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if you have the opportunity to remind each member or all members one thing, what would it be? could be a life advice or something extra 😂

One thing?!?!? I wish I thought of this before I went up to see them lmao

Hmmmmm…. To:

  • Mark:  You’re doing well (잘하고있어)
  • Jaebum: Wassup BEST leader 
  • Jackson: Please take care of your health 😭
  • Jinyoung: *laughs like him*
  • Bambam: How are ur legs so long
  • Yugyeom: Is Jil’Hal bros that good? 

If I had more time with them I’d tell them everything I love about them and how they make me so happy but since it’s just one thing, I’ll just be extra lmao

They find out they will be an uncle to a little girl (GOT7)

Y/D/N: you daughter’s name

JB: -he wasn’t fully sure how to take it, he didn’t know you were dating and then you dropped the bomb you were expecting a baby. He was about to yell when you told him that you were having a little girl and you wanted him to pick her name out- “that was smooth Y/N changing the topic. Now if you will excuse me I will be looking at baby girl names because I will find her the best one ever”

Mark: -he was so happy you flew to another country just to tell him. You didn’t live in Korea and ‘randomly’ decided to fly over for a visit. You sat down beside him and instantly told him the news about you and your long time boyfriend were expecting a girl- “so this trip had more intention than I thought. I get to have niece. Now I wish you lived here so I could see her everyday”

 Jackson: -you were sure your little brother was more excited about your baby than you were. Which was really hard because it was your first born. He was so thrilled to hear that you were having a girl so he could be ‘Protective Uncle Jackson’- *gif*

Junior: -he was happy but disappointed he was sure you were having a boy and he was going to stick by his claim until the day the baby was born- “alright you can say that sis but I swear she’s a boy” 

Youngjae: -your oldest daughter told him and he instantly got happy about it. He loved Y/D/N and couldn’t wait to meet his next niece- “oh that’s amazing to hear baby girl thank you for telling me. I will have to call your mommy then”

BamBam: -everyone knew you were pregnant but you had been hiding the gender of the baby for almost a month. Even with his meddling to get info from your husband. But then you announce with bright pink color the gender of your baby- “the truth, yes I am going to be the best uncle in the whole world!”

Yugyeom: -he thought it was the cutest way ever. You two awkwardly sat at an ice cream shop eating some of your favorites when you calmly said that you were expecting a baby and it was a girl- “well I guess there’s no point on going out and celebrating since we’re already here. Congrats sister”

When an IGOT7 is also a Potterhead...

So IGOTbored… And as Potterhead I suddenly found myself trying to guess in which house each member belongs. Correct me if I’m wrong but this is how I would sort them.

GRYFFINDOR values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry.

Jackson -  In a normal situation Jackson might be the easiest to scare among the band members but if a friend needs help he’ll be the first to run to his/her rescue. In the end he never runs from a challenge and would declare war against the world to protect someone he cares about. He’s the bluff master but he’s also a true champion. He’s like Ron, and like Weasley is our King, Jackson is our King, it’s even already in his name.

RAVENCLAW values intelligence, knowledge, and wit. 

JB, Junior and Youngjae -  JB and Junior really enjoy reading, their tastes are very different but they’re still the “bookworms” of GOT7. JB was the hardest to place, I almost sent him to Gryffindor. He’s always the first to correct Amerithaikong mispronunciations in Korean, which is good, he’s helping the boys, but I also get the feeling that he just can’t help it, that he’s one of those guys that corrects everyone around him all the time almost to an annoying level, I get this Hermione vibes from him but not enough to send him to Gryffindor. Junior and Youngjae are college boys, and they both seem to be very curious and know a lot about many subjects. Youngjae is also so Luna Lovegood, sometimes he’s so awkward but that’s what makes him so precious. And his English is improving a lot he must be studding well.

HUFFLEPUFFE values hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play rather than a particular aptitude in its members.    

