wish i could have another chance


“My life has gone on. More than anything, I am grateful to Selena for teaching me the meaning of love.  I was fortunate enough to be able to marry again and have children.  I wish that I could have had a family with Selena, as we had always planned; still, I know that Selena was the one who made this possible for me.  She showed me how to drop my guard and embrace life.

I used to talk on the phone with my family frequently, but it wasn’t until I married Selena that i truly opened my heart.  Today I say “I love you” to my friends and family every chance I get, because I know that there might not be another tomorrow with these people who are so dear to me.  I know that, if Selena were here, she’d tell me that she loved me and not to worry, because I’ll see her again one day.” - Chris Perez [To Selena, With Love]

I’m sure this has been done before but a star trek tng au where everything is the same except it’s in the style of the office

  • whenever riker or wesley does something dumb/ill-advised there’s a minute-long series of shots cutting from person to person on the bridge and they’re all staring into the camera So Exhausted
  • scenes in turbolifts where characters make comments about the current clusterfuck going on aboard the enterprise
  • geordi: “if this is another holodeck disaster I’m gonna [series of bleeps as he rushes out of the lift]”
  • tasha: “I wish people would stop asking me if I would kill will riker just for a chance at his GIRLFRIEND like, come on, people. The answer is YES, I’ve said it MANY TI-” (the camera cuts away because something just exploded)
  • guinan: “the gossip says this whole problem could have been avoided but somebody messed up” [quiet speaking from off-camera] “do I know who did it? well, yes, but I’m not here to tell tales”
  • worf: “it was wesley”
  • picard just wants his ship to run smoothly, ok?
  • so the captain’s interviews start out really insightful and well-spoken but by the end of every episode he’s just staring into the camera tiredly like “this was not the plan”

I absolutely called this episode, I KNEW that Navy was up to no good omfg. Navy was my favorite out of all the new rubies but when she crashed down and IMMEDIATELY said she didnt want to go back, I got suspicious. The line of ‘all the other rubies are mean to me’ sealed the deal because like?? the rubies looked like they were all super close?? i never got any indication that they were mean to her.

I also just loved the whole concept of it tbh, the ‘nicest’ ruby turned out to be the most conniving little thing. tbh, I think that Navy is going to go get all the other rubies and then, in true ruby fashion, theyre gonna come back for ‘’’’revenge’’’’ and lose or whatever

also!!!! the whole other plot with Lapis was so good!! I like the fact that she still isnt 100% okay with earth yet, that stuff takes time and im glad theyre showing that



Pick Me Up (optional bias smut)

(yes I did use ioi’s song as a title for my smut pls don’t fight me) 

warnings: smut, horrible pick-up lines

pairing: reader (fem) x optional bias (male)

A/N: I thought about Ilhoon from BTOB when I wrote this but you can literally imagine anyone! I didn’t proof read this bc it’s late and I wanted to post it, but I’ll do that tomorrow. I hope you won’t find mistakes and even if you do, enjoy reading!! x

(H/N means “his name”)


You were convinced. He was the most annoying fuckboy you had ever met. There were at least 10 other girls in your class, that were just as good looking as you. But for some reason he had chosen you. You didn’t understand why, but ever since he had first seen you, he hadn’t stopped trying to get with you. The amount of times he had asked you for your number was out of control. Not that you were going to give it to him any time soon.

You had to admit, he was smooth. He never seemed to run out of energy when it came to making up pick-up lines and asking you about your previous boyfriend. You had broken up with him after he had cheated on you. It turned out he had only been in it for the sex, and it prompted you to have lost all trust in boys. Otherwise, mr. fuckboy was the annoying but smart kid in class, who every teacher wanted to hate. They simply couldn’t, though, because no matter how many silly remarks he made, he always made up for them with just as many clever ones. He did manage to make you laugh too, at times when you weren’t busy being annoyed at him. All he seemed to think about was sex. And you.

The worst part about hating his acting though, was, by far, his handsomeness. Of course you would never admit it in his presence, but you didn’t exactly think he was ugly. But being attractive wasn’t all it took to make you open up to him. A boy. Boys, of whom you knew you shouldn’t trust them ever again. Sometimes you felt yourself doubting your devotion when you stared at him. When he grinned slyly after having made a smooth remark towards you before he turned around in his seat, facing the teacher who had probably warned him about interrupting the lesson already. But you were strong-willed.

“Shut up,” you muttered at him under your breath, glancing at the clock in the corner of the class room. 5 minutes to go. You can do this. He grinned, not fazed by your comment. He had just showed you an actual screw he had brought from home. “Wanna screw?” had his exact words been. You had never been this done with anyone. Lucky for him, your teacher had no interest in warning his students for interrupting. Especially because no one was listening anymore when there were only 4 minutes of the lesson left.

“I admit, not my best one. Here’s another one,” he said. Oh boy, here we go again. “If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?”

You wished in that exact moment you could slap his smirk off his face. Why did he have to sit in front of you? 3 minutes left.

“Your chances are smaller than zero, how many times do I have to tell you?” you muttered.

“Actually, my chances would be 50%. But I guess you- Ow!” he let out, as you had smacked his arm playfully. “You know you’ll say yes one day.”

“In your dreams,” you laughed ironically. “Can’t you just behave like any other normal student for a minute?”

And so he did. For the last minute, he turned around and shut up. You were almost impressed. Now and then you caught him taking a glimpse at the clock on the wall, eager to leave just like anyone else in the room. At the same time, you caught yourself staring at him. Black skinny jeans, deep blue sweater, some sneakers. Nothing out of the ordinary. His hair looked a little messy from where he ran his hand through it earlier (Not that you had noticed that, too). Then, the bell rang. Finally. Voices bubbled up and chairs scratched over the floor. You packed your bag just as he stood up, placing his own bag on his table. Rummaging through it, he pulled his phone out, checking the screen. A second later, his face darkened in concern.

“Crap. There’s something wrong with my phone,” he cursed. You were 900% ready to get out of this classroom, but being the good person you were, you worried at his genuinely stressed expression. When he was being normal for a minute, you couldn’t help but be polite.

“What is it?” you asked. He looked at you for a moment, then sighed.

“Your number isn’t in it,” he said, sounding completely serious. Was he for real?

“And that’s the way it should be,” you caught yourself. “I need my break from you when I’m at home.”

And with that, you left him standing. If you just had his determination and used it for school work, you’d have heavenly grades. You dragged your body home, feeling unusually tired. You didn’t have a big appetite, which was unusual, and couldn’t focus on anything.

The next day you were sick. You were sure it was nothing serious, but decided to stay at home either way. At least in your bed you would be left alone. No pick-up lines for a day seemed like a week of holidays to you. It was a Thursday filled with coughing, sipping hot tea and watching your favorite TV show. You felt better in the evening, but not exactly healthy.

The next day you walked into the kitchen. It was morning and you were ready to leave for school again. The second your mother heard the ugly cough leave your throat, though, she sent you straight back to bed. Fine, you thought. Even though you didn’t feel sick anymore, another day in bed surely wouldn’t hurt. It was Friday anyway, allowing you to be excited about the weekend already.

Around noon you decided to check your phone for messages from your friends. You were sure you had missed homework and other school stuff you didn’t exactly feel like dealing with. To your surprise, none of your friends had messaged you about homework. Instead, you found a text from an unknown number.

unknown number: hey

                                                you: who is this?? 

unknown number: if you were a Pokemon, I’d choose you

                                               you: how the hell did u get my number??????? 

unknown number: we got paired up for a project

                                               you: what u talking abt??? 

unknown number: mr. smiths made us a pair for the history projects so ur friend had to give me ur number. its due to monday

                                               you: what the hell???? 

unknown number: I didn’t come up with the dead line

unknown number: btw what’s with all the question marks

                                              you: it’s called confusion

                                              you: so when do we meet up? 

unknown number: tomorrow? my place

You knew your parents wouldn’t be at home all day, and praying that his would be, you said yes. So there was still a small chance you wouldn’t have to spend an entire afternoon in a house alone with him.

On Saturday afternoon you had thrown on a random sweater with some pants, your sneakers and left your house. When you pulled up in his driveway you instantly noticed the lack of cars. He’s not getting into my pants, you told yourself. Why did you even have to remind yourself? For some reason, you felt nervous.

He ripped the door open around two seconds after you had rang the bell. In surprise, you flinched. The way he leaned against the door frame and grinned smugly made you frustrated. And you hadn’t even entered the house.

“Come in,” he made a dramatic gesture behind him, waving you inside. It almost made you laugh. Almost.

“Okay, first of all, rules.” You entered the house and looked around.

“Rules? What is this? BDSM?” he asked. You rolled your eyes. He nodded his head towards the stairs and you followed him.

“Focus,” you said, making him chuckle even more. “No pick-up lines. We need to get stuff done if this needs to be finished by Monday. I really need a good grade on this. Smiths already hates me for no reason.”

“Do I really distract you that badly?” he asked, smirking and turning around to you. His hair was messy, but in a good-looking way. His collar bones peeked out from under his shirt. You guessed he did distract you a little.

“See? That’s what I meant. Keep those comments in. At least until we’re back at school,” you said, entering his room after him. It looked cozy, and like he had just cleaned up. You hadn’t expected him to be messy, but not this clean either.

“Oh, I’m sorry. That’s literally my character, if you haven’t noticed yet, sweetheart,” he said, sitting down at his table, smirking again.

“Sweetheart?” you asked in disbelief. You realized that he wouldn’t stop with his comments until you did. And because fighting wouldn’t get you anywhere, you decided to shut up and start working. Your topic was the most boring subject you had ever heard about, making it even more bothersome to research it. It had been at least three hours. He had kept quite calm throughout it all, but you still seemed to struggle to make progress. You had taken your space on the floor, leaning against his bed. Around you, pens and papers were sprawled across the floor while you bit your lip trying to figure out a structure for your presentation.

“I need a break,” he murmured quietly from his desk. You only hummed, your thoughts focused on the presentation. Your hand ran through your hair, sighing in stress. He cleared his throat, making you jump.

“Looks like you could need a break too,” he laughed. “I’m gonna get a glass of water. Do you want one as well?”

Still in concentration, you snapped out of your trance slowly. You got up while nodding, deciding he was right, for once.

You watched the back of his head as he walked. The work had made you sleepy and dizzy, a little as if you were drunk. Crazy thoughts flooded your brain all of a sudden. Your fingertips tickled at the thought of running your hands through his hair, down the nape of his neck. You had always loved his neck, you just never had admitted it. Shaking your head, you asked yourself what had suddenly gotten into you. All you hoped for was for the water to wake you up and let you focus again. You entered the kitchen.

You thanked him when he handed you a glass of cold water. After you had downed it, you still didn’t think clearer.

“I don’t think we’ll get to finish this today. My mom wants me to be home by eight for dinner,” you admitted. It was already half eight. “What are you doing tomorrow?”

For a moment he blinked at you, then he grinned. You already knew what that expression meant.

“I mean…hopefully you…,” he mumbled. When you playfully lifted your hand as if to smack him, he held up both hands in surrender and giggled. “Okay! I don’t have plans, alright?”

“That’s literally all you had to say,” you let out, shaking your head at him.

“Y/N. Be honest for once. You like my pick-up lines,” he urged you. You laughed ironically. “Deep down, you do.”

“You drive me insane,” you said.

“That wasn’t a no!” he yelled in success, putting down his glass. “Come on. What’s so bad about me? What wrong have I ever done to you?”

You were taken aback by his sudden question. What wrong had he done to you? He had never been rude, only his goofy, sex-obsessed self. You glanced at his face. His eyes were waiting for an answer, hands crossed above his chest.

“I’m just not very fond of boys after my ex cheated-” you began.

“Seriously? You compare me to your ex-boyfriend?” he asked, genuinely offended. It was true, he was nothing like your ex. Much funnier, to begin with.

“I’m not comparing you! I guess I just don’t want to get involved with a guy any time soon,” you admitted.

“It’s not like I want to get married to you!” he argued.

“Wow, thanks,” you laughed at his defensiveness. “What do you want, then?”

He tilted his head at your question as if saying “Are you serious?”. Suddenly, he took a step towards you, startling you. Your body backed up against the counter, hands gripping the hard material as he studied your face.

