wish i could have gone to this concert

Things I adore about Jooheon
  • Dimples omg x x x
  • Rap king tbh x
  • Any hair colour fits him, literally any. Black, brown, red - all hair colours look good on him x x x
  • How in No Mercy he made it so clear he wouldn’t ever be friends with Changkyun and then he ended up being the first to warm up to him and now they’re best friends and basically one and the same x x x
  • His visuals seriously are a++ x x
  • He’s the literal king of being multitalented. Not only can he SING too, he can play the drums, dance, play the piano. Like give him five seconds of trying something and he’ll probably be a pro at it. x x
  • He calls Shownu ‘appa’ any chance he gets x x x
  • He is such a respectful person to everyone
  • King of aegyo x
  • From the way he raps on stage, you’d think he was a tough, scary guy but he’s really a small child who’s afraid of everything x
  • He got scared of a sponge x
  • Also got scared of a butterfly x
  • He invented hats and snapbacks x x
  • If you thought he couldn’t get any better, he also writes amazing songs too
  • Okay he’s usually cute af, but those times he’s sexy omg x x x
  • So full of energy, happiness and just such a pleasant person no wonder everyone loves him
  • He’s the reason people thought of flower crowns x
  • Got so happy after a fan gave him ‘joohoney butter chips’ x
  • Okay but leak his skin routine he has the best skin
  • Look I don’t even ship him and minhyuk because Jookyun duh, but him and Minhyuk are two balls of sunshine and Minhyuk has a thing with invading his personal space x x x 
  • Often the target of little shit Kihyun, but he still trusts Kihyun 100% x x
  • Okay but his sense of style is amazing I love it x
  • This choreo x
  • Apparently denies things offered to him by Shownu before even tasting it idk x
  • Exposed Wonho for teaching him about how to be cheesy asf x
  • His double dab in Stuck
  • His aegyo version of Monsta X’s greeting got me deceased x
  • Once almost broke his neck trying to do a backflip because the others asked him to. They didn’t care x
  • His version of the Amen special clip x
  • This performance got me so hyped x
Handjob While With the Guys- Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin

Part of Handjob while with the guys

Part I, Part II, Part III

Pretty self explanatory on the warning


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So I’ve been busy building my portfolio, and I decided I needed a break from doing what I usually draw. This illustration might seem so random, especially because I usually draw pretty girls or cute things, but I wanted to show that I can do much more than that. 

I watch Dashie almost every day, and his videos have helped me personally get through a difficult time in my life. Logic is such an uplifting person, whether you like his music or not. His positivity and perseverance is so inspiring especially if you’ve read or heard about the horrible things he’s gone through. He really makes me believe I could make my dreams come true. *tears*

So anyway, I was inspired by their versus play-throughs which was hilarious. I wish I was able to attend Logic’s concert at the Greek, because they did a rematch. Also I wanted to see Dashie do push-ups. LOL

I’ll post my process of this piece in another post. (:

James TW ~ 03-10-2017

On the third of October I went to James TW his concert in Amsterdam. The first time I heard James playing live, was when he was as support for Shawn Mendes his Illuminate Europe tour.

I tried to get tickets for his show in Utrecht but it was sold out the next day. After that I wanted to go to his other show in Groningen, but after my friend and I figured it out that it was on the same day as my graduation. So let’s end that tragic story, I finally got tickets for his show in Amsterdam.

Let’s start with talking about the concert.

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Manchester, I was there when Louis and Niall played at the Soccer Aid and the thought that something like this might have happened that day too breaks my heart and terrifies me. I can’t believe this is the world we live in now where you can go to a concert to have the time of your life and find yourself to face death the same night. My thoughts and prayer are with you and Ariana. I love Ariana, I love her music, I wished I could have gone to one of her concerts in England. It’s not your fault girl, we love you. All the love to the families and the people who were there or lost someone last night. ❤️

Takumi twitter 2017.05.29

空にX! そしてその上に月!

An X in the sky! And moon above it!
I wanted to go to Budokan (crying)

「FOREVER & EVER」のピアノver流れてたのかぁぁ。 

The show in Budokan has finished
I wonder if they played the piano version of“FOREVER & EVER”…
I wish I could have gone  (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
What should I listen to before going to sleep…

(he cries about LUNA SEA anniversary concert in Budokan on 2017.05.29. Also, Takumi performed Forever&Ever on piano with Hazuki at Souen)


After 12 hours, I am finally home! Here are all my Photo Ops and Sigs! I REALLY REALLY wish I’d had time to make a portrait of Chuck to sign. 