Bambam -  This super cute and friendly guy is the type the put his friends and fans always in first place. He’s our fanservise king, he’d do anything for his fans. He’s a little clumsy sometimes but he’s always gives 110% in everything he does. He also reminds me of Tonks. Like her he seems to be a Metamorphmagus, the power to change his appearance at will, I mean, how many different hair colors we’ve seen on him already? 

SLYTHERIN house values ambition, cunning and resourcefulness.

Mark and Yugyeom -  Most of the time they’re cute and sweet but well… Yugyeom looks very pure and innocent but he’s also very clever and really enjoys every opportunity he gets to bully his hyungs, especially Junior. Mark is even worst, he’s the Dark Lord of GOT7. Mark is somehow good in everything, you’ll hardly find him getting punished in the end of a game but he’s always the one who enjoys the most watching others getting punished and if he has a chance to make the punishment worst he will. Also, if he has to, he know very well how to get away with things or to get anything he wants just using his charms, this was also one of Tom Riddle’s weapon to get people to trust him, in this matter Mark is even more powerful than the Voldemort because he can use aegyo so he’ll get whatever he wants from you one way or another.

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have u ever seen the video/vine where got7 is doing a reaction to dream knight and when jaebums kiss scene comes on YOUNGJAE MAKES A :( FACE AND CANT WATCH IT ??? is he jealous??

My darling anon,

It’s much too late at night, but my insomnia is acting up, so I’m going to take this time to ramble incoherently in reply to your ask, because yes, I have definitely seen this vine!

And I don’t know if you’ve ever come across it, my darling, but there’s also over 2 full minutes of the video that vine came from that can be found here or here!

But okay, let’s talk about this! Because, Youngjae is absolutely doing some deliberate turning away! He doesn’t just glance to the side, he turns around completely, and his expression is definitely not very happy… but is this actually Youngjae being jealous??? If we look at just that clip and think about it logically, there are actually a lot of things that could be going on: Maybe he dropped something? Or maybe something brushed the back of his leg? Maybe he’s just tired? Or maybe he’s really grossed out by Jaebum’s cheesy acting?

But this is where looking at the rest of the video comes in! Because, earlier in the video, he was really lively and laughing along at all of the awkwardness even the terribly cheesy bits between Jaebum and Jinyoung!

Can we appreciate the actress lowkey fangirling over Bnior??? Relatable.

But then, as soon as the girl, Song Ha Yoon, shows up, Youngjae starts looking like he’s having a lot less fun. I mean…

Compare and contrast with how giggly he was before she showed up in the scenes??? He starts acting so awkward, and honestly?? I don’t really have a logical explanation for the timing if were’re not calling this jealousy…

Because that vine that cycled around?? It showed Youngjae turning away when the kiss happened, but that’s not even the only time he turned away!

A video posted by Lily (@mark2young2jae) on Aug 9, 2016 at 3:02am PDT

Did you see how he turns right at the start of Jaebum and Ha Yoon’s scene? He has this awkward little smile when he does it too, and the way he turns so slightly makes it even harder to explain as anything other than avoiding looking. And can we talk about the way Ha Yoon turns to look at him? Like, for me, that raises a lot of questions and possibilities… I mean, if 2jae really are together (or at least interested in each other) and she knew, it would totally make sense for her to turn and check on Youngjae. But otherwise… why is she looking back at him???

And then after Youngjae turns back, he starts half-smiling, but I can’t help thinking it looks less real than his earlier smiles??? And we know that Youngjae tends to try to hide his emotions, so I think it’s more than possible that he was trying to cover up how upset he was here! But even so, when everyone else starts laughing and smiling at the end, Youngjae, our smiling Sunshine, just stands there still looking a little upset…

Ahhh, it’s really hard to say for sure how he was feeling, my darling anon, because I’m not a mind reader however much I wish I could see into these boys’ minds!!, but I honestly think that jealousy or even a bit of sadness makes the most sense with his behavior! Because as much as Youngjae is one of the toughest members and hates to show emotions, he’s still soft and gentle and shy inside! And if he has to watch his secret boyfriend kissing a girl on screen, I think he can be more than excused for a little jealousy!

