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CLAMP 30 day challenge: Day 2
Number of CLAMP series you’ve read/watched


CLAMP Comparisons: 

(Main) Characters across the dimensions series

1989 to Present

Characters’ appearances in their original series and some of their most recent ones.

Then can I choose a birthday for you?
Yours can be the same as mine,
April first!
Is that so?
So your birthday is the same as mine,
April first!
Happy Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Sakura-hime, Syaoran, Tsubasa-hime and Tsubasa.

it’s a shame tomoyo cant use her powers anymore 
cause that just means one beautiful person less to smack some sense to watanuki


“After you killed Hokuto and vanished from my life, I wanted to kill the memory of you that lived in my heart. I thought that if I erased your existence from within me, I could go on and live my life. But I… I couldn’t do it… Despite it all, if nothing more, I wanted you to be the one to end my life.”

Happy Crying Birthday to @sakurazuka-subaru