Moving House (Part 2)

[Part 1]

Arc 2 of Wish

Pairing: Kagehina 
Show: Haikyuu!! 
Summary: Howl’s Moving Castle AU,  in which Kageyama makes a wish upon a falling star, and gets Hinata instead.

It took some trial and error, but after a few days of marginal disasters, Hinata had finally figured out a steady rhythm for the house. While the inside wasn’t as unwavering as a stationary building might be, it loped about as gracefully as a walking house could lope, no longer jerking so violently, and Tobio learned to stand, walk, and even sleep without disruption in their wonderful, wandering home.

The interior, they kitted out with at first the barest of necessities—bedding to rest on, food, drink, and medicines—but as time went by, the pair of them gathered some home comforts to keep between their four walls. Tobio collected spare clothing, soaps and lotions with which to clean himself, pots and pans and plates, utensils with which he could cook and eat his now plentiful food-stores. And for Hinata, they amassed wood, as well as a selection of leftover or unusable foods for him to feast on to keep his fire burning.

Things were comfortable. Perhaps they’d be ideal, were it not for the fact that—as Tobio soon learned—there was no concealing a walking building. Autumn turned to winter, and winter bled into spring, and in their little house they travelled, earning new names and new rumours as they went.

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