“You know exactly what I want,” he breathed out. His face was so close to yours, you could feel the air from his lungs on your skin. It made your heart beat restlessly. His hand went under your chin, as if telling you. It was you, he wanted. You waited for his lips, but they never touched yours. He was waiting for your reaction. You realized he wasn’t going to kiss you without your consent. The boy wasn’t just determined, he also had one hell lot of self-control. Unlike you.

You closed the space between the two of you, lips colliding. Kissing him felt like triggering an avalanche of built-up frustration and emotions that had only been waiting to break free. His hands grabbed your sides roughly. He finally had what he wanted. In agreement, he let out a low sound when you pushed your body against his, chests touching. His tongue swiped over your lip, and you opened your mouth instantly. He tasted of bubble gum and smelled of cologne. His hands were even more eager than his mind, exploring your hips and waist, tugging at your clothes impatiently. You felt as if a ton-heavy weight was slowly lifting off you as you relaxed against his controlling touch and dominant kisses. He was right. Sex wouldn’t hurt your feelings. Not like your ex-boyfriend had. But your thoughts of him washed away in a blink when the boy in front of you pulled away and turned his attention to your neck. Your breath was shaky when he kissed you roughly, his teeth scraping against your skin. For a moment you let your head hang back, closing your eyes. His lips were soft but so passionate at the same time.

When your eyes opened, they fell onto the clock above the fridge. It was five to eight. Your eyes widened in shock.

“Wait, hold on,” you mumbled, softly tugging at his shirt. The look he gave you resembled a puppy whose food had been taken away. “I gotta get home, or else my mom kills me. She wants to have a family dinner. I’m sorry.”

He pouted, but nodded hesitantly. You wished you could’ve just been that rebel that ignored their parents for once. But that’s not who you were.

“But you’ll come over again tomorrow, right?” he asked, hope in his look as he showed you the way to the door.

“Yeah. To finish the project,” you emphasized.

“Sure,” he grinned, rolling his eyes. For the first time, you couldn’t blame him for thinking about sex now.

“I mean it! We’re not even halfway through, especially the presentation is not even close to finishing. We still need to write the entire text and draw the map. It’ll never work out,” you suddenly started to worry. Tomorrow was your last day and you had to spend it working with a boy that was sexually frustrated because of you. Which you, by the way, were as well.

“I’ll work on it tonight, maybe I get to finish it,” he said, completely calm.

“If you finish the project tonight I’m the princess of China,” you joked.

“And you’d let me have what I want?” he asked, unfazed. Let him have what he wanted. You laughed at him. There was no way he could finish the project by himself, in that short time. But a boy can dream.

“Yeah, sure,” you said, already out the door. “Bye. See you tomorrow.”

The next day at 3 you left your house, your bag full of pens, books and paper. You remembered the way to his house perfectly, and pulled up in front of it 10 minutes later. You chewed on your lip nervously whilst waiting for the door to swing open. You had thought the feeling would’ve gone away by now. But no way. The second you laid eyes on him when he opened up, you wanted him even more than yesterday. His hair looked freshly done but you wished you could mess it up. His lips were parted slightly as his gaze ran over your figure. You hadn’t worn anything special, just casual clothes. Yet he eyed you as if he never wanted to look at anyone else. When his look met yours, you looked away shyly.

“Come on in,” he said, completely relaxed. Without words you followed him to his room. The half which had the bed looked practically untouched. The other half, however, was a tornado-like chaos. Various pens sprawled across all surfaces and paper with messy notes covered every surface.

“Told you,” he grinned proudly. You lifted your eyebrows when he carefully stepped over the paper maze and grabbed a stack of them. Proudly, he handed it to you. You couldn’t believe your eyes. While he watched you, your eyes scanned the text quickly, making sure it made sense. You had known he was smart, but not this smart. Suddenly you wished you could do all of your projects with him.

“You did this by yourself? Last night?” you asked, still surprised. He chuckled.

“Indeed. It took me until three in the morning, but it’s done now,” he said. “Not a big deal.”

“Why didn’t you work that hard yesterday when I was over?” you asked.

“Honestly? I wanted you to stay over longer,” he admitted. His determination was definitely out of control.

“And now you asked me to meet again. If you were finished anyway you didn’t need me to come over,” you noticed. Then you remembered his words from last evening. He wanted his reward. You caught him licking his lips and your stomach flipped. Quickly, you looked over the text in your hands again.

“Is this how badly you want to get into my pants?” you joked, gesturing to the paper.

„Actually I think I just discovered my love for the history of the Medieval and Modern Africa,“ he explained matter-of-factly. You laughed out, and at the sound his eyes crinkled up too.

“Oh, of course, I’m sure of it,” you played along. “You know I could still say no now, and you’d have to accept it, right?”

He thought for a second.

„Sure, you could and I would. That sounds a lot like you’re saying yes, though,” he commented, smirking his famous, way too confident smile. He had never been more right and you knew it.

“Look. This one time, I’ll let you get away with it. But for the record, you can’t buy me with work. I’m only agreeing because I wa-” you started, holding up your finger. Suddenly, he walked over to you, grabbed your sides and attacked your mouth with his. You let out a surprised sound and stumbled backwards. You didn’t fall, though, because his grip on you was tight and after three chaotic steps your back hit the wall. There was no way for you to leave now, (not that you wanted to anyway) as his hands lay flat against the wall on your sides and he kissed you like his life depended on it.

He wasn’t doing anything particularly dominant, but the way he had you caged between the wall and his body and controlled the way you kissed him made your knees feel weak. Your previous boyfriend had made you feel good, but in a very sweet way. The boy that was all over you right now, however, seemed to not have the word vanilla in his vocabulary. You had no problem with him being rough. When you thought about it you let out a low whimper, to which he responded with a low growl.

“I’ve waited for so long, I thought I was gonna go insane,” he breathed against your lips as your chest heaved at the intensity of his kisses. You didn’t know how to speak anymore. Instead, you grabbed his neck and pulled him against you again. The way his tongue moved over yours made you wonder what else it could do to you. Involuntarily, your legs pressed together.

His hands were pulling your hair softly before moving downwards. Almost innocently they wandered over your chest, but you instantly arched your back, wanting more. They continued over your sides, holding you firmly by your hips. Then, they began lifting your top eagerly. You didn’t hesitate. It landed on the floor and meanwhile, he took off his own. You eyes barely had any time to admire his toned upper body, before they closed when his lips attacked your neck fiercely. His hands grabbed your ass and you moaned slightly. The way his lips played with your senses made you feel like melting underneath his teasing touch. They were rough and biting, and a second later soft and soothing. Your head leaned against the wall as he skillfully opened your bra, letting you toss it to the side carelessly. You whimpered at the sudden contact when his lips closed around one of your nipples, his hand playing with the other. His teeth grazed over your skin repeatedly, surely leaving purple marks. At least no one would see them there.

When he pressed his body against yours, you felt the bulge in his pants had grown. That didn’t take long, you thought proudly. On the other hand, you weren’t surprised. He was basically begging you to let him fuck you on a daily basis. You laughed quietly. While he was playing with the waistband of your pants, almost dragging them down, he reacted.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, confused but amused. You blushed, helping him to get rid off your pants, his following afterward.

“I was just thinking about how happy you must be now,” you explained, teasing him.

“I’m in heaven,” he didn’t hesitate to say. You were busy laughing as he took your arm and lead you to his comfortable looking bed. Turns out it didn’t just look the way. First, you admired his soft sheets, but then your focus diverted to him. To his mouth, to be exact. He kissed down your chest teasingly, but you felt how eager he was to get to your lower region. His hands stroking over your hips so tenderly were a massive contrast to his mouth. He licked and bit your skin until he reached the material of your underwear.

“You’re sure about this, right?” he asked. You wondered about his sudden hesitation.

“Of course I am,” you assured him, begging him to continue with your look.

“And you’ve done this before, right?” he asked. You were taken aback.

“What made you think I haven’t?” you asked, getting really impatient by the second.

“I just thought…, maybe you didn’t react to my pick up lines and jokes because you had never-” he explained. You laughed out. He looked puzzled.

“The problem wasn’t that I hadn’t had sex before, which I have, by the way. Your pick-up lines are just really, really bad,” you joked, grinning at him. He was playfully outraged.

“Okay, wait, you’ll love this one. Why do-,” he began, but was cut off by your voice.

“I am laying on your bed, half-naked and you’re trying to impress me with a pick-up line? You can do better than that,” you scolded him, chuckling. The tension between your legs became more unbearable with every passing second of him not touching you, and you couldn’t handle it.

“You’re right. I’ll show you how to be truly impressed, don’t worry,” he was back to being his cocky self. You were almost glad, because finally he pulled down your underwear. You lifted yourself up on your forearms, watching him as he breathed hot air against your wet center. Gently, his arms wrapped around your bent legs, laying on your lower stomach.

“Please, hurry,” you begged. He smirked, and you almost regretted saying it. Then you sucked in a breath when he licked a stripe over your folds, teasing you endlessly. He chuckled lowly when you let out a mix between a whimper and a groan, only leaving you more eager. His tongue was way too gentle on you. Forcingly, he pushed your legs apart further, giving him better access. When his tongue went over your clit, he suddenly stopped the game. While his finger nails dug into your stomach’s skin, he sucked on your clit, first hard, then softly and so on. He hadn’t been lying. Your throat left a breathy moan when he continued with licking, this time stronger than at first. As time went on, his muscle became faster and you felt yourself become weaker. You had to admit, he looked extra good laying between your thighs. You smiled in bliss, forgetting everything else around you.

“You’re so damn good at this,” you said, but the last part ended in a whimper when he payed extra attention to your sweet spot, making you see stars for a second.

“Told you,” he mumbled, barely pulling away. The vibrations his voice sent through you made you grip the bedsheets tightly. “If you would’ve only realized it sooner.”

He smirked up at you, not stopping his actions. Your stomach twisted in pleasure and anticipation. At this point, holding yourself up was no point anymore. You let your upper body fall backwards, the soft sheets catching you as you closed your eyes. You felt like you wanted to get even closer, although his face was basically buried between your legs. You squirmed under his grip when you felt yourself near your release.

“Stay still for me,” he ordered. There was only a little dominance in his voice, yet it made you want to behave. Even though you knew you couldn’t.

“But I’m so close,” you whimpered. He only took your words as a motivation. Faintly, you wondered how he had gotten so good with his mouth. His hands made you shiver even though they were gripping your body with roughness, keeping you in place. As you felt yourself get closer and closer to your release, your hands went to his hair. He slowed down for a second, but then he realized you didn’t want him to stop. The short break seemed to have left you even more sensitive. When he began sucking your sweet spot again, you almost couldn’t take it. His tongue leaped at your clit quickly. All you could do was close your eyes and attempt to control your moans. Within seconds you were coming, squirming underneath his touch while pulling his hair. Your back arched off the mattress and you moaned his name, no one else on your mind. He slowed down his actions and you shook slightly when he licked your over-sensitive clit one last time before pulling away.

For a few seconds you caught your breath, feeling his arms loosening their grip and his hands stroking over your skin soothingly. You stared at the ceiling for a while as your chest heaved, eyes blinking slowly. For some reason, you didn’t have enough of him yet. When you looked down, he was already staring up at you, grinning proudly at your expression. He gave you no signs of being eager, even though you were pretty sure he was. He was simply admiring you. It made you feel slightly weird.

“Are you not gonna take your pants off?” you asked. He laughed at your comment, shaking his head out of his focused state. Then, he got up and did just that. His boner was prominent and looked almost painful. He made a move towards the bed, almost as if he was going to climb on top of you. Then, he stopped in his tracks.

“Wait-” you began. Use protection, kids.

“Condom, I know,” he said, digging through his dressing table. When he finally scrambled onto the bed, he seemed to have lost all patience. Your hands went around his neck while he pumped his shaft a few times, squinting his eyebrows at the built up tension.

“Ready?” he asked you. You nodded before he had even finished the word. He entered you slowly, but wasted no time in picking up pace. At first, you whimpered at how he filled you up and how sensitive you were. Then, you got lost in the way he bit his lip and how his jaw flexed under his skin. His moans sounded like music to your ears. He was holding himself up on his arms while your legs bent a little, making him slam into you at a perfect angle. You cried out when he almost pulled out fully, only to thrust back into you until his hips met yours, his skin hot against yours. Your hands were playing with his soft hair by the nape of his neck, while he lowered his head a little. He wasn’t kissing you, but your lips were touching slightly, your unsteady breaths becoming one. He repeated your name a few times, as if praising you. His arms flexed under his weight, his veins standing out.

