wish i could have another chance

You know” she said, touching his fingertips like she always used to, “I really wanted it to be you. Everything about us seemed so right. We had our whole future figured out. Why couldn’t we make this work?”
“I did too.”, he answered, “I thought you were always gonna be the only one for me. I never thought that I’d ever be able to look at another girl when you existed. I wish it had been that way.” He looked at the sky that had turned pitch black and wished to drown in the dark so she wouldn’t have to see the tears in his eyes. “Then let’s go back. If we had the chance to start over, would you love me again?”, she looked so hurt, so desperate. Something he had never wanted to see.
“I wish.”, he whispered so quietly he himself could barely hear. “I wish that I could go back and love you the way you deserved to be loved, the way you deserve to be loved. But I don’t think I’m the right person to give you everything you deserve to have.”
The next sentence that escaped her lips broke his heart in more ways than he could have ever imagined. “So what makes you love her so much more than you were ready to love me?
—  I really wanted to have this talk with you because I would rather have drowned in tears than in silence like I did

“My life has gone on. More than anything, I am grateful to Selena for teaching me the meaning of love.  I was fortunate enough to be able to marry again and have children.  I wish that I could have had a family with Selena, as we had always planned; still, I know that Selena was the one who made this possible for me.  She showed me how to drop my guard and embrace life.

I used to talk on the phone with my family frequently, but it wasn’t until I married Selena that i truly opened my heart.  Today I say “I love you” to my friends and family every chance I get, because I know that there might not be another tomorrow with these people who are so dear to me.  I know that, if Selena were here, she’d tell me that she loved me and not to worry, because I’ll see her again one day.” - Chris Perez [To Selena, With Love]

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Felix Iresso/Jedi Consular

Apart from being crammed into way too little time/space (a problem all the late-arriving romance companions have, sadly), Felix/JC is basically what I’m looking for in a Bioware romance. They’re supportive of one another, they’re sweet and cute together and he’s got a sense of humor. I wish they had introduced him earlier in the story to let the romance (and his personal arc) breathe a bit and give him a chance to grow on people, since it’s one of the healthier relationships in the game and there’s a lot more to him than the “Boring nice guy” image that could have been fleshed out (like the fact he and Jorgan know each other!).

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get much more attention from the fandom than he did from Bioware. I could hypothesize why but I think this meme is going to get me in enough trouble as is.

I was really happy to hear him name dropped in the 5.2 stream (well, one of them), to the point where i’ll be making a conscious effort to get through KotFE and KotET on Olympia. Whether I will survive the experience…

I tell everyone that I’m happy you and I didn’t work things out this time and that I’m glad you found someone new again. Hell, I sit in the car and have to practically chant it to myself in the morning so I don’t lose it when I see her grab your hand. My face hurts from smiling and laughing too much in hopes that you’ll see how totally okay I am with this. We’re going to walk away from this one day and babe, you really screwed up pushing me away. You were my best friend and then you decided that you’d rather have their approval than mine. You’re going to wish that you could go back in time and tell me that you loved me even when I didn’t see it. You’re going to regret every single time you made me upset. You and her aren’t going to work out. In the end, we always will… Too bad I don’t think I’m going to have the energy to give us another chance. You ruined us. One day, you’re going to wish you hadn’t.
—  It’s nearly been a year

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I was kinda wtfucked when crowley was able to break Micheal's lance like what??? Thats too poweful for you just break it. I wish he had realized what to do by himself, tried (and failed) then gave it to Dean. Some light or smth first blady could have happened but Dean keeps his focus on saving Cas and then breaks it. It'd be nice, they could do smth about Dean using that lance being poweful and shit later. Idk waisted chance

I don’t disagree with you, but I don’t exactly agree, either.

