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THIS. Sb shippers out here calling Iris selfish. She is supposed to die in 5 months yet she still reminds Barry that Caitlin needs saving too. How is that selfish? Oh and it's sad Barry completely forgot about Cait, otp though right.

Iris is the least selfish person on the show. I WISH she’d be a little more selfish sometimes. 

                                                                           Modern crime au

                   (   because @ragnarlodbrokkonungr definitely didn’t talk me into this at 2am last night, I am here to write the thing.  

Even as a teen Helga found it relatively easy to study, going from secondary school to university at the age of 17 without any problems. She mainly focussed on economics and business, and yet found that it bored her terribly. Turning 18, finally being legal of age, the blonde takes a daring decision, spicing up her life with a side job as a camgirl. It works, and she actually finds joy in entertaining men and women behind the camera despite the dangers she faces daily. After two years she lets her ‘carreer’ as a camgirl go, wishing to get climb a little higher in the business and finds an escort company where she works a few years as a callgirl while slowly finishing her studies.

Having gotten to know the business, and finally having finished her masters Helga decides to take matters in her own hands and opens her own escort agency named girnd (desire, lust), taking with her a few girls she had gotten close with at her old one. Never having seen this as a joke Helga manages to enter the high end market very quickly, bringing in clients that are not bothered by paying prices in euros including 3 zeros to get any of her girls for an evening. She’s always done everything legal, but does everything to make sure her girls are safe and protected, which is why she unbeknownst to anyone has made contact with the underworld, having asked the Lothbrok family for protection against the sinister folk that often tries to ruin businesses like hers and those who wish to break her.

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Hi mama,

I just started growing my first lot of plants! They seem to be growing well, I know I was always the green thumb like papa but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to by myself.

I know, I know. I live with my things outside for the time being. I’ll be getting a roof soon mama! No worries. Though later that night I managed to pull out my fishing rod and hoped to fish for not only dinner but also some fish to sell. They have a flea market in the next city over and I plan to sell them there! Wish me luck.

Your tired little girl,

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More of the rockband au!! It's been swell so far :) thank you for writing!

Catch up on the rockband au here 

Cosima had never noticed how small her dorm room was until Sarah Manning was in it, correction, until internationally famous recording artist Sarah Manning was in it. She sort of wished shed tidied up a little more before she’d gone out earlier that evening but to be fair she never imagined she’d be returning home with a celebrity in tow.

“I’ve never been inside a dorm room,” Sarah said wistfully as she ran her fingertips along the edge of Cosima’s desk, “Maybe if things had been different.”

They hadn’t talked about the fact that Cosima knew Sarah was famous, instead it hung between them unsaid but acknowledged.

“Dorm life is pretty cool,” Cosima agreed as she sat on her bed, watching Sarah look around the room. She was suddenly glad that she hadn’t taken the Orphan Black posters from her room at her parents house and hung them up here when she’d moved to college.

“You play?” Sarah asked, tilting her head towards the acoustic guitar that sat propped against the wall in the corner of the room.

“Not well,” Cosima flushed, “I’m just teaching myself off YouTube right now.”

“Guitar I can do,” Sarah said, picking up the guitar when Cosima nodded her head in permission, “It’s piano I can’t get the hang of.”

Sarah came to sit on the bed next to Cosima and rested the guitar on her lap. She strummed a few chords absently, still taking in the inside of the dorm room. Cosima sat frozen on the bed, not only was her favourite musician in her dorm room but her favourite musician was playing guitar in her dorm room. Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that this would ever happen and yet Sarah seemed just like any other college student. She wasn’t conceited, wasn’t a diva, just a normal teenager who happened to be a member of a Grammy Award winning musical group.

“Does that happen very often?” Cosima asked as Sarah started strumming a different set of chords, “With those girls, back at the bar, I mean.”

“Pretty often,” Sarah said, “I don’t mind taking photos with fans, it’s when they don’t wait for permission, that kind of gets to me a little.”

“It was pretty intense,” Cosima agreed, “it must get hard.”

“I’m not really meant to go anywhere alone,” Sarah sighed sadly, “And I know it’s just for my protection. No one means to hurt us but when that many people get excited to see you it can get pretty bloody dangerous but sometimes I don’t want to have to coordinate where I’m goin’ with five different people. Or I don’t want someone shadowing my every move just in case I get mobbed. It’s the paparazzi that are the worst. As soon as they get wind of where we are they follow us like rabid dogs. It’s exhaustin’ and the things they say,” she trailed off like she’d almost forgotten that Cosima was there, “Don’t get me wrong,” she said, turning to face Cosima with the guitar still in her lap, “I bloody love what I do. Making music is everything to me and the fact that people seem to like what we create is even more amazin’. I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunities that we’ve got it’s just sometimes I just wish that I was just a normal teenager, goin’ to college and to parties with my friends. Shite, I didn’t mean to lay all that on you,” Sarah said sheepishly, “It’s just kinda nice to talk to someone who isn’t in it for the story,” she regarded Cosima seriously then, “I mean, I can trust you, can’t I?”

