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Hey maybe you could draw Frisk or Chara cheering up Asriel after a nightmare or something? Ultra comfort mode


@steveningdragon…I kinda um…picked this up and ran with it. Word to the wise, listening to His Theme and Undertale for 3+ hours is not good for you if you want to keep your feels intact. Especially while drawing a thing like this.

Guys you have to stop giving me feels for the psychopathic ghost kid, geez

I hope you like this! I spent a lot of my day working on it and may or may not have shed some tears…Thank you for the request!!✨

45. “I should be the only one making you happy” with yoongi (part two) | 1.4k

@oh-sugahoney for you :)))) enjoy

part one

Fuck this, Yoongi had said as the door slammed behind him.

“Guys, what was that for?” your question settles onto guilty grimaces.

When the boys invited you over for movie night, you hadn’t expected anything out of the ordinary. This was something they always did whenever they were in between comebacks, since it was the only period in which they had enough hours left on the clock to do things other than sleep. Given that you hadn’t seen them in nearly two months, it was an easy decision for you to make.

When you arrived, you found a spot beside Yoongi (perhaps on another day you would have noticed that it was coincidentally the only seat available) and for the first twenty minutes, all was well. They’d picked a silly little comedy, and the room settled into a relaxed chorus of soft giggles at each joke, Yoongi included.

However, it became increasingly apparent that the boys had something else in mind for tonight.

Out of nowhere, Taehyung and Jungkook moved from the floor to the couch, the very couch that was already occupied by you and Yoongi, which meant that, yup, the two of you were sandwiched in between.

Though the . . . cozy (as Taehyung had called it) arrangement didn’t bother you, you could tell Yoongi was uncomfortable.

It didn’t help that every time you looked at Hoseok, he wiggled his eyebrows, and that Jimin couldn’t hide his giggles every time he looked your way.

Eventually, Yoongi’s patience drew thin.

“Jungkook, get off, it’s too fucking warm.”

“Are you sure it’s me making you warm, hyung?”

When you turned to the elder, you noticed he was glaring at Jungkook, jaw clenched and ears turning red.

“Jeon. Jungkook.”

Leave it to the maknae to be cheeky. “Hyung, we know you like it.”

Yoongi unabashedly shoved the younger aside and stomped out of the living room, which brought you to the present, with six faces staring back at you apologetically.

“Jungkook,” Jin starts, “you need to apologize to Yoongi later. You went too far.”

The maknae meekly nods, eyes downcast. “Sorry, noona,” he softly says.

“This is my fault, too,” Taehyung joins in. “I gave Kookie the idea … sorry.”

“It’s alright,” you assure them, “Yoongi’s just grumpy,” you say as you give their shoulders a squeeze.

It’s no secret that you and Yoongi have feelings for each other, nor is it any mystery why you’re keeping those feelings at bay. After getting out of a terrible relationship, Yoongi had made it clear that he wasn’t ready to jump into another one when you both realized that your friendship was turning into something more. It made sense, and you respected his maturity, so you withdrew yourselves to Normal Friend Behaviour, which apparently did not sit well with the rest of them.

“Y/N,” Namjoon looks at you. “It’s probably not my place to ask but–”

“–Yeah, I’ll talk to him,” you finish for him.

His smile is grateful and he nods, “thank you.”

“Let’s go out for dinner,” Hoseok suggests, “Jiminnie, where was that place you said we should try?”
“Oh, uh, it’s …” he fumbles with his phone, “it’s over there,” he points to his screen.

Hoseok nods, “alright. I’ll call the managers. Grab your things everybody, be ready in ten,” he directs, and gives you a wink.

You shake your head, and wait for them to disperse before walking over to the bedroom at the end of the hall.

It’s open, Yoongi’s voice slips through the door when you knock on it.

“Hey,” you say as you close the door behind you.

Even in the dark, you can see he’s lying on the bed with his feet still on the floor.

“You good?” you ask as you walk over.

Yoongi nods, sits up and reaches for you to stand between his legs.

You ruffle his hair, “you know Kookie was just teasing.”

He sighs, and, still holding your hand, rests his head against your stomach. Your other hand immediately moves to his head, fingers carding through his hair.

“… Yoongs?” you call when he doesn’t speak after a while.

“Just … can you just stay like this?” he asks, voice barely above a whisper.

“Of course,” you keep threading through his locks, “this okay?”
He nods, and breathes out, “more than okay …”

It doesn’t take much to know that Yoongi’s not a talker. Unlike Namjoon and Jimin, who deliver comfort and guidance wrapped in careful syllables chosen with love, Yoongi’s always been someone who preferred to use his actions. So the boys have always found it interesting when it became apparent that Yoongi liked you, someone who delivered words that carried weight as deep as the Marianas Trench, and who, as they came to find, could ease them out of their darkest days because damn, you were wise and your advice was golden.

It worked, though, and there was good reason for it.

For all the words that Yoongi chose to keep to himself, you had more to give to him when he doubted himself, and Yoongi reciprocated with his thoughtfulness expressed in the way he looked after you even when you weren’t aware of it. When the day knocked you off your feet and your voice drowned in sorrow, he showed you that sometimes, quiet can go a long way to help you heal.

And now, you were giving that back to him.

You stay in this stance for who knows how long, the traffic down below being the only sound filling the space.

After a while, he speaks, “thanks, Y/N, really.” He tilts his head to the side to look at you, rubbing your arm that was resting on his shoulder.

“Don’t need to, Yoongs,” you smile, smoothing his hair out of his eyes, and he instinctively leans into the touch.

“You hungry?” you lighten the subject. “They’ve left to grab dinner, let’s get some, too,” you take a few steps back.

“W-wait,” Yoongi stammers, grabbing your wrist, and takes a deep breath.

“Everything okay?” you make your way back towards him.

“There’s something I wanted to ask you,” Yoongi begins, eyes shifting to everywhere but onto yours.

You feel your heartbeat pick up, “Yoongi … if you’re about to say what I think you are, you know you don’t have to–”

“Let me finish, Y/N,” he fixes his gaze onto you. “I wanted to ask earlier, but then, that happened, and I got kind of …”

“flustered?” you offer, to which he nods, the tips of his ears gaining a rosy hue.

