• NAMJOON will be less lonely
  • JIN will always be confident and never hide behind a fake confidence
  • YOONGI will never go back to a dark place
  • HOSEOK will not smile even when he is sad
  • JIMIN will not be as hard on himself
  • TAEHYUNG will not be scared of losing someone 
  • JUNGKOOK will grow not feeling any burden 
  • ARMY will be more loved 
  • BTS and ARMYs will stay together for a very long time

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✨Wish Spell ✨

Here is a quick and easy wish spell that has worked very well for me.


  • A leaf🍃
  • Pen🖊
  • The outdoors 🌳
  • Intention 💭


  1. Take a leaf and write down whatever you wish for.
  2. After meditating on this wish, take the leaf outside and find either a rock or stream.
  3. Leave the leaf either under the rock or throw it into the stream and watch it float away.
  4. As the leaf travels down stream or withers under the rock, you give your wish to the Earth and She takes care of it.
  5. Make sure to thank Her, and then let the wish you wish be given fully to the Earth.

Stay magickal lovlies🔮