wish i could draw


Francis Lovell by Trillian Mcmillian.

tryhardphlog asked:

Buff banner, backup, or shotgun? (Do you have a main mod page I can follow too?)


( ScreaminGiggle was always my main blog ! I have a blog where i post my Art in general, you’ll find it here :

Le Art Bloge

I post various stuff, from various fandoms.

I also have ComboBreakerComix. Basically, it’s a blog about videogame doodles, drawings and comics. i run that blog along with NuclearGers. She’s more active on the blog than i recently. Anyhoo, check it out, Gers is one of the best artist i know, i wish i could draw like her, and she deserves recognition. (Also, for all y’all TF2 fans, check her personal tumblr (click on her name just above. it links to her Tumblr). She draws rad scouts) :

Le Videogame Drawings Bloge

Hope that answered your question. ))

(Okay but time out for a second you have no fucking idea how boring at hard it is to crack rp a girl who makes all of like THREE expressions!)

(I’m not kidding, like sure there are exceptions but good god I wish I could art so I could draw Cinder like i dunno…actually having fucking human expressions that aren’t default, angry, and sadistic af like sheesh..)

(This is ridiculous.)


Roy will often lay his head on Riza’s lap and hang his legs over the side of the couch as they read at night.  When he’s done with what he’s reading he’ll start reading the summary or author biography off the book jacket of her chosen reading material aloud.  He always adds his own ‘flair’ to what he’s reading and won’t stop until she tries to smother him with the book or tickle him.  

This is how he proposed to her.  When she closed the book to look at him he was holding the family heirloom ring in his fingers.