wish i could draw

Edward stood up grabbing Winry’s arms and forcing her to look at his face.
-Do you really think I don’t realize it?!- he shouted, tears pouring from his eyes -I try to stay strong
but guilt is killing me!

Another drawing inspired by fan-fiction from cool-kiara-love

Based on the same fic that inspired me to draw THIS illustration, and it’s a continuation of the story.

ff is not published. yet…


After a long time without drawing… I’m 4/100% back.. I guess. 

I’m so lazy and my depression its not helping at all, but I’m happy that my will to draw is coming back ~slowly~ 

I wish I could make some digital arts but since my pc is broken, I can’t do much ;-; ~I wish my camera were good too~

Buuut here it is some ayato and kanato kid drawing <3

p.s: its not some kind of “shipping” draw before some ppl take wrong conclusions, its just something “comic” that I like to imagine sometimes with the brothers <3 


Roy will often lay his head on Riza’s lap and hang his legs over the side of the couch as they read at night.  When he’s done with what he’s reading he’ll start reading the summary or author biography off the book jacket of her chosen reading material aloud.  He always adds his own ‘flair’ to what he’s reading and won’t stop until she tries to smother him with the book or tickle him.  

This is how he proposed to her.  When she closed the book to look at him he was holding the family heirloom ring in his fingers.