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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

The original The Sims game was inherently dark and kind of creepy.

Is it just me?

When I first bought the game back in 2001, I remember it being addictive, awesome, groundbreaking for its time and wonderfully odd. When compared to the later, sweeter installments, and even its many expansion packs, it feels cold and well…kind of creepy in comparison.

The original How to Play instruction manual for The Sims, which I remember vividly but could never find in my house, was snarky and full of witty commentary. Later on the manual was more straightforward, but still retained some of the self-referential humor that is inherent in the gameplay and is, I think, part of what makes the game kind of unnerving.

(To this day, I wish I could find that damn original manual!)

Just looking at that main screen with that one neighborhood you’re forever attached to as the jaunty background music plays in the ever-sunny world, even that kind of weirds me out. 

Maybe it’s the uncanny valley-ness of the dated graphics, maybe it’s remembering the way the kids never aged, how the adults remained awkward and odd and never got any older, and how if the children failed school, they were just sent off to some horrific place only known as “boot camp”…forever. Yes, remember? They NEVER came back.

And when those burglars came stalking in the night and the Buy and Build modes just shut off as that scary, urgent music played and you were left helpless and asleep…

And when the fires started out of nowhere while your Sims made that same plate of salad-looking food and you forgot to install a smoke alarm and you were forced to watch them hopelessly burn to death and run around screaming for their lives…

And in the first expansion pack, Livin’ Large, when that awful Tragic Clown appeared and made it impossible for your Sim to rest or eat until they fell ill and eventually just died unless you put that eerie clown portrait in front of the fireplace…if you even figured that out…

Sure, things got more mellow and felt less odd with later expansion packs, especially when you were given the ability to visit shopping areas like Old Town and other places outside of the claustrophobic little classic neighborhood.

And OK, I’m not saying The Sims is a scary game or even that it freaked me out as a child, but I will always look back on the original as being, well…kinda creepy.

I feel like Fallout has become one of those pieces of media that has gone/ is going the Fight Club way, where it is starting to attract the type of people who support the thing it originally critiqued, in this case, Authoritarian capitalist regimes.

Like, the terror that drives fallout isn’t its gritty post-apocalyptic aesthetic, it’s the atrocities of the culture that led to the war in the first place. All those personal stories you find buried in the pieces of lore you stumble across. It’s the blind nationalism and xenophobia, the internment camps, the mcarthyism, the bloated military industrial complex, the systematic dismantling of corporate regulations to the point where companies could perform psychological and chemical experiments on the public consequence free, etc etc etc.

I wish you had the option, when prompted, to talk about this shit as the Sosu, considering you were alive to experience it. You should be able to counter Piper, for example, when she asks you to compare Diamond city to the life you knew, asks you to essentially say the world is a shadow of its former self. Because it isn’t, not really. It’s just the stepford-smile artifice is finally gone.


Alright this is really stupid. 

In the original series, Ryuk is a Shinigami who’s bored. He’s in the human world cuz he has nothing better to do. he’s not so much evil as a chaotic neutral. He wanted to see what a human would do with a notebook that kills people. 

He could kill people if he chose to, but it’s not like he was being malicious. It’s his job, he’s a Shinigami. 

He’s a monster, but the real monster is the human. 

Light Yagami. 

The fact that Ryuk was frightening in appearance was something of a fakeout, because he’s an observer, not the main evil or anything. 

NOT some mean-spirited babadook-type demon that’s whispering into the human ear, always trying to convince people to do evil. 

He SOUNDS like the green goblin, actually, which is just really stupid. 

Because it makes him sound like he’s the one pressuring Light to turn to the dark side, or some shit. 

I really don’t like this story change.

It just undermines the fact that Light was the true evil.

He was never pressured to do what he did in the original series. HE CHOSE to because he was a crazy megalomaniac. 

This makes it look like this demon is the antagonist, you know?

Like he says, “you don’t have to use it, but I’m going to give it to someone else in 7 days.”

They made it seem like Ryuk’s notebook had to be “passed along” like that stupid fucking box in Wish Upon, you know?

Like “He who wields the Death Note is going to die…and then I’ll find another person to curse with it!”

