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Calm Down/Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: This was requested awhile back and I never got to it sorry. Hope you like it!

Living with Barry Allen was no walk in the park, even before his speed he was a hyper person. Of course you wouldn’t have it any other way, but sometimes you wished he would calm down just a little.

“Morning Y/N!” Barry said cheerfully coming into the kitchen.


“So I was thinking-” You cut him off “Uh oh.”

“Hey, just hear me out. Anyway, since we both have the day off I was thinking we could go out and do stuff we don’t normally get to do.”

“Like?” You questioned.

“Well first off, go get Coffee at jitters with Iris.”

“We always do that.”

‘Would you let me finish.”

“I’m sorry Barry, go on”

“Then maybe go to that nice restaurant you’ve been wanted to go to, tonight for dinner.”

You nearly spit out your coffee. You and Barry had been friends forever, and for most of that time you had a crush on him too, you never thought he’d want to take you out.

“Like a date?” You asked

“No. Ya! I mean if you want… it doesn’t-”

You stopped him mid sentence, “I would love that Barry.”

“Really? That’s great Y/N because I thought you say no.”

“Please Barry who could say no to your cute face.”

“Lots. Trust me.” He laughed. “So.. coffee then?”


“Ok! lets go!.”

“Barry I’m not dressed yet.”

“Then get dressed.” Then he sped off.

You let out a sigh and laughed. “Wait for me!”

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Summoner/Camilla C-S Support

Written by  aph-aphrodite


Camilla: (y/n), if I may have a bit of your time?

(y/n): Lady Camilla! It’s good to see you. What is it that you need?

Camilla: I’ve noticed that we don’t spend much time outside of battles. As much as I love protecting you, I’d love it even more if we were to get closer without all those pesky enemies swarming us.

(y/n): You’re very kind, Lady Camilla.

Camilla: Hmm, let’s stop with the titles, yes? It feels as though we are on two completely different standings. I’d rather you think of me as your equal.

(y/n): Ah, sorry. With so many royal figures in the realm, I tend to get confused between which ones wish to command respect and which ones don’t mind if I refer to them merely by name.

Camilla: … They aren’t giving you trouble, are they?

(y/n):  None at all! Really, there’s nothing to worry about. I find it rather amusing, actually.

Camilla: Heehee! Well, if you ever find that someone’s talking down to you a bit more than you’re comfortable with, just come tell me, alright? Oh, and names would be a big help.

(y/n): I’ll… Keep that in mind. Well then, Camilla, where do you wish to go?

Camilla: I thought you’d never ask! How about we begin with a walk outside the castle? Askr really is such a lovely place. I’d love to share the sights with you. Oh, and while we’re at it, we could have a small picnic, just the two of us! I know of a cliff spot that just has the loveliest view. Ooh, should we camp out tonight? I think that the weather should be fairly light.

(y/n): Well, if we’re doing that, we’re going to need some bug spray. … Wait a minute, Camilla, this plan has way too many factors involved! Camilla?

[(y/n) and Camilla have reached support rank C.]


(y/n): Hm, what should I do for my break? I finished up the plans for our troops earlier than I thought I would. Maybe I could sneak off for a nap…

Camilla: (y/n)!

(y/n): Or not.

Camilla: (y/n), sweetie, here you are!

(y/n): Hey, Camilla. Is there something you’d like from me?

Camilla: Have you forgotten already? We made plans a little while back for a trip between the two of us, didn’t we?

(y/n): I apologize. It seems to have slipped my mind. There was just so much to do recently, and I didn’t have the time to focus on such a luxury. Can we postpone the campout until a later date? I swear I’ll make it up to you.

Camilla: Oh, you poor dear. Fret not, we can use the rest of this day to unwind, instead. I’m assuming you’re finished with all your work?

(y/n): Yes?

Camilla: Excellent! I’ve recently come into contact with an excellent spa nearby! It has the full package, manicures, pedicures, facials, you name it! You’ll love it!

(y/n): Camilla, I… You know what? Forget it. I’m ready for that all-out spa treatment! Let’s go for it!

Camilla: That’s the spirit! Heehee, I haven’t really met someone who’s as enthusiastic as me when it comes to spa treatments, before.

(y/n): It’s best to enjoy these types of things with friends, right? Besides, you’re always there for me. The least I can do is be enthusiastic when you’re clearly excited about something.

Camilla: Oh, (y/n), you considerate, adorable thing! I could just eat you up! Come here!

(y/n): Wh- Wah!

[(y/n) and Camilla have reached support rank B.]


Camilla: (y/n).

(y/n): Ah, Camilla? What’s with the long face?

Camilla: My dearest (y/n)… You won’t leave me, will you?

(y/n): U-uh? Wait, where is this coming from?

Camilla: Hm. Apologies. The full realization set in that we’re from separate worlds. Once this war is over, there will be no reason for us to stay in contact… Though I look forward to the day you are no longer plagued by Veronica, my heart aches knowing that one day we will no longer have cause to be together.

(y/n): … That’s not true.

Camilla: What?

(y/n): We will have a reason to stay together. Even if we can’t fight as a team anymore, that doesn’t mean we don’t have other ways of bonding.

Camilla: …

(y/n): Besides, we’re friends, aren’t we? Friends stick together, no matter what. We’ll find a way for me to get home and back. Then we can see each other all the time, since Askr has a portal to and from Nohr. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Camilla: Heh… Hahaha!

(y/n): Eh?

Camilla: Oh, (y/n), you always know exactly what to say to cheer up little old me. This is just one reason of many why I so willingly protect you.

(y/n): Believe me, Camilla, I realize. And I am ever grateful to you. No, seriously. I can’t count the amount of times that someone nearly hurt me and you tore them- quite literally- apart. By the Gods, you have an impressive amount of muscle on you, and I am very glad not to be at the blunt of your anger.

Camilla: Anything for you, (y/n). Just remember that I will always remain faithful to you, as your Hero- no. Simply as Camilla, to (y/n).

[(y/n) and Camilla have reached support rank A.]


Camilla: (y/n). If I may borrow you for a moment?

(y/n): Of course, Camilla. Is it about our trip?

Camilla: No. Actually, I was wondering about a more… Heavier matter.

(y/n): Oh? What of?

Camilla: Is there anybody you’ve taken a fancy to in Askr?

(y/n): W-WHAT?! I mean- I mean, um- what- what do you-

Camilla: Okay, I’m taking that as a yes. (y/n). You’re a terrible liar.

(y/n): I apologize. Your question just caught me off-guard. Can I ask why you’ve decided to take an interest in my love life?

Camilla: So I know who my rival is.

(y/n): Your… Your rival?

Camilla: Yes. I’d have hoped to make it obvious to you previously, but it seems you haven’t caught on yet, so instead of letting my actions speak for themselves, I’ll have to say it face to face. (y/n), you mean the world to me. It is at a point where being separated from you would be absolutely devastating.

(y/n): Oh, Camilla…

Camilla: I cannot imagine a life without you, and with the fact that we might be separated in the future… It’s too much to bear. Understand that I would do anything for you to keep you safe, even if it comes at the cost of my own life.

(y/n): Wait, wait, Camilla! Can’t we talk about this? Okay. Look. If we’re going to be in a relationship, then this needs to be a two-way street. Let me protect you, too. You mean an awful lot to me, and losing you, knowing that it was just for my sake- it’s too cruel to even think of it.