“I wanted … ” he trails off.

“You wanted …?”

“Do you …” he begins again.

“Do I …?”

“Um …”

“Just ask me, Yoongs. You know I’m gonna say yes.”

“Do you,” his eyes open wide, “wait, are you sure?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” you mutter as you lean down to kiss him.

The moment your lips landed on his, it was like soft fireworks exploded behind your eyes. His arms pull you into him, and you both land onto the bed. He kisses you back with more need, and you move your legs to straddle him, hands digging into his hair. Shortly, it’s hot breaths and heated kisses, bruised lips and sweet caresses, stars lighting up the room despite it being cloudy outside.

Fuck,” Yoongi says when you both settle down for air.

You chuckle. “Is that it?”

God no, come back here,” he mumbles, hands on your waist and flipping you onto your back, lips finding yours again.

“Hyung, do you think they want this?” Jimin asks, takeout boxes in hand, when the boys finally return to the apartment.

Namjoon shakes his head, “you can have it, Jiminnie.”

Damn it!” Jin exlaims, earning surprised faces from all the boys because it isn’t every day that the eldest hyung curses. “I left my phone charger in that room,” he explains, to which the boys could only laugh at his misery.

The bedroom door suddenly opens, revealing an annoyed Yoongi, who places said charger by the door. “Y'all better shut up. She’s sleeping, and if anyone wakes her up I swear I’ll—” he’s cut off by the giggles in the room. “What?

“Nice … neck, hyung.”

“Yeah, purple’s a great colour on you.”

“… fuck off.”

Salt 'n' Pepper-Tony Stark x Reader One Shot

(A/N: This is set just after the first Avengers film, so we still have JARVIS as an android and everyone is happy. Also, Tony and Pepper aren’t a thing, sorry Pepperony shippers.)

Summary: Tony can get so busy managing his company and being Iron Man that he sometimes forgets about his partner (Y/N). As she sees how close he becomes with Pepper Potts, she can’t help the rising jealousy consume her, making her a very unhappy woman indeed.

Characters: Tony Stark x Reader, Pepper Potts x Reader (sort of enemies?), Bruce Banner x Reader (platonic)

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name



“JARVIS, where is Tony?” I asked the android as I exited my shared bedroom with my partner.

He hadn’t come back to bed that night and I had a feeling I knew where he was.

“Mr Stark is currently in his lab, Miss (Y/L/N).” he replied.

“Has he eaten anything?”

“Mr Stark has only consumed an alarming amount of coffee.”

I sighed.“Thanks JARVIS.”

Of course he hadn’t eaten. He never worried about himself, his brain was taken over with science. Stopping by the kitchen, I grabbed a glass of orange juice before making a bowl of cereal. My mind did think about making him some pancakes but he needed something relatively healthy. Carrying it down to the lab I knew what sort of mood he was going to be in. He would just want to get on with his work, not be bothered with anything or anyone else.

It was hard loving him though I wouldn’t ever change it. We met at a party (surprise, surprise), I had tagged along with a friend, it was was for some sort of science convention; we bumped into each other and of course I knew who he was. We had talked the whole night, he too wasn’t the most enthusiastic about the event. One thing led to another and then we ended up becoming a couple.

Unfortunately that did mean that paparazzi and journalists were following my every move. I was introduced to a whole new world, not only with the media but with his superhero side. I was an easy target for his enemies, he knew that and was so hesitant to announce us. However it accidentally slipped out after the battle of New York where he almost died; I couldn’t help but dote on him afterwards, mistakingly showing off PDA, but what was done was done. He was fighting aliens and risked his life for the human race, there was no way I wasn’t not going to show my affection.

When I arrived to the lab, the doors were locked which meant he didn’t want to be disturbed. That didn’t mean anything to me anymore.

“Tony?” I knocked on the glass door with my foot.

“Who is it?” he called out.

“(Y/N). Can you please let me in? I have food.”

The doors slid open and I hopped in as if they would quickly trap me inside them. I found him standing at a desk which had tools laid about, he was tinkering with a circuit board.

“When you said food I thought you meant something interesting, not slop.” he commented as he looked up at me.

I chuckled.“It’s not slop. This is better than nothing. Come on, put your stuff down and eat.”

I took his arm, dragging him towards a table free of any technology, sitting him down and kissing his cheek. He whined like a child, only making me laugh more. Tony stared at it, not moving an inch.

“You know, you haven’t even come to bed.”

“I know.” he started to drink the orange juice. At least he was having something.

“I miss you. Are you working on something big?”

“Just upgrading the suits. Trying out a few new things on them. Everything is damaged after the fight though.”

“I can imagine.”

Tony looked so tired. S.H.I.E.L.D just swooped in and took over, dumping the whole alien attack on the team. What with him almost dying things hadn’t got any easier. He would have nightmares constantly which meant he tried to keep himself awake, he was always always trying to improve the Iron Man suits as a distraction from everything. It was going to take time for him to get back to normal.

“Morning Mr Stark.” a voice came from the entrance of the lab.

I internally groaned. Pepper Potts, the CEO of Stark industries and former assistant to Tony had just walked through that door. I wanted to get along with her, I really did, but after I saw how she acted around Tony I couldn’t fathom it. Always flirting and constantly around him; I knew that they had to be together quite a lot of the time seeing as she too ran the company but she didn’t have to be so flirty with him.

“Oh, Miss (Y/L/N), I did not see you there.” she greeted almost rudely as she placed a bag of McDonald’s breakfast in front of Tony.

I didn’t miss her hand stroking the back of his as she passed the bag. Tony disregarded the food I brought, digging into the fast food. He must have seen the hurt in my face before he started to explain.

“I asked her to bring it.”

“But I made you cereal.”

“Yeah and I appreciate that, but I need this instead. She was passing one as she came here.”

“Speaking of,” Pepper pulled out a tablet from her bag, tapping away,“you have people to see and things to sign.”

