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CLAMP Comparisons: 

(Main) Characters across the dimensions series

1989 to Present

Characters’ appearances in their original series and some of their most recent ones.

it’s a shame tomoyo cant use her powers anymore 
cause that just means one beautiful person less to smack some sense to watanuki

This is technically a redraw of something I made like… 8? 10? Who knows how many years ago? I have no idea, but that’s fine bc the concept of time is all but destroyed in their verse anyway.

But yeah, I found this unfinished sketch of Kazahaya and Watanuki and I was like “I kinda wanna ink it…….” but then I just decided to redraw it bc it was pretty old and thus not really, well, good. 


“After you killed Hokuto and vanished from my life, I wanted to kill the memory of you that lived in my heart. I thought that if I erased your existence from within me, I could go on and live my life. But I… I couldn’t do it… Despite it all, if nothing more, I wanted you to be the one to end my life.”

Happy Crying Birthday to @sakurazuka-subaru

Since I am in a CLAMP questiony mood, let’s open up this subject that’s been bothering me for awhile


I’ve seen it suggested that Kokuyo is hooking up with some hell cat chick. He is a known player and all. And his whited out eye would suggest he’s cheating on Hisui since this is after he’s given them his eye.

I have two counterarguments:

1. This is actually Hisui. We already know from Drug & Drop that they can change their form and if the two of them want to have hot, smokey cat sex then frankly that is not entirely out of character for either of them.

2. Stop. I will cry. Kokuyo said. He said he’d only been with Hisui since they eloped. He said! They are important to me so don’t! It can’t! DON’T TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME. *gross sobbing*