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If a Pogrebin is allowed to tail a human for many hours, a sense of great futility will overcome its prey, who will eventually fall into a state of lethargy and despair. – Newt Scamander

Word Count: 1.9k

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Russian Roulette - Chapter 1

→ Reader x Sehun

→ After a fateful meeting with a very shady, dark, young man bearing the name Tao, you’re sent out on a fatal mission: wooing Tao’s good friend and assistant Sehun, into leaving his fiancee. 

→ Warnings: Smut in later chapters.

Word count: 1,9K

I lay awake in my bed, staring up at the surface of my ceiling. My soft, comfortable bed that has been there for me from all those terrible, stressful years of High School up until now. The only difference being; my bed used to be able to comfort me. My mind is in clusters, deep exhausting clusters. How- Why- Who- 

But it was all pointless. I had no clue. All I knew was that I had an appointment with Oh Sehun, personal assistant to the CEO of Huang Co, a incredibly big company in the country. 

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Soulmate Preference (2/4)

Cal + Ash

Description: People are born with the name of their soulmate tattooed on their wrists however it is up to them to find the man/woman whose name is upon their wrists. 


I groaned again tugging my sleeve back down over my wrist. The elegantly written name suddenly hidden again. I hated it, hated the fact that I wasn’t aloud to choose who to be with, and the fact that it was up to me to find my soulmate. I don’t know how it happened but I spent everyday wishing that we weren’t born with the name of our soulmate tattooed onto our wrists. After a certain age the hype of knowing your soulmates name wears off and you’re left with the depressing thought that you might never meet them and may be alone forever. And anyway how were you supposed to know that said person was really the person you were meant to be with, were you supposed to trust this system that came out of nowhere. 

So here I sat on the bus, pulling my sleeve over the black tattoo of the name of my soulmate: Michael. I had of course met multiple Michael’s in my life time however none of them had my name on their wrists and after a while I didn’t bother asking if they did. The bus jolted to a stop and I was pulled out of my thoughts as a tall guy appeared his hair dyed a bright red small studs in his ears. His eyes met mine and for some reason I felt a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, I blushed looking away mad at myself for feeling such things. I froze as a shadow fell across me, looking up my eyes met his green ones. His eye brow rose and I quickly slid towards the window making room for him. He smiled sitting down, hand outreached as he spoke, “Michael.” I smiled shaking his hand before turning away. “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?” He asked. I shook my head not looking back. I knew I was being stubborn but the chances that my name was written on his wrists were, in my books, impossible. “You never know we could be destined,” he continued. I shook my head.

“I don’t think so,” I spoke turning back to face him. 

“And why is that?”

“Because I have met many Michael’s in my life and none of them have my name on their wrists…” I spoke freezing as I realised I had just informed him that his name was elegantly written across my wrist. He smirked at me, “Is that so, well I’ve met many Y/N’s in my time but I’m pretty sure you’re the only one with my name on her wrist,” I gasped as he spoke my name, “And judging from that reaction I would be right.” He smiled taking my hand in his and shaking it again. “Let’s start over. I’m Michael, whats your name?” I blushed.

“I’m Y/N.” 

“Well its nice to finally meet you, soulmate.”


I ran my fingers over his name, the letters intricately scrawled across my wrist: Luke. It was a common name, and I had met countless Luke’s already but never my Luke. I still had hope no matter how little it was. “Y/N!” I looked up as Y/B/F/N yelled at me quickly covering the name.

“What?” I asked. She gestured to the line in front of us which had slowly begun to move again, I rolled my eyes and followed the massive group of girls who were anxiously awaiting the moment that they would meet their dream men, even though they were most like not destined to be together according to the names of everyones wrists. I didn’t know which band I was in line to meet however apparently they were amazing and if Y/B/F/N asked you to come you weren’t going to disappoint her by saying no. You heard the girl behind you squeal as the four boys came into view. “OMG I can like see them all!” She squealed to her friend, “Ah Luke looks so cute!” I froze turning to face the girl. “Did you say Luke?” I asked. She nodded a slightly annoyed expression on her face. “If you don’t know who they are why are you here?” She asked angrily. I shrugged apologetically and turned away. “What was that?” Y/B/F/N asked. 

