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A Few Things We Learned from the Sleepy Hollow Panel at Today’s TCA Press Event:

You Guys Are Responsible for Finally Getting Ichabod To Change His Clothes

Hearing from fans online was the only reason it occurred to the producers to give Ichabod a wardrobe change, according to EP Heather Kadin. “The fact that Crane was in the same clothes became such an uproar online that we had to take note of it. Without that feedback, the skinny jeans wouldn’t have happened.”

“It got to the point where it was annoying us so much that we had to deal with how his character would take care of it,” added EP Len Wiseman. 

(Never fear, he’ll get even more wardrobe changes this season.)

In fact, fans online have been instrumental in other areas. “Online media has been a part of the identity of this show.  We monitor all of it and take it into account. It’s a voice in the room among many,” said EP Mark Goffman.

There Will Be Some Exciting New Characters Introduced

Brand-new baddies include a Windigo, a succubus, a twist on the Pied Piper, and something called a “Kindred.” Plus, there’s a new sheriff, Leena Reyes, in town. “She has a history in Sleepy Hollow, and more history with Abbie and Jenny than they know,” said Goffman. The no-nonsense newcomer will pose a real obstacle for Abbie and Ichabod.

Ichabod’s Relationship With Both Abbie and Katrina Will Get Rocky This Season

“We’re going to drop a few bombs this season with their relationships. Crane and Katrina are going to find out things about their relationships that they couldn’t possibly have been prepared for,” said Goffman.

“Picking up at the beginning of this season, there are going to be some real trust issues between Ichabod and Abbie. It’s not always going to be smooth. It’s a real relationship, and we want to play out the love and the true nature of how they evolve,” said Wiseman.

Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship will continue to be at the core of the show - although Ichabod remains very much in love with his wife.

“Abbie and Crane need each other desperately,” said EP Alex Kurtzman. “As a man out of time, he needs her for guidance, but she’s also been so alone her whole life with nobody to believe her. They have a very deep connection." 

"Running around in the middle of the night chasing monsters is profoundly erotic, so sometimes I have to throw a saucy look. Hashtag Ichabbie,” Tom Mison (Ichabod Crane), joked.

Of her character, Abbie Mills, Nicole Beharie said, “She has a relationship with a man, but it’s not romantic. She’s not defined by sexual or amorous desires. Crane has become a family member, in a way, and the closest person she has in her life because of her past.”

Ichabod Will Learn to Drive

Yep. Can’t wait. 

Season 2 premieres September 22nd!

Sailor Moon Manga Act 23

Although Black Lady is transformed/corrupted, she is still the daughter of the royal family. And unlike any of the Black Moon Clan, she still has access to the Moon Palace. She is the ultimate defector. And it is the card that she only gets to play once she reveals her identity.

It is not surprising that she heads straight for NQS. She doesn’t have to go there. She could go to the past to get Sailor Moon and her past Crystal, but instead she wants to draw them to her. To her turf. She knows that everyone in the future is powerless and that Sailor Moon’s Crystal doesn’t work in the thirtieth century.

But is is so much more personal that obtaining the Crystal. Even though her mother is comatose and protected by the shards of the Crystal, she wants her mother to see what she has become. She is the complete opposite of her mother. Pink hair. Red eyes. Black dress an embodiment of the very black Crystal that corrupted her. A rub collar - both a crown and shackle. She wants her mother to see her in all her maleficent glory.

The moment of Black Lady trying to get her mother to awaken is a sharp contrast to her father’s pleads just moments before. King Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity represent so much light and goodness (however not perfection). But in the same hall, the same place, Black Lady and her mother’s relationship has always been rocky and was exploited by Wiseman. A child’s fears and comparison with a mother, a queen, a hero is a barrier that has always stood between them, especially since Black Lady has spent 900 years, stunted in her own power. Questioning her own legitimacy as heir. So it isn’t surprising that the very same barrier that is physically stands between them in the Crystal that Black Lady does not understand nor can she use even if she has her own powers amplified by the black Crystal. It probably frustrates her that she is so much more grown and yet her mother and the Crystal refuse to bow/acknowledge her authority.

Meanwhile, King Endymion never imagined that someone from the Black Moon Clan would ever break into their sanctuary. Even if he was powerless in his spirit form, he knew that their castle was the most protected and sacred place. Imagine his shock when he saw an intruder.