Camilla: So you feel the same way. … I’m glad.

(y/n): Yes… I do. With the amount of time that we’ve spent together, your enthusiasm to seeing me, and our shared interests, I’ve seemed to have developed some intimate feelings for you. We have things we need to work out, but we have time. We can do this. Together.

Camilla: Of course, dear. I look forward to our shared life… together.

[(y/n) and Camilla have reached support rank S.]

Confession Quote:

Camilla: My most precious treasure is you. I’ll never, ever let anybody take you away from me. Hehe, was that too much?

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 89: Asking Permission

Fluffy Fridays—Chapter 89: Asking Permission

Pairing:  Captain Swan (and Captain Charming)

Rating: T

Summary:  A series of unrelated, fluffy one shots featuring  Killian Jones and Emma Swan and the relationship that makes us all  swoon. Will contain both canon and AU stories. My contribution to  Operation Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickers (aka, my attempt to drown  out the season 4 finale angst with ridiculous levels of fluff.)

Missed the beginning? ( 1) ( 2) ( 3) ( 4) ( 5) (6) ( 7) ( 8) ( 9) ( 10) ( 11) ( 12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) (24) (25) (26) (27) (28) (29) (30) (31) (32) (33) (34) (35) (36) (37) (38) (39) (40) (41) (42) (43) (44) (45) (46) (47) (48) (49) (50) (51) (52) (53) (54) (55) (56) (57) (58) (59) (60) (61) (62) (63) (64) (65) (66) (67) (68) (69) (70) (71) (72) (73) (74) (75) (76) (77) (78) (79) (80) (81) (82) (83) (84) (85) (86) (87) (88)

Tagging a few people who may be interested: @sailormew4 @annaamell @flslp87 @emmateo26@fleurreads @doracianstormrose @mermaidswans @bethacaciakay @ultraluckycatnd@allfangirlallthetime @effulgentcolors, @ilovemesomekillianjones @kat2609 @brooke-to-broch@missgymgirl @hellomommanerd @galadriel26 @the-lady-of-misthaven @charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615 @laschatzi @kimmy46 @snowbellewells @iamanneenigma @daxx04 @lapi-lazuli@nickillian @a-rose-for-a-savior @in-spirational @gillie @manic-pixiefangirl @britishguyslover@ginnyjinxedandhanshotritafirst @nofeels @holmes-a-holic @kmomof4


Asking Permission

CS Genre: Future fic (follows Making a House a Home)

Killian woke with a smile on his lips, as he seemed to do nearly every morning anymore.  The sun shone brightly into their bedroom window, the smell of the sea heavy on the breeze that gently ruffled the gossamer curtains that hung before the slightly open French doors leading out to their balcony.  In the distance, Killian could hear the crash of the sea against the shore.  His bed was soft and warm, and he’d gotten an exemplary night’s sleep.

But nothing filled him with such joy as waking to Emma Swan in his arms, her fragrant, glorious hair tickling his nose, her soft body pressed against his, a gentle smile on her face.  It was overwhelming sometimes to remember that she was his, that she loved him, that she chose him as strongly and deeply as he chose her.

Life was good.  Life was near to perfect, and Killian had never been happier in his life.

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Ain’t No Other Man Part 3

Christina started in ROH and NJPW as the hot girl for the Bullet Club. She even “dated” AJ Styles on TV, while he was going through a real life divorce from his wife. When AJ went to the WWE in January 2016, Christina followed shortly after WrestleMania of the same year. AJ and Christina have been dancing around their attraction for each other since before his divorce. However, neither have acted on it, and AJ and her still remain friends. When Seth Rollins starts to hit on Tina, AJ doesn’t know how to feel about it. 

Part 1 

Part 2

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The cure for a broken heart

Pastel! Dan X Pastel! Phil
Genre: fluff, angst, flower shop au
Word count: 2705
Tw: there is literally one bad word and it’s not even that bad

A/N I’m very proud of this fic and I’m very rarely proud of the things I do. So please enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. :D

 Based on a prompt from the lovely translucentphil.

Dan never felt so wrecked in his entire life. Every night he’d cry himself to sleep and during the day he was so exhausted from drifting in and out of sleep that he’d sleep in during the day as well. How could one person ruin him like that? He felt as though heart was steadily wilting away, a lot like his plants and potted flowers that he used to take so much pride in. He replayed every moment over and over wondering what he had done wrong. What was so fatal that his boyfriend whom he had loved for the last five years of his life, abandon him for someone else? What had he done that was so wrong that he deserved this punishment? His heart was broken and he didn’t think anything would ever repair it; it was unfixable. This thought sparked a memory.

His mother holding him, her arms linked across his back his face buried in her chest. As they sat in the middle of the garden they had at home surrounded by beautiful roses and fragrant lavender she whispered to him causing him to look into her eyes, a mirror of his own coffee coloured orbs. She said “always remember that flowers, and plants in general are very special.” He gave her a questioning look to which she answered “They can do a lot of things like bring happiness, or show someone how much you love them and they can even cure a broken heart”

Dan stared at the ceiling and made a decision. He was either going to wallow his life away in a cocoon of blankets or he was going to get up and start living again. He knew that choosing the latter was more difficult to execute so he also decided to take things one step at a time. Starting with plugging his phone into his charger and taking a much needed shower.

As he entered the shower of hot water he instantly felt a lot better. The warm water rinsing away the grime and tears felt good and soothing against his face. And the shampoo in his hair made him forget for a moment why he was sad in the first place. A few tears slipped from his eyes but he washed them away ignoring them as they mixed in the water. When he got out he checked his phone seeing miss calls from Louise and -oh god- Jason. He called Louise, she picked up on the third ring
“Oh my god Dan are you okay? I’ve been trying to get on to you all week. Jason isn’t picking up either. Are you guys okay?”
“We broke up.” He stated solemly. He was met by a stunned silence. He couldn’t blame her, even he thought that they would be together forever.
“I’m so sorry Dan. I don’t… what do want me to do? Does he need a good beating cause I’d fight him for you” he smiled at her well meant intentions
“Maybe getting beat up would teach him something but he’s not worth the trouble”
“Alright but if you need anything just tell me. Do you want me to come over tonight? I wish I could come right away but I’m held up at the moment” he could almost hear her pout. “Someone as cute as you shouldn’t be sad alone”
“Yeah I guess” he said trying to hide just how sad he was “Oh sorry love I have to go now. But as soon as work is let off I’ll come over”
“Thanks ”

When they hung up he walked over to his mirror and stared at his reflection almost not recognising the eyes that stared back. You know what, maybe Louise is right. He is too cute to be sad alone. He may not look cute now, but if he thinks it enough it might be true.

He through on his warmest softest jumper, a white one paired with a soft blue pair of jeans. He didn’t bother straightening his hair and left for his nearest coffee shop. He placed his order and sank down into a cozy armchair in the back corner breathing in the smell of coffee trying to fend off his loneliness and focus on the grain of the wood in the coffee table. His eye spotted something pink and floral. He picked up the flyer from the table and his heart sped up maybe this was destiny. Maybe It was some kind of sign. Or it could be nothing. When the barista called his name he folded the flyer, stuffed it into his pocket and left sipping his iced coffee hopefully.

