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Day 13: Favorite Storyline Mission

(Sorry I’m running a bit late. Work’s been a real struggle this week and I’ve been too exhausted when I got home to write much.)

I was going to write about Priority: Tuchanka, but realized that most of the post would be a retread of the Opinion on the Genophage? question. Besides, that one is pretty universally well-liked and generally agreed to be the high point of Mass Effect 3.

So instead, I’d like to point your attention to… Virmire.

Virmire is, I think, the greatest of all missions in Mass Effect 1, and possibly the best in the series as a whole. I actually started to drag a bit while doing the the Noveria/Feros/Therum missions because it felt like, well, they started to feel like chores.

Virmire starts off the same – the council tells you “hey go do this,” Shepard goes off to do it. But as soon as you get there, you know something is wrong.

Because it’s too perfect. The sun, the sand, the salarians all too happy to see you – all too perfect. And then, well, and then shit goes down.

In short order, you’re left to make some really tough calls. Seriously, you’ve been on this planet six minutes and suddenly you’re forced to either kill Wrex or try to talk him down. Even if you try to avoid him for a few more by talking to everyone else, well…The game won’t let you do that. The audio on this – a persisitant BANG! as Wrex fires his gun into the water - is great. It’s literally in your ears, reminding you that Wrex is here, Wrex is out of control, and Wrex needs to be dealt with.

I do wish that, like Tuchanka, there were more ways for Wrex’s fate to go down, but the two you have are pretty big choices: you can either pull your paragon charm/renegade intimidation and make Wrex go through with something he doesn’t want to do, or you can take one of the middle-ground options and…Wrex dies, whether through your gun or Ashley’s.

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