“Nothing” I murmured, pulling my sleeve over the wristbands that had covered my wrists for as long as I remembered. Y/B/F/N didn’t know that the name on your wrist was Luke, you had never told her, or anyone else for that matter, you didn’t want people to know. But now suddenly you were about to meet another boy called Luke and, although it extremely unlikely, you could be soulmates.

You laughed silently at the thought taking another step towards the four boys. 

Y/B/F/N squealed as she reached the front of the line handing the red haired boy a CD for them to sign. I followed behind smiling at the boy. “Hi,” he spoke, “Did you want me to sign anything?” I froze realising that I had nothing for them to sign, “Uh,” I spoke awkwardly. He laughed before reaching behind him and pulling out a CD signing it and handing it to me. “Thanks,” I spoke blushing. “Y/N this is amazing,” Y/B/F/N muttered next to me. I nodded taking a step up the line, frowning as I saw the red hair boys eyes had widened and not left my figure. I turned to the boy in the bandana handing him the CD. “Hi lovely, what’s your name?” he asked smiling. 

“Uh Y/N,” I muttered taking the CD off him as his eyes went wide too, “Uh thanks…” I murmured moving forward as the bandana boy nudged the guy with brown hair and blonde tips muttering something in his ear, he nodded and muttered something to the blonde boy next to him.

His eyes went wide as they met mine, as I stood awkwardly watching this whole interaction. “Um sorry, but is your name Y/N?” The blonde one asked. I looked at him cautiously as Y/B/F/N nodded vigorously, “Yeah thats Y/N,” she spoke for you. 

The blonde smiled before sticking his hand out for you to shake, “My name’s Luke,” he began stopping as his eyes found the black name on your wrist, your bands falling to display it, “And it seems you’re my soulmate,” he finished smiling at you.

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A Promise

This gif belongs to ledanna. Word count - 1224

I had fun writing this so I hope you guys like it! - Kris

I strolled towards the opposite end of the grocery store with Daryl next to me. There was already two cans of peaches and three cans of beans. I had considered grabbing the last package of chocolate donuts in the aisle to our left.

“Think these are any good?” Daryl asked as he picked up a loaf of bread.

“Let me see.”

He handed it to me, making sure he didn’t drop or accidentally squeeze it. His hands were scuffed and bruised with bloody patches, but still strong.

“How has bread survived this long in the apocalypse?” I pondered out loud. “Yeah, no. It isn’t any good.” I handed it back and pushed the cart further. I sighed lightly, “I wish it was like this before.”

“Like what before what?”

I snickered. “Like this,” I gestured around us, “before this,” I again gestured around us, but this time it was at the empty shelves and the blood spattered walls.

Daryl shrugged. “Yeah but then I wouldn’t have met you.”

“That is true. There are pros and cons to the end of the world, I guess. Hey, what about those-”

My sentence was cut off as a walker turned the corner, approaching us. It had a missing arm, but its other one reached for us as it snarled loudly.

Daryl aimed his crossbow, shooting the walker in the head easily. When he ambled over to retrieve his arrow, another walker joined the scene.

“Daryl, we need to go,” I stated as I grabbed the items from the cart. It was just better to walk away rather than fighting it. Sometimes the walker hurt itself, making it easy for us. This time, though, the walker snarled and sauntered over.

Daryl and I ran out of the store and greeted the sun and green leaves. I had grown up in a different part of the country, so seeing leaves when it was supposedly December shocked me. The humidity and bugs were tiresome. I was constantly shooing at my arms and hoping my hair didn’t look too bad, even for the zombie apocalypse.

“What was your life before all of this happened?” Daryl questioned me.