Phil’s POV
Phil was happy. The first week into owning his flower shop had been a lot more successful albeit hectic than he first thought it would be and he was thankful for the small moment of peace he received when two in the evening rolled around. He looked around himself admiring the bouquets of tiger and cada lilies, the roses and lilacs and he decided that there was no better job. He was arranging a bouquet of sunflowers that was releasing and unfortunate amount of pollen on his mint green shirt, for an order that was due the next day when the bell on the door of the entrance tingled. “Welcome. How can I help you-?” His voice dying off at the end when his eyes fell on the boy who entered the shop. He had never seen anyone so attractive in his entire life. And his heart sped up dangerously when he met his eyes. His very very sad eyes.

The boy who entered had eyes the colour of warm caramel and a small but generous mouth that had a small frown that seemed, at least to him, to be dissolving the more he marvelled at the flowers, his eyes ghosting over everything. His hair was curly and dishevelled and he appeared flushed in his white jumper. He looked like an angel. Phil stared at him the whole time as he drifted from the flowers and touched them gently. He didn’t spend more than an half hour before he left without buying anything.

By the time the next day rolled around Phil convinced himself that the mysterious boy was just a figment of his imagination induced from too much coffee and too little sleep. He was sat behind the counter weaving a flower crown out fresh ranunculus, pink roses and baby berth sipping a strawberry smoothie and humming a Lana del Rey song when the door opened and he stopped breathing. He was back looking as beautiful as ever in his carnation pink jumper. He looked down and carefully pushed the florist wire through the stem of the rose he was handling his eyebrows furrowing in concentration. He wrapped the wire around the baby berth ensuring that the rose faced outward. He continued his rhythm not realising that the boy was inching closer.
“Hi” phil almost jumped out of his seat with how close the boy was.
“Hi” he replied with a huge smile trying to mask how fast his heart was beating “How may I help you?”
“Uh…well, actually I’m not sure…” he started seeming seeming a bit out of place.
“Well do you need a bouquet for someone or for an event…?”
“I just..umm” he seemed embarrassed and unsure rubbing his hands together pulling his sleeves over his palms adorably.
“It’s okay if you’re not sure yet. When you’re ready you could tell me what you need” he said picking up another rose.
The brunette stayed quiet for a while thinking until he finally continued and asked “…so what are you making?”
“A flower crown” Phil replied holding it up to show him. He just hummed in response. Phil continued his work, his fingers skilled and graceful with practice only pausing to drain the last of his smoothie. When he was finally finished he held it up grinning triumphantly showing it to the other. “Looks good” he said looking genuinely impressed.
“Do you want to try it on?” Phil asked timidly.
With a slight hesitation he agreed and bowed his head allowing Phil to place the crown atop his brunette curls. “So, how do I look?” He asked shyly a faint blush colouring his cheeks.
“Wow, it suits you so well” he reiterated his thoughts from yesterday; this boy really was an angel.
“Thanks” he said softly reaching up to take it off to which Phil protested loudly.
“No! no, no you should keep that.” Suddenly realising what he practically shouted he continued “I mean it looks so good on you and…”
“I can’t take this, aren’t these expensive?” He questioned.
“No no they’re much cheaper than you’d think” Phil assured him. They were expensive but he didn’t mind giving it to him if it lessened the sadness in his eyes.
“Oh well thanks” he said gingerly touching the petals of one of the roses.
“No problem” he grinned. After a few moments the boy introduced himself stretching out a hand “I’m Dan”
“Phil” he replied grasping his warm hand in his cool one. He offered him a seat on a stool next to him which Dan took gratefully. He still didn’t know why Dan was here but he wasn’t complaining.

Dan’s POV
Phil greeted a customer and gave them their order before starting on an arrangement of hydrangeas. Dan still didnt know what he was doing there but the cute shop owner was nice enough to offer him a stool and generally didn’t seem bothered by having a complete stranger who doesn’t even buy anything sit beside him. His heart sunk as a thought occurred to him.
“So, we’re you trying to tell me something by giving me this flower crown?” Dan questioned while casually gesturing to his head.
“What do you mean?” Phil asked suddenly particularly interested in the angle of one of the leaves in his arrangement.
“Well if I recall correctly, giving someone ranunculus meant that you found them charming” he explained looking at his fingernails “and pink roses mean admiration…and sometimes sympathy”
Phil stayed quiet for a few heartbeats looking at Dan trying to get him to meet his eyes. When he finally did his heart broke a little when he saw tears in them.
“Dan are you okay?” Reach to touch him but recoiling when the other shook his head.
“It’s nothing.” He insisted wiping his eyes. “I’m fine”. After a moment Phil decided to turn back to his work in front of him. “Well I didn’t intend to give any secret messages if that what you’re asking” he started nonchalantly “but coincidently, it’s true”
Dan looked at him hoping that his face didn’t give away anything.
“When you came into the shop yesterday, walking through the flowers, your expression. I don’t know. It was so…"he rambled rotating his wrist unable to find the right words. “I did admire you and I suppose I thought you to be ‘radiant with charm’ as they say”
Dan took a breath. “What about sympathy? Do you feel sorry for me?”
“Yeah ” he replied looking him in the eye “I guess I do”
“Wow I really am pathetic.” He chuckled darkly to himself putting his face in his hands “even strangers feel sorry for me”
“Hey come on you’re anything but pathetic-”
“You don’t know me Phil. I’m just unlovable and pathetic” he sniffed looking up at Phil. “I’m sorry I have to go” he stood up quickly knocking over the stool he was sitting on. He looked at the stool and considered leaving it there when he sighed and picked it up sitting back down earning a relieved expression from Phil; he didn’t want him to leave just yet. “God, I’m so pathetic. I can’t even leave the only place where I don’t feel as lonely.”
He was on the verge of crying again and Phil wasn’t sure what to say or do. He didn’t have to worry though because Dan continued. “When I saw the flyer for the grand opening of your shop I couldn’t help but feel like it was fate”
“Why?” Phil whispered hoping that he didn’t break whatever stupor the boy was in.
“When I was younger, I don’t know about seven or eight I guess, my mum would take me into the garden in our backyard at home and she’d tell me all kinds of things. She thought me about the meanings of different flowers and about the perfect time for planting this and weeding that and… she once told me that flowers can cure a broken heart.”
“Who broke your heart Dan?” And with that question the dam broke. He told him about everything. About Jason and how he found him in his bed with a woman he didn’t know. About his weeks of crying and wallowing. About how he should’ve known and how he ignored all of the signs. His self hatred and destructiveness. How his first night alone he broke every plate in his cupboards and smash every cup in the sink. And how at his weakest moment he contemplated ending it all. When he was finished he felt drained and all cried out and if he were being honest a bit lighter.
“Wow. Jason sounds like again complete dick” Phil announced after taking in what he just heard. Dan laughed wiping his face with his hand.
“Yeah, well that may be true”
“You know you’re not as pathetic as you think you are. You’re stronger than you know.” Phil said sincerely taking Dan’s left hand in his right and squeezing it gently before releasing. Dan hand burned where he touched.

Everyday Dan could, he came to the flower shop and every time Phil made him a new flower crown. Dan cherished every one and tried to preserve them for as long as possible before they eventually wilted away. He helped Phil arrange flowers and stock inventory and on those rare days when work was particularly slow they locked the store and stole away to the nearby park to walk by the fountain and talk.

