring a rather quick, quiet death, which they could manage cause their jaws could open insanely wide. It’s unclear what their fur looked like, if it was patterned like in the above pictures, or not like a cougar.

One interesting thing is that Smilodon cohabited the Americas with humans for at least 2,000 years. Smilodon died out ~10,000 years ago, but humans crossed over into the Americas at least 12,000 years ago (probably earlier). It’s actually theorized that the introduction of humans into the region was a contributing factor the Smilodon’s extinction.

They’re just really interesting animals guys I mean