His member brushed over your sweet spot over and over, making you clench around him. He grunted at the sensation, only leading you to do it again. You loved seeing the way he shut his eyes tightly, concentrating on the pleasure. His thrusts were quick, but seemed less controlled than in the beginning, meaning he must have been close. Curses left his mouth, while you moaned softly. His motion became even quicker as he buried his head in the crook of your neck, lips hovering over your skin. His name slipped past your lips when he messily kissed you there, not slowing down his thrusts. When you clenched your walls around him again, he was sent over the edge.

He groaned, his arms giving out and he fell onto his forearms, basically laying on top of you now. His skin was hot and his breaths uncontrolled, face still in your neck. When he looked up at you he looked thoroughly content. You grinned tiredly. He pulled out carefully, making you whimper. For a few seconds you stayed that way, catching your breaths. It was quiet in the room, and you felt energetic and at the same time completely exhausted. Of course he was the first to speak.

“Don’t you wanna hear my pick-up line from earlier?” he asked. You almost smacked him. Then, you laughed.

“Okay, tell me,” you said, leaving him surprised. He was going to tell you anyway.

“People call me H/N, but you can call me tomorrow.”

Rushed Confessions - Requested

Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 1,905

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do a tom holland x reader where the reader is sam and harry’s age and the three of them are really close but tom has always lowkey liked her and when he comes home or whatever he just like word vomits to her about liking her and just fluff?”

I absolutely loved this request, I may have tweaked it just a tiny bit, I hope you don’t mind. Also, apologies if it took so long! Thank you so much for sending it in, and I hope you like it! As always, REQUESTS ARE OPEN.


“Sam, mate, you’re supposed to catch it with your hands, not your face.”

“Shut up, Tom.”

“Sam! Sam! I’m open!”

Another day, another round of squabbles from the Holland brothers. The sound of their feet scuffling along the ground filled your ears along with a few (more than a few) colourful words coming from their mouths. The lads were playing basketball, if you could call it that. It actually looked more like they were just throwing the ball around then tackling each other afterwards.

“I’m not quite sure if that’s how basketball works.” You remarked from your spot on the Hollands’ backyard deck, there was no fucking way in hell that you were joining in with those cavemen.

“It’s not.” replied Paddy from next to you

“Padster, how come you aren’t joining in?” you asked

Paddy rolled up his shirt sleeve to reveal a rather nasty looking bruise. You let out a gasp that he promptly rolled his eyes at.

“Oh, come on, Y/N. It’s just a bruise, doesn’t even hurt.”

Harry let out a yelp as Sam and Tom tackled him to the ground. Paddy ran over to them, concerned for his older brother. You didn’t move though, you just rolled your eyes. He’d shake it off, like he always does.

Most your days were spent like this, being an honourary part of the Holland family, you basically lived with them. Sam, Harry, Tom, and you had christened yourselves “The Fab Four” since you were children, the fact that Tom was three years older than the rest of you never posed an issue (since he’s basically a child).

“Thanks for the concern, Y/N.” Harry said sarcastically as he passed you, going into the house to get some ice for his arm

“You’re so welcome, my child.”

“Shut up, we’re the same age!” he hollered from inside

You chuckled, quite pleased with yourself. Your phone beeped in your hands, you looked down to check it.

With Harry inside, the game had ceased. Sam had lifted Paddy above his head so he could reach the hoop.

“And here comes Paddy Holland with the winning shot!” Tom said in his special sports announcer voice

Paddy dunked the ball and both his brothers cheered. You chuckled to yourself but didn’t look up, too engrossed in your phone, well, until it was snatched from your hands.

“Rude!” you yelled, whipping around to face your enemy. All five feet and eight inches of Thomas Stanley Holland stood before you, he was smiling, your phone held high above his head.

“Using my height to your advantage, I see.”

Tom shrugged. “Well, love, I’ve got to. Sam and Harry make me look like a joke.”

Your attempts to jump for your phone were futile but since you weren’t one to back down easily, especially when it came to the brothers, you bent your knees and sprung upward forcefully. And although it was valiant effort, Tom caught you by your waist before you could even grab your phone.

Gravity pushed you down, inevitably taking Tom down with you. Your bodies crashed down onto the floor but Tom made sure to lay you on top of him so he could absorb the majority of the impact. The wind rushed out of your lungs as your back hit Tom’s chest, you heard him grunt from under you.

Sam and Paddy watched you two with interest, they shared a knowing look but said nothing, carrying on with their game.

“Tom! You fucking idiot!” you exclaimed, struggling to roll off of him since he was holding onto you tightly

He let out a big laugh, squeezing you. Tom has always loved you, he’s never told you right out, but as they say, actions speak louder than words. And in Tom’s case? They were screaming.

“Tom, come on, let go!” you elbowed him, making him loosen his grip on you

The both of you sat up, catching your breath. Your eyes met briefly, and you burst out laughing uncontrollably.

Paddy nudged Sam, “Look at them. Do you think Tom likes Y/N?”

“I’ll be damned if he didn’t.” Sam replied, noticing the way Tom looked at you.

Dom and Nikki invited you to stay for dinner which wasn’t an unusual occurrence. You all sat around the dining table, eating, laughing, swapping stories, and basically being a picture perfect family.

“I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have another lass in the house, Y/N. I’m so glad you’re around more often, love.” Nikki smiled at you from next to Dom

“I’ll be around even more, if you’d like.” you joked, earning laughs from everyone

“We’d love that, wouldn’t we, Tess?” Tom scratched the Blue staffy that has been sitting by his feet the entire dinner, scarfing down scraps happily

“Tom would love that.” Harry muttered as he sipped from his glass, a bruise was forming on his arm from their earlier game. Tom froze upon hearing his brother’s remark. What did this little fucker know?

Your spoon was suspended halfway to your mouth, you looked to Harry with a confused look on your face. The lighthearted chatter continued around you.

“We,” Sam punctuated, looking briefly at Tom “would all love that, Y/N. We could be the Three Musketeers while Tom is away.”

Tom inwardly sighed in relief. He gave Sam a thankful look, then simultaneously frowned at Harry.

“You could still be the Fab Four. I could stand-in for Tom.” Paddy said hopefully and oh-so adorably. You gave him an affectionate look and nodded.

“Of course you can stand-in for Tom. He’s a butt anyway for leaving us here.” you stuck your tongue out at the oldest Holland boy, which he returned. The parents snickered at all your antics, feeling accomplished for having created such a beautiful family.

“Who’s going to stand-in for Harry, then?” Dom asked

“Harry’s irreplaceable.” you stated nonchalantly, eating the last of your roast dinner

Dom stood up from his seat and called for everyone’s attention. “Can I have everyone’s attention, please? I’d better, or else you’re all grounded, except you, Y/N.”

You pumped your fist in the air triumphantly as everyone laughed.

“I just want to toast to Tom.” Dom continued, “As I always tell you, your life is changing. We all pray you never forget where you’ve come from, son. You’re doing us proud, representing Team Holland on the world stage and completely eclipsing my career. Safe travels, my boy!”

“Hear, hear!” Harry exclaimed as everyone raised their glasses


“Need help?” you strode into the kitchen, dinner having just ended. Tom was already doing the dishes, just like he always did.

“Oh shit, hey.” he hastily shut off the tap and turned to you

You leaned against the counter, gazing at Tom thoughtfully. He gazed back at you, trying to remember the way you looked.

“I thought you’d left already.” Tom said softly, leaning against sink, crossing his arms.

“Without saying good bye to my favourite Holland?” you replied, giving him a sly smile

He couldn’t stop the blush that spread across his cheeks. “And here I thought Harry was your favourite Holland, what with him being irreplaceable and all.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, well, well. I didn’t think my little comment would get under your skin so much.”

He ran his still soapy hands through his hair, not noticing the suds that stuck to his hair.

“You’re always getting under my skin, Y/N.” he chuckled nervously as you moved closer to him

“It’s a talent. Hold still a minute, Tom.” His heart nearly stopped as you reached up to brush the soap suds from his hair. His eyes involuntarily fluttered shut, savouring your touch.

“Y/N,” Tom breathed out once he felt your hand caress his cheek

“I-I’m sorry.” you stuttered out in reply, wringing your hands nervously. Had you crossed a line?

You began inching closer towards the doorway. Tom finally snapped out of his stupor and noticed your retreating form, he grabbed your hand. “No, Y/N, wait. I-I need to tell you something.”

A mixture of confusion and anticipation flooded your veins. He took a deep, cleansing breath that he expected would give him the composure he needed to say what he wanted to say, but instead:


Real smooth, Tom, real smooth.

Both of you stood in stunned silence, allowing Tom’s rushed confession permeate the still air. The rest of the Hollands were eavesdropping on you from the opposite side of the walls.

“You.. You what?” you managed to get out

Tom just wanted to pull his hair out, how he wished he had some of that Spider-man confidence right about now. He took another deep breath, and looked you right in the eyes.

“I love you. I have loved you for a long time now but I never said anything because I thought you’d think it was weird.”

There it was. He’d finally laid it all out for you. Now was your chance, you could finally release all of your pent up feelings for Tom, you could finally tell him how much he actually meant to you without the fear of being rejected or the fear of ruining the amazing friendship you two had built.

“Eight years,” you mumbled, just loud enough for Tom to hear “Eight years, I’ve been keeping this from you, from all of you.”

His heart was racing. Could it be? Was he luckier than he thought?

“What are you saying, Y/N?”

You shook your hair out in mild frustration. “Tom. I’ve loved you since I was ten.”

And with that, Tom took you in his arms in a bone crushing hug. He then lifted you in the air and spun you around like you didn’t weigh a thing. A mix of elation and adrenaline was coursing through Tom’s veins, you didn’t have to say anything else, the kiss Tom pressed to your lips did all the talking for you.

Now comfortably seated on the couch, you and Tom snuggled together. His hand drew patterns on your back while the other held yours tightly. It was already rather late, the realization that Tom was leaving tomorrow hit you rather hard.

“I know what you’re thinking,” he whispered to you “And I was wondering, Ms. Y/L/N, if you would like to accompany me for a few weeks?”

You looked up at his handsome face, trying to gauge if he was actually serious. “You want me to come with you?”

“Of course, Y/N.” he replied sincerely, placing a gentle kiss on your lips

“I’d love to.. But, maybe you should ask my folks first?”

Tom laughed. “I will. Don’t worry, they love me. They won’t say no.”

“I admire your confidence, Thomas.”

“Not as much as I admire you… So, you’ve been in love with me since you were ten?” he wiggled his eyebrows at you with the smuggest look on his face

“Shove off, Tom.”

He got on top of you and began peppering your face with kisses. “Oh, come on, Y/N! You know you looooove me.”

And you did. You really, really did. The best part was, he loved you too.

all to myself: vlog 5

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: smut

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | on-going

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The Battle for Mewni: Final Thoughts and also it’s a review... kinda

So after binge watching the aforementioned episode non-stop for a week, I’ve decided to pull all my (cohesive) thoughts on it all together for this post. Buckle up kiddies this is gonna be a long ride.

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Over all the movie event was quite thrilling. There were parts where you can tell the actual episodes will be split. However, at times I thought the pacing was a bit slow (I mean, it was funny to watch, but did we really need all those shots of The Book kicking Ludo’s ass?). Overall it was a great episode! 

Now to get to the nitty gritty of it all.


Ok so Heckapoo, Rhombulous, and Omni are still alive but just need to… recharge? I don’t know. But Lekmet is dead. As in dead and gone, he’s not coming back dead? I’m not gonna lie that saddens me. He was such a good character. Plus, it’s gonna break Rhombulous’s heart. Poor crystal fool. Hopefully his snake arms can calm him down… or Star. Either way. RIP Lekmet.

(Also can we just apppreciate the Queen’s Sanctuary for a moment?)


Just look at her! 

I can definatley see similarities between Moon and this woman, but it looks like Moon inherited some of her looks from her father… whoever that was. Also this Queen has Butterfly cheek marks. Maybe she was the one true Butterfly before Star came along? Idk, I just thought that was cool.


Look at her!

Look at him!

Look at them!

Also Mildrew… I can kinda see why Moon didn’t marry him.

Kind of a wimp, don’t you think?


She lost her mother, who she clearly loved very much, and was thrusted into Queendom at an earlier age than most and was then given the responsbility to end a war by either continuing it or signing a peace treaty.

Me to, girl. Me too.