But in the original it’s literally just a book. You could use it or not. Ryuk didn’t care, he’d still get his souls eventually. 

I think Netflix was trying to make Ryuk look like the typical scary demon. Like one of the many generic demons they have in their horror movie section. 

They wanted Death Note to be like a horror movie, hence the Final Destination deaths instead of the boring, mundane “heart attacks.” 

Hence the stupid scene in the abandoned orphanage, where L’s name was. 

And by doing so…they’ve essentially abandoned the more cerebral, high-minded nature of the original Death Note. 

They decided “hey, let’s make something terrifying and ominous” instead of making it about a battle of wits, a suspenseful detective kind of drama. 

Where you get to see the serial killer and detective play a dangerous dance of sorts. 

Instead you get…gory deaths. 

Final Destination deaths. 

Hence why Light is in HIGH SCHOOL, not college.

Because he can be the victim of childish school bullying, for one thing.

But also because high school puts you at that high-emotional period of your life where injustice feels much more dramatic and personal than the deadened college student feels. 

And in general,horror movies like high schoolers.

Like their vulnerability. And the angst gold mine. 

Light is doing other people’s homework for them. 

He’s a “troubled” youth who’s angry at the world. His mom died to a criminal who’s going to get off with connections and money. His dad is “weak.” He has an edgy girlfriend who “understands” him. 

But what’s dumb about that is that the original Light Yagami was highly educated. He didn’t panic or get furious that often. He was an evil mastermind with lofty aspirations and condescending arrogance that lead to him trying to make himself the “god” of a new world. He didn’t care about his girlfriend. He was calm and collected and ready for the challenge of outwitting L.

He did NOT start crying and panicking the second L was on his tail. 

Him being a college student was an important part of that. It made him more mature, more ready to be an “adult.”

Light being a teenager just makes him look like a dumb kid being tricked by an evil demon. 

Edit: I don’t know why I thought light was a college student in the original. I guess he just seemed like one and Japanese high schools are just much cleaner and better taken care of, so it looked like it…my bad. But my opinion still stands. Light wasn’t a bullied edgy teen. He was arrogant and intelligent. Not pouty.

Another edit: Also, the fucking prom scene and the “romantic” ferris wheel? They were trying to make him look like an “Average teenage boy” who accidentally fell into the wrong crowd, the demonic crowd lmao, and was bullied into doing “bad things” and manipulated by his girlfriend. 

It was lazy. 

A lazy way of making Death Note look like a horror movie.

Shame on you netflix. 

Abandoned by Disney

(warning: very long story)

Some of you may have heard that the Disney corporation is responsible for at least one real, “live” Ghost Town.

Disney built the “Treasure Island” resort in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas. It didn’t START as a ghost town! Disney’s cruise ships would actually stop at the resort and leave tourists there to relax in luxury.

This is a FACT. Look it up.

Disney blew $30,000,000 on the place… yes, thirty million dollars.

Then they abandoned it.

Disney blamed the shallow waters (too shallow for their ships to safely operate) and there was even blame cast on the workers, saying that since they were from the Bahamas, they were too lazy to work a regular schedule.

That’s where the factual nature of their story ends. It wasn’t because of sand, and it obviously wasn’t because “foreigners are lazy”. Both are convenient excuses.

No, I sincerely doubt those reasons were legitimate. Why don’t I buy the official story?

Because of Mowgli’s Palace.

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Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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do you use kylebrushes? i heard theyre pretty cool

i do not, but i do use custom brushes! these are the main brushes i use:

i love expanding my brush collection! i’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone of just switching between one or two brushes, even though i have………………….too many

sometimes I’ll find myself wishing I was older so I could have experienced mcr in their prime except then I realize how lucky I am to be exactly as old as I am now - we get to enjoy every song mcr recorded and everything they did and yeah we won’t see them live anymore but we can go see Frank and his bands in tiny fuckin clubs and see such intimate and energetic shows and probably get to hang out with him afterwards; we get to see Gerard living his other dream, his original dream, we get to see him happy and healthy (I would much rather support him like this than how he felt during a lot of mcr), and we get to read his comics while still enjoying everything he did before; we get to see Ray living a happy chill life, hanging out with his family and still making amazing music; we get to see Mikey also happy and healthy with a beautiful new family and also still making music; and I don’t know about you but I’m fucking happy that I’m a fan exactly right now.