Dan knew Phil was communicating to him through the flower crowns he made for him. A fragrant ring azaleas expressing his desire for him to love himself, to take care of himself for him; blue hyacinth and white camellias to express that he’d always be there and to remind him that he was adorable. Dan knew Phil obviously cared for him a lot, which was the reason why when Phil presented him with a crown woven from only red roses and he was not surprised. The message loud and clear: Love, I love you He looked up at Phil an expectant look in his eyes, a cautious hope in his smile and his heart stutters.

He’d been thinking about his feelings for Phil for a very long time. He consulted Louise and even wrote about it in his journal. The answer always came up the same. He loved Phil. As unbelievable as it would have been to him a month ago when the very thought of loving someone else seemed like a dream, he could could say without hesitation every time that he loved Phil. He loved his quiet patience, his warm smile and his uncontained energy. His thoughtful gestures and his bright personality. He love how he reminded him of sunshine and encouraged him to love himself as much as he loved him. He loves his flowers and he truly fully loved him. So when he was faced with Phil’s declaration of love he answered. He looked him straight in the eye and placed the crown on his head, an unspoken but understood I love you too He took his hand linking their fingers and kissed him gently. He wasn’t sure if flowers cured broken hearts but he did know that the boy in the flower shop certainly did.

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Don't Talk Down To Me..!

Prompt (from phanfic): “Phil’s been stressed with dealing with all their bills and BBC contracts so Dan, who’s never learned how to do them, wants to help out but Phil just eventually snaps at Dan and pretty much talks condescendingly to Dan because of how much younger he is and because he doesn’t know how to do "simple adult things” so Dan gets really upset and offended and snaps back at Phil before storming off and yes comfort at the end thnx"


oneshot, angsty cuteness, fluff, dan running his fingers through his hair all frustratedly aah(◕‿-)

wc: 2.5k ish

tw: none

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New Beginnings

This is my submission for ChelsandFrenchy hit 100 challenge. This is actually my first time posting on Tumbler. I appreciate any feedback anyone cares to leave. Hope everyone enjoys this read!

Warnings: menge a trios

Characters: Dean, Sam, and Reader

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Lawrence, KS is a small town. It’s a town where everyone knows everyone else, and their business.. We know who skipped church, who’s battling a sickness, who’s doing who, and even who has been saved by the Winchester’s. Obviously, John and Mary Winchester always tried to keep the secrets hidden about the monsters of our world just like all the other hunters out there. In small town life though, there are no secrets.

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iKON Reaction To Their Foreign Girlfriend unconsciously Learning Dirty Korean Phrases and Repeating Them in Public

I probably changed it a tiny bit unconsciously, but the main idea’s here anyways!

[Monsta X Version]


You were in the practice room with the rest of iKON and spent every break with Hanbin
Y/N: “I want to lose my virginity to you”
“What? I’m pretty sure you lost your virginity about three months ago, and then again a week later, and so on, baby”
Y/N: “Wait. I’m pretty sure I just said you look tired and you should take a rest”
Bobby: *Rolls on the floor*
Jinhwan: *Covers Chanwoo’s ears* “Jesus Christ, go get a room”

/Hanbin - the man who steals your virginity a few times - I just noticed Im dragging my own reaction/


Y/N: “I want you to make me scream out your name tonight”
“… Keep your voice down, it won’t be fun if my mom hears you say this”
Y/N: “What? You have a perv face, what did I just say?”


Y/N: “I want you to lick every inch of my body”
“Oh, you really want me to? First we need to leave the park though, don’t you think?” ”
*Pulls tongue out to tease*
Y/N: “Oh, but the pond is right here, where else can we feed the ducks?”
*Realizes you have no idea what you said*
“Well then I’m taking my tongue back”


Y/N: “I want your **** to rock my ***** until I see stars”
“Argh, what is this? Don’t say this, not in the church please! It’s ok at home when we’re alone, but please…”


Y/N: “I need you to tie me up and make me your toy”
“Don’t do this to me. Not now and not like this”
*Looks around as you were surrounded by many older people who could have heard you*
Y/N: “Don’t do what? I really need those materials, I’d sew something cute for my niece’s birthday next month”
“This sentence is not how I heard it”


Y/N: “I’m going to to dominate you tonight”
“Haha! You wish”
Y/N: “Well, it is a very pretty shirt, I won’t lie I wish I had it”
“Oh… At least check Google Translate before speaking Korean to me, ok?”


Y/N: “I’m wet”
“Wait, you mean, like… Wet wet?”
Y/N: “What do you mean ‘do I mean ‘Wet wet’?’”
“You said you’re wet”
Y/N: “Not ‘I’m hungry’?”
Y/N: “Oh… I didn’t mean to…” *You turn to his parents* “I apologize”

I hope you liked it~
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Let The Games Begin

Summary: Phil is President Snow’s grandson and he’s really shy and doesn’t have many friends because he’s kept away in the mansion. Dan is from District 6 and gets picked to be in the games, and he meets Phil eventually at one of the parties and they become friends almost instantly, but they realize that there’s a possibility that Dan could die.
Genre: AU, Angst with a happy ending
Word Count: 8k (I’m just as shocked as you are!)
Triggers/Warnings: swearing, death (it’s the hunger games come on)
Beta: thanks again to the best beta/ most wonderful human @miememegan!

A/N: I changed the prompt ever so slightly so I hope that’s okay!

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New Preference #13- You Talk About Him in an Interview


You were out promoting your new album, so you have been doing quite a lot of promo the past few weeks. You were in the UK and you were filming a segment on the Alan Carr Show. 

“Everyone, welcome back! We’re here with the beautiful and fabulous Y/N.” He says. “Now, what would you like to drink?” 

“Uh, whatever you got.” You smile. 

“Oohh, let’s see here.” He smirks looking through his stuff and opens a drink for you. 

You take a sip before sitting it down on the table. 

“Okay, so let’s get into it.” He smirks. “How have you been lately?” 

“I’ve been great. Traveling, working on the album, it’s been a great couple of months.” You smile. 

“Great huh? It wouldn’t have anything do with a certain English boyband member would it?” He says. 

“Uh.. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You smirk. 

“Oh, well you can say that, but I believe we have photographic evidence of a little rendezvous with a certain member of One Direction. “ He says. “Can we get some pictures here?” 

You look over at the TV screen behind you and you blush a little laughing when you see pictures of you and Harry, some from instagram and some that Paps have taken. 

“Still have no idea what I’m talking about?” He asks. 

You smirk and take a sip of your drink again. 

“You know, I was hoping for a bit more of a exciting conversation.” He says shaking his head. 

“I’m so sorry.” you joke. 

“Well, we’ll move on, I guess.” He sighs. “But let me ask you this… has that man in the pictures who you know nothing about given you any of his gravy?” He smirks. 

You can’t help but start laughing. “Oh my god. You did not just ask that.” 

“I know! I know! I’m dirty. You should know this by now!” He jokes. 

You laugh. “Anyway, let’s move on shall we.” 

“Yes, let’s move on.” He says. “But I will add that she did not deny it.” He smirks to the camera. 


You were on the red carpet for your newest movie. Liam was on tour and was really upset that he couldn’t make it to your movie premiere. You were taking tons of pictures and now you were approaching the interview part of the carpet. 

“Y/N, you’re looking absolutely amazing tonight.” The interviewer smiles. 