However, she took initiative and made a metaphorical deal with the devil. And by devil, I mean Eclipsa. And by metaphorically I mean literally.

And used that power to defeat Toffee’s army and excepted her role as Queen.

And props to her for blasting Toffee’s finger as a way to go around her original deal with Eclipsa. Also Mina was there and she wasn’t as crazy… so… cool?


Ok we saw as far back Crystal Clear that she might have been in the crystal’s in Rhombulous’s dimension but to actually have confirmation is something else entirely!

I’m not sure if I’d call her evil just yet but she seems to be taking Toffee’s place as main antagonist… I guess I’ll have to wait until November to tell.

(Also the first she wanted once she was unfrozen was a candy bar. Like, same madame. Same)


It was nice to see more of Glossaryck showing some emotions (though he said he had no feelings earlier in the series but that doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing)

And I’m impressed how this show handled the book burning.

This makes me glad that Star has started writing down her own book of spells. This means that not only will everyone have a fresh start, but maybe the years and years of prejudice against Monsters by Mewmans will start to fade…

And then their’s Glossaryck’s fate himself. I mean, first we saw him burning in Book Be Gone

(Sorry, this is the best picture I could find)

Now Im not sure if Glossaryck is truly “dead” or if he’ll stay “dead” and hell I’m not even sure where he is or if Star can go get him but… hey we still have another season to figure all this out so… good luck, you neutral jerk…


Look at all this Starco we got! 

And of course the safe kid finally got his wish to punch Lizard-Loki only after he realized the ass killed Star

While neither really got the chance to actually talk about their feelings for each other (which I’m kind of disappointed they never did) I expect that to be a plot point for future episodes… Also Jackie because I’d love to see more Jarco as well.

*Starco shippers*:

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Hey! I’d love to see any of Marco’s relationships fulshed out more! So shut it.






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Just fucking Toffee guys! Ok, first of all. Moontoffee shippers… I don’t care if you ship them… I have LITERALLY seen people ship crazier pairs. I’m not a big fan of it but I can kinda understand the appeal. So… whatever. I don’t care what you people do.

Second, I am a little pissed that Toffee appeared to be nothing more than a plot device. Especially sinc he had so much potential! And now he’s dead. Yeah, sorry conspiracy theorist. His ass is grass. He’s dead. Maybe we’ll see more of him in flashbacks but honestly… I think Eclipsa’s our new baddie. Kind of a let down here, I’m not gonna lie.

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Ok, but can we just talk about how petty and extra Toffee was in this entire movie? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m disappointed that the whole “Missing Finger thing” was nothing more than a petty grudge 

but the fucking lengths he went to get it back. I mean, first Moon blast’s his finger off.

(How has his face not turned into a meme yet?)

“She dramatically chopped off a small finger!”

“All hope is lost!”

(Really Rasticore? I expected more of you…)

And his damn face. Like, it’s not some dramatic afer-battle moment like the tapestry depicted

But more like

*frustrated sigh*

“Well then.”

“This is inconvient.”

And we don’t here from him for at least another twenty years (Hey Star Crew could we get a timeline of events here?). And what does he do once he comes back?

He hires himself into Ludo’s army, convinces them to overthrow Ludo, gets Star to destroy her wand, nearly kills all of Ludo’s army, manipulates Ludo and nearly drives him insane, practically kills the Magic High Commision, taints all of the universe’s magic, practically manipulates Ludo into toppling a majority of Mewni, nearly kills Star, and destroys the Magic Instruction Book…

… just to get his fucking finger back.

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How god damn petty do you have to be to go to those lengths just to get one finger back? Like what the hell?

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And I’d like to point out that Toffee was a very excellent source for nightmare fuel in these past few episodes like…


Toffee, stop

This is a kid’s show, Toffee.


And we can’t forget this little gem:

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Not gonna lie, this is the only time I pitied the damn lizard.

All of what Toffee did to me is just so funny. Like in retrospect, the concept of it all just strikes me as hilarious.

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And that is the brunt of my final thoughts on the season 3 premiere of Star vs the Forces of Evil, The Battle for Mewni. If you guys have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I might come back and update a few theory posts eventually and I’ll definatley update my Star vs episodes in one sentence posts, I just have to watch each episode indivually again to get a better feel for it.

Until then, stay weird and wild fellow fans!

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Drama Queen

A Reggie x reader fic with lots of drama but also kinda Archie x reader? As in, reader likes Archie and Reggie likes her. 

“Listen to me, I didn’t intend it to happen, I-“
“I don’t want to hear it”
“Please, I didn’t know!”
“Yeah.. sure!” 
It was nearly two in the morning and after much incessant banging and phone ringing, I had finally given in and answered the door. Veronica looked like she’d been crying and even beneath all the smudged eyeliner she was incredibly beautiful. This, of course, made me even angrier. 
“Y/N, listen to me! I didn’t know you liked Archie.. You never told me!”
“Never told you?” I spluttered. Anger was boiling inside me and I was surprised steam wasn’t coming out of my ears. “You knew, Veronica!”
“I didn’t!” Her eyes welled up with angry tears. “You never said anything… I thought we were friends! Why wouldn’t you tell me?”
“Don’t you dare try to turn this on me!” I said, shouting now. The neighbour’s dog began to howl. Soon the whole street would be awake. 
“I’m not! But you can’t seriously blame me! How was I supposed to know that you liked Archie? And even if you did, you don’t own him, Y/N.” 
That felt like a slap across the face. I knew I didn’t own Archie. I’d just always thought we would end up together… eventually. We had always been friends, since we were little. Both Betty and I had worshiped Archie all through high school. But then Betty found Jughead and I was sure Archie would turn to me.
“You know what, Ronnie? If it weren’t for you, none of this would have happened. But you came waltzing into our lives and fucked everything up. I wish you’d never set a foot in Riverdale.” The words came out before I had time to think. But in that moment, I meant them.
Veronica’s face burned red in the dim streetlight. Something shifted in her expression and I sensed danger. “I can’t believe I came here to apologise and ask you to give me another chance. You’ll have to grovel if you even want to speak to me again.” She turned away from me, her coat whirling in the light breeze. She walked down to the street and then turned round. “And as if you could ever have Archie.” And she walked into the night.


My alarm buzzed unrelentingly against by bed side table but I couldn’t face turning it off. If I turned it off it meant I had to get up. And if I got up it meant I had to go to school – and that was something I couldn’t face.
“Y/N” My mum called through the door “Get up now! You have to be at school in twenty minutes.”
I rolled onto my side and looked out the window. It was raining. Maybe I could feign a cold or something? But that would never convince my mother who always said ‘Education is the most important thing’.
The alarm buzzed again and I slammed my hand on it, deafening the sound. I got up and dressed slowly, tying my hair into a French braid and painstakingly tying my shoe laces as slowly as possible.
“Y/N, now!”
I slung my backpack over my shoulder and slouched down the stairs.
“Finally. Shall I drive you to school on my way to work?” My mother asked appearing at the bottom of the stairs.
“No, I’ll walk.”
“You’ll get soaked!” She complained but I was already out the door. I pulled my hood up and began the usual road to the institution of torture.
The uninviting building was in sight when I heard a familiar voice calling my name. My stomach tightened as I turned round to see the red-haired boy jogging to catch up with me.
“Hey Arch” I mumbled keeping my eyes trained on the wet pavement.
“I talked to Veronica” he said cutting to the chase instantly. I managed a nondescript mumble in answer. “Y/N, why were you so horrible to her?”
My head shot up and I found myself gazing into his dark eyes. “And what about me, Arch? Don’t you care about how she treated me?”
Archie rolled his eyes in exasperation. “You must know you’re the one that’s in the wrong here, Y/N.”
“I thought I was your friend, Archie! I’ve known you since we were five. How long have you known her for?”
“Don’t be such a drama queen!”
I chuckled humourlessly and continued down the road. Archie grabbed my arm and turned me round to face him. “Look, I’m sorry if your feelings were hurt, Y/N, but Ronnie is my girlfriend now and I just want us all to get on.”
“Oh please, Archie. Don’t act all holier than thou, you knew damn fine how I felt about you.” I scoffed and pulling my arm out of his grasp I practically ran to school.
Once inside I felt eyes on me and wondered how many people Veronica had told already. I tried to ignore them all, walking with my head high towards my locker. Once there I opened it and tried to conceal my face as hot tears spilled down my icy cheeks. How could they do this to me?
“Well, well, well. Y/N you look very wet this morning.” I slammed my locker, insult ready at the tip of my tongue. Reggie stood in front of my locker, teardrops glistening in his dark hair. I opened my mouth to burn him into oblivion when an idea hit me, just like a comic book character with a lightbulb over their head.
“Oh Reg, I’ve never been wetter” I said with a sly smile. Reggie looked taken-aback at my new approach.
“I’m sure we could change that” Reggie said, casually leaning on the locker next to mine.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Mantle.”
“Meet me at Pop’s tonight and I’ll make sure I keep that promise.”
“Done. I’ll see you at nine” I said, grabbing my books and giving him a flirtatious wink as I headed for English. A mop of red hair caught my eye as I strode past and I felt triumph. It was a small comfort but if Archie and Veronica heard about this then they’d know I wasn’t going to just lie down and take their shit.


I didn’t bother getting too dressed up. After all, this is Reggie Mantle we’re talking about – he’ll flirt with anything. I slipped my earrings on and took one last look in the mirror. A dress, not too fancy but still cute and boots that would survive the rain. I grabbed my jacket and headed downstairs.
“I’m going out!” I called over my shoulder and rushed out the door to avoid the ‘But it’s a school night’ lecture.
Reggie was already sitting at a booth in Pop’s when I arrived. The fluorescent lighting gave his hair a pink tinge. He was inevitably wearing his football jacket. I rolled my eyes at the predictability and plastered a flirty smile on my face as I slid into the booth opposite him.
“Hello gorgeous!” he said smiling from ear to ear.
“Hi Reggie.”
“I have to say, I’m a little surprised you came. I guess I always thought you hated me. Although now I see that was just a way to cover up that you’re madly in love with me.” He slung an arm around the back of the booth and flashed me a model smile.
I couldn’t help but laughing. “Sure, keep dreaming, Mantle.”
The waitress took our order and I sipped my milkshake looking absent-mindedly out the window. “Something on your mind?” Reggie asked leaning towards me.
“Not really.” I muttered, stirring my milkshake with my straw.
“What was up at lunch? You weren’t sitting with your bag of weirdos.” I feigned indifference and drank some more milkshake. I was not about to spill out all my feelings to Reggie Mantle.
“So what happened?” he pressed.
“Nothing, just fell out with Veronica.”
“Why? Did you have a contest on who’s hotter and you won?”
I laughed again. “Hardly. I think we both know who would win that.” I couldn’t keep the bitterness out of my voice.
“Do we?” Reggie’s hand found mine and he interlocked our fingers.
I looked up at him. “You’re really beautiful, Y/N”
I shrugged off my embarrassment and pulled my hand from his. “What would your team mates think if they heard this?”
“They’d never believe it.”
“How do you know I don’t have my phone recording this whole thing?” I joked.
He feigned horror. “You’d ruin the reputation I’ve worked so hard to build.”
“Then you’d better make this night enjoyable, Mantle.”


“Can I walk you home?” Reggie asked, hands deep in his pockets and hopping from foot to foot to keep warm.
“Don’t you live on the other side of here?” I asked, peering at him from beneath my hood.
“Yeah but I like walking in the rain. There’s something relaxing about it.”
I nodded and we began walking towards my house. “So, will you tell me something about yourself, Y/N?” he asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, we’ve spent more time together tonight than we have in all these years I’ve known you and still I feel like I know nothing about you.”
I shrugged. “Not much to know. I guess I’ve mostly defined myself through my friends in the past and now…” I trailed off. When I said friends I really meant Archie.
“Yeah you and Andrews are always together, aren’t you?” I nodded. “Anything going on there?” Reggie asked with a small smile.
“Definitely not. He’s dating Veronica.” A small shadow of recognition seemed to cross Reggie’s face but he was soon smiling again.
We made our way up my street and the rain had abated slightly. Reggie reached out and grabbed my hand. I was surprised but found the warmth emanating from him surprisingly comforting. We reached my door and I turned round to face him.
“Well, this is me.” I felt distinctly awkward. Was he expecting to kiss me?
“I had a great time” He said, standing very close to me. He brushed a strand of hair that had come loose from my braid out of my face.
“Me too”
“Y/N?” He asked, dangerously close now.
“Can I kiss you?”
“Only if you promise I won’t end up in that stupid playbook” I muttered.
He grimaced and shook his head. “I wouldn’t do that to you.” And then he kissed me.


