wish i could go to new york

– ❝ …contrast to everywhere else i’ve been, new york definitely garners the title of best pizza. i wish i could argue, and defend chicago names, but there’s just no comparison between the two. –… how about we order a pie and spend the afternoon checking out the guggenheim museum? i heard their moving in some new artwork. ❞ 

Hi my name is Alexander Hamilton and I have long powdery grey hair and a lot of people tell me I remind them of George Washington (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to John Laurens but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m also a Founding Father, and I work for a government called the United States of America where I’m the Secretary of the Treasury. I’m a federalist (in case you couldn’t tell). I love Hercules Mulligan and I buy all my clothes from him. For example today I was wearing a black coat with matching black breeches and a white caravat. I was walking outside in New York. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about so I could go home and write unlike John Adams. A lot of Democratic-Republicans stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Sad doesn’t begin to cover it. I’m empty. I’m shocked. I’m terrified. I’m horrified. I’m panicked. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve cried in the last 12 hours. I’ve never experienced feeling like this. I’ve never been more in despair about voting. About my voice. About my choices as an American. I’ve lived in Manhattan all my life. I’m a New Yorker, by birth and by choice and I love my city with all my heart but I’ve never wanted to leave New York and this country more than I do today. I wish you guys had ridden the subway with me this morning and felt the absolute despair I felt. How I couldn’t look anywhere but the ground because if I looked at the faces of my fellow New Yorkers and citizens, I was going to burst into tears. I wish you guys had seen the rainbow of people I walked by on my way to work. And I wish you guys could know how utterly heartbroken I was watching every little girl, every child or person of color, that one woman proudly wearing her Hijab. I don’t know how to put on a face and be happy for my kids and pretend everything is ok. I’ve cried in front of them twice already. How do I tell the 3 year old who came into school yesterday over the moon because she went to vote with her mom that a man who has no respect for her and her life is now president of her country? 

Congrats America. You’ve elected a man with no morals, no heart and no political experience what so ever. He is the least qualified man who has ever been elected president. Over a woman with more experience than any previous president ever. I guess more of more of us are still living in the 1950′s than I thought. I can’t be a part of a country that is this morally corrupt. I can’t and I won’t. 

I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know where to go. I just don’t know.  

Every Lams Moment in Hamilton

Although Lams is never explicitly stated in Hamilton, (seriously, there could of been an awesome song about that! One day I hope for a Satisfied Duet!) there is a lot of symbolism and undertones that not everyone may see at first. Although I myself wish it was mentioned directly, this is all of the undertones that I managed to pick up on.

-In the opener, John says, “Me? I died for him.” That can signal love. Although, the quote would match Phillip too. But, it is notable that his hair is up, an indicator that he is playing Laurens.

-In “Alexander Hamilton”, When Hamilton is about to go to New York, Eliza hands him a coat, Angelica books, and John a bag. These are the three characters that he actually built a meaningful, possibly romantic, relationship with. What about Maria? You may say. But keep in mind, he was pretty much only in it for physical means. Was this intentional? No idea. But if it was, that would be really cool.

-Also, when they hand him the objects, he completely ignores Eliza and Angelica. But stares passionately into Lauren’s eyes.

-In “My Shot” he says, “Laurens, I like you a lot.” The two are also touchy throughout the song.

-When Laurens says, “You and I, do or die” he puts his arm around Alex as if it were directed at him.

-At one point, Hamilton says, “I am not throwing away my shot,” and points at Laurens. Laurens stares dumbstruck at him and Mulligan gives him a little side clap on the back thingie. (Wow I am so official. Little side clap on the back thingie is the official term for that dance move.)

-In “The Story of Tonight” they are also very touchy-feely, and leave the song with their arms around each other.

-They also share a affectionate side hug. Laf and Herc share a “wtf” look and then laugh. They know what’s up.

-In “Helpless” he is pretty much the best man at Eliza and Alex’s wedding. Laurens and Angelica walk down the aisle together, but they both aren’t thrilled. They both have an understanding.. hmm…

-During the kiss, he interjects.

-Laurens is also standing the closest to Angelica during “Satisfied" and doesn’t look entirely happy.

-It’s probably the alcohol, but Laurens and Hamilton are also very touchy during “The Story of Tonight Reprise”.