“Aww thank you.” You smile. “This is my favorite color, so when I saw the dress I fell in love with it. I’m just glad it didn’t look terrible on me.” You laugh. 

“Not at all. It looks very good on you.” She smiles. “Now, I can’t help, but notice that you’re solo tonight.” 

“Oh, yeah. Well, actually I’m here with my Mom. She didn’t want to walk the carpet, but yeah Liam is on tour right now and they have a show tonight.” You say. 

“Oh, I bet he’s wishing he could be here.” She says. 

“Yeah, he does, but he also loves being on stage.” You smile. “But I know that he’s proud of me and he actually sent me a text on my way here, so that was really nice and thoughtful.” 

“Aww, that’s so sweet of him.” She smiles. 

“He is pretty damn sweet.” You laugh. 

“Well, we should let you get going and tell Liam that we said hi.” She laughs. 

“Will do!” You smile waving to her and moving onto the next interviewer. 


You were on the carpet that you were attending a fashion show. You pose for some pictures before coming up to some interviewers. 

“Good afternoon, Y/N.” They smile. 

“Hi.” You smile. “How are you?” 

“We’re great, thanks, how are you?” He asks. 

“Great. It’s been cold today, but great.” You laugh. 

“Well, at least you have a beautiful coat to keep you warm until you get inside.” He says. 

“I do! Yes, it’s really warm. It was a gift from my boyfriend a few days ago.” You smile. 

“Oh, Well, Louis you have great taste.” He smirks. 

“Well, not exactly.” You joke. “He knew that I had been wanting it, sooo.” 

“Oh, well, he’s still a good boyfriend by getting it for you.” He says. 

“Yeah, he is.” You smile. 

“Speaking of, where is he today?” He asks. 

“He’s actually in the studio today. He was going to come, but then he had some meetings and such, plus I know these things aren’t really his thing, so I invited some of my closest friends.” You smile. 

“Well, that’s great to here and we hope you have fun tonight.” He smiles. 

“Thank you.” You smile before making your way inside.


You were on Ellen promoting your new TV Show that was coming out. It was actually the first time that you’ve been on Ellen as a guest on the show. You’ve been there before when Niall was on and was in the audience. 

“So, you know, I was just about to say that it’s glad to have you back on the show, but you actually haven’t been a guest  on the show before. This is your first time.” Ellen says. 

“Yeah, I have been here in the audience before and we’ve met, but no, I’ve never been on the show.” you laugh. 

“In case you all in the audience and at home are wondering, we’re talking about a few months ago when we had One Direction on and Y/N was here in the audience as a guest for her boyfriend and it’s Niall right?” Ellen asks. 

You nod. “Yep, Niall would be the one.” You laugh. 

“You know, some tend to think that him and I could be twins.” Ellen says. “What do you think?” 

“I think there is definitely a bit of a resemblance.” You giggle. 

She laughs. “So, what’s it like dating a member of the biggest band in the world?” 

“It’s great. I mean he’s a great guy and with both of our schedules its a bit difficult sometimes, but overall I don’t really think of it as dating a member of the biggest band in the world.” You laugh. 

“That is probably the sweetest thing ever.” She laughs. 

You giggle and continue on with the interview. 

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hiiiiii can I please have "It reminded me of you” with Jackson from got7? love your writing<3

It reminded me of you.
   002 /100 ways to say ‘I Love You’
      ↳ Jackson (GOT7)
A/N: whoops… this turned out longer than a drabble keke and thank you, darling~

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Fuck Me Daddy (A Very Dirty Zayn Malik Imagine) {POV Version}

(Script Version)

Warning: Daddy Kink, Dirty Talk, Explicit Language, Cum Denial, Dominate Zayn, DDLG (Daddy Dom, Little Girl) Slight BDSM, Spanking, Anal Sex, Oral Sex and Overstimulation*Zayn’s POV

My baby girl has been so good lately, and I decided I she needed something in return. I walked in the room, and saw her laying down. I smirked and straddled her in bed. She looked up at me confused, I shushed her and whispered in her ear.

“I just wanna fuck you so hard and shove my cock so fucking deep in you. Just watch you whimper and scream and cum so hard all over my throbbing cock, I wanna spank you until you cum.”

Her eyes widened and she whimpered, but I didn’t stop.

“I want to tease you and stop everytime you try to cum and if you cum I’ll punish you and listen to you scream my name and call me daddy. I wanna make sure you can’t walk for at least a day I wanna fuck you senseless and the only thing on ur mind is my name. Fuck I want you.”

I leaned closer to her and kissed her and ran my hands all over her body. I knew what I wanted, but I needed to make sure she wanted this to. I had to make her beg for it. As if on cue she whimpered and whispered to me, “Please daddy.”

I smirked, “Please what?”

She looked in my eyes and I saw hers were filled with lust, “Please fuck me daddy.”

It was right then, I knew I had her. She wanted me just as much as I wanted her. This was going to be a long night.

Your POV

You arched your back while Zayn, rips your pants and panties off, and jams two fingers in you, with no mercy. “Your so tight baby, And so fucking wet, fuck I want you so bad.”

You felt him lean over and whisper in your ear, “Tell me I can have you.”

You nodded, “You can have me Zayn.”

He groaned when he heard you, but he needed more, “Tell me I can fuck you”

You looked in his eyes, which were filled with lust, “You can fuck me Zayn.”

He waisted no time getting you and himself un-dressed, eventually he pulled you close and slams into you so hard. He never was one to fuck gently or even give you time to adjust.

But, you’d be lying if said you didn’t enjoy every minute of it. Honestly, you believed the best thing about being with Zayn in bed was that he was filthy. So expect with the way he talked to you. “F-Fuck baby you feel so good on my cock.”

You started moving your hips up to meet his thrusts, but he gripped them and helped guide you so everytime he was hitting that bundle of nerves that always sent you over the edge. You couldn’t help but moan his name, “Oohhh Zayn.”

You felt yourself getting closer to the edge, and so did Zayn. “Mhmm yes baby get tight around daddy’s cock.” His thrusts were slightly loosing their stride so you knew he was close to, he moved his hand over to your clit and started rubbing you relentlessly. “Mhmm cum all over my cock baby girl.”

That sent you over the edge and you felt your legs stiffen and you came. That gave Zayn the pleasure he needed and he came hard. Once, you felt yourself come down from your high, you finally relaxed. Then Zayn grabs your hands and cuffs them to the bed.

Zayn’s POV

Y/N gasped, “Zayn? I-I thought that was it.”

I put my finger to her lips, “Shhh,it’s over when I say it’s over understand?”

She nodded, “Y-yes Zayn.”

I knew she made a slightly mistake, but she knew better. “Excuse me?” I spanked her five times, “What did you just say?”

She whimpered, “I said yes.”

I spanked her five more times, “Yes what?”

She finally got it right, “Yes daddy.”

I ran my hand over her, “What do you want?”

She looked back at me, “Please spank me daddy, I’ve been soo bad…..punish me, please.”

I smirked, my girlfriend was so different from others she loved punishments and getting spanked. She was the one who suggested it, she has a kink for it. So, I simply played along, “You have haven’t you?”

I spanked her about fifteen more times, she was moaning and throwing her head back I know she loved it as much as I did.

“Spread those pretty legs baby.”