At any rate, stories. I’ve got nothing earth shattering but…I gotta say, as quick as the interactions are, they are still memorable and they still manage to find time to interact with you and then remember you later! and that’s just awesome (Even if i looked like a dork…Kat though, she looked perfectly adorable!).

Misha was really taken with Kat and her wings (asked us if we made them ourselves, to which we sadly had to respond with no….). The photographer - Chris, right? - ran over saying “Little dude! let’s get your hair out of the way” (or some approximation of that after Little dude, which i thought was so cute) and then Misha looked down and helped. He said some complimentary things and it’s true….WE COULDN’T STOP SMILING, something Kat continued to remark on for most of the day. Even as she continued to randomly ‘spaz out’ about having met Misha or anyone else…

While we were waiting in line for our next photo op, Misha must have just finished the duo ops he was in the middle of, cause then we had  Wild Misha sighting #1 (these are not counting when we’re in the panel room and we looked up with the rest of the audience into the glass hallway lol) and he saw us and smiled at us again. Kat was literally bouncing….

Richard was the next one and honestly, we had a plan. a simple one, but when we saw how fast people were ushered through with Misha and we knew that other photo ops were scheduled quite close to Rich’s, we abandoned the plan. He joked around with us about our outfits, i can’t remember quite what but it was funny. We waved to Matt Cohen on the way out and we ran back around to get in line for Rob.

Lastly, we got Rob. He was a last minute addition to our line up and it was great! Kat went up to him first, holding out her Samulet and with as serious a face as she could muster, she said, “I finally found you.”  He was quite amused, so that’s what he’s doing here is holding up her tiny Samulet…

So we were among the last to get Misha’s autographs. He looked tired, but he was still smiling. Kat went first, but i kinda missed his interaction with her as I tried to deal with the person taking our tickets/setting us up. I put the portrait on the table and tried to tell her to be careful with it and tried to hand her a cloth to let Misha use under his hand so he wouldn’t get dirty, but something got lost in translation as she just left it on the table as she pushed the portrait over.

he really liked it though, and then asked if it was fresh? I guess he meant if i had just made it or something. So i said no…then he wanted to know how i managed to make it without smudging it all over the place. i’d snagged back the cloth by then and explained that i put cloth under my hand while i worked on it. He was all smiley and i totally don’t remember most of what he said (that seems to be a trend!) and as we walked away he called back out to Katrina “I still love your wings!” :D

Richard was next again (another trend!) and his handler seemed much more open to listening as she attempted to carefully hand the portrait over, with the cloth. first he asked if it was okay to sign in one particular place and then asked if i had made it and complimenting me on it. Made me SO happy! Again, I missed Kat’s interaction because I wanted her in front of me. But it seemed positive. His was the only personalisations we got though…

cause by the time we got to Robs table, he was running late and he still had to set up for the concert, so we were told last minute, no personalisation. *pout* and i REALLY REALLY wish I’d been able to get a portrait done before I got there cause now its not a matched set (so to speak).

there was surprisingly a lot in each short span of time, but these are all i can actually remember. I think i might have been a little overwhelmed…

I know that by the end of the night we were definitely tired. I was developing a headache and we were waiting outside the center for our shuttle when we had Wild Misha sighting number 2 as he was apparently leaving too (though i guess he came back for the concert i really wished i could have gone to!). 

Again, WE COULD NOT STOP SMILING!!! We said hi, and couldn’t help but watch as he walked past. he responded, then a few feet away looked back at us and smiled again. Hope he didn’t think we were creepy!


I have to wonder if taylorswift has heard about this concert yet.

8 highly acclaimed Broadway performers got together to perform a musical consisting of Taylor Swift songs, poetry, and the occasional adlib when someone dropped a music book. 

This is one of my favorites of the night, with Jenn Damiano of Next to Normal fame, and Barrett Wilbert Weed, the star of Heathers, performing a heart wrenching version of Enchanted from Speak Now

catssimblr  asked:


🎶 top 5 favorite songs

Can’t Help Falling in Love | House of the Rising Sun | Never Gonna Give You Up | Why Do You Feel So Down | Burn | (these are in no particular order)

🎬 favorite movie

Dead Poets Society

👑 favorite Disney princess


🤘 first concert you went to

Not gonna lie… it was the Wiggles.

📺 favorite tv show

Oh this is a hard one, I love The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones!

🤐 tell us a secret

I wish I was a wizard and could have gone to Hogwarts (you’re lying if you say you don’t wish this, too)

Thank you for asking! The music one was so hard, I love so many songs!

