wish art


More of that AU that a people actually enjoy ! (and me too )

I’m having a lot of fun drawing it !

in case you can’t see what’s Gaston is holding, it’s a shotgun… pointing at that poor girl’s face (yeah it’s ugly and I didn’t had any references in class so..)

To try out my new building designs in context, I decided to do a fresh take on a scene I drew a little more than a year ago (the original panel is the 2nd row, 2nd from the left of this color script.) Candle visits the Undercity for the first time! 

It was a fun challenge. Maybe I’ll revisit some more of those panels.


Continuing my art studies. Getting out of my comfort zone by using thin lines. Red lines show how I usually draw: thick lines, low flow, sometimes low opacity. If I use thinner lines, I can’t hide the mistakes, I’ll end up recognising the contours and details of the body better.

My comfort zone is thick lines and non-muscly men clothed in full uniform, so right now is just me kicking myself in the ass and yelling at the sky “MATHS AND CHEMISTRY IS SO EASY BUT EVEN WHEN I MEMORIZE ART FORMULAS IT IS STILL USELESS”. When I see my co-workers draw I’m like.. damn das awesome and then I’m there like a kindergardener scribbling on the table with broken crayons.

Today is the 21st birthday of my favourite human in the entire world: @reinaipie ~ Otherwise known as the animal whisperer, Gothic Lolita Princess, Meme Queen, Bipus, fucking fantastic artist, 20/10 friend, master of puns, monster fanatic, fashionista, smol child, and overall just the biggest cinnamon roll you will ever meet. Oh yeah, and her borb Piku Boo had to be drawn as well. He’s cool too (but loud as fuck) 

I love you Jackie, have the best birthday ever ~ I can’t wait for our Vegas Trip!

(30~ hours) 

To anyone sad about Jack (and Signe!) moving country, don’t worry us Irish can still hear him shouting all the way across the ocean! But to be serious change can be positive in many different ways and if I had the opportunity to live in a place as beautiful as Brighton I’d have my bags packed in an hour

the fashion runs in my family