The moment I walked into school the next day I bumped straight into Veronica. “Woops, sorry” I said before realising who it was. You could have cut the tension with a knife.
“Ready to apologise?” Veronica asked bluntly. What was it with her and Archie?
“Don’t beat around the bush do you?”
“Well?” I didn’t answer. Veronica rolled her eyes and pushed past me, her elbow digging into my arm. I winced slightly at the pain.
“Hey, beautiful!” Reggie was walking towards me, a huge grin on his face.
“Hi Reg” I mumbled, massaging my arm lightly.
“Are you free again tonight?”
“Oh, Reggie, I don’t know, I-“ but Veronica was standing watching me and I changed tactic. “Yup, 9 suit again?”
“Sure thing, babe” Reggie said and walked off.
“Y/N?” I turned round to see Betty. “What was that about? Are you dating Reggie?”
Dear, sweet Betty. She would never take sides in this argument but though I’d known her longer that didn’t stop her from sitting with Veronica and Archie at lunch the day before.
“Oh yes, didn’t you know?” I said with a fake giggle. “I’m seeing him tonight.”


I should’ve known, really. Should’ve known that Veronica wouldn’t have let things stay as they were. I was sitting in the same booth as the day before, laughing at one of Reggie’s terrible jokes when the door to Pop’s opened and in walked the two people I wanted to see least.
Veronica’s heels echoed on the floor as she walked right towards us. “Y/N, Reggie” she said with an icy smile. “Funny seeing you here” Archie hovered in the background, awkwardly running his hands through his hair. My stomach churned at the sight of him.
“Veronica, Andrews” Reggie nodded. “Wanna join us?”
“Oh that’s okay. We wouldn’t want to disturb, would we babe?” she slipped her hand in Archie’s and he grinned involuntarily. The sight was enough to make me cry.
“You know,” she continued “it’s so nice you two have found each other and that Archiekins and I have found one another. Did you know Y/N had a huuuuge crush on Archie?” She smiled sweetly at Reggie and my heart dropped.
“Oh really?” Reggie said, arching an eyebrow and looking at me.
“Oh yeah, massive! In fact until really recently. Funny you got over it so fast, Y/N. But I guess Reggie has that effect on people”
“Ronnie, let’s just go” Archie said avoiding my gaze.
“Really, Archie? You can’t even talk to me?” I fumed. I didn’t know where the anger was coming from but it was making me insane in that moment. “After all of those years of friendship you just give up and hide behind Veronica? I understand this from her, but from you? I love you!”
Archie hung his head. “I think we’ll go grab a booth.” Veronica said with a triumphant smile. I watched her go my heart aching. I thought I’d found a true friend in her.
I tapped my straw against my glass furiously. Then I looked up to see Reggie staring at me.
“Is this all true? You’re in love with Archie?”
“I-I don’t know about in love… I-“
But Reggie cut across me. “And what, you were trying to use me to make him jealous? I think it’s pretty clear it isn’t working.”
“Reggie, I-“
“I don’t like being used, Y/N. I don’t see why you had to involve me in your stupid drama.” He stood up.
“Reggie don’t. It’s not like that-“
“Save it. I don’t want to hear your stupid excuses. You’re so fucking immature.”
And with that he walked away from me.
I was left alone in the booth. Alone to watch Reggie’s retreating figure through the window.

A/N: Hey guys, thanks so much for reading. I realise this is ridiculously long but I like lots of build up as I’m sure you can tell. Let me know if you enjoyed this and feel free to request anything you’d like. xoxo

Somebody Screwed Up Starters

“Care to explain yourself?”

“What were you thinking?!”

“I cannot believe you!”

“You made a big mistake.”

“I’ll never forgive you for this.”

“You are grounded for a month!”

“I wish I could say I was surprised.”

“I should have seen this coming.”

“I trusted you.”

“I thought you were better than that.”

“Why should I give you another chance?”

“You did what?!”

“I thought you learned your lesson last time.”

“You’ve really screwed up this time.”

“Don’t even bother saying you’re sorry.”

“You can’t talk your way out of this one.”

“Yes, I still love you.”

“We’ll move past this. Somehow.”

“You’re going to spend the rest of your life making this up to me.”

“I think you owe somebody an apology.”

“Someday we’ll look back on this and laugh.”

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Hello! I'm so glad you're writing Jonerys fic. My request is a scenario where Dany is jealous because she hears Jon speaking admiringly/fondly about Lyanna Mormont to Jorah... sort of a companion piece to your jealous Jon fic haha


“She is not a force to be reckoned with,” Jon smiled proudly before re-reading the raven that had come for him.

“I’m sure Lady Mormont would be proud to hear,” Davos said, accepting the letter back from his king.

“Please tell her,” Jon answered, glad that Davos was more than efficient in reading and writing now.

“Will do, my king,” Davos clenched the note in his maimed hand before turning to leave. Only barely managing to avoid Jorah as the newcomer stepped into the hall for dinner.

Jon was surprised when Jorah decided to sit with him but he said nothing to display the thought. They hadn’t exchanged many words but Jon found the man to be little like his lord father. The king of the North was disappointed by this small fact. He had thought he would have more in common with the man but it seemed the only thing between them was the dragon queen.

Until now.

“Did I hear you right when you said Lady Mormont?”

- - -

Laughter filled the hall as Daenerys entered, deciding to eat dinner among her people rather than in her sitting room. She thought it would be good for morale after the loss of the Reach. Maybe also for her spirits as well, she was still bitter about the loss of another ally. The coin of Highgarden was supposed to pay for her armies’ every need.

Her eyes quickly found a different mood in the hall. While her mind raged and fumed, she found nothing but smiles and good humor all around. It was a shock to her system. It seemed their morale didn’t need any boosting from the jolly and glee that was already spread across the room. Dothraki and northern men were mixed in a competition of arm wrestling while others placed wagers on the side. It seemed northern men could be loud as Dothraki when excited.

“An arm of ice this man has!” The Dothraki glared at the northern man with the ‘arm of ice’ while his fellow mates clapped him on the back and money was quickly exchanged from hand to hand.

“And we shall shatter that arm!” laughed a particular tall Dothraki as more wine was poured all around.

She rolled her eyes as she passed. Gambling held little of her interest. It was the table filled with Jon, Jorah, Tyrion, and Davos that caught her eye. She neared, wondering what the group of them had in common when she heard them.

“She’d be disappointed to hear this but she is becoming a bit of a beauty.”

Daenerys froze at the words. There was no mistaking that voice. It was Jon Snow, the king of the North and her personal ‘guest’. She hated how her stomach churned at his words. She suddenly felt uncomfortable in her own hall when only moments ago, she had been ready to join them.

“A pretty lass for sure.”

Of course, women were what they all had in common… She didn’t want to hear this but also hated as something in her was intrigued. Who were they speaking of? Her feet became melded to the stone floors as she waited and listened.

Was it selfish of her to hope it was her? No, that was ridiculous. Jon Snow was nothing but a nuisance to her at this point. She didn’t need to be hopeful for a few scraps of compliments from him. Men would happily fall over themselves for a chance in her bed. What did she need of some curly haired northerner?

“Aye, and fearsome as well.”

Yet something in her still secretly hoped.

“Wish I could have known her,” Jorah smiled, maybe even beaming with some pride that his cousin could strike fear in such men as Jon and Davos.

With those words, Daenerys knew it wasn’t about her and some anger welled up in her for Jorah to want for another woman when he had always been so steadfast. Though, it felt like redirected anger since she had never been jealous of Jorah. No, he could do as he wished but Jon…

She should have known better. No matter how uncomfortable Jon Snow seemed around the opposite sex, he was still a man. A man that had somehow broken his vows from the Night’s Watch. Probably for some pretty lady from the north.

She huffed in annoyance of it all.

“Your grace!”

Jon looked up at her and Daenerys was crossed to see he didn’t even look ashamed of his philandering talk. She could maybe hold some respect for him if he were to at least blush at being caught!

Instead, he brazenly looked up at her in the most innocent fashion. Damn, his puppy eyes! Now she could see how misleading they were.

Daenerys felt her blood simmer as she looked away from him, deciding she was definitely angry with him. It didn’t matter that he looked wounded by her response to him. Good. Let him be hurt.

She was going to need this anger now to sit through this dinner without giving away too much. Though, she secretly entertained the idea of supper by her private fire now. It seemed morale was at an all time high without her and found it hard to reason why she should stay.

“Please take my seat, my queen,” Jorah jumped up for her and her stomach churned at his place on the bench. The seat exactly to the right of Jon. No, this wasn’t what she wanted but she could see with all their expecting eyes on her, it was getting out of her control. “I will fix you a plate myself.”

Unable to forget her manners, Daenerys smiled at her once again trusted sword before he went about his task. Though, she was still forming a plan of retreat as he secured her a plate of her favorites.

“Please, your grace,” Tyrion finally broke in, his forever analyzing eyes inspecting her and her unease. He must have found his answers because he abruptly smiled at her, almost too kind in its shape. “We were only just talking about Jorah’s cousin.” He then purposefully turned to Jon. “Eleven did you say she was?”

“Just barely,” Jon answered softly, his eyes not leaving Daenerys’ direction.

“Eleven?” Daenerys’ asked in surprise and the tension in her body released like slipping into a hot bath. While she was willing to assume the worst before, she could never think of Jon as a pedophile. There was no way a girl barely past ten would be an object of his affection. 

Not with the way he now looked at her…

Suddenly the seat open at his side looked pleasantly inviting and she gracefully slipped into it without a word of protest. “Tell me more of this girl.”

“She had Jon quivering in his boots for the sake of 62 men,” Davos chortled into his drink before Daenerys smirked at Jon to happily seeing him now blushing as a teased maid under her eyes.

That’s better.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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ALSO,  i would like to offer up my keyboard and writing utensils to the cause of JONERYS! i’d love to do some more writing for this beautiful ship! please send me prompts/ideas if you have any! this ship needs more FANFICS! i’m both book and show FRIENDLY! seeing as how i’m caught up on both. lol

i’d also love to just CHAT about these two. im absolutely OBSESSED with them right now! i keep checking the tags constantly! haha. my one big got friend is a j***a shipper, which I don’t mind but jonerys has my heart right now. haha

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (18)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 18 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,600 (ish)

Excuse the recent overload of Sehun GIF’s, enjoy.

Minseok’s P.O.V.

It had been two days since the bust up between himself and Sehun and it was clear that the younger male was still avoiding him. He seemed to be really hurt by what had happened and it was making Minseok frustrated, but he also felt bad he didn’t like it when him and Sehun weren’t talking, it was though he fell out with a sibling and he wanted to lay the issue down to sleep.

“You can’t avoid me forever Sehun!” Minseok opened Sehun’s bedroom door and walked in uninvited the younger male making no rush to put clothes on as he looked up at Minseok unimpressed from his bed.

“I can and I will.” Sehun frowned, shifting over he slowly stood up so that his unclothed form was looming over Minseok. “Leave me alone, get out. Don’t you know how to knock?”

“No.” Minseok protested, shutting the door behind himself, he walked further into the room. “I still don’t know why you did what you did; surely you must’ve known it was wrong.”

“I already told you Minseok. If you’re not going to drop it leave me the fuck alone.” He sighed walking over to his wardrobe and put on some underwear and a pair of shorts.

“Board now! Everyone!” A voice from downstairs shouted interrupting the both men.

“We’ll continue this later.” Minseok rolled his eyes looking at Sehun.

“No we won’t.” Sehun pushed passed him knocking his shoulder against Minseok’s and exited the room.


You were all sat in the board, Kyungsoo’s laptop positioned on the table where all of you could see it. The 24 hour live news currently running.

Breaking news. Genesis manufacturers of food and medical supplies are under investigation as a recent showcasing of new products have shown to be interlaced with illegal narcotic substances. A sweep search of the new batch of products showed that it had been mixed with an unidentified illegal substance. The company is now currently under investigation. I’m here with the CEO of the Genesis; Mr. Kim what can you tell us about what’s happened today?”

“I can tell you that our product has been tampered with somewhere along the process and I have my staff currently investigating and handling the affair. This is all I care to say on the matter at the moment.”
Senior walked away back into the building, pushing away microphones that were being forced into his face and notebooks that were being held towards him.