He gathered up his food.“Nope, I’m out.”


“I’m going out and by that I mean staying in.”

I interrupted.“Tony you need to do these things. If you keep putting it off it’ll just build up. Maybe it will be good to get out.”

“She’s right Tony.” Pepper added, my eyes rolling.

He bit into his breakfast burger, contemplating it.“Neither of you are gonna give up, huh?”

Both of us shook out heads. Tony sighed after swallowing, turning away for a brief second.

“Fine. Seems like it’s important.”

Pepper smiled.“Great. Well I’ll arrange everything to be transferred to the afternoon, you can rest up and get cleaned up-”

“No. Leave it as it is.”

“Ok, your first appointment is in two hours. I’ll uh, leave you guys alone.” she was hesitant to go, probably thinking I would instead, it was evident in her face but she did so anyway.

Tony munched on his breakfast, clearly enjoying it. I didn’t want to mention anything about how uncomfortable to was with Pepper, he had enough on his mind already. I trusted him not to do anything, even if she advanced; though I prayed she wouldn’t either to maintain a professional relationship with her boss.

“I’m sorry about the breakfast.” Tony suddenly said, offering me a bite of his burger. I knew he was trying to hunt about Pepper.

I smiled, taking it from him.“It’s ok.”

“Didn’t want to bother you. You looked peaceful in your sleep.”

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion.“Wait, so you did come back to the room?”

“Yeah, but then I had stuff to do.”

I grabbed one of his hands.“I wouldn’t care if you woke me you know. It would be kinda nice to see you once in a while.”

He squeezed it back.“Sorry, just keeping myself busy.”

“I know that’s how you cope. Could you just come to bed tonight? Please? Just tonight and I won’t nag anymore.”

He chuckled.“Course.”


Tony and Pepper had left for the meetings now and I was left with nothing to do. I didn’t work, I used to before dating Tony. The job I used to have wasn’t a good pay, I was living off bare minimum really. Although I wasn’t a particular fan of work (based on past experience, I wasn’t a brat) it was common knowledge that you had to work to get money. Tony saw how unhappy I was, lending me money whenever I needed it until he suggested that I move in with him and quit my job. Never had I said yes quicker.

After being together for a couple of years, he started to trust me with the money by myself. Because I wasn’t working, I decided that charity work would suffice. Tony was charitable himself meaning it wasn’t a problem with him. However, there were no events coming up that needed to be planned so I was stuck in the tower. I had already worked out that morning, watched tv and even attempted cooking (I wasn’t very skilled in the kitchen). I could have gone out but I didn’t want to deal with paparazzi and all of my friends were working.

Heading into the kitchen to grab a snack, someone was already in there. I recognised the lab cost and dark, wavy hair.

“Hey Bruce.” I greeted walking towards him.

“Oh, hi.” he sent me a small smile.

“What you doing up here? Aren’t you in the labs all day?”

“Well, people do need nourishment.”

“True, could have asked one of your workers to get it though.”

“I’d prefer to do it myself. Not good with all these people get.”

“Well you do what you want Bruce.” I grabbed a bag of crisps about to walk away before he stopped me.

“Uh, a-are things ok with you and Tony?”

Why was he asking me this?

“Um, yeah. Why?”

“He asked me to keep an eye on you which sort of led me to believe that you had some sort of argument?”

“No, no arguments….” my sentence trailed off as I realised why Tony was curious.“It’s because of Pepper.”

“Pepper? Pepper Potts?”

“Yeah, she…I don’t really like her being around Tony, she can get a bit flirty.”

“Oh. Have you talked to him about it?”

“I can’t right now. He’s so stressed from everything that has happened. He’s not sleeping or eating well, his social skills are out the window; I just want him back.”

“I know I’m not an expert on love and relationships but I think it would be wise to speak with him. Maybe he’ll see how you’re feeling and spend time with you, it could make him feel better too.”

Bruce’s words played on and on in my head throughout the day. He was right. It had to be said soon. I just didn’t want Tony getting any worse; his PTSD had got worse, he didn’t need my whining on top of it.

“What are you thinking about?” Tony’s voice made me jump.

After a long debate with myself on what to do, I had found myself in the lab. Perhaps it was because Tony was always there and this was one of the only ways I felt close to him.

“Can…can I talk to you?” I stuttered, hating that my nerves were getting the better of me.

“Is this about Pepper or the neglect?” he asked, though I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be mean.

I was caught of guard.“Tony…that’s not how I want to word it.”

He loosened his tie as he stood nearer.“But that’s the word for it.”

“I’m just not a fan of her, she’s always trying to push my buttons by flirting with you.”

“It’s her nature.”

“No it’s not!” my voice raised.

He seemed taken back.

I groaned, pusing the chair back, making it screech against the floor.“I don’t want to argue. I want my Tony back even though I know you’re dealing with things but so is everyone else. You know what, just get Pepper to live here with you cause she might as well.”

“Don’t make this about her-”

“Why not Tony? She’s always here, let’s decorate one of the rooms for her. Better yet, she can take my place!”

His fist slammed onto the table.“I am not going to argue about this! We trust each other, we love each other! Have I ever once cheated or given you a reason to believe so?”

I could feel myself start to cry.“No.”

“So I don’t understand this. You know that Pepper has been a loyal, valuable member of my team, I wouldn’t just throw her away. I will talk to her about this but never have I reciprocated her feelings.”

My voice had turned to a whisper.“I know…I know that.” I could feel my knees buckling, having to lean against the wall.“I just want to help you and I hate that she has so much more in common with you. I have so much jealousy built up in me because of it, in ashamed of that. But I really want to help you.”

His hands pulled me towards him into a hug.“You do help me. It would help me even more if you just stayed happy.”

“You shouldn’t be comforting me, it needs to be the other way around.” I sobbed, clutching onto his suit.“I want to help.”

“Then stop crying and hug me back. Stop worrying about Pepper, just be happy, for me.”