Don’t get me wrong – I fucking love the idea of Michael!Dean. I also think that Michael is going to make another appearance – he’s way, way, WAY too important to the original story, and the oddly circumferential way that Lucifer and Chuck talked about Michael last season reeeeally makes me think that they’re hanging onto Michael so they have another big story to tell. Lucifer and Michael were the ORIGINAL Sam and Dean mirrors in the story; the difference being that Dean went back for Sam when John ‘cast him out,’ whereas Michael did not go back for Lucifer.

Point being: I don’t think that we’ve see the last of the allusions to Michael!Dean. This was not the only chance for them to tell us what’s going on there.

(I am also very torn on wanting to actually see Michael!Dean. It would be FUCKING AMAZING to see Jensen actually get a chance to play a different character, but I also love that Dean is the one member of Team Free Will that hasn’t actually given up his free will to an archangel.)

So on one hand, having a big textual flashing red light that points to Dean as still being special because he is Michael’s vessel probably would have sent me into another screaming fit.

On the other hand, though? From a storytelling standpoint, it HAD to be Crowley that actually saved the day. He, whose #1 priority is self-preservation, broke a weapon that probably could have taken down Lucifer, who is the biggest threat to his throne and his life. He did something that was 100% selfless, and that’s HUGE. It’s a major development for Crowley, and him just handing the lance to Dean to break wouldn’t have had the same effect.

But you see here’s the thing - you really should’ve picked another person to waste your precious time on; because now, now I have nothing and you’re there when I’m here wishing things could’ve been different. But hey, who knows, maybe you’ll come back and I’ll have my chance; or maybe you won’t.
—  c.f. // “American hero” #1
I know it sounds stupid, but I really wish we could start over again, go back to when we first met and have another chance. Back to the beginning before all the hurt and the hate, before I knew what it felt like to care about someone as much as I apparently still care about you.
A Little Visit

For @superfluouskeys “I’m just visiting” Prompt. (Thank you so much!) And for @dadrunkwriting I hope you enjoy!

Link Lavellan was only a young boy of ten when he first saw the fierce and beautiful Nevarran shem. Apparently she was some sort of royalty but she didn’t act like it.

He loved the way she sparred with her older brother in the backyard. She was good, too, better than himself, in fact. And found himself wishing he could have the chance to bout with her.

“Grip your sword a little higher,” Link heard the older brother say as he watched from behind a bush. She obeyed. “Yeah, that’s it. Perfect. Another round, then?”

Their feet moved with perfect footing as they lunged, blocked and parried, it was like they had their own special dance. Link wanted to clap for the girl as she smacked the wooden sword from her brother’s hand.

“I’ve got you now. Perhaps I am ready to face a dragon with you.” She said, her chin tilted high, as she held the tip of the sword at his throat.

He swiped it away, laughing. “Not yet, little sis, but someday soon, perhaps. Be a dear, Cass, and help me up please.”

Cass. That was the beautiful girl’s name. Link smiled happily, he could finally put a name to that face.

Cass gripped his wrist and gave him a pull. He came up easily. Link was amazed she didn’t even stumble or waver in the slightest with that amount of counterweight.

“Children! It’s time for dinner!” A voice called out from inside the house and Link watched sadly as his visit came to an abrupt end.

I would pay good money to see an offshoot of Rogue where Shay, having been both a Templar and an Assassin, starts a new club of his own, one that maintains the balance of the world. They could put Desmond as a double agent who got himself caught by the Templars, rescued by the Assassins, thereby infiltrating both, realising the motives of Juno, and sacrificing himself so his true club , and the world, can have another chance of balance. I’m saying this because of his words, “Then perhaps we shall start a revolution of our own.” in Rogue.

Are spending everyday wishing for another chance at happiness we glimpsed? Do you dream about moments we could have had, only to wake up cold and alone? Have you rethought every word passed between us wishing to go back and change what they meant? Does everyone you look at make you wish for a different shade of blue? Do you wish it was me with love in my eyes and you heart on my sleeve? Have you spend hours upon hours looking for a distraction to fill the hollow where I used to be? Are you filling silence with thoughts of how to hold me in your arms again, at least one more time? Have you pushed yourself to be better just in case I step back into your life? Do love scenes make you cry until you can’t feel your fingers and your toes?