She did just as she was told, i aligned myself and slammed into her tight little ass. She let out a scream or pain mixed with pleasure. Y/N was a bit masochistic so she didn’t mind when it hurt her.

I felt as if I was in heaven. I was in pure ecstasy and so was Y/N, I was getting so turned on by her loud moans, I started to feel myself get close. I reached down and undid her handcuffs. I went harder and she came, so from feeling how tight she got around me I came myself.

She laid down, trying to control her breathing. I know she felt tired, but I knew my baby could go further. “Oh baby, you’re not done yet.”

Your POV

I simply couldn’t believe what Zayn was telling me, what does he mean it wasn’t it? I felt as if my body was on fire but I couldn’t bring myself to say it was enough. I knew my safe word if it became too much but I was in heaven too much to care.

He grabbed a vibrated and turned it as high as it went, he spread your legs and slammed it in you. And when you honestly thought that was it he started to suck your clit. Licking in circles and swirling his tongue, you were gripping the bed post so hard you probably had wood under your nails.

The pleasure started to take over you, you moved your hips. Your body trembling in pleasure, “Ohh fuck Zaynn.”

He simply smirked, “You wanna cum baby? Hmm?”

You couldn’t even answer him because you were in bliss. All you felt was pleasure over and over again. Before you know if you had came atleast four or five times. Zayn finally took out the vibrator, turned it off and he put it towards your mouth, “Suck it clean.”

You didn’t feel as if you had any more energy, “B-but daddy.”

“I said suck it clean. Now.”

Half your body was screaming no, but the overly submissive side of you was taking over and you couldn’t do anything else about it. So, you opened your mouth and sucked it clean, keeping complete eye contact with Zayn. It seemed to turn him on, “Fuck baby, your so sexy.”

He took it out your mouth, laid you down on the bed and slammed into you hard, “Fuck Zayn please!” He was going so hard and you were already so overly sensitive so it wasn’t long before you clenched around him and came. Eventually he reached his high to. He pulled out and laid next to you. “Oh my god.”

He looked at you and smirked feeling so proud of himself, “Enjoy that?”

You nodded, your eyes unfocused. But, you were trying your best not to drift into subspace.

Zayn’s POV

I felt that my baby had enough, I made her cum so many times. I didn’t want to completely ruin her. I stopped at the right time before she dropped into subspace. I leaned over and kissed her “I’m gonna run you a bath okay baby?”

She nodded, I got up and got everything ready for her. I picked her up and help her in the tub, I cleaned both of us. Once, I finished I got up, dries is off. And dressed her and myself. That was really something I didn’t mind. Dressing her and taking care of her, because she was far too out of it. To be honest it was an ego booster.

I laid down and held her close to me, I pulled the covers over us. “Goodnight babygirl. You were so good for me tonight, such a good girl.”

She lightly smiled, “Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Night Zayn.”

I smiles and held her close to me, I really wouldn’t trade this is in for anything I love my babygirl. She’s amazing and everything I need in life really. I would do this almost everyday if I could. Not even just the sex, it was really just being with her in general. I loved time with her, she was my everything, and I was going to make sure she knew everyday. I only wish I could replay certain moments though, oh well knowing our sex drive it wouldn’t be too long before it happened again. But, I’m not complaining. I loved it.

(A/N: Okay, so I wrote this a very very long time ago and I know it’s shitty. It was my first imagine and, since it was written in script I hated it so, I made alterations. Hope you guys like it!)

B.a.p reaction to your child wanting a brother/sister

Here is the b.a.p part ^^ hope you enjoy

Yongguk: *he walks over to the kitchen where you are* so i heard our little boy wants a little brother….how about we make his wish come true tonight?

Himchan: oh i like that idea
Y/N: what? having another baby?
Himchan: yes… i think we could make it come true 

Daehyun: we’ll talk it through with mommy and maybe it will come true okay? *pats his daughters head* now go outside and play with your friends

Youngjae: umm…well you see…it’s like this…your mom is in charge of that….so i can’t help you here…sorry kiddo

Jongup:*when you both look at him after your daughter asks for a baby sister*…what? why are you looking at me? wait..i have to decide?

Zelo: i think we could have another baby princess * looks at his daughter* 

Gifs not mine.

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Any music you can recommend to me?

tokyo police club
the unicorns
the smiths
the vaccines
def leppard
miniature tigers
queens of the stone age
Arctic monkeys
the lumineers
billy Joel
sir sly
two door cinema club

turn up the radio by OK go
cooking up something good by Mac Demarco
wishing well by blink 182
cough syrup by young the giant
the reeling by passion pit
maybe I could hold you by the vaccines
snow (hey oh) by red hot chili peppers
a change of heart by the 1975
me & the rhythm by Selena Gomez
cool guy by team spirit
the jewellers hands by arctic monkeys
tonight you’re perfect by new politics
close to me by the cure
fun by troye Sivan
stop by hard-fi
20/20 by the vaccines
just to put me down by Mac Demarco

Not Feeling Good

Michael stared at me as he came into the living room, he had been at Calum’s for most of the afternoon while I had stayed on the couch watching movies.

“You don’t look too good,” he stated as he walked to me. He sat next to me and observed my face.

I chuckled at his comment and he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t mean it like that,” he said and I shook my head, knowing he would never say I look bad. “What is wrong?” He asked.

I shrugged before I hugged my pillow, “I’m just not feeling too good,” I replied. “I don’t know why though.”

He placed his palm on my forehead and I shook my head. I wasn’t sick, I just didn’t feel as energetic as usual.

“Then what is it then?” He asked, his eyes filled with concern.

I lowered my gaze to my lap, “I’m on my period… But usually I’m fine, I don’t understand.”

I felt his lips kiss my cheek, causing me to look up and stare into his eyes. He cupped my cheek with his hand and rubbed the skin of my cheek with his thumb.

“So you probably don’t want to go at the restaurant with the boys tonight?”

“But you can go,” I smiled. He leaned in and pecked my lips.

“Well, I like you a lot so I’m thinking I could stay here with you,” he said and I laughed.

“But I’m boring,” I argued as I watched him wrap his arm around my shoulders.

“Oh, you wish you were boring,” he smiled, his eyes on the tv. I sigh laughed before I stole a kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks, Michael.”


Lucifer and his son

Word count: 1120

Request:lilredniki said Could you do a Lucifer x reader imagine where Luci is like reading to their son named after his brother or something

Summary: Luciferxreader

readers note: thank you so much  to everyone who has followed and liked all of my post. I really appreciate it don’t forget to send in your request.

You were in the kitchen cooking for your son while he played in the living room. You were about to finish when you heard your phone ring you went to see who it was. You saw that it was your husband you had him labeled as (the devil himself.)

“Hey hun I’m not going to be able to make it too dinner tonight something came up.”

“Lucifer that’s the third time this week what am I going to tell Michael. when he ask why doesn’t daddy come home anymore?”

“I’ll be home tonight I promise tell him I’ll be home tonight to read him a bed time story “

“I swear if you don’t come home tonight Lucifer .I won’t be able take another night of him crying for his dad because, it doesn’t help I’m missing you too and it’s just hard “

“y/n I’ll be home I swear “

“If you’re not ill raise hell myself.”

“Oh God that’s the only hell I’m afraid of, ill be home to make It up to the both of you.”

“You better be.”

“I will be I love you more than anything.”