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that pic with nihon genji and reflections hanzo doesn't look like fanart but it was in the middle of a bunch of fanart in the video? I'm not really sure but it looks like one of the overwatch comic styles. I wish blizz put the artists of the fanart somewhere so I can find the original source of that pic.

okay, alright, I cracked down on it by reverse Google searching; the painting was made by this dude here:  楷神

I’m leaving the name as is because all the sites I found weren’t in English, so I don’t want to post a possibly wrong and poorly translated name

From what I could find, he was one of three winners for an OW painting competition for the Lunar New Year event



@xmenxmasxchange gift for @bikenesmith who wanted some magnet family stuff!!! i drew a terrible holiday family photo and then ran it through a staples holiday card creator for kicks ha ha. I wish i could find an uglier template… people actually make nice cards nowadays can u believe. anyways, your original secret santa couldn’t make it :( BUT ITS COOL BCAUSE IM HERE AS A SUBSTITUTE SANTA I’m only sorry it had to be a little late.

THOUGH THANKS for posting that family tree as i was drawing this lmao that was like…super convenient reference

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Hey would you mind recommending ur fav cophine fics?

You mean other than my own? Hahaha.

Oof.  You probably don’t know this, but I have always hated being asked for “favourite” anything.  I always feel these things are dependent on context, mood, memory (and my memory is notoriously poor)… all that jive.  It’s why I never make “Top 10” lists.  I realize I’ll have to weed out things I love for other things I love, leaving me a dull garden in the end.  

So I can’t always remember good stories, what they were called or where I found them. I feel like novelconcepts had a lot more fics than I can find, and other writers have purposefully withdrawn their fics. However—O, Happy Day!—The Never Home Girl by thecirclesquare, one of my all time faves (despite us coincidentally both writing WWII cophine fics at the same time and subsequently making me feel inadequate,) has just been reposted after the author finished reworking it as an original piece!

Of course, I recommend almost everything by OBFrankenfics, but especially Going Up, which I wish on a star will someday be finished. I’d really like to see Kindred Spirits finished, too.  It’s just one chapter to go, people!

So, here, in no sensical order, is a random selection that came to mind and I could find (I may find more later.)  You should know that I’m a big Cophine slut, so this is almost all Cophine-centric.  (Edit: I misread this as fave OB fics, so a few of these are NOT Cophine.) Also, Warning: I tend to like my fics long, which is fine, except that a lot of these fics are also unfinished—some still regularly in progress, some long dormant.  It kind of makes me feel better about the few I still haven’t finished, and kind of makes me want to suggest a mob of torch-wielding readers (okay, fake, battery-powered torches) show up at the authors’ doors to urge them to carry on. Then again, it’s not like fan fic writers get fame or fortune for their work. So, proceed at risk of your own frustration, or find shorter pieces by the same writers, mayhap, but either way, please share a little thanks for what you enjoy.  

Thank you for asking this question, because it gave me an opportunity to poke around and find some fics I hadn’t seen in a long time, make a nod to some newer ones that tickled my fancy, and remember some good reads that pulled me into the fandom, which I hope will continue despite the show’s end.

Why I Don’t Have Crossdressing Friends

This isn’t compulsory, but listen to this helped me write this post. It might be nice to listen to it yourself while reading.

I’ll be honest, this topic is a little close to the heart. I didn’t really think I’d be writing about this until I saw a post from Abby Cats, Miss Prycefield and Chateau de Carrington.

It was great to see them out and having a fun time, especially as they looked so comfortable dressed up. However, it really got me thinking “Why don’t I have friends like that?”.

The easiest and most obvious answer is quite simple: I don’t have crossdressing friends because I don’t have friends that crossdress.

I wish I could say it was that and nothing else, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.

One of the reasons I originally made Jess was because I didn’t like who I was as a person. Not because I thought I was a bad person, but because I didn’t find myself interesting or likeable. Crossdressing gave me a way to change who I was, both physically and mentally.

This meant that my socially awkward self could become more charismatic, one of the things I used to struggle with.

