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Hey, all! I’m doing something VERY uncharacteristic of me and opening up commissions! I’m unemployed and need help raising $500 for my July rent! Please help me keep a roof over Patrick (my kitty’s) and my head!

If you want to commission me, first off thank you, and please either contact me here on tumblr or through my email: eccodino@gmail.com

All payment will be made through PayPal (which eccodino@gmail.com is also my account, so if you want to throw a donation my way, please, by all means!)

***My Guidelines and Boundaries:

 If you really want something customized talk to me. I draw on Bristol board with Copic markers, gel pen, and colored pencil or ink, depending. All shipped illustrations come in a bag with a backing board and will be shipped by USPS Priority mail. USA and Canada shipping only! Sorry! 

2) In General, no mecha/heavy robotic imagery or requests. Once again ask me if you have questions. I can be flexible :)

3) No NSFW Miraculous Ladybug/non-con/underage/real people NSFW content. 

4) I reserve the right to say no to anyone at anytime and I also reserve the right to decline my services without providing a reason why.

Thank y’all so much for helping me out, and I’ll be posting all of my Adrinette month sketch cards and other illustrations on my etsy store over the next couple of days! 

IF THERE’S AN ILLUSTRATION OR SKETCH CARD YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! For the most part, the prices above reflect the prices of the work I’ve already done!

Signal boosts and reblogs are super appreciated! 

lately I’ve seen a weird amount of accounts on various platforms dedicated to posting photos of jamia and/or franks children and I just wanted to make sure you guys are all aware that they are entirely in appropriate and not at all okay.

frank tries really hard not to give away much about jamia and their kids online. the fact that he is a musician with such a large (invasive) fanbase is something he doesn’t want to let get in the way of his family life. he’s super clear about this divide, too. he’s never posted photos of his kids faces. It’s only very recently that he’s started posting jamias face.

it’s extremely clear to everybody that they want privacy. so, to claim to respect frank and then go against his wishes to hunt down & post photos of his family is ridiculous. don’t do it. his children are so young and do not deserve to have their faces plastered across the internet, even if you just want to call them cute.

it’s also really not appropriate to be trying to send jamia birthday cards, trying to meet her at venues or just generally being a ‘fan’ of her. It would be extremely easy for jamia to use her twitter and get involved with fans. the fact that she hasn’t proves that she doesn’t want us 'stanning’ her.

please don’t run 'iero family appreciation accounts’ or reblog photos of any of them onto my dashboard. if you see an account posting photos of them, you should probably report them and send them a message letting them know why it isn’t okay.


“Nor do I. Because, you see, I…I don’t know whether it was worth condemning yourself to me. I don’t know how—Wait, what are you doing…? I wanted to tell you—”
“Yen,” she repeated, giving in to him completely. “Nobody’s ever called me that. Say it again.”

Excerpt From: Sapkowski, Andrzej. The Last Wish. 


My mother sees this and shakes her head. My friends squabble about it. Internet comments read: you all need to get a life, aren’t you too old to play children’s games, wish millennials would hunt jobs instead of imaginary animals, I’m so ashamed of this generation

I’m so in awe of this generation and everything it has to carry. I am stunned by the way we persevere, by the way we find comfort and peace in such small packages. MAN QUITS JOB TO CATCH POKÉMON. Man indulges in nostalgia. Man leaves home, travels. Man pursues happiness, finds it in strange places.

Pokémon: Indigo League aired in 1999 on Kids’ WB. Picture: an alarm set, two pairs of tired eyes, TV trays and cereal, volume low because mom’s sleeping off her night shift at the bar, theme song lyrics printed out and sitting on the floor. I was eight. I never recall my father in these memories. He’d either already left or I’ve blocked out his face the same way my mom used family photos to cover up fist-sized holes in the walls.

Pokémon Silver and Gold were released in the US in 2001. Picture: anthrax, terror alerts, news footage looping, smoke and screaming, teachers crying in classrooms, the way fear can permeate an entire country and my small body the same way without ever having to name a reason out loud. I was ten. I was scared all the time, but I was also spending my weekends running around outside with my brother and the neighbor boy, throwing imaginary Poké Balls at squirrels.

It’s not that I didn’t know what was going on. It’s just that sometimes when things are loud or angry or hard, especially when you’re young, the best thing you can do is keep your head down.

2016: terrorism, police brutality, student loan debts, depression, anxiety, Brexit, the US political landscape. Pokémon Go begins rolling out its release around the world and there are days, at twenty-five, that I still need to keep my head down. I know there is immense privilege in being able to put the rest of the world on hold for a while, to step back from the things that hurt us; but I also know this brief respite is important. Whether it’s turning off the news for a few days or reading a book or taking a vacation or augmented reality as self care. It is hard to live full time in a world that always looks like it’s on fire. It sits so heavy on the chest. It is easy to look out at all this trauma and forget to look back at yourself.

What I mean to say is, I might not quit my job to roam the country and catch Pokémon, but when it comes to pursuing my own happiness, no matter the means, “I wanna be the very best…”
—  LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS by Trista Mateer


By clicking the link above, you will find #62 gifs of Santiago Cabrera in his role as Joseph in Big Little Lies. He is Chilean and has discussed a few times how he is a brown latino man, so please remember this when using him as a faceclaim.

Every single one of these gifs were made by me. They are completely unedited and size 250x165, so feel free to use and edit to your liking. I am also fine with you using in gif hunts, gif icons, crackships, etc as long as you credit me and do not claim them as your own. If you post in a gif hunt or create gif icons, please link back to this post. Besides that, use these however you want for roleplaying purposes. 

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Kirin!Hanzo Au
…because apparently we didn’t have enough AU already so we made another one. The idea is that the Shimada family are descendants of dragons. With the passing of time their power decreased and so their form reduced as well.
Some of them lost all the link to their human parts and become just kirin (who’s like a hooved mini-dragon version), but others are still able able to change form from human to kirin (and those are called Royal Kirin). Humans belive that they bring fortune and fulfill wishes so they hunt them down to make some easy cash, at least by selling them.