-Laurens makes sure to tell Hamilton that he will never see freedom again, but this is probably just friendship.

-He duels for Hamilton. The two have a LONG (for a platonic hug) meaningful hug there, too. (Although, e would of certainly dueled lee if Ham was on the other side of the county. Hamilton was there to add fuel to the fire.

-Hamilton is clearly devastated at Lauren’s death.

-He distracts himself from his grief by working Non-Stop.

-Throughout the entire show, Eliza usually comments on the coldness she feels from her husband. (“Let me inside your heart, that would be enough” or “If your wife could share a fraction of your time”) This could reference the fact that he shut off a part of his heart after Laurens left him. This is more of a long shot, but it could possibly speak to the idea that Laurens may of wanted Alex to get married, so that he would be “cured.” Believe me, Hamilton loved Eliza, but it took time.

-the first person he sees in the afterlife is Laurens. Not his son, not his MOTHER but Laurens.

-It’s also worth noting that Laurens’ last words are the first words that Alexander spoke to him, and Alexander’s last words are the first words that John spoke to him.

-The line, “My love take your time, I’ll see you on the other side, raise a glass to freedom.” Could be directed at both Laurens and Eliza. Hamilton could be expressing how in the afterlife he can express his love for Laurens without judgement. He is also probably commenting about how damn lucky he was to have Eliza in his life

Although these moments make it clear that they are very close, I still wish that it would of been made more apparent. For example, the Laurens-Hamilton relationship had more history behind it than the Angelica-Hamilton. The Angelica-Hamilton dynamic was also slightly fabricated for drama. If they were clearly romantically connected in the musical, it would of meant so much to the LGBT+ community. I know that it is impossible to confirm the relationship, (what are you going to do? Go back in time and ask them?) but there is a lot of evidence supporting it. Maybe we’ll see this relationship better developed in the movie that might be released.

Hillary Clinton’s Hometown Rallies Around to Give Her Holiday Cheer
At the Chase bank in Hillary and Bill Clinton‘s hometown of Chappaqua, New York, the spirited former president was holding court with a handful of locals. This outpouring of sentiment for Hillary runs far beyond her husband in this hamlet north of New York City of some 1,400 residents, locals tell PEOPLE

I missed this article when it came out.

“At the Chase bank in Hillary and Bill Clinton‘s hometown of Chappaqua, New York, the spirited former president was holding court with a handful of locals.“And he was pretty much talking about the how disappointed he and she were, how he feels she completely got railroaded by (FBI director) Comey,” says Richard “Zippy” Zimmerman, a Chappaqua chiropractor who was part of the 15-minute conversation on Monday.“He said he wished he didn’t know Hillary so he could really go to town on the people persecuting her so he could really speak his mind,” says Zimmerman.  “He felt he was held back because he couldn’t defend her the way he wanted to defend her.”

/ sirens

I wish I could tell you more than
I’m sorry,
because I know how it feels to be
I’m sorry
clutching roses until they go brown.
I looked at her the way you looked at me,
with a love poem scratched inside my throat.

Your hands tremble in the wind.
On the rooftop, we stand
toe to toe,
ten stories in the air.
The words careen out of your mouth, down, down,
and are swallowed by ambulance sirens.
New York City sings at midnight, an anthem
of gun shots and honking horns.
“I am in love with you” hits the screech of a crashing car.
You say it three times.

I wish I could kiss you,
because I wish she had kissed me,
and I wish I could hold your hands,
because she left my fingers cold.
Instead, I wait for your voice to trail off at the end of your letter,
and then I pry the paper from your fists.
My eyes flick over it without reading anything.
Something in me needs to own these words, “I love you,”
to prove that someone does.
I fold your letter and put it in my back pocket -
she put mine in her purse -
and I nod.

“Is that it?” you ask.
You cross your arms across your stomach
and I remember the last time I kissed it,
months ago.
I don’t remember the date but you probably do.
“Is that it?” you ask again, drowned by sirens.

I wish I could give you
I’m sorry
More than just a
I’m sorry
Because I know this is useless
I’m sorry
But all I have is a -

I’m sorry, I say. And I climb down from the roof.
I don’t know how long it is before you walk back to your apartment.
I press my ear to my bedroom window.
Barking dogs. Someone singing.
I wish I could give you more than
your footsteps disappearing into the nightscape.
I wish I could give you
I love you too
I’m sorry.