Because I do, and I know I don’t deserve to. I spent days tearing us apart brick by brick and even more staring at the mess I made. I don’t deserve to miss you. I don’t deserve to love you anymore. But I do, and I always will.

I hope I get to experience true love someday. To be able to hold someone close that won’t leave me in the middle of the night. Someone who won’t change their mind about us. Someone who doesn’t think of somebody else when they are wrapped up safely in my arms. I really wish it could have been with you. Someday. Maybe I’ll get another chance to feel love again, whether it is brief or everlasting. Maybe it will feel like the first time. And when I get to hold them I will wonder why I ever thought that I would never be enough.

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say a guy is all about academics and business and money making, but he has a pisces venus. is there any chance he could be attracted to an artist who clearly doesnt have her life together at all? ...i know this is a very specific situation. but cant a straight guy's venus be what he likes in a woman?

Venus in pisces, with the neptunian effect, he may want to “save” someone else in a way. Maybe with all his academic success he wishes to save another. Maybe he falls for the impractical artist and tries to piece her back together

I just can't feel sorry for Frank
  • I know, his life sucks, and we're supposed to think he's a decent guy... but... he's a 20th century man, yet he's so selfish and sexist. Yeah, I know he's doing something few men would do, but I'm not sure he's doing it for Claire's sake. I wish Claire had a mother or a sister to come back to.
  • We can't have children: Must be my wife's fault.
  • My wife disappears: my worst fear is she left me for another man (I mean, she could have been killed, but that's not important).
  • My wife comes back: This is MY chance to get MY wife back, and to take a job that was offered to ME, in another country. Cause she made ME happy in the past, and I hope I can make her happy in the future. (It's not like I have to ask HER what SHE wants to do. I married her like that, anyway)
  • My wife tells me she's pregnant with another man's child: First, I almost hit her, but I stopped, cause hey, I'm a decent guy, and I'm the victim here. Then I say that child is MINE and he/she will never know anything about his real dad.
  • I put conditions to my generous offer: My wife has to forget entirely about this other man she says she love. I control what she can and what she can't do, so I forbid her to search for him, or (OMG) try to come back to him. (I'm doing it for her own sake, you know? it's not like this other man loved her enough to accept and understand her feelings for me, and even tried to send her back to me, if that make HER happy)
  • So, is Frank not as decent as we're supposed to think, or it's just that comparing him to Jamie is unfair?

I love him. Simple as that. I love him with every fiber of my being, but he isn’t mine. He told me he loved me, but I’m too late. He now loves another and she isn’t me. Why didn’t I listen to what he told me??? Why did I have to be dumb and naïve and not realize what a good person he is??? I wish I could take all that wasted time back. I wish I could go back in time and love him like he deserved oh so much. I wish I had given him a chance. I wish I had loved him instead. I wish he could be in my life like I want him to be. I wish I had let him love me. Most of all, I wish I could turn back time and be his.

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Second Chance

AN: *grins* STORY TIME! Everyone sit down, grab some popcorn and get ready for another Gravity Falls fic. This idea isn’t mine, (I wish) but no someone on Tumblr thought of this, but said that whoever found it interesting could go about how they wanted, draw/writing our own creations. So this is my attempted at her idea.

This will be my third installment to my newly named “Events We’ve Wrought” series.



“Have you figured out what we are going to tell mom and dad?”

Mabel glanced at her brother then back to her picture of the two of them and their two Grunkles happy faces, the four of them were once happy— but now, well now they weren’t. Six weeks have past since the death of their Grunkle Stan and even still it was hard, it was hard to do any fun anymore. Mabel couldn’t find anything to smile about, to be excited about since then. She even stopped knitting colorful sweaters, now she makes ones that reflected her mood, which lately have been blue.