Life with the Schuylers - Prologue

a/n: here it is! The prologue of the fic I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks! It’s not a lot story wise, it’s just setting up the story for the first chapter to begin so it might be a little bit of a disappointment. But I’d really appreciate it if you guys could let me know what you think and let me know if you’re looking forward to future parts! 

warnings: um nothing I think? 

word count: 491 

Philip and Catherine Schuyler always dreamed of a big family. They were married young and fell pregnant not long after their honeymoon. They day Angelica was born was one of the happiest of their lives, but soon after it was followed by one of the saddest. They day they discovered they weren’t able to have any more children. 

It broke their hearts, the idea that their dream of a big family might be over and that Angelica might be the only child they raise. However, once their shock faded, they decided not to let this keep them from what they wanted so they decided to adopt. 

A year and a half later they adopted a little girl named Elizabeth, and then 3 years after that, they adopted another baby girl named Margarita. Angelica took to her adopted sibling immediately, and any worry that Philip and Catherine had about the girls not bonding like other siblings might were crushed quickly. 

Angelica was quick to take a liking to both girls. And when her younger sisters started school after her, she made sure no one ever bothered them, that they were never bullied or picked on. It seemed that no matter what, Angelica was always right around the corner when Eliza and Peggy needed her. 

When Angelica moved out of college, she moved into a tiny shoebox of an apartment as she began her job at a book publishing company. Despite the limited room, Peggy came over almost every day after school to hang out and to let Angelia help with her homework. And whenever Eliza came back to the city on a break from college, she too would spend a lot of her time at Angelica’s tiny apartment. 

So when Eliza moved back to the city after college it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that she wanted to move in with Angelica. 

When Angelica had first moved out she hadn’t taken any money from her parents, wanting to pay her own way now that she could. But with Eliza wanting to live with her, and the anticipation that Peggy would want to join them soon enough, Philip and Catherine insisted that they pay the rent of any place the girls moved into, meaning they could live in a much nicer, and bigger place. 

And that is how by the time Peggy starts college in the city, she moved into Angelica and Eliza’s apartment. This new apartment, the one that Philip and Catherine paid for, had more than enough room for the three of them and their two cats, Shelby the English shorthair and Salem the Bombay cat. 

The girls love their setup, but really it’s Catherine and Philip that love it the most. To watch their girls grow to be as close as they are was the most incredible experience for them, and now that they are living together. It seems like the perfect time for them to look into adopting more kids.

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24. “It’s six o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.” with ryuji! honestly it'd be funny whether he's saying it or if it's directed at him

*finds a dictionary
hm… funny…
*flips through the pages
funny, funny….
*googles it
aha! here it is
*results display
did you mean angst?

Ryuji hears the bustle downstairs as he stirs from his bed. It’s bright outside, he can tell, but his head is swimming and something is telling him he’s woken up a little bit earlier than normally. There’s a bit of a fumble as he reaches for his phone, and when he unlocks it to find the screen flashing with three bright digits (6:02) he buries his face into his pillow and groans. Why are you up this early? He thinks, and double checks the other side of his bed to make sure that the one bustling about downstairs is in fact you, and not some kind of burglar. (Or worse, his mother coming home early).

He’s still in his boxers when he makes the decision to find out just what the hell you’re doing, and he thanks himself profusely for having the foresight to draw the blinds closed the previous night. When he finds you, you’re in the kitchen, crouched over the cabinet and searching for something.

“What are you doing, man?” He asks, and you snap to face him like you’ve been caught red-handed.

“I – I’m just-” you start, but whatever words you had fail you, you resort to rubbing your arm self-consciously instead. “Sorry. Probab’ly shouldn’t be digging around in your kitchen,” you mumble, slurring your words together a little. There’s a woozy sway to the way you move, and Ryuji tries to figure out whether he’s just imagining the way you’re resting your weight on the cabinet.

“How long have you been awake for?” He questions further. You hang your head low, and he thinks that probably translates to ‘longer than I’m willing to admit.’ Admittedly, last night was hard for everyone, and Joker’s decision to split off for the day and put off sending the calling card was probably a wise one. Akechi might not have been a good person in Ryuji’s eyes, after all, but there was still something jarring about his death – about the way your eyes widened at the second gunshot.

He walks a little closer to you. You make a poor effort of hiding something that’s clasped in your fingers, and Ryuji questions you about it immediately. He’s a little worried, if he’s honest, because you were kind of a wreck when you asked (tears veiling your eyes) if he could take you home with him for the night, and he can tell from the way his pulse quickens that he’s on edge.

“What are you holding?” He asks. You can’t help but feel like you’re being interrogated. It’s with a bit of a grimace that you pull out a small bottle vodka, almost finished to completion.

“Just a drink,” you say.

There’s a sigh of relief you don’t notice.

“Vodka? Seriously?” Ryuji leans down to where you’re crouched over on the floor, and holds his hand out for the bottle. You clutch it a little tighter, and refuse to hand it over.

“Actually, this one’s mine. I had it on me yesterday when I came,” you explain. Ryuji is still holding his hand out, so you bring the bottle closer inwards. “It’s not from your kitchen or anything. I came down to refill it, but I haven’t even found anything to refill it with, so the stuff inside is mine too.”

“Yeah, I know,” he says. It’s not difficult to tell he’s tired: his voice is raspy and uneven, and he’s still rubbing away the sleep in his eyes with one hand while the other is outstretched, waiting for you to hand the bottle over. “We don’t have anythin’ like that at home, so you wouldn’t have found anything even if you turned the house upside down.”

“Then why d’you want it?”

You can see him get a little annoyed, and you wonder why, because he didn’t seem to get angry at you for going through his kitchen or leaving him alone in the bed, so it doesn’t make sense to you that he’d be getting mad at you now.

“I just don’t want to see you with it,” he says. “I don’t think you should be drinking right now.”

You’re a little woozy from the alcohol, and you can feel it’s warmth in your stomach. When you don’t respond, he reaches over to you and tries grabbing it from your loosely dripped fingers.

You react almost immediately. “I’m not handing it over,” you bite at him, and his brows furrow angrily.