If this was a test then it was one Cosima wanted to pass. She supposed that in her life that it was difficult for Sarah to come by people who wanted to know her for more than the rock star she was. She was probably guarded for a reason, used to gossip magazines and online blogs spreading her every movement across their front page without sparing a thought for the young woman herself. Cosima was guilty of reading those stories, of buying those magazines and for spreading that gossip amongst her friends and it was only now that she considered the toll that lifestyle would have on a person. Never being able to trust anyone, not being able to go anywhere without facing hordes of fans or photographers who each wanted a little part of you for themselves.

“You can trust me,” Cosima said and she hoped the sincerity she felt translated through into her words.

Sarah smiled, a weight seeming to lift off her shoulders as she resumed strumming the guitar. It wasn’t a song that Cosima recognised but the melody was soothing and Sarah played effortlessly.

“When did you pick up guitar?” she asked the British teen softly. Sarah only played drums in concert so Cosima hadn’t even really known that she could play.

“When we first started recordin’,” Sarah told her, “It’s easier to write songs on guitar when you can work on melody and stuff. Can’t do that on drums,” she grinned, “Though hittin’ shit for a livin’ ain’t too bad.”

Cosima snorted, “Be a pretty good answer to the next interviewer who asks why you got into music.”

“My publicist would have a bloody heart attack,” Sarah laughed, “Maybe I should do it then, Beth deserves to be taken down a peg or two.”

Cosima’s phone started to ring, an unknown number flashing up on the screen.

“I’d say this is probably your ride,” she said as she handed the phone to Sarah who answered.

“Hey Art,” she suddenly sounded very tired, “Nah I’m good. We are in room 324, just tell the night guard you’re here to see Cosima Niehaus. We already told him what was goin’ on so you shouldn’t have any trouble,” Sarah listened to his response, “Yeah, see ya in a bit.”

“One of our bodyguards,” she said to Cosima after she hung up the phone, “He’s gonna be pissed he has to come out so late,” she smirked a little, “Serves him right for being so grumpy all the bloody time. Thanks for savin’ me from the hordes,” she said to Cosima, “I appreciate your help.”

“Dude, no worries at all,” they both looked up as a knock sounded at the door, “It was really nice meeting you.”

“You too,” Sarah said as she got up off the bed, “Maybe I’ll see ya around sometime,” she said as she opened the door to reveal a towering man in a long black coat, “Oi Oi, Art.”

“Oi Oi, Sarah,” he said and while he tried to sound stern Cosima could see an there was an affection for Sarah in his expression. “You ready to go? S isn’t happy with you.”

“What else is new,” Sarah sighed before she turned back around to Cosima, “See ya later, Cosima.”

“Bye Sarah,” Cosima said but the door had already been closed behind Sarah’s retreating back.

Cosima flopped down onto her mattress, taking a moment to pinch herself to check to see if the last hour had been a dream. When she didn’t wake up she rolled onto her stomach and screamed excitedly into her pillow. She couldn’t believe that she had spent the evening with Sarah Manning. That Sarah Manning had sat on her bed and played her guitar. She couldn’t wait to tell her friends, especially Shay. None of them would believe her when she told them the story.  

Only she couldn’t. She couldn’t tell anyone. 

She had told Sarah that she could trust her and that would include telling no one about the time they spent together or the things Sarah had shared with her. Sarah had obviously seen something in her that she was willing to take the chance and trust her and she didn’t want to break that trust even if she was never going to see the other girl again. She was still on a high as she went to the communal bathroom and went through her nightly routine, humming an Orphan Black sing under her breath as she brushed her teeth. When she got back to her dorm there was a text message waiting on her phone. It wasn’t a number she recognised and it simply said, Thanks.

Cosima opened it and saved the number under a new contact, Sarah.

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@anon I had no friends at school, looking back I kinda wish I'd tried a little harder to join clubs or just strike up conversation to give people a chance (I felt like I knew everyone already) but it's not the end of the world, you're ok



Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻


If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
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Arima Kishou | The White Reaper
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For the last time:

If Victor bought that ring for Yuuri ahead of time then the anime would have shown us. And even if they wouldn’t have shown it, if that’s what they wanted us to think, they would have made it explicitly clearEspecially in the episode that was narrated by Victor.

What interest does the anime have in hiding the information that Victor bought the ring earlier?


Which is probably enough reason to believe that it didn’t happen.

Listen, I know it’s a really sweet idea and I know that we’d all like that to be true, but there are limits to wishful thinking.

I keep seeing people speaking of the headcanon (because that’s what it should be called) that Victor bought the ring ahead of time as though it’s a fact and I think it’s very confusing and even misleading to a part of the fandom.

And listen, if you want to believe that’s what happened, that’s cool, but at least acknowledge the fact that you’re talking about a theory or a headcanon like I mentioned above, and don’t act like that’s what canonically happened because if that’s what it really were then it would be clear to everyone and we wouldn’t even have to have this argument.

(Especially that there is much more proof for Yuuri buying both rings/Yuuri and Victor buying the rings in the same store at the same time than of Victor buying one beforehand.)


open your heart to love, it is so worth the risk

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