“No.” She said simply, honestly she hasn’t been giving her parents much thought. “I still don’t know why you want me to think of something to tell them. You’re better at explaining things then I am.” Meh, right now it didn’t matter to her, if neither of them couldn’t think of anything to say then they could just erase their parents memory of Grunkle Stan completely, that’s what they had done after the paramedics had announced the time of Stan’s death.

Dipper scratched the back of his neck and shrugged. “I don’t know, it… just seems more of a sensitive subject for you to explain.” She stayed silent, her gaze falling back to the picture on their dresser. She felt the bed dip and a small hand on her shoulder. The twelve year old this time didn’t look away from the photo. “Come on, Mabel. You gotta snap out of this.”

“I’m fine—”

“No, you’re not! You’re sulking around here and in town wearing nothing but blue sweaters all the time. And you hardly smile anymore.”

“I’m no where near as bad as Grunkle Ford is.” Dipper’s hand stiffened at the name. She shrugged the hand off and pulled her knees to her chest. “At least I go outside, out of our room, he hasn’t been out in weeks. I understand, he lost his brother after they just started spending time together but— when summer’s over, I’m afraid to leave him here all by himself. I’m scared he’s going to do something stupid.”

“He’s older then us, Mabel. Way older then us. We can’t tell to not be stupid.”

She let out a sad filled sigh. “I know, but I’m still scared. We lost one Uncle already, Dipper. I don’t want to lose another one.” Dipper out an arm around his sister’s shoulders and gave her a one-arm hug. “It’ll be alright Mabel, I’m sure he’ll bounce back eventually.” Mabel couldn’t take her twin brothers words truthfully, ever since Stan’s death, she couldn’t believe any type of comfort any body said to her or Grunkle Ford.

“How Dipper? How’s he going to bounce back from this? You told me that Stan had passed in Ford’s arms. You said that when the paramedics tried to take him away that Grunkle Ford yelled and growled at them to get away. If that happened to you, I wouldn’t be okay. Would you bounce back quickly if that happened to me?”

The arm around her shoulders tightened at the thought. “No…I wouldn’t be, at least not right away. But I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“It’ll take a miracle for Grunkle Ford or any of us to ever be fine again.”

Sadness. Overwhelming, gut-wrenching sadness is what was pulling it in one direction. But that’s it’s power wasn’t it? Or to be more technical it was it’s power. It’s been living in this town even long before it was even a town. Though now after so long it was time for it’s existence to go or at least it will be soon. But first it must take away all this sadness, yes take it away. Because this creature wasn’t like the other ones in the forest, this one was good and its sole job was to eat away pain.

So it walked, miles into the forest, it moved towards a treeless field to where only a single grave stood. Yes, it knew what a grave was. Someone very important had been placed here. This was the cause of all the pain and guilt it sensed. This person in this grave was the reason it traveled from the deepest depths of the woods.

The current body could not be restored, it was still too fresh but using its last bit of magic. It could change the person’s body to a much durable state. A younger, much healthier one in this humans life.

Yes, yes this would do the trick.

Raising it’s hand it ported the decaying body out of the coffin, in a flash of swirling lights and colors, of red, yellow and orange, the old man —who’s name on the grave said Stanley— was morphed back into his youngling years of innocents. The thing smiled and placed a giant leaf over the child’s clothed body for warmth.

Turning around and began to walk away. It’s job was done, the creature sighed in relief. Now, now it can go pass in peace.

The strange being walked away into the misty night.


Dipper woke up feeling like things were going to be different today. He couldn’t explain it but as he gazed at the ceiling in the attic he actually smiled. He couldn’t understand why he has this feeling, why things felt they were better, but he wasn’t going to question it because this was the first time he’s felt like going off and investigating the first with Journal 3 safely tucked away in his vest.

