wish i could take the credit for designing these

This is an update from the Director of Research at the Consulate Inquirium.

There has never been a more exciting time in Consulate innovation. The Inventors’ Fair gathered the foremost geniuses of our time to the city of Ghirapur, and now we’re proud to be working with many of those brilliant minds right here at the Consulate Inquirium. They’re hard at work on the next generation of architecture, automatons, and transports. Aditi Desai of the Aetherlogical Society expressed excitement for joining our cause: “When I submitted my design for a new aether injection system to the Fair, I never could have imagined I would get the opportunity to work alongside the Consulate’s leading minds.”

Desai is just one of several dozen designers who have accepted the Consulate’s research grants. Among our numbers, we’re proud to have automaton designer Bhavin Jani, aricraft expert Sana Ahir, and the visionary aether-seer Rashmi. We’re particularly enthusiastic about Rashmi’s breakthroughs in matter transportation, which could revolutionize the way aether is collected and distributed.

The work that’s happening here at the Consulate Inquirium will bring a new age of prosperity to Ghirapur. We expect to see a surge of innovation that rivals that of the Great Aether Boom. We could not be more thrilled for the future of our city and our world. Unfortunately, we must mention that there is a small minority of citizens who have attempted to disrupt our efforts and compromise the safety and order of our city. The renegade movement would stand in the way of progress. They wish to selfishly hoard inventions and conceal breakthroughs that could change lives. We will not allow it. The Consulate seeks to put an end to the renegade disturbance, and we here at the Inquirium will continue to work vigilantly to bring the greatest designs to all citizens of our wondrous city.

Is anyone else reading this farce? I don’t even know where to begin. First, they’re trying to take credit for Aditi’s injection system?! Absurd! They took the work of an absolute master and turned it into mass-produced, disposable junk unfit for so much as a child’s toy. You can only use it in Consulate-model cruisers or it will burn out. That’ll happen when you try to recalibrate the distribution ratios without applying Vya’s Law. Just saying.

And don’t even get me started on the whole “proud to be working with many of those brilliant minds” thing. The Consulate is not working with them, they’ve imprisoned them. It’s forced labor. My neighbor was one of the “foremost geniuses” who were gathered at the Fair. An enforcer told his wife that he had been selected for a special research project at the Inquirium. But she hasn’t heard from him since. She’s tried contacting functionaries, sending messages to the Consuls, even going down to the Inquirium. They won’t let her in. The Consulate keeps telling her that he’s doing important work, but what could be so important they won’t allow his wife to contact him?!

There’s something going on here, people, and it’s up to us to stand up for our own. I say to the Consulate: Give us back our inventions! Give us back our brilliant minds! Give us back our city!

-Voice of the Renegades

quartermaster-past  asked:

I've just watched the Welcome Back, Potter series and I gotta say the way you became a cartoonish character and conveyed complex emotions in a silly setting was beyond awesome. How'd you get into character for this role?

Thank you very much! I wish I could take credit for the character, but honestly three people are much more responsible for Donnie than I am. Michael wrote a very clear and realized character; all of the heavy-lifting was done because he’d already come up with the character, everything was on the page already. Abe, our director, gave me lots of room to play and knew when to tell me to tone it down (spoiler: never).

The other unsung hero for me was Alex Simone, our wonderful costume designer. We shot episode three on the first day of shooting and when Alex put me in that outfit, with the yellow jacket, purple shirt, sunglasses and ridiculous amount of chains, most of my character work was already done for me, because that’s such a clear LOOK. Most of the time whenever I’m pretending to act I just feel like “Oh, it’s me, Daniel, but in a different shirt, or hat.” Alex’s costume was such a definite choice that it was easy to slide into that character.

Literally the only thing I did for the character was a dumb voice, tongue stuff, and a whole lot of dancing before each take. Whenever we were about to shoot, I would dance as hard and as idiotically as I could, because I wanted Donnie to move in a way that was altogether looser and freer than I personally move.

Any way watch the show and tell Alex what a great job she did with the costumes. And hire her!