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Long and elaborate headcanon about master-padawan relationships

Master-Padawan relationships are the ONE personal relationship Jedi are allowed, right? In the communal life of the Jedi, it is the only time they are explicitly, officially linked with one person over others.

But the Code is inflexible and says, no attachment, no exception. So they are supposed to conduct  said relationship with the appropriate level of detachment.

Of course the padawans usually do get attached, sometimes *hard*, but that’s kinda expected. They’re young, they are only beginning their journey in the ways of the Force, of course they will get attached to the first adult to give them sustained individual attention.

It’s a rite of passage almost, a sort of developmental stage that much in the vein of the terrible two isn’t *desired* but is rarely avoidable. But with gentle guidance and their master’s good example, they will gradually learn to let go of that attachment, until they, by the end of their apprenticeship, don’t fell anything verboten for their master anymore.*

What is never said in public, what is certainly never said in front of the kids, but is pretty much an open secret among adult Jedi, is that 95% of the time, the master gets attached right back.

…..and that’s not *okay* per se, but it’s tolerated in a “we’re none of us perfect, what can you do? *shrug*” way

As long as:

A/ You feel properly sheepish about it keep it from affecting your actions unduly

B/ You never EVER let your padawan catch on, you’re supposed to be a role model, you could completely screw up their life. They. Must. Not. Know.

And like of course, sentient beings being sentient beings, there is a myriad of ways individuals both on the master and padawan sides can and do react to those circumstances.

And there ARE master-padawan pairs who end up on the same page either because the master is particularly demonstrative and/or the padawan is particularly perceptive or doesn’t need to have the words “I Love You” said to feel loved or a mixture of those.

But there are also a LOT of pairs where both halves are angsty mess. Pairs where it’s killing the master to have to let the padawan think they don’t care for them, pairs where the padawan is heartbroken the adult that is at the center of their universe don’t love them back, pairs where the padawan just plain doesn’t know if the master loves them or not**, because sometimes it fells as if maybe they do, but that’s probably just wishful thinking, and their master would never break the code that way, and it’s really bad that they wish their master would break the code that way, and so on and so forth.

The common wisdom, hinted at, implied and shared by old wise masters to younger out-of-their-depth masters, is that yes it sucks in the present, and seem very dire, but you’ll see. You’ll both laughing about it in a few years***, after the padawan is knighted (and most likely has a padawan of their own, and has realized/learned all of this by living it, because who talks about important emotional stuff?)

* Or at least the padawan can fake the proper level of detachment. See Jedi’s love affaire with fake it ‘till you make it.

** Anakin is a splendid example of that type.

*** Obi-Wan basically spends most of ROTS thinking they’re at the stage where they’re laughing about it.

Something Far Worse

Oh man I’m so late! Here’s my submission for @miraculous-weeks‘ ML Angst Week Day 1 Mistakes/Aftermath. Enjoy!

Choosing you was a mistake.

Master Fu’s words played on repeat through her head like a broken record.

A mistake, a mistake, a mistake…

She dug her blue, gloved fingers into the damp earth, fingernails screaming and threatening to break, but she didn’t care. What was a little botched manicure compared to this?

She cast her eyes to Gabriel’s unconscious body, lying in the mud only meters from her. He wasn’t supposed to be involved with this. He was supposed to be at work, where he was safe and oblivious to everything around him. But no, he had to tag along, had to follow her… but then again she didn’t blame him. Constantly sneaking out at night, coming back looking disheveled, lying through her teeth…no, her secret would have gotten out eventually. What surprised her was how he reacted. He became intrigued. Damn that curiosity of his! He wanted to help her in any way he could, make sure she was safe even though she was the superhero! She’d caught him following her so many times trying to be sneaky, she now saw him everywhere. Even when he wasn’t there.

Oh how she wished he wasn’t there now, hurt and possibly worse because of her; because she’d gotten distracted and was weak. What would Adrien do if he lost both his parents tonight?

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:O bruh you're like an ancient bmc fan You're like the wise old master that lives in caves of the bmc fandom

i lurk in the shadows and watch my kingdom unfold

honestly anti-Yoda Discourse™ is so boring to me like it Ain’t That Deep he’s every wise old master stuck in his ways from every other fantasy movie in history you don’t need to write a billion word manifestos about how much he sucks

Et voici respectivement Azraël (le vieux chat) et Moïra. 
Deux personnages récurrents de l’histoire que je vous laisserai
découvrir par vous-même. Leur point commun à tous les deux
c’est qu’ils font de la magie c’est que c’est un sacré bordel chez eux.


Azrael the old cat & Moira the fortune-teller are two characters
from my story about Persephone. The two of them fulfill the
“master / wise old guy” archetypes of the book. 

To be honest I just want a series with the gold saints attempting to reconcile their image of Dohko with the ACTUAL sassy grandpa Dohko.

“I thought you were this wise old master, why are you putting whip cream in Deathmasks hand while he’s sleeping?”

“What do you mean you thought you’d just kill the kid before he became Hades?”

“This isn’t how I pictured you at all!”

Except Mu. Because Mu knows. He’s heard stories. And Aldebaran, he’s already had his moment.

And poor Shiryu just in the background like “Master no. Master stop.”

Miraculous 💩

Ladybugs are a symbol of good luck. Marinette always has good luck with friends, family, and saving the day.
Black cats are a symbol of bad luck. Adrien never gets his way, his mother is missing and his father ignores him. Chat Noir is always the one getting in trouble.
Turtles are always wise and old, like Master Fu.
Foxes are considered sly, dishonest, and mischievous, like Volpina.
Ok so who could the other miraculous holders be 😯

Boulder Beach – Otter Point, Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, September 2004

We have to dig our own gold.

Or pan for it.

It is our place to search out

The treasure hard to find.

No one can hand it to us,

Much less tell us about it,

Explaining it to us,

Even in great detail,

Outlining it for us,

Defining it,

Describing it,

Quoting the saints,

And the sacred texts,

And the wise, old, masters

Telling us to take their word for it,

Perhaps threatening us with the Everlasting Fires of Hell

If we don’t.

We can’t.

There are no shortcuts,

Or easy routes,

Or fast tracks to glory land.

Joseph Campbell said it:

“The treasure you seek

Is in the depths of the cave you most don’t want to enter.”

And we have to go there,

Enter, and descend into the depths.

I love Ruel

because he’s not your typical *old ass pervert* or an *old wise master* but rather an interesting eldery character with a badass background. He’s cool enough to fit among the children, but he’s not necessarily an immature man. He knows when to be responsable and when it’s ok to have fun like a young pal. Yeah he has his moments but you can tell he simply has faults like any other person.

We could say he’s a pervert tough, but instead of loving women he loves money. I dropped my jaw when we got to see his house for the first time! And even having that sort of belongings, he prefers to wander around the world instead of living the life of luxury and comfort. Of course, that’s called greed… But I think the fact that he shows himself as a humble man and that he loves and appreciate his friends, makes up for it very well. 

And don’t get me started on his fighting! He has a goddamn bladed shovel thing idk, that he can use as a boomerang and he’s in great physical shape…. just everything about him is so cool i just can’t!