Fast-forward 12 years to today. Most of the issues I had with myself no longer exist and I can safely say it’s all because of being Jessica, however I do still struggle with certain social concepts.

To this day I still have trouble giving and receiving compliments, no matter how small. It’s something that I’m working on and I’m slowly getting better at it, but it’s still nowhere near perfect.

Because of this I have trouble reaching out to people and making friends, especially in an online environment where I’m not forced by social convention to keep talking to people. I love it when I talk with other crossdressers, some of which I admire greatly, but I still get those moments where I can’t bring myself to reply to a message or start a conversation in the first place.

I would love to be in a position where I have crossdressing friends. I keep telling myself that I don’t because I don’t have friends that crossdress. I need to break out of this habit and spend time talking with other crossdressers in the same way I would talk with anyone else, online or offline.

I need to promise myself that I will make it happen.

I want to send a thanks to @abbycatsuk @missprycefield and @isabelladecarrington for their post (linked at the start of this post) which inspired me to write this and has encouraged me to be more open and social. 

Sorry if this has felt like a bit of a downer topic. I prefer to be more humorous than this with my writing, but there are times when I find writing something out loud helps me to better myself.

As always, here’s a picture to say thanks for sticking with me.

Writing love on her arm and wearing her heart on her sleeve.

- Jessica Blaise x x

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Zap? What is that? Lyk.. is it a Zouie thing?? I'm confused

I could have sworn I’ve made a Zap post before, have I not? Either way, I cant find it, so let me just tell you—Yes, its a total Zouis thing!

Let me explain…

So, I couldn’t quite tell you where or when they came up with it, but Zayn and Louis had their little inside jokes and quirks like anyone else has with their friends. I think its not surprise Zayn and Louis both love their comic books and action figures; real man-children they are, but I find that charming and endearing. Anywho, at some point in 2012, they both decided to make up a saying, a phrase, to spread around like all other super heros have regarding their super powers. No one quite knows exactly what its supposed to mean, but according to Zouis, they made up Zap as a way or wishing they could have something, relive something, or do something in an instant. Zayn even got it tattooed on himself because it was such a concept between those two!

I personally, prefer how the original looks more, but that’s just me. Still a very cool and Zayn-like tattoo. Fits his charm and personality well.

Anywho, the very first incident in which we heard of ZAP was actually through Twitter! They had sent a few silly tweets one day using the hashtag #Zap. Nobody had a clue what they were getting at, but they were tweeting at the same time, so everyone was quick to notice that it must be a Zayn/Louis/Zouis thing.

They must have been in or en route to Australia at that time, becuase a few days later, Zayn tweeted this

Which prompted interviewers to start asking what it all meant. The first time they were publicly asked about it was on air in Australia. They were asked what Zap meant, as I believe Zouis made it trend on Twitter or something, but don’t quote me on that. They made a very vague response about what it meant, but made sure to confirm that Zayn and Louis were Zap Captains—Zaptains, as I like to call them—and that the other boys were in the club of Club Zappers, but were NOT the captains. That was strictly for Zayn and Louis.

Now, please, if you all will explain…

If Zap wasn’t a Zouis thing, why are Zayn and Louis the only Zaptains?

Exactly. It’s always been a Zouis thing, despite so many people I’ve seen try and refute that.

The second incident in which Zap was brought up in interview was a year or so later, on their Take Me Home livestream. The boys were asked to explain one of their tattoos. So, naturally, Louis wanted Zayn to brag about their inside joke. This is how it turned out:

Zayn straight up refuting that it had ANY significance to Z*rrie…

“Because that’s private, bro…” STOP, ZAYN. I don’t need this.

Why Louis got so defensive when the meaning of Zap was questioned into existence is beyond me. But i’ll gladly take more of that married banter, thank you.

So, that’s pretty much all that we were ever told about ZAP. It was a Zouis joke, first and foremost, that grew to what it became. But honestly, Who else would LOVE to see Zap make a resurgence?

I hope that answers your question! Thank you for asking! : )

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I find it strange that there were no explanations or even exploration about the fact that Stiles is living in a body made by the Nogitsune? like surely there would be consequences, whether it be that his body is weaker than before or perhaps even stronger?