“It’s six in the morning. I ain’t letting you drink vodka.” He makes a move towards you again, and you back away so fast you hit your hit your head against the cabinet and yelp in pain. Still, Ryuji doesn’t relent, and he pins you against it for as long as it takes to wrestle the bottle from your grip. When he withdraws, you don’t say anything for a little while. You can still feel the places in your shoulders where he pressed against you, and honestly, the force he used comes at quite a shock.

Ryuji’s strong, you know that; He’s always been strong. But he’s also always been gentle with you. There’s little of that gentleness now; it’s been replaced by something more intense, something more determined. You try to think about it through the haze, try to figure out why he’s looking at the bottle of vodka and flipping it over like he’s holding a grudge against it, but all that comes out is irritation.

“I just had a guy my age get shot right in front of me, Ryuji. It’s not the end of the world if I have a little drink.”

He holds the bottle a little tighter, and looks at it like he’s trying to figure out who’s right. When you claw in his direction to get it back however, he puts it behind his back, out of your way.

He makes his mind up. 

“Look, I know it was bad. But drinking ain’t a way to deal with that shit, y’know? Just, talk to me or somethin’.” There’s something so sweet in the way he tries to reason with you – something pained in his eyes when he looks at you. He puts the vodka away on a counter somewhere, and uses his free hands to hold yours.

“If you couldn’t sleep last night, all you had to do was wake me up. Like, you know I’d never get mad at you for anythin’ like that,” he says, and you know he’s being honest. Even last night, you can remember Ryuji as he pulls you into him and gives you a pair of his pajamas - does nothing more than hold you safely at the waist. (He does not even suggest anything sexual, even though you remember as he awkwardly inches you away from his boxers when you lay next to him, like he has something to hide.)

It’s sweet. Just sweet.

Something inside of you twists, and you have gather your courage by looking down before you can meet his glassy eyes.

A bit of your hair hangs in front of your face, so he pulls it to the side and behind your ear. “Just-” he starts, and there’s a lump in his throat that makes the next word hard to vocalise. “Don’t use this shit to deal with your problems, alright? I don’t want you to end up like him.”

The sincerity in the way he’s holding you keeps you quiet. Gentle, sweet Ryuji is back, and gentle, sweet Ryuji leans down to press your forehead against his. He kisses you on the lips, and he doesn’t even realise he’s crying until he can taste the salt on his tongue.

“Oh man,” he pulls away, and among the tears he’s smiling, laughing, wiping at his nose. “Tears and vodka don’t mix, huh?”

Nothing good ever happens after 2am, it's better to leave the party the have the party leave you- Bb

Wise words from a friend of my tonight, So that why I am in a Uber on my way home typing this in order to avoid having to talk to my fellow passengers.

My friend Mish is in town, we partied hard back in the day and tonight tried to recreate those long nights of drinking free drinks and dancinf, but it was mostly spent spilling our souls over loud music by artists we didn’t know. We are so out of touch, throw us in a club full of yougins and we are like “how do people move like that?” and “that’s in style now?”
So we sat in the corner of the booth surrounded by people shaking their romper covered asses and talked as best we could.
It was the most honest I have been with anyone and with myself in a while. Only 1 or 2 other people could get me to talk like that. I have an image and it needs to be protected…

I needed it,
she needed it,
and yes, I did dance.

A poem for my mom

In my eyes you will be the one I strive to be

In my eyes you are the hero I read about in books

In my eyes you are the one who will always protect me

In my eyes you always do what is right


With my hands I want to create something that you will be proud of

With my hands I wish to clean away all the wounds that you bear

With my hands there will be a way to create love

With my hands I will carry you when you cannot carry yourself


Through my ears I hear the laugh you sing

Through my ears I could listen to the lessons you pass down for hours

Through my ears I hear you share with the world what you truly have to bring

Through my ears I understand all the words of love that you speak


Using my mouth I wish to speak the words you need to hear

Using my mouth I want to move people the way you move me

Using my mouth I will share stories about you long after you disappear

Using my mouth you will always be known as someone special


In my heart you will always be the one I love like no other

In my heart I will keep your wise words and lessons

In my heart you will live forever

In my heart you will always be my mother

  • Generous as this is a sign of giving away, giving too much, and an open heart that can’t stop helping even when no one asked for help in the first place.
  • Unrealistic as a sign that rules hope, faith and beliefs, this is not someone who will often see the world as it is, romanticizing it, unaware of the simplest basic truths such as wars, weaponry and thievery. 
  • Optimistic for this is someone who will always stay aware that everything has a purpose, and see a tomorrow just around the corner.
  • Inconsistent because their fiery mutable quality simply cannot rest, and makes it impossible for them to stay in one place for too long. 
  • Wise but only if they have learned a lot, for their experience is the school of life that nothing else can substitute, making them provoke their openness and widen their horizons day after day.
  • Tactless with a childish charm to it though. It is pointless to explain how a Sagittarius sometimes chooses their words, but it is obvious they didn’t measure them very carefully. Brutal honesty will make them seem even heroic, but they need to learn to speak about negative issues with care and sensibility for other people. 

Inktober for Writers/Fictober:

Day 24- Breakable (Darejones)

Not quite 1000 words today, but close enough. Continuity-wise, this fits with my Start of Something series, specifically Kiss With A Fist, and takes place not too long after they get together. Hopefully it’s not too similar to Kiss With a Fist, I just really like this arrangement of theirs. Let me know your thoughts about it, if you’re interested. As always, prompt list here with links to previous days at the bottom. Thank you so much for reading!

Day 24- Breakable

It started as a dare. He had insinuated that he would beat her handily if the two were ever to go up against one another in hand-to-hand, but she soundly disagreed. And she’s never been one to back down from a challenge, particularly from Matt Murdock. So they agreed to set a long-standing appointment for sparring each week, which they both come to enjoy very quickly.

It takes some convincing for her to let go and give it all she’s got, though. And he’s no better. But she finally gets him to let go and land a solid blow at full strength to her stomach, knocking the wind out of her, she can’t help but smirk a little.

