wise words of tom

just your assistant

request: Can you do one where the reader has social anxiety and at one point Tom has to help her calm down because she has an anxiety attack? Could you include her feeling like burden to tom and her telling him so and he convinces her other wise?
words: 2.4k
summary: you are the assistant for your boss, Tom Holland. the two of you fall for one another after a one-night stand and things go from there.
warnings: panic attacks and self hate
an: i didn’t follow the request that much but still…

tag list: @helplessholland & @frxdweasle

You jiggled with the cool metallic doorknob that was connected to Tom’s office. Your keys were wrong and you barely had one hand to use since one of them was holding his coffee and someone’s résumé as well as someone’s bag of muffins. You would die for coffee and muffins at this point but, you ate two hours ago. You fumbled with the keys before finally pushing in the correct key and unlocking the glass door before opening it as wide as possible. The purse you had around your shoulder bounced against your side as you huffed out a breath. You wanted this day to be over already. It wasn’t going the way it normally did.

You normally brought Tom his coffee before he arrived and then brought Glenda, the front desk lady, the muffins she always wanted. His coffee was always black with two sugars and a creamer and her muffins were always wheat and blueberry.

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steady | tom holland

summary: when the butterflies and the racing heartbeats stop, what’s left might be even better

inspiration: THIS beautifully written post right here; please give it a read :)

a/n: if you would like to be added to my tag list please let me know :) also, i promise i have peter stuff i wanna post but i just really wanted to crank this one out before i lost the inspiration for it!

The term “going steady” always seemed a bit archaic to you; the phrase had phased out of the 21st century vernacular over the decades and it just made more sense for you to say that you were dating.

What did going steady even mean?

It may have taken you two years, but you eventually understood.

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[H]e’d be the first to say there’s nothing to be gained by bitterness or anger, hatred. I don’t know how many times he would remind me that bitterness or pessimism is only going to slow you down finding the solution. And he lived that way.
—  Tom Petty on George Harrison, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002

Tom Hiddleston: “L’ispirazione per Kong Skull Island è arrivata da Indiana Jones, e dai Rolling Ston

The key to playing the “guy in the hat” is that “the guy in the hat” doesn’t want to be “the guy in the hat”.
Tom Hiddleston recalls Sam Neill’s wise words.

Sam Reinhart & Jack Eichel (in the wise words of Tom Martin): lovey, dovey roommates ( 09.22.16. & 09.28.16. )