What I hope to see from Got7 in 2016:

-them resting and not injuring themselves
-the return of actor!Jinyoung
-dark haired Markson
-more Youngjae, I feel like I never have enough Youngjae
-for Yugyeom to chill tf out, chill. Sit down child. Stop Rollin your hips and singing sex songs. I can’t deal
-I want to fight Jaebum. If you see this JB square tf up cause we fighting.
-BamBam continue doing you

-Jaebum to rest well and recover fully

edit: I crossed out a few thing that have been accomlished already. I wish i could happily cross of the first one tho T_T

HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY B.A.P ♥ I know I’m a little bit late, but I want to thank every single artist who has helped me with the collaboration. There are still some who didn’t submit, please submit! I still want to display your artwork.

First: chiiwie 




Thank you so much guys! This is my story for B.A.P because I figured that these boys need our strength and I’ve been planning it since the lawsuit. It’s meant to be cute and whatnot, so I hope I did these amazing artworks justice.

            It all started out with Che Guevara and “Viva la Revolucion.” Even though the words were written decades ago, there was something about the compelling words and charismatic sentences that drew in the dark eyes and quick mind.

            “Himchan, let’s start a revolution.”


            And so it was with those words that Yongguk recruited his first member of the B.A.P Revolution. “Just what are we fighting, Hyung?” came Youngjae’s question as he pored over the elaborate plans Yongguk had made. “All I see are war strategies and places around the world to travel to, but how do you expect a bunch of kids like us to actually get things done?”

            Times like this, Yongguk wished Youngjae could be more like his age. Or rather, his IQ. The little boy was beyond smart and even though it was much appreciated when it came to keeping Daehyun under control, when it came to questions, Yongguk found himself utterly at a loss. Luckily, this time he had a valid answer to one of the questions if not the others.

            “Through music of course! We’re going to show the world what B.A.P can do.”

            He said this confidently so was slightly crest-fallen when he saw five blank faces look at him. “And how are you going to do that?” When Daehyun was questioning, well that was when there was an issue.

            “Okay, let me explain. This is a revolution. This is something new and we’re going to fight for what we love. We love making music right?” Everyone, including baby Zelo, nodded. “Then we’re going to show the world. We’re going to show everyone we can do it. Who’s with me? Who’s with me?” It wasn’t the inspiring speech Che did but it was what eight year old Yongguk could think of and from their claps, they approved.

            “Yeah! Let’s show them!” Daehyun was clapping.

            That gave him some encouragement. But the young ones were still looking at him in confusion and Himchan had his lips pursed.

            “Okay. Think of it like this. Right now, we can’t really sing what we want and dance what we want, right?” They nodded slowly. That made sense. “So if we do what we like, and love what we do, then we can conquer.”

            “But how?” This was the hard part.

            “By conquering the world.”

            World domination was always a favorite among children and at this Jongup and Zelo cheered. This was a better response and so Yongguk channeled his inner revolutionary spirit and continued to finish his rally. “We’re going to come in as warriors and show them that we mean business. We’re going to fight the evil in this world, and show everyone that our dreams matter, that society matters. And we’re going to affect everyone and make sure that we leave nobody untouched by our spirit! Together, we will use our music as our weapon and spread love and warmth to the world!”

            Even though society and being noble was difficult to comprehend, fighting evil wasn’t and so the entire group started to cheer.

            “Yongguk-Hyung, are you our leader? Every army needs a leader.”

            Yongguk haven’t thought about this and he faltered. He had assumed that the leadership position would go to Himchan. He wasn’t that charismatic. “Um,” he hemmed.

            At a glance, his best friend stepped in. “Yongguk will be our leader but I will be the commander. He will lead us through the revolution with his vision and I will guide you guys. How does that sound?”

            “Leader Hyung!” Jongup was waving his arm frantically in the air.

            It was an unfamiliar feeling when Yongguk pointed and asked, “Yes?”