One of her favorite things about him is his refusal to be too soft with her. She’s not exactly weak, and he’s never made the mistake of treating her like she’s made of glass. Which is good, because nothing could be further from the truth.

Even from the moment they met and he let it slip that he knew her identity- had read about her history with Kilgrave- he didn’t look at her like she was somehow lesser-than. And even though she detested him digging into her personal life without her consent, a part of her was glad that he never looked at her with pity or patronizing concern. Because she’s never wanted any of that.

So maybe it makes sense that he, of all people, has never treated her that way because he has been on the receiving end of it too many times in his life. She has seen, more times than she would care to, how he is subjected to condescension masquerading as sympathy because people inherently perceive him as fragile. Vulnerable. Breakable. If they only knew the half of it.

But if she’s being honest, she does struggle with a variation of this thought at times, too. Because, technically, he is quite breakable, at least compared to herself and Luke, and to a lesser extent, Danny. All of them share an element of super strength in their abilities, but Matt possesses no such quality.

This doesn’t seem to bother him. Not usually. But there are moments when she wonders if it might. Because occasionally, when they’re fighting in the larger group, or even when it’s just the two of them, she will catch flashes of something in his expression and body language- a furrowed brow or tension in his shoulders. And if she had to guess, she’d say that in these moments, he is lamenting this lack of brute strength.

But, unfortunately, he tries to make up for it with a recklessness that will likely be the cause of her early death for the way it makes her blood pressure skyrocket- partially due to worry and partially due to anger. But that’s just another reason she’s glad for this sparring arrangement they have worked out. Because here, he doesn’t seem to feel that way. At least not anymore.

She’s reluctant to admit it, but she used to pull her punches when sparring with him. It was just a little, but enough that he noticed. And he wasn’t pleased. So, a few weeks in, he’d called her out on it.

“Come on. You can do better than that.”

That had stopped her in her tracks, hands dropping to her sides. “Fuck you very much. I’m doing just fine. Great, actually.”

He shook his head at that. “No, I mean you’re holding back. But you don’t have to. I’m not made of glass, Jones. I can take it.”

An arch tone in her voice, she had crossed her arms and leaned into her right hip. “Right. Look, forgive me if I struggle with the idea of intentionally hurting you. At least not when you haven’t majorly pissed me off lately. Why does it even matter so much to you, anyway?”

With a sigh, he’d put his hands on his hips, tone bordering on pleading. “Because I’m not breakable, Jess. No more than you are. Not really.”

She had huffed an exasperated sigh at that, rolling her eyes instinctively. “Okay, we’re gonna need to revisit this conversation later, because you couldn’t be more wrong, and you’re gonna end up dead with that mindset. But I do get what you’re saying, at least when we’re here, and it’s just us. So I will stop taking it easy on you. But just remember - you asked for it. If I break your rib, don’t come crying to me.”

He had smiled at her, then- wild and bright- while she had reared back and let him have it.

And now, as she doubles over, hands on her knees, as she works to regain her breath, she huffs a rough laugh. Because little by little, she’s breaking him of his hypocritical habits. She’s showing him that he doesn’t have to hold himself to a different set of standards than everyone else, that he doesn’t have to make exceptions or exclude himself from the grave and mercy that he tries so hard to offer to other people. And if she is really letting go in these rounds, he is entitled to do just the same. So maybe he’s actually starting to understand that.

If so, she’ll happily take however many punches it takes to get that lesson through his head. But she will be sure to give as well as she gets in that time. After all, it’s only fair.

Day 23 | Day 25

Nct Reaction: to you (their crush)being really smart (hyung line)


Originally posted by moonlighting94

I feel like being smart/ brainy would be a very attractive trait for taeil. he’d love to have intellectual conversations with you, discussing anything and everything, he’d secretly love when your eyes shone as you became engrossed with the topic you were discussing.


Originally posted by chokemewinwin

He would love the fact that you were so mature and clever, the reason being that if he ever needed someone to talk to or needed advice he knew exactly who to go to, he would be so amazed at how wise you were and take your comments on board, thanking you with a kiss on the cheek.


Originally posted by shoyeonji

I honestly can’t see johnny making a huge deal out of it but he loved the fact that one minute you could both be goofing around on the sofa and the next giving him a pep talk after a long day of practice, knowing just the right words to calm him down and cheer him up and he couldn’t be more thankful for it.


Originally posted by taesyong

he would really appreciate your braininess when it came to writing lyrics for a new rap or song, he’d ask you for help with perfecting a verse and as you were checking it over he’d take in all of your features as a small blush covers his face, secretly planning how to confess to you.


Originally posted by taesyong

If you were already dating this boy would brag for days, literally he’d stop and tell a random person on the street of your achievements. He would be so proud of you and support you as much as he possibly could, seeing you succeed would make him happier than anything else


Originally posted by chokemewinwin

.even while taking part in activities with the rookies and being in a different country he still took time out of his day to check up on you and ask how your studying going and to make sure you were taking breaks in between. After telling him your results in a test he’d facetime you quickly to shout congratulations in between filming.


Originally posted by yonges

he loved your intelligence as he thought your witty comebacks were brilliant and made sure to note some down to use on the guys when he was arguing with them. Soon enough he was just as sarcastic as you were and would laugh together at your stupid jokes, only bringing you closer.


Originally posted by namyenexo

he would search up random facts the night before your date with him to try and impress you and spark up a conversation because he knew that you were clever but he’d be trying so hard to relay the facts that he’d jumble them up making you both smile and that was all you needed to hear for you to plan a second date


Originally posted by nctlife

He’d also be a really supportive boyfriend, bragging to all the rookies about  your test results and anyone could see just how much he adored you in general and your intelligence was just another trait you possessed that he loved and he’d help you study for upcoming tests in any way he could.


Originally posted by taesyong

okay let’s be real here, he’d be crushing on you since you were asked to tutor him in Korean, he’d be amazed at how well you understood him and it would only make him like you more but most of the time he was more concentrated on watching your lips rather than the lesson.

I hope you guys are all having a wonderful day and let me know what you think of this reaction! <3

~ Admin Luna


Wow, this year has finally come to an end. For me the end of 2015 doesn’t mark endings as much as it marks beginnings.