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Preference #14- You took my mum


#14 You took my mum

Requested by @5sos-are-my-daddies with Michael :) If you have a request do ask!


Have you ever wondered how it must feel to be pregnant? Not only pregnant but very pregnant at this point in time? I have one word to describe it all, discomfort. The constant discomfort I feel even when I think or convince myself I am comfortable when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. But I guess that’s the thing about having a human growing inside of you, yeah I try not to remind myself of that too much, freaks me out if I think about it too much.

“Come on y/n, you sure you can’t go?” Michael, starts to whine as he comes down the stairs and into the living room where I was currently watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Pausing the show I turned my head to face him, feeling exhausted as it is with being 6 months pregnant and working most of the time. “I can’t now, you know how I feel about it all.” I moaned to him and tuned back round to my comfortable spot and pressed play, making it a closed case.

"But we waited ages for those tickets! We’ve always wanted to go!” He spoke up causing me to sigh.

"That was before oh I don’t know, you got me pregnant?” I said pointing to my stomach and he rolled his eyes and sat down next to me, pulling my legs up so I could rest them on his lap.

Before this all happened me and Michael got Twenty One Pilots concert tickets, and I’ve always wanted to see them even before I met Mikey and we always agreed to see them when we could find the time and afford it, but then a little bump in the road came along and now the bump is forming on my stomach.

"I get it, who else could go though?” He asked me and I shook my shoulders, knowing that Luke was in Italy with his girlfriend, Calum had gone home for a while and Ashton was with his three kids visiting home too.

"I don’t know, I’m sure you’ll find someone Mikey.” I said bringing my legs off of his lap and moving up next to him, resting my head on his shoulder and he placed his arm around my shoulders and his other hand on my stomach. “I can’t wait until we take this little one to a concert.” He said making swirls and various patterns on my stretched top with his left hand which caught the light and reflected the gold ring on his finger matching mine.

"Well I’ll have you know the first concert lil Squidgy is going to will be 5 Seconds Of Summer along with her fellow mini members.” I giggled to myself imagining them all seeing their dads perform and cheering, waving to them as they focused to hard on getting it right so it would be perfect for them all.

"Thanks for that note of reassurance that the band will stay together that long.” He joked and pulled a face then stood up, he scratched his head and began to walk out of the room grabbing a hold of his phone as he did so.

Whilst I continued to watch tv I could hear distinctly Michael on the phone laughing with someone, I shrugged it off assuming he found someone to go with. Once the show was over I grabbed the blanket that was thrown over the sofa and covered myself with it as best as I could since my bump took most of the cover away from my lower legs. I closed my eyes and peacefully fell myself going to sleep.

Once I woke up I rubbed my eyes and slowly moved to sit up, I looked around to see that I must’ve been asleep for a lot longer than I had intended a note was roughly written onto a scrap piece of paper. My vision took a moment to focus once again and when I picked the note up to see what it said I recognised Mikeys rushed writing from the days of him writing lyrics at 5am, or drawing with me or playing games with the guys at Christmas.

‘Found a concert buddy after all, stay safe love you x’

I smiled down to the note and placed it back onto the table, my stomach seemed to be fairly calm at this moment so I went to get something to eat, having over anticipated how long I could nap for. Once I had some food in my stomach for Squidgy my phone had been making all sorts of relentless noises since I had woken back up. Being apart of the 5SOS world has its ups and downs, like any relationship. Except in this one you have to consider millions of others in everything you do, meaning my phone is never peaceful, it used to be fairly simple with a few tweets here and there but once we got engaged things started to get a lot more lively. From then it grew dramatically with fans wanting our wedding location, invites and all the details for the day. When we got pregnant many wished us well and for the baby to be in good health, others wanted it gone, that only they could have Michael and demanded an ultrasound as we could be ‘faking’. Now I tend to ignore most of it, having mixed feelings towards a lot of the attention I receive online.

As I pick my phone up I see many Instagram posts that I’ve been tagged in, then tweets followed about the concert Michael went to. A feeling of worry washed over me in case he got hurt again or had to leave, many possibilities circled my mind and few had positive outcomes. I managed to unlock my phone after a few failed attempts due to my shaking, I clicked on one of the tweets and saw something I never expected.

Michael at the Twenty One Pilots concert, with my mum.

Many tweets and photos were of them dancing or singing along, taking selfies with fans and chatting to them about all sorts. Whilst I scrolled through the countless messages I couldn’t help but let out a laugh at all of it. Of all the people he could’ve gone with he ended up taking my mum, who hadn’t listened to the band since she made me turn the volume down in the car months ago. Now there she is, dancing and singing along to their songs like there’s no tomorrow.