            “Can I use dance to spread my love?”

            “Of course! We’re going to be dancing with you too because all six of us need to be one.”

            Jongup looked satisfied at the answer and lowered his hand back onto his lap. Himchan surveyed the scene and naturally fell into the leadership role. “Alright, how about Yongguk you explain your plans in more detail and we can start to delegate jobs to the rest of the kids?”

            They sat patiently as Yongguk showed them all the music they could do. “Whoa, hip hop,” Jongup whispered. It was his favorite genre by far and dancing to hip hop made him happy.

            “We’re going to use the Matoki, a masked bunny, to represent us and it will stand for B.A.P, which will be what we call ourselves.”

            “Rice?” Daehyun inquired when he saw the English word written on the paper. “Are we going to be eating?” He looked happy before the dreamy smile faltered. “Are we going to be eaten? Hyung!”

            Yongguk chuckled. “Of course not. We’re going to be the Best, Absolute, Perfect, and that means we’re going to be the ones conquering. We will be able to eat, of course, and we won’t be eaten.”

            Daehyun looked relieved and went back to studying the papers. “So are we each a Matoki?”

            “Yep!” And at this, Yongguk looked even more proud. It had been a stroke of genius on his part. “Each of us is a different color. I’m red, Himchan is pink-”

            “Ya, why am I pink?”

            Yongguk’s face turned the very color they were disputing. “Oh, I don’t know. I thought it suited you.”

            “He’s calling you a girl,” Youngjae called out.

            Himchan thought a moment and then batted his eyes at Yongguk. “Well, I guess it’s okay since we match.” There was a chorus of euw’s from the two who can understand and the two youngest just leaned into each other, unsure what was wrong.

            “Anyway, Daehyun is white but I want him to be our secret weapon, so he has a pink persona.”

            “Haha, you’re a girl too,” Youngjae laughed.

            “Youngjae, you’re yellow. Jongup is green and Zelo is our robot. He’s blue.”

            “Blue!” Zelo called out and clapped his hands. He’s been going through a phase and lately blue was the innest thing for him.


            And so it was like this that each one of them was assigned a bunny color and a nickname. Yongguk presented them the first song and Daehyun took pleasure in belting out the high note. “Whoooooaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh,” he sang and Zelo mumbled his line, mushing the words together at high speed, “Aadjgaghajhadhgajghachansori.”

            Yongguk watched them with pride and picked up the banner he had made. “Himchan, you’re our commander. Daehyun, you are our secret weapon. Youngjae, you can read the directions. We’re going to get started on our revolution.”

            Daehyun had found a toy sword and was waving it in the air while Youngjae took his job more seriously. He picked up the map of the world and studied it. “We’re going to go from Korea to the nearby countries first.”

            Jongup had found a jar of paint and was having fun painting it on himself. “Hyung! Hyung!” Zelo tapped him and presented his chubby cheeks to the boy. “Me! Me too!”

            The dancer placed his fist into the jar and came out with it all painted and he drew on Zelo’s cheeks. “We’re going to be warriors,” he giggled.

            “Onward!” Himchan ordered as he pointed out the door.

            “We’re off to conquer the world!”

Thank you so much B.A.P. Thank you for your music and your sincerity. Thank you for your heart and for always being here with us. Even now, when you’re going through hard times, it is still Babyz whom you think of and we want you to know that you are always in our thoughts and in our hearts as well. 

Please rest well and come back soon, happy and healthy, and ready once more, to continue your world domination. #ForeverWithBAP

Much love,



The Reason(s) I love Choi Youngjae

The reason is you

You, whether singing, laughing, dancing, being silly, or those things you do that make you an angel, a very caring person who cares about his members, family, and iGot7. Seeing you makes me happy because you bring such a pure presence, a good, angelic one, forever stay this way, and never change (っ´▽`)っ Happy birthday Sunshine! 