The Happiness Planner was launched and is a success marked by the end of year’s sales and excitement. I feel beyond delighted and joyous to see so many positive and happy comments from our customers upon the receipt of this gift - the gift of Happiness and Happiness Planning.

As we are in the business of personal development and happiness, our growth and happiness grow alongside yours. I want our customers to feel more positive and happier in the new year. I want to see our customers achieving goals and kicking ass. Most importantly, I am looking forward to launching more products that assist people with that - personal growth and inner happiness.

It doesn’t matter what you failed to achieve this year. It doesn’t matter what did not go as planned in 2015. What matters is that you realized what you learned from those lessons and you are now more equipped and ready to do it better in 2016.

I want to leave a few key things here before the year ends.

1. No matter what our goals are - remember,  it’s all about being the best we can be.

Failures and mistakes are part of the journey. We don’t learn anything if we don’t make any mistakes. We are not doing anything new if we are always in our comfort zone and sticking to our routines.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

- Zig Ziglar

Every time you feel too scared to get out of your comfort zone, think about the last time you did something that was out of your comfort zone and how you felt afterwards.


“Your comfort zone expands every time you get out of your comfort zone”.

- Mo Seetubtim

2. When you feel disappointed or sad, always remember that when one door closes another door opens.

One event always leads to another - to something better and more suitable to you.

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”

- Dr. Wayne W Dyer

And remember,

“Sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

- Dalai Lama

You can’t have it all at once. You have to let go off one thing in order to make room for something better to come in.

3. Whatever you focus on expands, so focus on the good, hope for the good, and pray for the good.

If you focus on what you have, you will always feel blessed with gratitude. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will always feel like something is missing. Shift your focus. It may be hard at first, but if you do it over and over, one day it will become natural to always focus on the positive. You will feel happier as a result.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

- Oprah Winfrey

4. Energies are contagious. Always surround yourself with positive people.

When you cross path with negative energy, block it out by telling yourself that this is an opportunity for you to train your mind to be patient, calm, and resilient. The opportunity to practice doesn’t come around so often. So see it as a test and embrace it. Over and over you will become resilient and can bounce back from setbacks in life more easily. Start with the little things that frustrate you and work all the way up to the bigger things (exactly like how you train your physical strength or learn something new. You start from the easy stuff, then you move on to the advanced stuff).

“You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.”

- Brian Tracy

5. Trust in the magic of timing in life.

Acceptance and understanding are keys to inner peace. After all, life is a journey - enjoy it. Focus on the present and take one step at a time. As long as you feel like you’re doing your best every day, you will get to where you want to be in no time.

May your 2016 be filled with happiness, love, and success.

May you wake up every day feeling positive and grateful.


Mo Seetubtim

Founder of The Happiness Planner

#7: as Greek Gods- Michael

| Ashton | Luke | Calum |

Normally, you would never ever talk to someone who is sleeping on the street (or strangers in general), but this man was lying right in front of your apartment building, blocking your way in. So you had no choice but to wake him up. You give the first slight nod with your foot, but the man doesn’t even stir. Then you tried a more vocal approach.

“Sir, hello? Can you hear me?” You say, but still no response. You take a look at your watch: 22:13. You hadn’t been home all day and you really wanted to take a hot shower, crawl underneath your blankets and watch the new episode of your favourite show. You had not envisioned this man spoiling your party. You get frustrated, so you kick him again, a little harder this time. “Dude, this is not a bed!”

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modern house aesthetics >> ravenclaw girls

i. you see them across the coffee shop, cup of steaming liquid ignored, eyes intent on their computer screen as the clack of their keys echoes through the silence. they don’t seem to notice - their concentration is so pointed - and you find it fascinating. you watch, they type, and they only look up ten minutes later. you hastily avert your eyes. they notice. they notice everything. they walk up to you, slide into the seat across the table, and say something so witty, so funny, that you burst out laughing. and then you talk, and you can’t stop talking, because they won’t let the conversation end. they won’t let you out of their net of words, woven in and out and around, until they are done. and you find that you don’t mind
ii. the colors fly across the canvas, green and blues and pinks and reds and everything in between. you’re not sure what it is yet, but they seem to know exactly what they’re doing as they dab a splash of fuscia here, a long line of orange there. it’s a masterpiece. everything they do is - they create something new in every breath they take, every word they say. nothing is simple, nothing is boring. they tell you to think outside the box, but for them, the box does not exist. you’d be envious, if it weren’t all so beautiful. you can’t turn your eyes away.
iii. they seem to know everything about everything. you’re at a trivia night at a local bar, and they are practically jumping up and down in their chair, adrenaline running high. they live for this. and, of course, they win. you ask them how. how do they know the birth place of king louis the fourth? how do they know the percentage of eighteen to twenty four year olds in the population? they tell you they read, but you know better. they listen. they absorb knowledge like it is the very air they breathe. they know every detail about you - things you’ve told them, and things you haven’t. they seem to approach knowledge as if it is a comfortable bed after a long, tiring day. they sink into it. allow it to envelop them. 
iv. they tell you they love you simply. they do not spin words, although they could. they are wise, and they know this is not something to be trifled with. but you already know their feelings, know it in they way they look up from their writing when you walk into the room, how they let you win when you know they hate to lose. you know it in the way they always seem to be trying to make you better - how they do make you better. how they know just what to say to make you laugh. how they keep you on your toes. how they accept every part of you - even the parts you don’t think anyone could. you say it back, and they smile. because, you know they knew you did too.
v. they are a cool drink of water on a hot summer’s day. a breath blown out that ruffles your hair. they are the feeling of flower petals, soft beneath your fingertips, the cold, wet of paint on your cheek, the excitement of a new idea, when you know you’ve done well on a test and everything seems to be going right. they are the smell of an old book, the crinkle of the pages, the feeling when you’ve read the last word on the last page. they are knowledge.