The show drops a lot of balls, but this is one I wish so much they’d explored.

Because, the thing is, we know Stiles isn’t in his original body anymore. Not unless the Nogitsune’s body wrapped around him like a cocoon so normal Stiles could spit himself out later. (Oh man, that whole scene was just so bizarre. Weirdly awesome, but bizarre.)

So, assuming the Nogitsune didn’t cocoon himself around Stiles so Stiles could spit himself back up later, that means that Stiles’ original body died in “The Divine Move”, possessed by Nogi, and Stiles’ mind is left in some kind of magically cloned body.

And we can only guess what that might mean. Would he be stronger? Harder to kill? If his body isn’t actually human, maybe he can’t die like a human.

Also, assuming we believe in spark!Stiles, what would something like that do to his spark? Would it be gone? The magic lost along with his “real body”? (And that could explain why it never came up again later in the series.) Or would this actually enhance it? Leftover magic threads weaving his body together like ley lines, giving him more power than any normal spark, making him and his pack a true force to be reckoned with.

The other amazing things to explore here would be Stiles’ emotional reaction to all this. To wondering what this means for him. Is he even human anymore? Is he even himself anymore? The collection of small scars he got from growing up clumsy with a yen for adventure haven’t followed him into his new body, and he spends nights lying awake, keeping nightmares at bay by counting the empty spaces where they used to lie.

And wondering if he’s even real.


The tale of two cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 106

If you ever visit Germany never underestimate the ticket machines here. If you think it’s easy to insert a coin and get the ticket then you’re right, it could be that easy. But not in Germany. To find out which ticket you need is a big hurdle you have to overcome. Sometimes I think if someone dodges the fare in Munich then it’s not because they want to avoid the cost it’s only because they didn’t know which ticket they need. 
I only can wish you good luck if you have to use the public transport system.

This week’s praise to everybody who was able to buy the correct ticket and criticism to the complicated system.

“Except you, Doom,” Lief said in a level voice. “Why are you still standing?”

He would not have thought it possible for Doom to become paler, but it happened before his eyes.

“What are you suggesting?” Doom whispered.

Someone (I’m really sorry I don’t remember who) noted that this is a devastating moment for Doom- the thought that perhaps Lief does not believe him, and that he has lost the trust of his new family, is something which drains his blood

Interesting that later on he is only bemused at Jasmine’s suspicions. Perhaps he is not concerned because the real culprit has been found, so he knows that he still has the trust and love of his friends and family 

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I'm in the middle of a Toby re-read and stopped to wonder - what does one of the fae do when they don't like the smell of their own magic? What if their magic smells like, I don't know, vomit or gangrenous wounds or something like that, or just an odor they consider particularly vile? Would they carry around the Fae equivalent of Febreeze and spritz themselves immediately after using magic? Gag and bear it? Or is it impossible to hate your own smell?

If their magic smelled of vomit or gangrenous wounds, and they weren’t Redcaps or Goblins or something else that found those smells appealing, it would be a sign that they, like Simon Torquill, had been fucking around with Very Bad Magic, and they would pretty much have to suck it up, buttercup, until such time as they could find a way to return to their original magical signature.  Assuming that was even possible.

Otherwise, while there are fae who wish they had something flashier (GOD I wish my magic smelled like RAINBOWS and MIRACLES instead of stupid ROSEMARY and EUCALYPTUS those are basically WEEDS), they are no more capable of being revolted by their innate magical scents than, IDK, a person is capable of being really disgusted by their own farts.  Everyone around you is gagging, and you’re like, “sniff sniff guess I shouldn’t have eaten so many eggs.”

Your personal biochemistry never bothers you as much as everyone else’s.

Title: Housing a Time Traveler (Part 7 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The Reader wakes up in a mysterious HYDRA facility where they’re trying to fish for information on why Tony is housing a teen.

Word Count: 1913

Warnings: slightly a spoiler about peter’s suit from hoco? that’s all!

A/N: OMG IT’S MY BLOG’S SECOND BIRTHDAY! I had to celebrate by writing in my favorite series i’ve ever done, I hope you enjoy!

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