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The way he casually explained everything with his hands in his pockets… you’d think he’d forgotten all about setting the laboratory up to explode.

I think Duncan fears getting told off by Kim and Rythian more than the fact they are all about to die in a few seconds if they don’t get out of there. Oh boy, well at least Rythian is safe in that force field, it’s got it’s own little generator so it’ll likely last a few minutes after the initial detonation of the lab. Lucky him, I guess?

This page was easy! I forgot how much fun Lalna was to draw. He’s just so pudgy and cartoonish, I can forgive and hide a lot of his anatomy and he still looks fine. Also It’s nice to have Duncan’s radioactive greens push away Lalnable’s blood reds as the balance of control shifts.  :) Script wise this went through quite a few changes. Originally Duncan was freaking out a lot more, but I kind of like the idea of him being strangely calm with the situation, all because he’s in control… for now. 

Another Original

Request: Elijah Mikaelson one shot off the two prompts “I’m very busy right now and you’re distracting me” & “Do you have any idea how much I want to kiss you right now?” xD – Anon

Pairings: Elijah Mikaelson x Reader

Warnings: none, I’m surprised.

Word Count: 2582

Ooh. ‘Lijah.

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Of all people you would surround yourself, you happened to end up with the Mikaelsons. The first vampires, the oldest, reckless, quite wise set of people you have met. But you weren’t any lower than them, you’re just as old as them, not so reckless, and wise. No, they aren’t your siblings, you’d rather go to hell than be part of that drama that’s their family.

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Kate | 15 | U.K
Heyy!! I have done this once before and met some great people ^-^

Okay, I am a huge geek. Harry Potter, THG, LOTR, GoT etc. I love most things like that so I either will have seen it (and will fangirl over it) or will be up for watching it. Music wise, I like quite a range. K-Pop mainly (as you will see from my trashy blog), P!ATD, FoB, MCR, 70s, 80s, 90s. Basically anything xD

More about me, I am bisexual and I also learn German, so a German pen pal would be cool (but you don’t need to be!)

I don’t mind where you are from, your gender, if you like girls or guys etc. as long as you are pretty kind ^-^ I would like my penpal, however, to be between the ages of 14-17.

My tumblr is : @exotic-bangtan so hmu on there if you are interested ^-^

anonymous asked:

Hey there :D I was given a young deer skull by my uncle. Its well cleaned, you know, flesh wise, but its got quite a lot of dirt on it. I though I knew how to clean it but its harder than I thought to get into crevices, lol, any advice?

Hi Anon!

Hey that was nice of your uncle! Very cool!

Best way to clean out skulls that are full of dirt like that is to fill up a bucket of water and repeatedly dunk the skull and swish it around in the water for a while. Let the brain case fill up with water then forcefully shake the water out. Repeat. Let the sinuses fill up and then do the same. Do this over and over again until the water that comes out of the skull starts running clear and without any dirt or debris in it.

You can also let the skull soak in some hydrogen peroxide for a while. The peroxide will help bubble some of the dirt out of the most hard to reach areas. You can mix the 3% peroxide up with some water if you want to make it go further so you can fully submerge the skull.

Now if the skull needs to be scrubbed a toothbrush will get at most of those hard to reach areas but you can also try using some pipe-cleaners too!

Hope that helps! Best of luck!


There are times I both love and could kill Fire Emblem Heroes….been trying to get Leo/Leon for a while now….Absolutely no luck….I spent a shit load of money just trying to get him….Other wise I have gotten quite the collection of characters. At least 8 Eirika, 3 Seliph, 8 Corrin, 1 Ryouma, 1 Azura/Aqua, 1 Hinoka, and finally a 5 star Chrom (the blueberry man came home! Got the nickname from someone else!).

taitofan  asked:

IN THAT CASE I'll be more predictable and ask for Gotham for the shipping meme.

  • Favorite canon pairing - Again. Nygmobblepot.
  • Worst pairing ever - Edward/Isabella. I would honestly like to see her get an expanded role in the story (I like the idea of her representing Ed’s past, the past he can never return to, as proven by her death)… just not as Ed’s love interest.
  • Guilty pleasure pairing - I actually don’t have one. ^^;
  • A pairing you want to see more - Rule of three: Nygmobblepot. At least in the actual show; fandom-wise, I’m quite satisfied.
  • That pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” - Um… Gobblepot, I guess? I have no strong feelings towards it either way; I just don’t ship it.
  • Favorite non-romantic pair - I haven’t really thought about it as much as my other fandoms; this one is still kinda new. I’ll have to sit on it a bit.

Feel free to send another!

“I mean I’d like a date with you, if that’s alright” He replied, a smug grin forming on his lips. Her expression only made his smile better.

“If you’d like to get me something material wise that’s quite alright too, I hear there is a small shop not far from here that has great hot chocolate though” He added before taking a small drink out of his flask.

“Now before you say anything, this is cold tea, not alcohol. I’m trying to cut back on my drinking habit” Yasuo finished before he put it back into his cloak.


          “I– what?”

his suggestion had taken her off-guard once more, lips forming to an ‘o’ and she stares at him a few seconds more. 

a –date? it was something that she–didn’t expect. the thought hadn’t crossed her mind as well. truth to be told, she had thought of giving him something like peach wine that originated from ionia or something of that sort but nothing like –that.
and if she were honest, she’d never been on a date with anyone. a soldier’s life wasn’t meant for pretty things like dates or romance, and she– wasn’t well versed on both things. ‘tis was truly a different battlefield than the one she was used to.

          “no–you do not have to get me anything,” riven replies briskly, closing agape lips, “i —just–hadn’t expected this.” 

now she feels flustered. by the old kings–she feels like a bumbling schoolgirl. how foolish.

          “ah–” how does someone do dates anyway? she was never taught this. “i–alright. just one date.” 

she takes a deep inhale. the quiet before battle.

          ”what do you plan to do?”


Scorpio Warrior Cats Aesthetic

Unlike most warriors, they are not as talkative. They are calm and composed, and they don’t speak unless brought into a conversation. they are very fierce and talented fighters, and they are very intelligent. Don’t let their presence fool you, though. They come off as scary, but they actually have a soft heart and care strongly for their clan and those they love. They know how to be polite and friendly, but you just need to see through their outer shell. They are very swift fighters, and can be quite wise.

Best Fitting Clan:

ShadowClan, RiverClan

Best Fitting Role:

Medicine Cat, Leader, Warrior

“He stood looking up at the moon, then, his brows drew together in a slight frown. The sea wind lifted strands of his hair, tugging them loose from the ribbon that bound it, and he brushed them back absentmindedly. Clearly there was still something on his mind.
“Do ye think,” he began slowly, not looking at me. “Do ye think that it was quite wise to come to me now, Claire? Not that I dinna want ye,” he added hastily, feeling me stiffen beside him. He caught my hand, preventing my turning away.
“No, I didna mean that at all! Christ, I do want ye!” He drew me closer, pressing my hand in his against his heart. “I want ye so badly that sometimes I think my heart will burst wi’ the joy of having ye,” he added more softly.”
Voyager-Diana Gabaldon