wiseguy john


Here’s Egbutt! AHHH thank you so much for your kind words ;3; This is the same emoji and palette as the Vriska I did a while back and I think that’s kind of humorous. 

Drawing the wrinklefucker was fun! I don’t get the chance to draw John very often, so I’m happy I got to draw him in the wiseguy suit. It’s one of my favorite homestuck outfits.

Send over some requests, peeps! x/x/x


So hey, these are just the pictures I had that I was in to start (Including the totally silly looking one at the end). Anyway, my names Justin, I was the Wiseguy Slime Suit John, the fine gentleman to my left/right cosplaying Dave is my new bud Lucas. I literally met him the day of and we kinda got grouped for pics the rest of the time which was legit.