“I love you too now go raise your own hell.”

“I love you bye”


Michael came rushing in

“Was that Daddy is he coming is he coming for dinner “

Come here you hugged him

“He’s not coming for dinner “

You saw him getting sad


“But guess what “

“What “

“I don’t know if I should leave this a surprise or not “

“No mommy tell me please, pretty please mommy “


You picked him up and whispered in his ear

“He’s coming to read you a bed time story tonight “

“Really “

“Yeah “

“Yay daddy’s coming home.”

He hugged you really tight

“Alright well let’s eat dinner “


You served the food for both of you

“Here you go now come sit next to mommy.”

He sat next to you and you both started eating dinner

“Mommy why does daddy work so much.”

“Because he has a very important job and he needs to work really hard for his job.”

“Oh I wish he could come home more often though.”

“Me too.”

You both finished and washed the dishes

“Mommy can we clean my room so when daddy comes its clean”

“Yeah sure.”

(You thought in your head) “Danm it Lucifer if you’re not here tonight I will make the devil himself afraid for his life.”

You both went upstairs and picked up all his toys and made his bed it was a major improvement Lucifer had quite a habit of spoiling his children.

“ok so what pajamas do you want to wear tonight Michael .”

“The black ones that daddy likes that say I have a little devil in me.”

“Haha oh yeah man that was a funny gift from your uncle Gabriel.”

“I wish uncle Gabe visited more “

“Me too.”

“Ok now we can either watch a movie or draw something for daddy.”

“oooh lets draw something for daddy .”

“Ok let me get the markers and paper “

“Ok mommy “

He started drawing you together as a family with Uncle Gabriel and uncle Michael too.it was stick figures but you could still tell who was who.

“That’s really nice Michael.”

“Look mommy were all together.”

“Haha we sure are.”

“Do you think daddy will like it?”

“I sure do Michael.”

“Here will bring some cookies and milk so that you can share with daddy”

“Yay thankyou mommy.”

You went down stairs and took out the cookies put some on a plate and poured two glasses of a milk. When you went too put the milk away you heard a voice behind you.

“I told you I keep my promises.”

He was leaning against the wall when you turned around.

You know you had me scared for a little but I knew you were a man of your word now come over here before I attack you.”

“You know I might prefer you to attack me. “

“Wow Lucifer just get over here.”

You embraced him in a hug just letting the moment happen. He kissed the top of your head.

You heard Michael yell

“Mommy hurry daddy’s going to be here soon.”

“Ok I’m coming, I’m coming, come in a little bit later after me so it seems like you just came ok.”

“Yeah ok be quit shhhh.’

“Alright hehe “

You went upstairs and took the cookies and milk

“Yay mommy now wait with me .ok so you really think daddy’s coming”

“Yeah I really do.”

Once he walked in Michael was like lightning he couldn’t wait he went running towards his dad hugging him

“Daddy I really missed you. You need to take a vacation.”

You both started laughing really hard

“I really do don’t I. “

“Hey I like your pajamas.”

“I knew you would daddy, I made you something daddy mommy show him.”

You grabbed the picture and handed it to him.

“Thank you is that Uncle Gabriel and Uncle Michael.”

“Yeah we’re all together”

“I love it.”

Lucifer smiled I swear that kid is the only kid that can make him smile.

Ok so which book do you want to read?

“This one.”

Michael handed it to Lucifer

“Ok go lay down and ill tuck you in and start reading.”

Lucifer tucked in his son and man was it a sight to see he was reading the book and making it come to life. He would use voices and hand gestures to make it enjoyable for Michael .they would both grab a cookie and eat once in a while. Michael wouldn’t take the his smile off his face he would laugh ever so often too because of his dad .I knew that our son could make Lucifer go soft  .once he finished the book Michael was already closing his eyes .

“Daddy I love you”

“I love you too son “

Lucifer kissed the top of Michaels head and said “goodnight.”

Then he headed to the door way where you were at.

So now how can I make it up to you?

“I don’t know if you can “

He smiled a devilish smile and said

 “Well I know what can make you smile.”

“Lucifer don’t you dare”

 He knew where your tickle spots were you started running .you ran to your bed room and he grabbed you and threw you on the bed and started tickling you.

“No Lucifer stop it hahah please.”

“Ok I will “

He stopped and laid next to you and looked at your face.

“You really do need a vacation.”

“Yeah I can agree with you on that.”

You’re Such a Child

Description: Phil is new in the building and has moved right next to Dan. One night, Phil knocks on Dan’s door and asks to his washer, as his had not come in yet and he was too lazy to go to the laundromat. Dan ends up finding out that Phil may not be prepared to live by himself yet. 

Word count: 2.6k

Warnings: strong language/alcohol mentions


Dan was lounging on his sofa, scrolling through countless TV channels. Everything was boring. From people who keep anything and everything that ever enters their house in a drawer, to people fighting over the last Versace purse. Nothing seemed appealing to him. Dan wished that something interesting would happen in his life for a change. Just as the thought came to mind, he heard a knock on his door.

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Auld Lang Syne

I’m not sure how many of you are still up, but I hope all of you are having an incredible New Years Eve, or if it’s already passed midnight, an amazing 2014! A massive thank you to all of you who’ve made 2013 so wonderful, I hope this year is a great one :)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And never brought to mind? 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
And days o’ lang syne!

“Care for drink, brother?” Elijah stood in the doorway leading onto the balcony, a flute of champagne in his hand. Dressed in his traditional suit, Elijah looked the part of the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrant, and his easy nature on that night spoke to how much even he was enjoying the party. It wasn’t just the Originals’ mansion that held a multitude of happy-go-lucky partygoers, the entire French Quarter pulsed with life, songs and laughter rang out from all corners, everybody was ready to see out the old year and ring in the new. All except for one – their king.

It’s not like Klaus didn’t have a lot to celebrate either, the year had been good to him. He had successfully risen to power, Marcel had fallen under his control, his siblings now reigned over their rightful kingdom. The witches’ hoax involving his supposed ‘child’ had been exposed and now even they were forced to concede that he had full power over his city. He had won, life was good – so why was he brooding alone on New Year’s Eve?”

Turning to face Elijah, he took the glass his brother was holding. “Thank you, Elijah,” he said, a little stiffly. “Why aren’t you inside?”

“I’ll be going back to ring in the year, won’t you be joining us?” asked Elijah carefully. There was something bothering his brother, and knowing Klaus’ tendencies to let things stew to a boiling point, he hoped he could drag out the reason before anybody ended up dead.

“I think I’ll be fine where I am,” said Klaus, his voice distant. The hybrid focused his gaze on the glass of champagne, swirling around the drink contemplatively, his brother forgotten. Vaguely, he heard Elijah sigh and say something about ‘joining the party when he was ready’ but as soon as he had departed, Klaus leant back against the railing , taking a small sip of the champagne.

“Tell me, is that our ‘thing’?”

There was an actual pang in his chest as the memory flooded back. If he concentrated, he could see her so clearly, the beautiful dress she had worn, the way she rolled her eyes, the soft upwards tilt of her lips as she smiled in spite of herself. He had nearly broken his resolve on Christmas and called her, but had managed to stave off the urge, reasoning that she was with her friends and family, and wouldn’t have appreciated the disturbance. But tonight, there was very little he wouldn’t give to be able to see in the New Year with Caroline Forbes by his side.