Mabel was already up. Which surprised him, seeing as how lately he’s been the one getting up before her. Maybe she’s finally feeling better. He hoped so, it wouldn’t feel right going on a monster hunt without her, getting up he walked over to his closet with a spring in his step and grabbed Journal 3. He looked at himself in the mirror and noticed the dark circles under his eyes. For the first couple days, the little detective had nightmares about that day. Dipper tried not sleeping but that was quickly shot down by Mabel who refused to let anything else happen to another family member.

Dipper could fully tell now how much that event has taken it’s toll on all of them.

“Hey bro-bro?” Mabel’s voice suddenly came into the room. “Have any ‘nerdy looking’ kids come in at all?” She question was surprising as it random. Maybe she was back to normal.

Still, he gave her a confused look. “Nnnno” He stretched the word out. “I don’t think so. Why?” His sister turned out of the room.

“Hmm, sorry. Your brother might not be here.” She said sounding almost cheerful. “But your welcome to stay here and wait for him if you want.”

“Aw, man!” A voice abruptly groaned out. Who was his sitter talking too? Standing up, Dipper walked towards the door and opened it the rest of the way. “Who are you talking to—” He stopped when he saw a kid that looked to be young then him, maybe about nine or ten years old. Dipper stood there, staring at the kid not knowing what to say, usually a kid doesn’t come this far into the shack.

Mabel pointed at Dipper. “This is my bro-bro Dipper. And I know what your thinking, yes we’re twins.”

The boy’s face lite up like a Christmas tree. “Cool! Me and my brother are twins too!” The boy smiled at Mabel and held out his fist to her. “Twinsies!” He said with a bubbly laugh. And his sister for the first time in weeks, smiled softly. She held out her hand and fist bumped the child. Dipper smiled at the sight as well.

“Twinsies.” The kids face became even happier, having been returned a fist bump. He turned around and walked down the stairs. “Hey, this place is pretty cool! And I should know cool, I saw a dead rat floatin in a bucket once.”

“Ew.” Dipper and Mabel laughed as they followed their new friend down the stairs and into the kitchen. The three of them had only met moments ago, and they didn’t even know this child’s name yet, but they liked him already, he was weird and just like Grunkle Ford they loved weird things. “Ya guys have anythin to eat? It feels like I could eat two whole entire pizzas by myself.” The kid said as he sat down at the kitchen table. Mabel stood on a stool to the cabinets and opened them, while Dipper looked in the refrigerator for something for their new found friend to snack on.

“Mabel? Dipper? Where are you both at?”

The twins eyes snapped to each other in delight. That was Grunkle Ford’s voice. “He merged from his room!”

“But why now?” Dipper asked confused as to why all of a sudden was their Uncle coming out of his room.

“Who cares!?” His sister said excitingly as she bounced of the stool and stood up on one of the chairs. “Where in the kitchen!” She called out to him. Soon heavy footsteps got closer and closer to their direction.

“Sorry, kids. I just came to get something—” Their Grunkle started to say as he walked into the kitchen. Stanford cut himself off completely, words movement and all. He stood stock still as a statue, as he gapped at the young boy sitting at the table. He gripped the side of the doorframe and inhaled a breathe.

“Look! Great Uncle Ford!” Mabel said with a grin. “We made new friend! This is—” she stopped when she realized she didn’t know this boy’s name. “Um, hey? What’s your name?”

The kid smirked and tilted back in the chair casually. “Me? Oh I'm—”


The little nine year old snapped his head over to the man who said his name. Who was this guy? “Hey, old man? How do you know my name?” Ford exhaled a shaky breathe he raised a six fingered hand and ran it through his hair, at a loss for words, not if he could believe what he was seeing with his own two eyes. Suddenly the boy popped up from the chair, strolled over to Stanford and grabbed one of his hands. He counted and held each appendage with his tiny thumb and index finger. Then he grasped the side of the large hands with his smaller ones. Ford watched the boy closely, a lump growing in his throat as this felt familiar.

“Stanford?” The child— Stanley said curiously almost scared to even think this man was his twin. “Fordy? That you bro?”