Hours had passed and I heard the front door open, I walked down the stairs to see Michael placing his keys by the front door and turn to face me as I stood at the top of the stairs immersed in the shadows. “Good time?” I asked as I took slow steps slowly revealing myself to the light and out of the shadows.

He hung his coat up and I could see the adrenaline fade from his green eyes as he swept his blonde hair out of his eye. “It was awesome really, I just wished you could’ve been there with me.” He sent me a sad smile and I simply pulled a face that read 'these thing happen’ and rubbed my stomach.

"Just one thing.” I said as I reached the end of the stairs and walked towards him, placing my arms around his neck making our faces a lot closer together, just how I like it to be. “You took my mum?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he stayed silent whilst he thought over the best response.

I let out a laugh to ease the tension and he knew then that I was joking with him and hugged me tightly, letting out a sigh of relief behind my shoulder, sending chills of cold air to hit my neck.

"What can I say?” He started smiling brightly to me. “Your mum sure can party.” I felt myself cringe and cover my face with my hands.

"Well now you know where I get it from eh?” I joked and began to walk back upstairs. “I’ll see you in bed Mr Clifford, love you!” I called back downstairs as I started to climb back up, feeling like I was conquering Everest at this point.

“Love you too Mrs Clifford, and you Squidgy.” I smiled down to my stomach and rubbed it once again, feeling so blessed to have a baby on the way and such a loving husband in my life.

lynseyblue  asked:

Hi! Since you're a Carat , have you ever seen stv live before? if you have...What was you're favorite part? I went to their concert onfe and their fanmeeting! They gave me a high five and talked to me. Jeonghan touched my hair tho.... What will be your feeling ?

wow, I’ll die if Jeonghan touches my hair <3 hahaha, well I did see them in August during the Seventeen concert in Santiago! they were so beautiful, especially Joshua who spoke in Spanish so well! I wish I could have gone to the fan meeting, unfortunately I had to return to my country so soon so it wasn’t possible U__U maybe next year!! I do love them so much 

congrats, you guys. i wish i could tell you how proud i am of your hard work, your album, and, most of all, how proud i am to be your fan. i can’t even imagine what you’ve gone through over the past year, but you managed to pull through and shine as well as you did in the past. you guys gave us a fantastic album, and so far, amazing performances. you’re also going to get your first solo concert, which all fans have been yearning for six years.

even if i stop being a kpop fan, i will never stop being a fan of f(x).

anonymous asked:

What i actually find very funny about your blog is that you first reblog a post that talks about the problems of a famous person and feels sorry for that person and then you reblog a gifset of another famous person who also has problems with a caption saying that it's like christmas. now i know they're not the same problems but i still don't think it's fair.

Let me explain something to you anon:

I have been a huge supporter of Ke$ha for years. She is a huge feminist and even though she’s stuck in a shitty contract that isn’t letting her escape from the auto-tuned pop genre, she’s tried to make the best of it with her parody style songs that are meant to shock people. She’s suffering through an eating disorder, which is something that really hits home. So yes, I will reblog things that expose all of the crap she has gone through at the hands of her managers and the media.

Justin Bieber on the other hand I hate fore many reasons. a few of which being:

  • He says rape happens for a reason
  • He wrote in the Anne Frank house guest book saying that he “Wishes that she was a belieber” which is a completely douche move. 
  • He makes fans pay hundreds of dollars for terrible seats, even when he could easily afford to have tickets be like $50.
  • After making fans pay huge amounts to attend his concerts on school nights, multiple times he has shown up hours late with no explanation. Sometimes high.
  • He went to a children’s hospital in england and according to a nurse who was working at the time he made them clear a path so that he wouldn’t have to be near any of the sick children. He spent five minutes there while the cameras were on and then left.
  • He attacked a photographer at that hospital.
  • He peed in a restaurant kitchen
  • Once he faked a terrible asthma attack and made people call the paramedics, then he laughed his ass off when they got there. “His people” talked the paramedics into not saying anything because he could’ve gone to jail.
  • And there are literally hundreds of other incidents that I don’t feel like listing.

My point is, this morning he was charged with: DUI (Both alcohol and drugs), drag racing, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license.

He was arrested for a reason. I am happy he was arrested because he was breaking the law, and has done so countless times without consequences. 

Ke$ha is fighting a deadly disorder caused by her managers and the media.

Justin is in jail because he broke the law.

So yes, I feel sorry that Ke$ha is going through what she is going through  right now. But Justin is in jail for a reason. His problems are self caused.