Listening to Hamilton with my mom for the first time:

At the end of Alexander Hamilton:

Mom: “Oh. Oh, he’s so clever. This is so clever.”

At the end of My Shot:

Mom, plaintively: “Can we go?”

Me, WITH INFINITE SADNESS: “Oh, no. I mean, even if we could get to somewhere it’s on stage, it is SO expensive. Ridiculously expensive.”

At the end of Here Comes the General:

Mom: “Okay, but how expensive is ridiculously expensive?”

At the end of Guns and Ships:

Mom, more plaintively: “I want to goooo.”

Let me tell you, folks, these are the times I wish I was a) still living in New York and b) rich. My mom went through hell with her cancer this year. I wish I could get her into Hamilton.

But at least I got to introduce her to the soundtrack? It has been an absolutely delightful to see her dancing in her seat with her eyes closed, enjoying every moment.

Rook’s Fic Recs, TMNT Edition!

i thought that this was a great idea, so i’m going through my bookmarks on ao3 to share some of my favorite fics! i tried to find all the authors on tumblr as best i could- just so i could give them a shout out! 

monsters by @nixariel 

holy moly, i love this fic. it explores karai’s mutation in a way that the canon doesn’t, and shows the interaction between karai, the snake inside her, and then the brain worm. it’s beautifully written, so give it a chance!

catching up by vhale 

takes place after “return to new york” and boy. it makes me wish they didn’t just half ass splinter’s feral state. like, he’s feral for three months but then BOOM everything’s fine. a great conversation between leo and splinter.

literally anything by @quietpagan, but my personal favorite is the quiet season

i ADORE the way they write friendships so much- and how they can do it with very little dialogue. i tend to really rely on dialogue to keep a story moving, so i really admire how well this fic is written.

becoming splinter by @eternallydaydreaming2015

this has to be my favorite prequel fic. i love the way they write splinter and how they show splinter grow attached to the turtles. my favorite scene has to be the one where splinter smashes the mirror after seeing his reflection clearly for the first time. WIP

long, long journey by @ijfangirl

are you sick of mom characters being killed off??? do you want to see said mom characters bond and move heaven and earth to get back to their families?? then step right up, because this fic is for you!! tw for past rape trauma. WIP, last updated nearly a year ago

the other side of the city by @illusion-na

i fucking LOVE this fic so much. it’s just so good, with such a rich cast of ocs that feel like they belong on the show just as much as any canon character. it’s a bit long so pace yourself, but it is definitely worth the read. WIP

missing/found by @goodluckdetective

i love?? this fic so much?? my favorite bit is when splinter slams open his door to get to the phone. a+++++++++++++

sock it to me also by @goodluckdetective

knitting raph and also raph and karai bonding and acting like siblings??? sign me the FUCK right up. i adore this fic. 

im sure i forgot at least five other fics i meant to put on here, but these are some of my go to fics to reread/fics i look forward to updating the most. 

TITLE: Bachelor Auction


AUTHOR: saint03

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki at a bachelor auction.

Rating: K+

NOTES/WARNINGS: Nothing really; maybe a warning for cheesiness?

“C’mon! We’re going to be late!” your best friend Elizabeth calls to you, even though you are both, in fact, 30 minutes early.

“Alright, alright I’ll be there,” I say, while stepping off the subway. Liz and you both walk up the steps into one of the many lively New York streets. Liz goes off to get money from an ATM and you stand there wishing more than anything that you could stand there and get lost in this crowd of people rather than partake in one of the most embarrassing spectacles of your life. (Because, despite your best friend’s protests, attending a bachelor auction would be one of the most embarrassing spectacles of your life.)

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Just found out about the lesbian couple in Utah that is having their adopted baby taken away and given to a straight couple. I read it on the New York Times website, I trust them but I just cant believe that this happened. I’m in shock, I’m heartbroken for them, and I’m crying a little. I cannot imagine how those two women feel. I wish there was something I could do to help; all I can do right now is to spread information I guess. So if I had just one thing to say it would be this: Just because Same Sex marriage is legal doesn’t mean the battle is over.  We still have so far to go and I will keep those women in my thoughts and prayers, I hope their appeal is quick and successful