Well that’s all Mr.Kim has to say on the matter. Hopefully more light will be shed on the issue and we can see what has really gone on to cause such a dire mistake and international uproar. All we can be certain of at the moment is that Mr.Kim will be missing out on a lot; this is not looking good for Genesis. I’ve been Jen Ko and you’ve been watching 24/7 live news. Thank you.”

Kyungsoo closed the laptop and you looked over at Junmyeon who let out a loud sigh.

“Shit.” He breathed. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” He was banging his fist upon the table, his knuckles turning a bright red.

“It’s okay honey calm down.” Yuna said from beside him, resting her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not okay Yuna!” He shouted, turning to face her. His eyes were wide and if you didn’t know any better you would have thought that Junmyeon was about to cry. She flinched back at the unexpected anger, creasing her brows together. Junmyeon sighed again grabbing her hand.
“Yuna I’m sorry I just…”

“So what now?” Yixing asked, he was sitting on the edge of his seat. All of you were. When suddenly Junmyeon’s phone began vibrating. You almost jumped out of your skin as it caught you off guard. You all waited impatiently for Junmyeon to answer. It was Senior. Junmyeon put the call on loud speaker and placed his phone down in the middle of the table.

I know you saw that Junmyeon. Are you happy?” His brother’s hostile voice rang out in the room. “Genesis has sunken and I hope you’re extremely happy.” You rose up from your seat to shout at the phone, but Kris pulled you back down and covered your mouth with his hand. “You had better tell your men to buckle up, because there will be a war.”

You walked to the living room. What had Luhan done? What was going to happen now? Senior said there would be a war, this meant that whatever would happen next would be serious. You put your hands lightly over your stomach, you didn’t need the added stress. You turned right into the living room dropping down on a sofa. You were startled when you saw Jongdae sitting on the sofa next to yours looking at you through squinted eyes. Your breath became a bit shaky it wasn’t the best idea to be sat alone with him.

“Is it you Jongdae? All of this… is it you? Because it’s all so coincidental how Yuna got shot and I was hit by a car after we read your diary. You made it clear you don’t like us, but please don’t take it out on everyone else.” You begged, a sense of sadness had overcome you and you were desperate for him to be considerate.

“You read my diary and you had no right to, but goodness me I’m not that shallow. Why would I take the rest down aswell?” He shook his head, frowning at you.

“Well you said you wanted it to be the end for everyone.”

Jongdae rolled his eyes

“And this is why you don’t go reading diaries that don’t belong to you. Besides, I write things that I think would make feel relieved if I imagined it in the journal, I would never actually kill them. We’re a family. You don’t have to believe me but it’s true.” Without another word he got up to leave the room. You stayed there still for a while, quite confused by what had just happened. Jongdae sounded sincere so maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe it was safe to cross him off of your list. You stood up to make your way out of the living room, maybe it was time to tell Minseok what happened between you and Jongdae and see what he thought about it. But as you were about to walk out of the room Sehun walked in, grabbing your wrist he pulled you back in and locked the door behind him.

“What are you doing?!” Your heart was racing wildly in your chest, fear consuming you whole. “I’ll scream for Minseok.”

“Minseok just left for work and the rest are busy.” He said nonchalantly dismissing your threat. You swallowed hard, shifting back away from him. “I tried helping you.” His face was dark.

“I know that…you mentioned.” You whispered backing away a little bit more. Why did he lock the door and what was he planning on doing?

“Yeah. But you need to believe what I’m telling you.”

“But- I-I’m just wondering why Sehun.” It was becoming increasingly harder to hide the fact that you were scared.

“Because! I already told you; sit down!” He shouted at you pointing to the sofa beside him.
At that precise moment your fear had melted and turned into anger. You had enough of his erratic behaviour.

“Do you think that it’s acceptable to speak to me like this Sehun?! I’m not trash!” Your head was pulsing and you could feel your blood rushing upwards.

“Because you’re Min’s wife?”

“No Sehun, because I’m human. I’m not a dog, you don’t get to just bark at me and make me do whatever you please.” You huffed crossing your hands over your chest. You needed to calm down, stress wasn’t good for you. For the baby.

“I…I…Sorry…” Sehun breathed, looking down at his feet. You blinked, stunned. He just apologised to you, something extremely rare and near enough impossible. You looked at him as he dropped down on the sofa staring ahead at nothing in particular, a thousand thoughts seemed to be swarming around in his mind and you were curious to know what they were. “Can you sit please.” He pointed at the seat beside him without looking up at you. You sat down silently next to him.
“I did it because I thought I was doing what needed to be done and…” Your eyes widened as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “I just wanted to know what it felt like to have what Minseok had for a second. I messed up I’m sorry.” He sighed, focusing his attention of his hands in his lap. “Minseok is slowly forgetting that I exist. I don’t know the last time we had a decent conversation. My real dad…after my mum died…” Another pause. “Well the bastard didn’t want me anyway, he told my mum to get rid of me when he found out that she was pregnant. But she kept me; I didn’t turn out great but…” He turned in his seat to face you and placed his hands on your stomach. “This is why you need to give this baby a better chance. You need to keep it safe and let it live. Let it live a better life than me and Minseok could ever wish for. He or she will have a mum or a dad. I never had a dad…not really. Minseok was like a parent to me so if you have this kid, I can help and it will be like repaying Min. Maybe he might notice me more that way…”
You were so shocked at how touched Sehun was by your baby, he had never let his walls down to you like this. He was completely vulnerable in this moment.

“He does notice you Sehun.”

“He doesn’t”

“Yes he does.” You protested.

“Yesterday was my birthday!”
Your mouth opened wide in shock, Minseok didn’t tell you.

“Ohh, Sehun I didn’t know. Happy belated.” He rolled his eyes at your response.

“Yesterday was my birthday and this is what I received.” He pointed at his bust lip. “He didn’t say anything, he didn’t remember! No one did; apart from Tao who’s promised to get me something today because he was too busy before. No one remembers me in this house I’m invisible and it will only be a matter of time until Minseok really doesn’t need me anymore.” He sighed again, his hands were still on your stomach but oddly enough they felt comforting and warm. “I’m scared what I’ll do. He’s like my only family, at least if I help out with the baby then I’ll still have some type of family left. The baby will be my family, hmm?” He looked at you expectantly and you saw tears gathering in his waterline.

“Why did you really kiss me Sehun? What were you trying to do?”

“I hoped that if I kissed you, you’d realise that you somehow liked it. And then you’d be open for me to help out and stay in the baby’s life. I didn’t do it because I’m sexually attracted to you Y/N I used it as a tactic. I did it because I was lonely. Without Minseok and the baby then I’ll have nobody left.” A tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. He bent his body down say that he was laying his head lightly on your stomach, crying quietly.

“Sehun…” You whispered in shock, you didn’t know what to do so you just decided to run your fingers through his hair.

“I’m lonely and I thought you out of all people would understand and recognise my cry for help.”

An hour later and all of you were downtown, in a gym that Junmyeon had “rented” for an hour. You wondered how exactly he had done it but you didn’t question him anyway. He decided that now was a good time train and so you sat on the side with Yuna and Kyungsoo watching the men spar with each other. Kris and Ara stayed at home.
It made you uncomfortable to see the men punching at each other, some more than others. In particular Baekhyun and Yixing. You frowned as you watched Sehun partner up with Minseok. He was not holding back with any of his hits, bashing him and kicking him wherever he could. His face had grown red and his knuckles had turned white.

“Sehun what the fuck, it’s practice calm down!” Minseok barked as Sehun pushed him back hard against the wall. It was apparent to you that Sehun was getting rid of his frustrations on the man causing him stress. He kicked Minseok in the calf and pushed him onto the ground, kicking him hard on his bum.

“Oi Sehun stop!” Junmyeon shouted at the younger male, pausing his spar with Jongdae. Sehun’s chest was heaving up and down as he took a step backward, glaring down at Minseok who was slowly standing up from the floor. His eyes were dark.

“What’s going on?” Kyungsoo whispered next to you. But you just shrugged in response, waiting quietly to see what would happen next.

“Sehun, how about we go get the birthday treat, huh? How about a beer.” Tao breathed grabbing Sehun’s wrist he pulled him back away from Minseok and towards the exit near where you, Yuna and Kyungsoo were sitting.

“Birthday treat?” Minseok mumbled, then his eyes grew wide with realisation. “Shit Sehun. I forgot I’m so sorry…” But Sehun ignored his apology and walked out of the gymnasium with Tao. Minseok buried his head in his hands. You stood up to go and comfort him.

“Aghhh! How could I forget? How could any of us forget?” He stared up at the rest of the boys. You looked up at the boys too, everyone looking guiltily down at their feet.

“There’s just been so much going on. Look I’ll go and get a cake now, hopefully it isn’t too late. We can celebrate when he comes back?” Yixing suggested, grabbing his bag from the side and running out if the gymnasium.

It was 9PM by the time Tao and Sehun got home. Yixing had bought a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.

“Happy belated Sehun!” The room shouted as he walked in. He stood there a while, his eyes drowsy and red, he smelt strongly of alcohol making your stomach turn.

“Fuck off!” Sehun slurred, slipping past.

“Sehun wait!” Minseok called, half-running after the drunken man.

“Minseok leave him.” Tao sighed, putting his hand up. “He’s drunk. He got emotional, he needs some time.”
Minseok sighed, blowing out the candles on the cake as he slumped down in the chair beside him.

“Look. I need to tell you something important. When I was helping Sehun into the car I saw Chanyeol. He didn’t see me but he was getting out of a car with a tall man. Tall and bald.”  Tao took as seat opposite Minseok.

Minseok’s eyes widened as he shifted forward in his seat.

“Wait bald and tall you say? Small eyes? Long nose? 6 foot 3’’ roughly?”  

“Yes!” Tao clicked his fingers and pointed at Minseok. “What? you know him?”

“He’s the one that kidnapped me, he works for Luhan I’m sure of it.”

Your eyes widened in shock, Jongin grunted from across the room shaking his head.

“Goodness Park Chanyeol, what are you up to?”

All Night, No Sleep - Jack Maynard Imagine

“Come on, Y/N, just come to the club with us” your best friend Jack whined. He had a pout on his face and looked at you with his blue puppy eyes. Those piercing blue eyes you could never say no to. And he knew it.

“Stop pulling that trick on me!” You said with a smile, trying to get out of it. All he did was coming closer and pouting more, locking your eyes with his. Every single step he took made your heart beat a little bit faster, almost as if you were afraid he’d get to close. At a certain point he comes so close that your noses are almost touching, and it’s all you needed to be pushed over the edge.

“Fine, I’ll come.” You blurted out with a sigh.

“Yes, I knew it’d work! It’ll be fun!” Of course it’d be fun. For him, not so much for you. In the two years you had known him, you had never really seen him as just a friend. From the moment you met him, he had given you butterflies and every time you two hung out, you fell for him even more. Mainly because you got to know all of Jack, not just the man in front of the camera. You had seen him at his best and at his worst, you got to know his sensitive side. That was what made you fall for him in every possible way. Two years long already you were successful in hiding it, and you were not planning on giving it up any time soon, because you were one hundred percent sure he did not feel the same way.

Going clubbing with Jack and the boys was never really a pleasure, at least not after an hour or two. In the beginning it always went down well: you were just a group of friends enjoying yourselves, dancing to the music and singing along to all of the songs. Nonetheless, after a while the boys would get distracted by the attractive girls surrounding them and their attention would shift from their friends to them. Especially Jack was very good at this, doing honour to his reputation. Not all of them were searching for girls all the time, it were usually only two or three of them, Jack of course being part of it mostly. And it broke your heart every single time. That’s why you mostly refused going with them, but you just couldn’t say no to Jack.

Arriving at the club, you tried to put your feelings aside and enjoy yourself. The night was still young and who knows, it could be different. Maybe Jack would have his eyes on you for once… You were proven wrong soon after, as a very attractive girl approached him and he gladly took his chance. Although you were kind of enjoying yourself before, your mood quickly changed and all you wanted is to go home. Yet you couldn’t, because you promised Jack you’d take him home. If that would be necessary after all…

“You know, it’d be a whole lot easier if you’d just tell him.” Mikey sat down next to you, ripping you out of your thought bubble.

“Tell him what?”