Countdown to Youngjae’s 20th(21st) Birthday 1/17 


(it’s November 17, 2016 in Korea)

You are probably wondering why I chose this song (Italics are the lyrics, [changes to lyrics])

“There’s many things I wish [they] didn’t do”, when people send rude comments to you, I wish they stopped talking bad about your appearance or presence, because you are so beautiful and much needed in the group. “But I continue learning,” that we shouldn’t let those harsh comments hurt us, you show me to stay positive, and don’t react or let them get to you.”[They] never meant to do those things to you,” whether fans comments, members making jokes about you as the visual picked by Nichkhun, or other things, maybe a joke, but maybe deep down, it did hurt you, I am sorry if it did. “And so I have to say before I go,” that you are perfect, and, “That I just want you to know”

“I found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you”

“I’m sorry that [they] hurt you”, when joking around, when those fireworks hit you, or when you read those comments about you looking awkward in camera, or mean comments. “It’s something i must live with everyday,” I feel so sad every time I think about, and I do a lot, because every time you talk about your insecurities, it makes me sad, did those people get to you? I really hope you know you are beautiful. “And all the pain [they] put you through” I’m sorry if it did hurt you, those bad comments you should have to never see. “I wish that I could take it all away,” the members helping you feel confident, and them comforting you when sad, it makes me happy. “And be the one who catches all your tears, That’s why I need you to hear,” that to me, you are already perfect, beautiful, talented, and amazing, please hear or see only our comments instead of those rude ones. Forever stay sunshine (*´ ∀ `*)

A reason for all that I do,” you influence me to continue being nice, polite, positive, and be good. I love you Youngjae, happy birthday, wish you everything and happiness, and more birthdays to celebrate.

GOT7 #FLYinNYC Experience

I posted this on my Tumblr, but I wanted to share it with you all on here too.

What’s up friends! So, I saw GOT7 yesterday in NYC and I also got the hi-touch that was after the show. I just want to share some memorable moments from the show and my hi-touch experience.

So, I got there at 2:45PM and went straight in line. I had to wait a while until a volunteer check my ticket and gave me a wristband. I stood in line for 3 ½ hours since I was P2, even though I had seating. The concert starts and I’m telling you, they are VERY gorgeous, even from a distance. The first two songs, I couldn’t see because these 4 girls stood like on the balcony, so no one behind them could see the guys on stage, until the girl next to me asked someone to tell them to get down. And they stayed down.

The concert itself seemed to go by like really fast, even though they would stop and talk every few songs. Bambam, Jackson, and MARK spoke majority of the time. I honestly wish Mark talked more because he’s hilarious. When they were telling everybody in P1 to move back, Mark was like “It’s hot in here. You’re all gonna get all sweaty and nasty!” And I was like 😱😳 because I didn’t expect him to say something like that. Youngjae sang “Empire State Of Mind” and he was so impressed we kept singing after him, but then Jackson was like “okay, this is a GOT7 concert, not a JAY Z concert.”

The guys kept making each other do moves from the songs they had already performed and Jackson did most of them. You could tell he was getting a tad frustrated, but ended up doing it anyway???? Then my beloved JB and Jackson did that step-step-thrust choreography from FLY and I lost it.

Throughout the entire concert, I swear I was making eye contact with Junior, although I was far away. Towards the end of the concert, all the guys did their speeches and they were so touching to hear that they loved America and how they always wanted to come. Jackson and Bambam almost made me cry. JB, although he spoke in Korean was truly honored about being in America and said he wanted to come back. It was a really special moment for everyone. ANYWAY, let’s get to the hi-touch.

The hi-touch started around 11 something. It was late. I had a headache, I hadn’t eaten since that morning. I was feeling a little miserable. But I didn’t show it during the actual hi-touch.


So, they took us in row by row (I was in the 2nd row) and they’re like “you’re going to high five with your left hand, so put your bags on your right shoulder.” And I was like I’m not left handed, but whatever.

