wish i could pull those bad boys off


Draped in red and white my lounge has gone full scale circus tent. Because you can’t have a midget clown orgy without some mood lighting and setting the scene. This might be just wishful thinking though that my Halloween party might turn x-rated.

Seems unlikely though esp with kids and my parents around but you never know. Similar how I didn’t know if this combination of black jeans and dark blue waistcoat would actually work. Could it be too dark like my humour sometimes? A step too far? Or can I pull this bad boy off like a certain midget orgy joke? Who knows.

But strangely it did work maybe like those weird combos that shouldn’t go together but do. Kinda like apple and cheese or bacon and pancakes or like right wingers and closet racists. But politics to one side we should all appreciate bacon and pancakes more and racists less, it’s just one of those things…