I shrugged.“Well, you know, I lived up north. So, summers all I would wear was tank tops and shorts, while in the winter, hard to believe, but I was bundled up. Everyone would wear gloves, hats, scarfs, and we always had blankets in the car just in case of an accident. I also had a job at a bakery. Yes, I sold bread on weekends.”

Daryl chuckled. We walked a few more moments before he looked down at me. “What about yer family?”

“What about them?”

“Do you miss them? What were your relationships like?”

“Well,” I paused, thinking, “I do miss them. I’m not even sure if my younger sister is alive or not. When this first started happening, I tried to get a hold of her, but the lines were already down. My older sister died a few years ago. My parents did, too. We were all pretty close. I was closer to my parents than my siblings, but that was fine.”

“Wow, I would have never guessed that,” Daryl smiled, stopping to stretch.

As he stretched his arms upward, I could hear some joints popping and I could see a little peek of his stomach. I reached forward, poking his skin. He jerked forward, covering himself. I laughed at him as he glared at me.

“You know you love it, Daryl,” I smiled up at him and crossed my arms.

We looked at each other for a few seconds before Daryl leaned down and kissed me. It was sweet and I could feel his beard against my cheeks. Soon, though, one of his arms wrapped around my waist and the other was in my hair. I linked my own arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

I could feel Daryl becoming more desperate, hugging me tighter and pulling my hair. He loosened his grip around my waist and started to pull my shirt up enough that he could fit his hand underneath it. I heard him moan once before I pulled away, trying to catch my breath.

“Are we really going to do this here? In the middle of the woods?” I grinned, still out of breath.

Daryl smirked. “If it comes to that.”

I rolled my eyes and unlocked my arms from around his neck. “We are not going to do it here.”

“We did it in a mall before, (Y/N),” Daryl crossed his arms in front of his chest.

I laughed, “That was because we had no privacy, Daryl. Just because we hooked up once doesn’t mean I’m going to hook up with you every time you’re horny.”

Daryl scoffed at me, shaking his head. We gathered our stuff again and continued walking. The prison wasn’t far, but it would be getting dark soon, so we had to hurry.

“If you had the chance to leave and go back up north, would you go?” Daryl’s voice was calm, but I could tell he would be pained if I said something wrong. He couldn’t look me in the eye and his head was down, watching his feet.

“I’m not sure. I’d love to go back; it is home after all, but I like being with the group, and with you. It would all depend.”

“On what?”

“I don’t know yet,” I shrugged. I often thought about this situation, though. What if I did have the chance to go back home? Would I go or stay? The group at the prison are all from the south; they’re used to the warmth and humidity all year long. I was actually starting to miss the snow and freezing temperatures.

As we were approaching the prison, Daryl whipped his head to me. I shot him a confused look and turned around. Before either of us could have done something, a walker stumbled out of the bushes to my side. I took out a knife, ready to attack. It should have been easy: a clean swipe through the head.

However, as I swung, the walker stepped back as it tripped on something. It came forward again, holding up an arm. I sliced that off, but I didn’t have time to recover: I dropped my knife as the walker surged forward and toppled over me. My back was jabbed with rocks and roots. The walker snapped at me with its massive jaw. I couldn’t help but scream loudly as I tried to shove it off.

Suddenly, the zombie on top of me went limp and blood splattered my face and clothes. The corpse was shoved off of me and I felt strong arms lift me up. Daryl was brushing me off and we were both breathing hard.

“Are you okay? (Y/N), are you alright? Are you bit, scratched?”

I shook my head. I had never been that close to death before. Sure I’ve been on my own and I’ve killed plenty of walkers, but there has never been a moment where one was on top of me.

“Let’s go back to the prison and clean you up,” Daryl suggested as he grabbed my arm and lead me away.

“Daryl, promise not to tell anyone about this,” I pleaded.

Daryl gave me a once over and licked his lips. He nodded, “I promise.”