Tilting the glass, he downed the rest of the champagne and set the flute down on the iron railing, letting it balance precariously. Klaus pulled out his cellphone and scrolled through his contacts, letting his finger hover over Caroline’s name. He shouldn’t call her. But he wanted to…

“No one to kiss at midnight?” slurred Rebekah as she stumbled out onto the balcony. Despite the grace and agility that came with being an Original, she tottered a little on her heels and giggled. Clearly, the alcohol had gone to her head, but Klaus wouldn’t begrudge her celebrating, not tonight.

“Go back to the party, Rebekah,” he said as patiently as he could, wishing for solitude so that he could ponder his little dilemma by himself.

“Oh come on Nik, have some fun! This was a good year for you, despite the fact that you acted like a manipulative bastard for most of it,” said Rebekah, smirking like mad. “What’s the matter? Feeling lonely?

Klaus growled a little to himself, fighting to keep his patience. “I presume you want to see January 1st without a dagger to the heart, so you might as well go inside, Sister.”

Rebekah just laughed again before looking at her brother carefully. “You should make a New Year’s resolution, Nik,” she said a little more soberly, “try doing things you’re afraid of.”

Klaus wondered how his sister seemed to know what exactly was bothering him, but before he could ask her, she twirled on her heel and strode back into the party, leaving Klaus alone with his thoughts and the phone still set to dial a certain blonde. He turned his sister’s words over in his head before taking a breath and jamming his finger down on the ‘Call’ button.

The phone rang, Klaus held a breath and then-

“Hello? Klaus?”

Her voice sounded just as melodic as he remembered, and he focused on the sound, savoring this moment. “Hello sweetheart.”

“Um, hi! Er-how are you?”

“Doing well, Caroline,” he said softly, and noticed the sounds of a raging party behind her. “I gather all of Mystic Falls has come together to celebrate?”

“Yeah, the town is pretty big on the annual New Year’s bash,” Caroline replied with a nervous laugh. “And how about you?”

“My city loves a good party,” Klaus said with a smirk.

“Oh, so it’s your city now?”

Klaus swore he could hear her rolling her eyes.  “What can I say, this has been a good year for me.”

“Well, that makes one of us,” Caroline muttered, and Klaus frowned immediately on edge.

“Is everything alright, love?” he asked.

“Honestly? Everything kind of a mess,” said Caroline, her voice tinged with bitterness. “The whole ‘college experience thing’ didn’t exactly pan out like I hoped.”

Klaus gripped the railing of the balcony, his heart pounding. “Caroline, love, you have to know my offer still stands. Just say the word, and I’ll show you New Orleans and a whole world you’ve never known. This year could be amazing for you, I promise.” He couldn’t keep himself from pleading slightly, hoping she understood how much he wanted her by his side. What was the king without his queen? But there was only the muffled sounds of a party from the other end of the line and Caroline said nothing.


“That’s – what you just said – are you serious?” she asked, finally.

“I am.”

He heard a sharp intake of breath from her, “Klaus, I have to hang up.” And she did and Klaus was left holding his phone, listening to the dial tone, a little stunned. Had he frightened her away, again? Was it too much, was she still not ready?

“It’s almost time!” he heard Rebekah yell from inside. “Ten! Nine!”

Perhaps this was his punishment.

Eight! Seven!”

He couldn’t have a his kingdom and Caroline.

“Six! Five! Four!”

Some twisted God had decided that this was one sliver of happiness he didn’t deserve.

“Three! Two! ONE!”

“Happy New Year, Klaus.”

(But maybe God had decided to be benevolent this year.)

He spun on his heel to face the open doorway, and standing there, wearing a ridiculous plastic crown with the words ‘Happy New Year’ on it, was Caroline.

“But-you said Mystic Falls-“

“I said the town was throwing a party,” she said with a sly smile, “I never said I was there.”

Klaus laughed then, and Caroline joined him, coming forward shyly, playing with her hands. They were surrounded by noise, but neither knew how to break the silence between them until Klaus reached forward and took her hand, pulling her forward and rubbing his thumb over her knuckles, noting how her breath hitched.

“Why are you here, Caroline?”

“I told you this year has been a mess,” she said, meeting his eyes with complete honesty. “I wanted to get out and I remembered your message and so I figured ‘hey, it’s a New Year’, why not take the leap?” She took a deep breath after her confession. “That is, if the offer still stands.”

Klaus laughed again, and for the first time that night, nostalgia gave way to excitement. Excitement for the future, for what the future could hold if she stayed by his side. Of course, he didn’t know exactly how she felt on the matter of being with him…

“You know love, we’re missing out on a very important tradition,” said Klaus with a smirk.

“Oh?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It’s customary to ring in the New Year with a kiss.”

“You’re right, it is.” She said nothing more and Klaus sighed, resigned to the fact that he might have to keep working if he ever wanted Caroline to realize the potential of what they could be together. He shut in eyes and in that second he felt her disentangle her hand from his only to wrap her arms around his neck and press her lips to his. His shock lasted for only a moment before his own hands flew to her waist and returned her kiss, begging entrance into her mouth and giving a light growl when she granted it. She tasted sweeter than he had imagined, and they stayed in their own little bubble, wrapped up against the rest of the world which celebrated around them.

Eventually,  Klaus and Caroline pulled apart, each of them grinning broadly. “Come on sweetheart,” said Klaus, tugging Caroline by the hand, “let’s rejoin the party.”

“Oh, now you want to be around people?” she asked him with a soft laugh.

“I did say my city knew how to party. And suddenly, I’m feeling like the New Year might be worth celebrating.” 

The Riley Diaries Pt3

AU: Riley Matthews is a regular teen,until one day,she is not. Can moving away erase your past? Can you ever move on if you don’t actually accept it? Riley Matthews was a regular teen,until one day,she wasn’t.

A/N: I am really sorry for not updating the story in a while,it was just my birthday a couple of days ago and it looks like when my vidding inspiration is here,my writing inspiration is gone haha I already wrote the ending and the middle of the story,I am just trying to figute out the parts in between.I really want to focus on all of the relationships but I am afraid that the parts will get too long and you might get bored.But I promise that it will get better,just bare with me.Anyway,I hope you like this and I hope that I can write the next part soon.
Enjoy xo

Part 1  Part 2  Part 4 Part 5 Part6 Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10 Part11 Part12 Part13 Part14 Part15 Part16 Part17 Part18 Part19


“I am Ri-“

I was cut off by the pretty girl once again.

“Oh, you’re the girl that is scared to fly. Wow, stay away from the cheerleaders if that’s the case.”

Okay, you can come at me for anything else but my flying, I know what I am capable of. I was risking a lot by saying my next words but I said them anyway.

“Well, Lucas .. I see where you get the idea that cheerleaders are so nice.”

His girlfriend looked at him confused but then I heard that sweet sound again. He didn’t get mad, he let out a laugh and looked at me, totally ignoring his girlfriend’s stare.

“Anyway, I am Sarah.”

The girl stretched her hand out for me to take it, still looking a little suspicious as to what the hell was I doing with her boyfriend.

“I am Riley, it’s nice to meet you.”

I said as I grabbed her hand for a handshake and felt that she squeezed a little too hard.

“And don’t worry. Even if you can’t fly, those backflips were sick so you will probably make it in.”

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