“It’s kind of obvious that he’s more than just a friend to you, Y/N. The way you look at him… You’re also staring at him the whole time.”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are.”

“Just buy me another drink, Mikey.” You didn’t mean to be rude to him, but it just hurt to know that he had noticed. That meant that Jack probably had noticed as well, proving once more that he did not feel the same way.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” You apologised. You knew he was only trying to be nice and do the right thing.

“Come on, let’s join the others and dance. It would be a waste of the night to sit here and do nothing.” You let Mikey drag you back to the group, and you decided you would be enjoying yourself. Luckily the boys were already drunk enough to make a fool out of themselves and for the first time that night you actually enjoyed yourself. After a while you noticed that Jack had joined the group again, without the girl. He was dead drunk, which was probably also the reason why the girl had left him.

“Come on, Jack, I’m taking you home.” You said, while supporting the boy as he could barely stand on his legs.

Getting him back to his apartment wasn’t exactly an easy task. As the rest of the group had decided to stay a little longer at the club, you were on your own and as he was almost incapable of walking himself, you had to use everything in your power to get him there. Once in his apartment, you headed straight for the bedroom, where he just dropped himself on the bed and closed his eyes. After taking of his shoes, you made your way out of the bedroom.

“Y/N?” You heard him mumble.


“You’re the best.” You cracked a little smile, before turning off the lights and closing the door behind you, the tears burning in your eyes. You cursed yourself for being so weak, for having feelings for someone that would never feel the same.

As it was already too late to return to your own apartment, you tried making yourself comfortable on his couch, like you’d always do after a night out. Normally you’d fall asleep almost immediately, but this time was different. Mikey’s words kept spooking around through your mind. You knew he was right, you had to tell him, it would be so much easier. But wouldn’t it ruin your friendship as well? These demons kept you up all night and it tore you apart. You eventually decided that you would tell him, because you could no longer bear with constantly seeing him with others.

Sunk deep in your thoughts, you stared out of his living room window for hours and hours without having a second of sleep. You kept repeating in your head what you would say. You saw the sun rise and heard birds singing their song, you saw the city of London get back to life. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t hear Jack coming in the living room.

“Wow, you look like you’ve been hit by a truck.” He chuckled at the sight of you.

“I’ve been up all night, I’ve had no sleep at all.” You tried to avoid looking into his eyes, or just looking at him. Morning after Jack had always been your week spot.

“Why not?” He asked.

“Because…” you sighed and plucked your courage to tell him. “Because I’m sick of hiding. I’m sick of constantly pretending like I don’t care when you hook up with yet another girl. Because I do. I do care and it simply hurts to see the one you’ve been having a thing for, for roughly two years, hook up with others that are way prettier than you, knowing you will never have a chance with him. I can’t do this anymore, Jack, I’m sorry. You’re a really good person and I love being around you. You really are one of my best friends, but I wish it could be more. And I know that you don’t feel the same way, so I’m just going to make it easy for both of us and leave.”

A stunned Jack was looking at you with a confused look on his face. The tears burning in your eyes, you made your way to the door, not caring to look back.

“Y/N, wait! You’re just going to walk out on me, just like that? Throwing away two years of an amazing friendship? Just because you’re jealous of other girls?” You were shocked by his words, not expecting them to be this harsh.

“Yes, Jack, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I knew this was a mistake…” You hissed through your teeth, slightly agitated by the way he had answered. You started walking again, further to the door, when he grabbed your wrist and turned you back around.

“I wasn’t finished yet.” He let out a sigh before continuing to talk. “I’m not allowing you to do that. You’re not going to walk out of my life just like that. There is one thing I want to make clear to you for once and for all: these girls mean nothing to me, just like I mean nothing to them. The only girl that really matters to me is you. You’re the only one that cared to look further than that guy in front of the camera. You’ve seen me at my worst, you showed me how to find myself when I needed it the most. You’ve come into my life and I seriously can’t imagine it without you. Hooking up with all of these people was just a way for me to forget about the one thing I thought I could never have: You.”

Now it was your turn to be confused. He actually felt the same way all along? You didn’t have much time to think as he came closer to lock his lips with yours. On this very moment you wished you had told him a long time ago, but none of that really mattered, as you had finally got what you wanted.


A/N: Another imagine online, whoop whoop! It’’s a rather long one, but I really hope that you all like it! My requests are open for those who want me to write one :)

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Center of Gravity

Summary: A small scene about the aftermath of Betty’s and Jughead’s kiss. Takes place after they find Jason’s car and notify Sherriff Keller.

(I’m not neglecting you prompts, I promise!! Just this idea came to my head and I had to write it! Hope you all like it!!!)

They are at the police station and the air is filled with questions and disapproving looks towards both of them but mostly towards him, the boy with the jet black hair and the funny looking beanie. He gets it; being the son of Forsythe Jones isn’t really appreciated in the Riverdale police department. But he is here to help, both of them are, so the Sherriff has the good sense to offer them some hot tea and two blankets to warm their soaked forms as they explain again and again how they knew about Jason’s car, who told them, why they went there, where this there was.

The off the record interrogation is finally over and they are let alone in the small office, watching from the semi glass wall as Sherriff Keller is pacing up and down in his own office across them, giving orders to some deputies, making calls and writing down theories and facts. Jughead steals a small glance at the blonde next to him, slouching at the very end of the olive green leather couch, uncharacteristically away from him and his personal space, clutching her mug on her freezing hands and having her green eyes focused on the man across them, studying his every move. She fears that he’s going to involve her parents again, that he will let them now about their daughter’s Nancy Drew activities, but what she fears more is how involved in this will be her sister; the last thing Polly needs right now is police officers marching on her room and pestering her with questions during her grieving state.

Jughead brings his own eyes to examine his fingers. Is she shocked by what they found in the woods? Is she bumped that she didn’t have the change to fawn over Archie on stage? Or, worse, is she avoiding him? He had sure blown it. He made a move on her way too fast, she probably isn’t even over Archie yet and definitely she sees him as a close friend and nothing more. Stupid Jughead with your stupid urges and your stupid hopes getting up for nothing.

He doesn’t regret it. If anything he got a glimpse of what it is to have a taste of the perfection that is Betty Cooper; to catch a small moment of raw intensity and brush his fingertips against the edges of his long-term fantasy about him and her sharing the same level of affection. He felt alive in that kiss, like a new man, exhilarated and born again, like all those years before her didn’t exist, like he was just living in grey and that moment he got drowned in colors. What he does regret is this feeling of bitter emptiness that fills his chest at that very moment and it stings badly, even though he felt it a lot of times in the past and even though part of him was prepared for facing emotional rock bottom once again.

He steals another glance; she still looks focused on the action out of the small room they occupy. He hates the silence; he of all people hates the silence. He wants her to say something, even reject him and his earlier confession of heart. That way he will have something concrete, something that will shutter his heart in million pieces but at least it would make him stop thinking and overanalyzing and being in that constant loop of thinking that he knows everything but in the end he knows nothing.

“I’m sorry I ruined the moment.” Her words come crashing down between them and Jughead gets startled by her soft voice that breaks the unwanted silence and disrupts his sea of thoughts.

He opens his mouth to say something but he feels a chock paralyzing his tongue so he just nods curtly, hoping to not appear as hurt as he feels.

“I wish we had that kiss at another time, in another place.” Jughead finds her voice rather steady and sure and he thinks that she doesn’t have second thoughts about maybe giving him a chance. There is another nod from his part; he was never good with spoken words and right now even a pen and paper wouldn’t help him express the rollercoaster of emotions he is feeling.

“Because truly that was the best kiss someone could experience in a lifetime.” Her voice breaks at the end of her sentence and it throws him off, sending his head flying to face her for the first time since they had set foot in that ugly colored room.

“You think so?” he doesn’t even recognize his voice, small and softer than it was earlier in her room, the emotions giving it an odd thickness. His heart flatters as he waits for her next answer and at that moment he knows he is doomed, a hopeless victim to her breathtaking green eyes and their hints of blues and greys. Their color is a mystery to him, his feeling for her the same.

Betty only nods, chin wobbling and head dropping to the floor, as two tears form a straight line from her eyelashes to the rusty tiles that lie underneath her ankle boots. “I’m so caught up in this bubble that’s seconds from being popped violently and that seems to make me pass out on things that are big events in my life.”

His heart flatters again at the description she sets for their electrifying moment. She is definitely the biggest event in his lonesome and boring life. But big is everything around them right now, big secrets, big scandals, big revelations and big scares them both, two sixteen year old kids trying to find themselves in a world that everyone labels as big. “We can go small, timid. One step at a time, even half if you want.” He proposes with soft eyes gazing her profile and, for the first time it seems that life decides to offer him a smile in the form of an agreeing nod from the girl that, up until now, only got to have in his wildest dreams.  

“You keep me grounded, Juggie. Just like gravity; you’re pulling me to your safe place when everything is madly twirling around me.” Betty looks him in the eyes and he understands. There’s a pull, an unbreakable urge to stay connected and he relishes to it, even if the heavy feeling against his chest scares the hell out of him. “When you’re in the room, it’s impossible for me to look away.” Yeah, he understands that very much so.

“I wanted to kiss you for a very long time.” The raven haired boy confesses and sends her one of his signature glares, those intense ones that he only keeps for her and they cause a gorgeous chaos of intense emotions inside her chest.

“Now I came to understand that I did want that too, badly.” She shivers and it’s not from the cold or the clingy wet clothes she wears; it’s from his stare and the rerun of their first kiss inside her head. She finds herself closing the space that she had left between them on the couch and brings her hand on his cheek, caressing the cold skin and brushing away some dripping black waves.

He keeps staring down at her and he isn’t sure what to do. His body is telling him to go for it once again but his mind interferes and advices him to hold his horses, be timid as he promised. He feels the feather light breath of hers against his lips and his eyes flatter close, and if he still had a heart he would swear that it will jump off his chest and escape. But his heart is on her hands now and he prays that she is delicate with it because he doesn’t know how many more plasters and stitches it can handle.

She finally closes the inch between them, soft lips meeting sore and chapped ones, and the feel is indeed magnetic, like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly with each other. It brings a tiny whine on Betty’s lips and Jughead sighs all his nerves and his frustration away, slender fingers coming to dance over her waist lightly, him testing the waters and wanting to touch her, to confirm that she is real. She loves it and her thump brushes lightly over his cheekbone, both angling their heads and sharing some sweet, loving pecks with each other.

“My very own center of gravity…” Jughead murmurs inside the kiss and he feels her hum on his thirsty lips, a pleased smile curling her rosy bubblegum ones and being the sight Jughead comes across as he decides to step back into reality and open his eyes. They put their love on hold once again, the world around them revolving in spinning circles and leaving them no choice but to hop on for a ride, but this time they are going to be ok.

Gravity is an unbreakable force.

Shit people siding with abusers and abuse apologists say:

  • You can’t blame them for everything (watch me)
  • I’m sure they didn’t mean it that way (oh are u. are u sure. are u su)
  • I’m sure if you talk to them… (mate)
  • You just need to try harder! (MATE)
  • It can’t all be their fault (um)
  • They’re a HUMAN BEING (debatable)
  • You can’t blame them, they’ve had a rough childhood/life (so did I thanks to them)
  • It takes two to tango (do you think tango is on the list of child abuse)
  • You’re abusing them too. (i fucking wish)
  • Think of all the good things they’ve done for you! (yeah why don’t you fight their battles allison)
  • They only want the best for you! (ooh do they. do they really. do the)
  • It’s godly to forgive. (aren’t you being a deity lately jackson)
  • You need to stop thinking about this, it’s unhealthy for you (i bet you said that bc you’re worried about my health and not bc you don’t wanna help me get out of abuse or hear me out at all)
  • They really love you. (get out of my face with your equating abuse with love and confront your own abuse already)
  • They’re just worried about you. (yea about me outing their abuse)
  • They seem like a good person tho! (yea thats whats so terrifying about them I wish they walked around with a scythe and shouted obscenities)
  • You took all of this too seriously. (thanks for not taking my life seriously)
  • You took all of this too personally. (it fucking happened to me personally)
  • It’s time to stop holding on to past grudges (wow i am glad I let you make all my decisions for me surely you have my well being in mind)
  • Think about why this is all your fault. (wow are you trying to woo my abuser to marry you)
  • It couldn’t have been that bad. (u know what i wish i could transfer my symptoms directly to you lets see how bad is it then)
  • They aren’t that bad, give them a chance. (yeah why not give the person who shot at me another bullet what could possibly go wrong)
  • They can change. (yea they’re definitely changing to worse continually)
  • They’ve changed. (buddy i am glad you are not the target of their abuse but could you for a second consider that I am also a human being)
  • It’s because you did “x”! (oh no you got me people deserve to be abused if they do “x”! How did I not consider that before, abuse is totes justified!)
  • It’s because you overreacted. (goodbye i’m not talking to u)
  • You think everything is abuse. (you think its bc i live in abusive environment? nah it can’t be that can it)
  • Think about how they feel! (oh so you too think i exist to cater to their feelings great I’m so happy how I feel is never gonna come up)
  • If you would consider their side for a second. (what do you think i wasted half of my life on jane)
  • They would never do that. (did you not just hear the words out of my mouth telling you they did that)
  • I’m sure they would be nicer if “x” (keep deluding yourself)
  • They’re just having it tough. (and everyone who has it tough gets to have a go at me! I forgot my place is to be a punching bag of the world)
  • You have to love your (family member) abuser. (I did love them.)
Kings and Queens {Ch 8}

Summary: A Throne of Glass AU inspired by the Breakfast Club (1985). Five students come together for Saturday detention, and realize they are not all that different. You can read previous chapters here.