So, we’re in line and the first member in the line was Mark. He is SO GORGEOUS. Oh my god. And his smile is infectious. I wasn’t smiling until I got to him and he’s like “Thank you for coming”, but I had to go right to Yugyeom. He also smiled at me and he’s so cute and so TALL. I mean I’m 5'0, but yeah he was tall. Next was Bambam, but I wasn’t paying too much attention because I kind of blanked out.

I am then face to face with Im Jaebum. I instantly made eye contact with JB, who if you didn’t already know is my bias. He and I made eye contact for like three seconds, then he smiled at me, which then slowly turned into a smirk and I got so nervous. And his hair was pushed back, so I could see his glorious forehead. I swear he was trying to kill me yesterday. Then we high fived.

Youngjae was next, but don’t remember saying anything to him, since we high fived so fast. Jackson was next and he was a breath of fresh air. He also made eye contact with me and we held hands. His hands were really soft and warm (that sounds creepy) then last but not least was my bias wrecker Junior. We kind of made eye contact and held hands and as I was walking away, he was still kind of holding my hand and then I had to go.

All in all, the concert was amazing. I got to meet GOT7, and I couldn’t be happier. I can still see JB and I’s interaction in my head. I didn’t think I could love them anymore than I already did. I was sadly mistaken.

#7: Skype Dates

Mark: Skype dates with Mark are early in the morning for you but late at night for him as he gets home from practice. You force yourself awake and hope that you haven’t missed any of his calls yet. As the green icon pops up on your screen, you immediately click ‘accept’ and he immediately compliments you on your looks, saying, “You look the best in the morning. I can’t wait to wake up next to you one day” and you blush, not even being able to believe you have found someone who loved you the most when you loved yourself the least. You’re both tired, but the conversation doesn’t ever reflect that. 

JR: Skype dates with JR are when you’re tucked into bed late at night. You might have just spent the entire day together, but he can’t stay away from you. With your hair tied up in a high bun and a face mask on and him shirtless in bed, you both are not what society would call your 'best states’, but to you both, this is your prime time. Time where you are most comfortable with yourselves and most comfortable with each other, staying up into the late hours of the night, talking about everything and anything. 

JB: Skype dates with JB are right before he goes on stage. He calls you from his phone, showing you the makeup and outfit for the night before the rest of the world gets to see them. He calls as he’s nervous, as usual, and you talk to him to calm his nerves. Even though he’s all dressed up, he can’t help but compliment you, who is always dressed down. Complimenting you is another way for him to calm his nerves. Seeing your face in all its averageness is comforting to him, and he can’t resist it. 

Jackson: Skype dates with Jackson are random. He calls you as he sees something that reminds you of him, like a teddy bear or your favourite food. “A picture isn’t enough to show you,” he would say as you talk over video. “I want to show you everything in my world, and I just wish you were here with me.” You wish the same thing, so that you could be there to give him a kiss to reward him for being so considerate of you. 

BamBam: Skype dates with BamBam are always scheduled. He calls you at the exact time, everyday, making sure that he’s always there and doesn’t forget about your dates. BamBam goes to of his way to make sure he’s home on time and texts you reminders to do the same. “I’m home, babe! Don’t be late,” he’d write, “I’m waiting for you." 

Youngjae: Skype dates with Youngjae are the funnest times ever. He makes sure you Skype a couple times of week, and end up watching movies together on the same channel or online, or sometimes playing board games with each other. He’s always so loud and you’re always laughing at what he has to say. You spend hours just sitting there on the computer, wishing it could all be in person instead, especially when he tells you he loves you. 

Yugyeom: Skype dates with Yugyeom are on his off days. You don’t want to distract him as he concentrates on practicing and his programs, so you can only Skype once a week. He’s always texting you throughout the day, saying things like, "I’m so excited to see you! I miss you.” He misses you more than anything, asking you to always send him pictures of you so he can see you. 

I recently just reached 2.5K+ followers WOW. I don’t think I deserve this much but thank you all sooooo much!!! I’m not bolding any blogs because ALL of yall on this list are my favorite blogs!! :)

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