But slowly Ford nodded his head. Still staying perfectly still, petrified that this was all a dream and he was just going crazy. Ley’s young face broke into a grin. But before any of them could being to comprehend how this happened and why. Ley launched his tiny body at Stanford and hugged him tightly around the waist. “Whoa! Stanford! Haha! Look at you! You look awesome! All talk and rugged and awesome!” Stanley looked up at Ford and smiled his signature goofy, gap-tooth smile. “But what’s going on, Ford? Why do you look that way? Where am I? Where are mom and dad?”

At his brother’s question. Ford couldn’t help but stiffen. How was he suppose to go about this? How was he suppose to explain everything that happened to this kid without traumatizing him that the kid was, in fact, dead? Was he… Suppose to lie? Was that an option? Could he some how to his brother and spare him all the pain he went through? Slowly he looked at Ley, who had his face buried in Ford’s pajamas, now looking a little frightened about what was going on.

He placed a hand on top of Stanley’s soft brown hair and began stroking it. Stanley looked up at Stanford, eyes innocent and happy blinked at him.

Pain erupted in his heart, as he remembered for the hundredths time what happened to adult version of his brother. Tears fell from his eyes as the guilt crashed into him as he stared at the boys face. Kneeling down he wrapped his arms around the small child and pulled him close. “Ley! Stanley!” He breathed out sounding. He didn’t care how or why his brother was alive, nor did he care on why his brother was nine years old again. Ford was just happy he was here. Ley returned the embrace. He was confused on a lot of things one, most why his brother was so tall and old and what has his twin so upset, but all that mattered to him right now was making Ford feel better. “Don’t cry, Poindexter! Everything’s alright.”

Ford cried all the harder, seeing that even though he was technically older the Stanley now, his twin was still trying to be the older sibling.

“G-Grunkle Stan!” Mabel came barreling into both, tears rolling down her face, she hugged them both as tightly as her short little arms would allow. Dipper followed soon after his sister, tears were in the corners of his eyes.

“Grunkle?” Stanley stated, his question muffled by the enormous group hug he was receiving. “I ain’t old enough to be a Grunkle.” He said with a laugh, then fell silent. He looked at Ford. “Am I?”

Stanford sucked in air through clinched teeth. This… This conversation— Should be interesting. Placing his forehead against young Stanley’s for a second or two to gain some confidence, before he pulled away and smiled softly.

“C'mon Ley. Story time.”


AN: ANOTHER ONE DOWN! WHOO! I love kid Stanley, he is the CUTEST kid I have ever seen next to Kid Stanford. This took a lot of thinking, I had to think long and hard to find a way for Stanley to still be dead in this part but also on a way to bring him back still de-aged and have memory loss, while still have it make at least SOME sense.

So in the end I just made up my own Supernatural creatures that I swear to god I can’t think of a name for it OR what it looks like, someone help me with this! DX

Ideas that have Stanford reacting to kid Ley is different with mine. It’s because I killed Stanley off in my ‘Deals of a Demon’ fic that he is reacting this way. If I hadn’t killed him, then Ford would be reacting like all those other awesome ideas.

Anyway, thoughts? Good? Bad? Should I scrap this fic entire and not finish it? Please leave them and I review and I’ll see you all soon. disappeareddraws

Here is chapter two: - - http://theangeloffate.tumblr.com/post/125405033817/second-chance-chapter-two
Hold Me Close (S.M Imagine)

Anon: Shawn comes home late from tour and Y/N was already asleep when he got there. He snuggles next to her etc.


+++++YOUR POV+++++

You were so tired that you could feel your heavy eyelids sliding closed. You were about to drift off when you heard your phone vibrate on the bed next to you. It had to be Shawn, he had already called and told you that his flight was delayed so he must have another update. You grab the phone and hit the green button, before you even had a chance to say anything he started talking.

