wise words of tom

[H]e’d be the first to say there’s nothing to be gained by bitterness or anger, hatred. I don’t know how many times he would remind me that bitterness or pessimism is only going to slow you down finding the solution. And he lived that way.
—  Tom Petty on George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002

Pick a TV show and answer the following questions:

Call the Midwife

Favourite character: Patsy obviously, but Delia and Sister MJ are a close joint second. Patsy is so strong after everything she has gone through and Delia compliments her personality very well, and Sister MJ always provides very wise and wonderful words at the right times

Least favourite character: Tom, I don’t really like his personality and now I have got to see Barbara in a different light (in the CS), she deserves better than him

A character you’re indifferent about: Both Sister Winifred and Barbara, I don’t feel I know enough about them to really care?? whoops bring on the hate brigade

Favourite actor: Emerald Fennell and Kate Lamb - they both put in so much emotion to their performances, but then so does Helen George so lmao lets just say all of them

Favourite scene: Cue Lesbian Cliché™ but the Gateways scene, it deserved so much more screen time and recognition than it got, but what we got was absolutely beautiful

Least favourite scene: The 5 hour kissing scene between Barbara and Tom - I know it was there for a reason but did it have to last that long??

Favourite storyline: The overriding arc of Delias relationship with her mum, it will be interesting to see how that works out after Paris

Least favourite storyline:  Delia getting knocked off her bike and the hospital scene that followed - unnecessary and heartbreaking

Favourite ship: Pupcake of course

Least favourite ship: Barbara and Tom 

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