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'Grey's Anatomy': What's Next for the Couples as Season 13 Heads to a Close
Ellen Pompeo and the stars of ABC's Shondaland medical drama hit the PaleyFest stage Sunday afternoon.

Here’s some highlights of Grey’s panel at PaleyFest (March 19th), check it out!

About Omelia: “Kevin McKidd opened up about Owen and Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) marital issues and confessed that “Owen is really struggling.” “He’s a very tortured guy and he thinks the thing that is going to fix him is a family with this beautiful woman [Amelia] but she doesn’t want to right now. He’s waiting and he loves her and he’s tortured and we’ll see what happens.” He later had one of the most amusing anecdotes of the hourlong panel when, after being asked on who he wishes he had more scenes with, he responded with “Any of the men! They dole us out around the episode so when I’m [in a scene] with a guy, it’s like, ‘Oh my God!’"”

Confession:  When I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition I actually hated Solas. I was Dalish and proud, and he was a callous know it all. But something happened. His snark made me laugh, his personal quest broke my heart and he was surprisingly smooth when you flirted with him. I made another Dalish elf (a rogue) and romanced him. After I completed the main story I can’t imagine romancing anyone else. I just wish he had more romance scenes…

Favorite Scene from Each Episode of Veronica Mars - 1.15

Pick your favorite scene from the episode and tell us why it’s your favorite. Remember to tag your post #vm episodes.


Okay, I really need to step up my game here ngsezdeputyleoisacreep is already into season 2 and I’m… well… I’m not. Can I plead “fan fiction” for my slowness?  That’s a legitimate defense, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, if you’re following my favorite scene posts (or just following me- in a non-stalkerish kind of way) then you know how I feel about LoVe so it’s probably pretty easy to guess my favorite scenes:

The -“She’s a keeper!” scene where we get to watch Logan and Veronica role play. I love how quickly Logan falls in line. His ex-friend-cum-enemy-cum-investigator hurries across the lobby calling him honey and kissing him on the cheek and he goes with it. I wish there had been more scenes in the series of Logan and Veronica investigating together and role playing under covers… uh, I mean undercover.

And can I mention Veronica’s wedding planning album? Actually, I could probably write an entire post about that album (so here goes). This album does not look like a hastily thrown together prop, it looks like an actual book “pre-series Veronica” put together while dreaming about her wedding day. Part of why I think the book is real is the wonderful contrast of “before” -hearts and flowers, wears a lot of pink- Veronica and the cynical, jaded girl we meet in the original opening of the Pilot “I’m never getting married. You want an absolute? Well, there it is. Veronica Mars,spinster.” I don’t know if this was intentional on the part of Rob Thomas, but I think it was and it’s BRILLIANT.

The other reason I believe the book is real and there to show us the difference between before and after Veronica has to do with this scene:

Duncan is wondering if his best friend has just asked Veronica to the dance and this exchange takes place:

VERONICA: [in her best breathless girlie speak] No, no one’s asked. But I’m pining away by the phone waiting for that special boy to call.

DUNCAN: Hm. [playfully] You never know.

I’ll come back to the “you never know” in a minute, but Veronica is looking at Duncan and she starts to come to the realization that what they once had was not in fact real love- it was only the fantasy of the same girl who made that wedding planner:

VERONICA VOICEOVER: I mean, sure, once upon a time that special boy did call and the spring dance was the crowning moment of my fairy tale-esque teen girl life. But now I know better. It felt like love but maybe it was just- 

NOT love. And if we need further proof that what Veronica and Duncan had was not real, Rob Thomas gives it to us with the mystery-of-the-week. Caterina Lenova is ostensibly looking for the love of her life. She tells Veronica that she made a mistake letting him go because he’s her soulmate. This mystery is meant to parallel Veronica’s relationship with Duncan, which is why Veronica seems a little melancholy throughout the episode -perhaps wishing things had been different with Duncan. But then we learn it was a con and -just like the Donut fairytale- it was all fake. 

It’s a masterful piece of storytelling. What on the surface seems real -Veronica wanting Duncan and being sad that he’s moving on with Meg- is in actuality what is fake. While what appeared to be fake -Logan and Veronica pretending to be a married couple- turns out to be real. This episode is what helps us (the audience) let go of any idea of Duncan and Veronica while at the same time helping us embrace the future of Logan and Veronica.

Remember the: “waiting for that special boy” and the “you never know” - we actually DO know because this heartbreaking scene is filled with true, honest emotions. It is a moment of bonding that can never be replicated and it plants the seed for a connection between Logan and Veronica that can span years and continents and can turn nine-years-of-radio-silence into bygones.