wish he was there

idk why I suddenly thought about this but back when I was still active on deviantart.com in like…2009? I was madly in love with iron man and Robert Downey Jr. like to the point where I had all these magazine cut outs of him on my bedroom wall. Anyways - I guess around that time I found out he had a son who was only a couple years older than me. So I googled him (Indio Downey) and at the time he was 16 and according to my dumb 14 yr old self “super hot omfg XD”. Anyways I honestly cannot remember how this happened but at some point on deviantart.com I was messaged by this stranger claiming to be Indio Downey. And for like maybe 3 days we had this conversation just about like music and art- his dad was not mentioned once (because I was nervous he would find out I was also in love with his dad?) And at first I didn’t believe he was Indio Downey but he sent me all these pics of himself like with a guitar or just like in a basement or his bedroom or what not - photos that I couldn’t find on google (reverse google image search was either not a thing or I didn’t know about it). So yeah I full on believed he was actually Robert Downey Jr’s son who had found me on deviantart.com to discuss art with me (he also showed me drawings he had made). I don’t remember how long I talked to him but eventually we stopped I guess and then I must have actively blocked that memory because it feels so fake to me now? like I know in theory this happened - I got catfished very innocently into believeing robert downey jr’s son had found my deviantart account and really liked my art and wanted to show me his artwork too. nothing ever came of it besides that but like ??????? I truly believed he was real????? and part of me today still believes he was ???


The Paladins of Voltron: Instagram Edition

headcanons below

Edited: I fixed Hunk’s faceclaim. Thank you to everyone who told me what I did/why it was wrong! 


• Allura once posted a picture of Alfor mid-sneeze and now has to get all her posts approved by Coran before she posts them (Coran was the one to take the photo)
• Her account was featured on a BuzzFeed article titled “The Beauty of Modern-Day Princesses” and I ghostwrote the article

• Keith got (was forced to get) instagram, used it for a day and never opens it
• He is however following about 10 sword accounts
• Lance choose his username and Keith doesn’t know how to change it

• Shiro has the most followers of the garrison pilots but doesn’t understand why (those arms)
• Matt was the one to add “6 years young” and even through Shiro deletes it every time it keeps popping back up (coughPidgecough)

• Pidge doesn’t even try to have an theme but does and Lance refuses to believe that they don’t plan it out
• The text message was sent to Hunk at about 3am in the middle of exam season

• Lance comments about 500 emojis on his friend’s photos
• His story is just him trying out really cheesy pickup lines on people
• He almost tried one on Keith but he had his knife out and Lance just turned around and walked away

• Hunk once got a comment liked by his favorite actor and he screamed when he got the notification and woke up Lance who thought there was a fire
• Nobody is sure if Hunk’s description is ironic or not
• It is (or is it?)

• Lance Pidge and Hunk have a groupchat where they just send each other videos of animals and memes
• Lance once sent Keith a video of a cat that for some reason had a knife in its mouth with “its u”
• (Just imagine that they could all have a groupchat) the names of it would’ve been; “Coran’s Charismatic Children” “Hunk Defense Squad” “How come allura and shiro have verified accounts when my theme is more consistent” and “shut up lance”


Sehun at Party People