“I’m so sorry baby! The weather is terrible here and the flight is going to be delayed for at least another half hour! I really wish i could be there with you right now and if there was a way i promise i would take it, i miss you so SO much!” he sounded so tired and so worried, you felt terrible for him.

“Don’t worry Shawn i’m fine, ill still be here when you get here. But you need to get some rest, promise me you’ll try to have a nap before you get back.” You could feel the tiredness in your voice but you tried not to show it too much.

“Okay i promise ill try to have a nap, but you have to rest too, i promise ill see you tomorrow baby, even if i have to walk all the way back. Love you!”

“I love you too babe!” you yawned and he blew a kiss then hung up. The sudden silence seemed heavy and you already missed his voice. But the darkness was warm and comforting and you soon fell asleep once again.

+++++SHAWN’S POV+++++

Y/N better be sleeping when i get home I thought as I stepped out j-bone and started walking up the steps to our house. I tried to quietly open the door but it creaked a little, hopefully quiet enough that Y/N doesn’t wake up. The small secret apartment you shared in Vancouver was quiet and almost completely dark, Y/N left the kitchen light on for me, that was so sweet of her.

I creeped quietly into our room hoping not to wake her up, Y/N is curled up on her side of the bed, hugging my pillow. So I lay down next to her, I didn’t care that I was still in my traveling clothes I wanted to hold her as soon as possible.

“Goodnight darling, I love you” I managed to mutter before falling asleep.

++++YOUR POV++++

The bright morning sun shone through slits in the blinds and you rolled over to shield yourself.

When you reopened your eyes your face was right next to another one. Shawns. His messy brown hair flopped over the pillow and his lips turned up slightly in a smile. His cheeks were pink and warm, you cuddled in close to him without disturbing his sleep and entwined your fingers through his, falling back to sleep almost instantly.

Sorry this one sucks.. I haven’t written in a while but I really wanted to post something.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I can remember clearly as day when Vegascon 2013 happened, and I followed this girl on tumblr who attended, and she post such a beautiful J2 op. And I was sitting here, on my bed in Brazil, just thinking “whoa, I wish I could have this but I know I won’t because I’m too far away.” And everytime I saw a J2 op, I’d have the same feeling and I felt so sad. 

Then, against all odds, Karri and I attended Chicon 2014 and I finally got the chance to have my own J2 op. And to this day, I look and it framed in my room, and I can’t believe it’s real. But I thought that would be the only one.

Little did I know that I was meant to meet them a second time and have another fantastic photo op. I was so nervous meeting them again, I had thought about this pose but I was so anxious about asking. I even had the nerve of asking Jared to take his beanie off so it wouldn’t look weird. And omg, it’s fantastic, I can’t believe it came out so good. I actually had the original printed one signed by the boys so I can have it framed too. 

So, this pic here is the proof that dreams can come true again. I never thought I’d have a J2 op in my life, and now I have two. And I’ll never take them for granted, in my life. They are my precious treasures <3

wish you would take a little while
to notice the glimmer in my eyes when you pass me by
I’m just another face in the crowd
while you’re the voice screaming in my head
I want to be something real to you
this could be worthwhile if you’d give me the chance
I have so much to say
but when I see you my mind goes blank
a canvas before the paint
but I say let’s make something beautiful together

i don’t. hm.

i don’t think any character in that story got a satisfying and complete arc except for dave and dirk and maybe karkat, and that’s… yeah. after all the time & emotional energy i’ve put into these characters that’s. obviously. not what i’d hoped for.

and after a certain point. i’d kind of. lost faith that any of the character/plot stuff i cared about would be resolved anyway? but i still thought there was a chance i’d underestimated him

on the other hand, what we GOT was more than i’d hoped for in a lot of ways? it was beautiful and it was extremely effective at what it WAS. the visuals + music were just absolutely stunning and extremely impressive and i didn’t expect that at all

so i’m just. idk i’m not angry. it’s disappointing and i wish it had been different. but what it was worked for me really well. and i’m not sure what else he really could have done without spending another 7 years on it