Author’s Note: The next few chapters will be a little bit longer than the previous, and even longer than this one, so I hope you all enjoy them. Also, here’s to finally finding out what happened between Rowan and Aelin! Enjoy. <3 Let me know what you think!

We kissed, after all the time that had passed, after all the chances that I had that I didn’t act on, we had kissed.

Her eyes caught mine, and I knew it was right. I knew she was the one. I knew I shouldn’t feel guilty, not anymore.

We took it slow, though. We kept it at kissing, and grabbing, and touching, and longing, and walked away before we took it a step further. She wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t either. Not yet. Not after Lyria.

It was the Saturday after the third week of school. Aelin had been acting strange, she had never called me back the night before.

So, I went to where I knew she was.

Deep in the woods was a stream, where we had taken countless walks, holding hands, kissing until our lips were red and tender.

She was there, sitting with her toes in the sparkling, incandescent water. I knew she had heard me approach, but she didn’t look up.


When she didn’t respond, I sat next to her. When I tried to grab her hand, she pulled it away. “Please, just go.”

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To Asgard

Warnings: Mentions of death, dying, and gore.

So this is how I am to go? He ponders. 

His sardonic laughter is raspy as his lungs fill with blood. He has taken down more than he can count in the last short burst. Bloodied, mutilated corpses lay in uneven piles around him and there’s just the vaguest sound of cheering.

The battle is won. He has taken the country and he can tell simply by his army’s cheers. There is not a sound in this muddy realm that is more identifiable than his people screaming in victory. 

If only he could join them. 

Damn the Gods. This is plain irony now. Ivar has come so far, has became so strong for a moment such as this. And now he is surrounded by vacant entities, and an almost soundproof barrier between him and his people. 

But soon there is wailing in his honor as they take notice. For once, people love him as much as they fear him… For once, the blood that covers him is his own. Ivar the Boneless. Succumbing to his wounds. The lifelong pain of his legs is nothing now compared to what has torn through his abdomen. What leaks out of his throat. Wounds easy to ignore at first in all his adrenaline. But then he had become so tired. He had never felt so tired in his life. Even in his childhood, crawling about as people poked and prodded his sides. 

King Ivar. 

He was King Ivar to them now. Not ‘cripple’. Not ‘boneless’. He conquered and ruled, and raided even more. No one had power stronger than his - no one commanded an army as big or as loyal. Only the Gods knew if there would be one greater than he. His tale was certain to be told for centuries to come.

But did it matter so much, now, as he lay dying in a field?

For he knew he was dying. He had his share of injuries. Share of blood spilt. There would be no coming back from this and he felt it just as purely as he did his tiredness. 

He watched the ravens circle, already making a meal of the fresh sacrifices made that day. A feast to Odin - so be it. He merely hoped to die before they picked hungrily at him next. 

Tears filled his eyes as the clouds above him parted; bright rays of sun shone brighter on him now than they had his entire life. It was his Valkyrie. Coming to collect him. It was a comforting sight.

Soon he would be with Father. With Mother. Drinking in the halls of their Gods. Would he have the use of his legs in Valhalla? Surely, he would be granted that solace. A weak smile pulled at his lips as he allowed himself to imagine it as vividly as he had dreamed it through all his days. Yes. He would walk. His legs would be as thick and sturdy as the strongest men he had laid such envious eyes on, once upon a time.

Lightning struck and his Valkyrie descended. A dull thrum reverberated at his side. He would have turned his head to look if he had the strength to move.

But what stepped into his vision was not a Valkyrie. 

It was a man who appeared even stronger than the strongest men he had envied once before. Taller. Blonde hair so platinum that the rays of sunlight left a glowing aura surrounding his skull.

“It has been a long time I have wanted to meet you, Ivar the Boneless,” a deep voice sounded. An accent almost as thick as his own. This man could have the resonance to suggest a life thousands of years old, and yet he appeared not much older than Ivar. And the armor he wore… so glinting and clean. A cape colored in red as vibrant as the blood that pooled beneath Ivar’s own body. 

Ivar tried to laugh again. Blood littered his lips where it should have echoed. 

“It is Thor who greets you, not your Valkyrie.” 

There is a rattling in Ivar’s chest as he struggles to laugh once more. He licks his bloodied lips and dares to raise his eyebrows.

“You are a mirage,” he rasps. “Thor mocks me now, sending me a vision of you instead of a beautiful woman with breasts as plump as fresh bread.”

The blonde giant chuckles and takes a knee beside Ivar. He raises his hand; there is another strike of lightning as the enormous hammer comes soaring obediently into his fist. 

“I am no mirage, Ivar.” He gestures with the hammer, smiling as he spots the recognition and disbelief in Ivar’s eyes. “Perhaps you have heard the tales of this?” 

Ivar shudders as a wave of pain courses through his failing body. His eyes are wide in anger; if he is to die, he would like to do so in peace. Not as a joke to the Gods he has pledged his life to. He spits a wad of blood at the man.

“That is King Ivar to you…. Whoever you are - you will remember it.

“I will.” He agrees. “And so will we all in my realm. We have kept a watchful eye on you.” 

“Impressed by the cripple?” Ivar hisses. 

“There is not a soul such as your own,” he settles for. “Even Heimdall watches over you when I cannot.” 

Ivar’s anger dissipates as quickly as his sadness overcomes him. “Do not play with me so… I have died honorably. For once - take care of my heart. It is all I ask of my last moment.” 

To his surprise, the would-be-Thor smiles fiercely. “That is why I am here.” 

“To tease a dying man?”

“To offer you another choice,” the blonde argues. “To give Ivar, son of Ragnar Lothbrok, a chance at more than this.”

Ivar scoffs, choking again on the liquid life-source that only intends to drown him now. “There is no more for someone like me.” 

“I would disagree,” he counters. A thud sounds against the soggy dirt next to Ivar’s shoulder, and he manages to turn his head just far enough to see the hammer glinting at his side. Something in his putrid heart tells him it is Mjölnir . But it cannot be… Surely, it cannot be?

“Ivar Ragnarsson, I wish to give you another chance. A chance to be more than a war monger,” he gestures at the soon to be corpse. “To perhaps have a greater gift than the ability to sack and raid.”

“I have fended for my people.” Ivar grits out through red teeth. “I have fended for myself!”

Thor reaches out to him, strokes the muddied, bloodied hair from Ivar’s forehead. The tears fall from Ivar’s eyes now… Could this be real? Is this his God? Would they choose to remain so cruel to him, to make him think they care for him as such?

“I can see your thoughts, young Ivar. It is not my intention to be cruel.”

Ivar sobs and manages to clutch Thor’s hand in his. “Then what is it you want of me? Have I not suffered enough? It may just be my time to die.” 

“I would ask you live a life of love and happiness. If you will it.”

His eyes roll back as his organs begin to fail. Limbs feel cold and he reeks of something rotten. “Perhaps you are Loki.”

Thor grins. “I am not. But you could meet him, too, one day. If you let me have you.” 

Ivar has no room to argue anymore. His days of argument and bickering are over. There is nothing left in him now. 

“If it would please you, Thor,” Ivar says dryly. “Take me away. To the Gods. To Asgard, if you must.” He frowns, giving one last fleeting look at the murky brown, red, and green that surrounds him. “This world is done with me.”

Thor takes Ivar’s hand and makes him grip around Mjölnir; to his surprise, the hulking tool is easily lifted from the dirt. As easily as it is for Thor to scoop Ivar in his arms and stand to his daunting height. 

Ivar is losing consciousness. Mjölnir is back in Thor’s hand before Ivar can drop it, and Thor is raising it toward the sky. Signalling to Heimdall to open the gates. It is time to return with someone just as equally worthy of the Gods above.

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Warriors (Peter Parker x Reader) Chapter 1: Unexpected Visitor

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Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader

Warnings: Cursing and some very light smut. Like so light it’s basically not even smut more of a mention honestly.

Summary: Essentially a Wonder Woman AU but with some differences. You grew up in Asgard. You’ve lived there your whole life. But then your life changes when Peter Parker stumbles into Asgard, and right into you. There have been recent attacks by aliens on Earth. And Thor and Tony have been working together to try and stop them. And Peter has been dying to help but Tony and Thor both think it’s too dangerous for him. So when he accidentally stumbles into Asgard he’s going to need your help to get out without Tony or Thor noticing. You agree to help him. On one condition…He takes you to Earth with him to fight off the invading aliens. 

“Thor look out!” Tony calls out and points at a giant troll like creature coming towards him. 

Thor easily knocks it away with his hammer and laughs at Tony. 

“I knew it was coming Tony. If anything that troll should have been looking out for me!” He bellows and takes down a few more aliens that were terrorizing New York City. 

“Yeah I know. Just be careful. I don’t want to worry about anyone getting hu-” Tony says then stops when he sees an alien get hit by a web and pinned to the ground. “Shit.” 

He turns and sees Spider-Man swing into the street. Webbing down aliens that were threatening to attack citizens. Tony grumbled to himself and called Peter using FRIDAY. Peter picks up using Karen.

“Oh hey Mr. Stark! What do you think? I’m doing good right?” Peter asks.  

“What are you doing here Parker!” Tony yells at him. “These things are extremely dangerous! You shouldn’t be fighting them!” 

“Yeah well ever since I took down those weapons sellers I’ve sort of got a reputation to hold up and-” Peter explains and Tony cuts him off. 

“I don’t care about any of that! These things are giving me and Thor a run for our money! The last thing we need is to worry about- LOOK OUT!” Tony yells at him and Peter immediately swings away from a giant alien that slammed his fist down where he was perched on a building a second ago. 

“Thanks for the heads up Mr. Stark! I’ll watch out for you too-” Peter starts but Tony cuts him off. 

“No you will not! You will go home right now or else I’ll give Happy instructions to ground you from crime fighting for a month.” Tony says. 

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America: Happy birthday to meeee!!

Canada: Do you want another handful of sparklers? 

America: Oh, damn, bro, yes, look, bro, you could be celebrating too. I should have taken you over , you’d make such cute states, I– 

America; Hey! Mexico!! C’mere!! You should be America, too. I coulda taken all you’all over when I had the chance don;t you wish–

Mexico: Okay, no more keg stands for you. 

You know” she said, touching his fingertips like she always used to, “I really wanted it to be you. Everything about us seemed so right. We had our whole future figured out. Why couldn’t we make this work?”
“I did too.”, he answered, “I thought you were always gonna be the only one for me. I never thought that I’d ever be able to look at another girl when you existed. I wish it had been that way.” He looked at the sky that had turned pitch black and wished to drown in the dark so she wouldn’t have to see the tears in his eyes. “Then let’s go back. If we had the chance to start over, would you love me again?”, she looked so hurt, so desperate. Something he had never wanted to see.
“I wish.”, he whispered so quietly he himself could barely hear. “I wish that I could go back and love you the way you deserved to be loved, the way you deserve to be loved. But I don’t think I’m the right person to give you everything you deserve to have.”
The next sentence that escaped her lips broke his heart in more ways than he could have ever imagined. “So what makes you love her so much more than you were ready to love me?
—  I really wanted to have this talk with you because I would rather have drowned in tears than in silence like I did