You Again Part 3

A/N: If you want to be tagged let me know 

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader (au)

Tagging: @turnmyheaphonesuprealloud @poemwriter98 @spn-worm

Warnings: None

Word Count: 850

Summary: Bucky gets a phone call early hours of the morning, telling him you’ve been in a car accident after you forget to change your emergency contact numbers. 


When Bucky opened the door to the apartment it was as silent as when he’d left, the only sign that Steve had gotten up and left was the fact his bedroom door was wide open. He dumped the keys onto the kitchen bench before turning around to look at y/n, noticing that she was already glancing around the room, a faint smile on her lips.
“Hasn’t really changed much,” She said quietly.
Bucky shrugged, not overly sure how to respond. After their breakup he’d taken down the photos, but there wasn’t much else to change; he simply ignored the memories that tried worming their way into his brain.
“Did you want something to drink or…?”
“Can I maybe have a shower?”
“Sure, I’ll leave some clothes out on the bed,” Bucky replied. “I’ll take you around to your place later on today.”

When the bathroom door closed behind her Bucky let out a heavy sigh, running his hands back through his hair roughly; he was finding it beyond frustrating to figure out how to talk to her, maddening really when he had to think about each word he uttered. It never used to be this hard, even when they were together he hadn’t worried about saying something, hadn’t over thought each sentence. Sure occasionally that’s what led to the arguments, but it was better than this.

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Fairy Princess, Wicked Witch (a freezerburn fic)

Summary: During a strange argument, Yang accidentally asks Weiss out on a date. Weiss intentionally accepts. Fluff ensues.
Word Count: 5615

A commision for Opalord. Thank you! 

The door opened to a familiar sight: Ruby and Weiss laughing together over some private conversation, the both of them resting on Weiss’ bunk with Ruby’s head on her lap. This wouldn't have been so strange to Yang if it didn't immediately cut short as soon as they both spotted her. That part was out of the ordinary, triggering the feeling that they might have been talking about her. Sucking her lower lip between her teeth, Ruby’s eyes darted away as she held her breath, visibly shaking with restrained laughter.

They had definitely been talking about her.

“Hey now,” Yang said, pulling off her blazer and tossing it over the nearest desk. “You two want to clue me in on what’s so funny?”

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I don’t know yet. How do I define her? Horrific, terrible, miraculous, fictional, demonish, wordless witch roaming the halls of my clicking typewriter….I run out. I run out of adjectives, metaphors, phrases, words, thoughts, letters, ink, alphabets.
Alphabets. She is made of all twenty six, but she sits on a throne of four of them and she rules my fingers. I keep her close but not too much. She defines me but never completely. She is the crescent moon of my night sky, I always keep my pole star around. She is the big bang but at the end of the light year, I am the Universe. I am all the black holes and all of the galaxies, the turning time and the dimensions in which her soul floats.
Floats. She is a swimmer. She dives deep in my gut. She is the end of my oesophagus, she is the beginning of my mouth.
And I, I fly.
We keep our wings and life jackets close, but we don’t refuse to free fall.
From the cliffs, the edges of the oceans, the endings of streets and the cul De sacs of various roads, the dying ends of bars, the cabinets and the rooms where strangers fuck and lovers fight, water burns throat and whiskey soothes the pain, silences scream and noises pacify, we.
We exist. And we cease.
We die. At every poem. On every line.
And I keep her. She breathes through me.
She is the lighter, I’m the smoker, words, our cigarette.
We burn ends together.
Fall in love with us, lust after us and you might be the new joint entwined with our fingers.
I kiss, she kills.
Choose your ashtray wisely.

The LORD was delighted when Solomon, son of David, asked for wisdom.

9 So give Your servant an understanding heart to judge Your people to discern between good and evil. For who is able to judge this great people of Yours?”

10 It was pleasing in the sight of the Lord that Solomon had asked this thing. 11 God said to him, “Because you have asked this thing and have not asked for yourself long life, nor have asked riches for yourself, nor have you asked for the life of your enemies, but have asked for yourself discernment to understand justice, 12 behold, I have done according to your words. Behold, I have given you a wise and discerning heart, so that there has been no one like you before you, nor shall one like you arise after you. 13 I have also given you what you have not asked, both riches and honor, so that there will not be any among the kings like you all your days. 14 If you walk in My ways, keeping My statutes and commandments, as your father David walked, then I will prolong your days.” (1 Kings 3:9-14 NASB)

By the grace of God through the same man, Solomon, and other anointed men, the Book of Proverbs exist. You can find it in the Bible :) The Book of Proverbs has 31 chapters and each with a great amount of wisdom that we can use to live apart from the foolishness we’re prone to make.

Join me and other followers of the LORD Jesus spend a month reflecting with the Book of Proverbs – one chapter a day to keep foolishness away. Take the challenge with unceasing prayers, and we’ll see how the Father will speak to us and use us through the Proverbs He shares. We can try this by faith in the LORD Jesus and the promise of change by His grace.

Reblog if you’re in and let’s pray for others :)

It's long. But please take the time to read it. It's worth it!

I was blessed by this post, so I decided to share:

A Psychologist walked
around a room while
teaching Stress Management to an

As she raised a
glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked
“Half empty or Half full” question.

Instead, with a
smile on her face, she
“How heavy is this glass of water?”
Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

She replied,
“The absolute weight doesn’t matter.
It depends on how long I hold it.

If I hold it for a
it’s not a problem.

If I hold it for an hour,
I’ll have an ache in my arm.

If I hold it for a day,
my arm will feel numb and paralyzed.

In each case,
the weight of the glass
doesn’t change,


The longer I hold it,
the heavier it becomes.

She continued,
"The Stresses and Worries in Life , are like that Glass of Water…

Think about them for
a while and nothing

Think about them
a bit longer and they begin to hurt.


If you think
about them all day long,
you will feel paralysed –
incapable of doing

Phil 4:6 do not be anxious about anything but in every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God

Remember to put the glass down and pray. You have a loving father who loves you. And after Prayer please do not pick the glass up. Leave it at the feet of Jesus. He is more than able, nothing is impossible for Him to do.

Do not let anything or anyone steal your joy…nothing’s worth it..