wise mom

One thing I learned through all of this is that you gotta love yourself. When you love yourself, you don’t rely on anybody for love. And when you don’t rely on anybody else for love and you just appreciate their love as an additive, as a bonus to your life, then you’re powerful. You got the power to do anything; can’t nothing really hurt you or faze you. It may rough you up a little bit but you’re gonna keep it moving. That’s what my mom taught me. She taught me how to take care of myself.
—  Big Sean (when asked about his last breakup)

What did i do to deserve ocicat kittens… These boys are about a month old and are right on track weight wise. Their mom isn’t very keen on people handling her kittens but she let me weigh them today. I try to interfere with her and her babies as little as possible.

Ocicats are a domestic breed (not a hybrid), but they don’t cope well with changes. They get very attached to their people.

No fucking apologies. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what cowardly, weak, inhuman abusers say. Your life isn’t theirs; it’s YOURS.

Ok but

Imagine a scene where sanvers invites Kara to a game night and they tell her to bring someone so they can play in teams and Kara being a little too sensitive decides not to ruin the Safe Girl Atmosphere and instead of inviting a guy she invites Lena who could also use a company.
So they have a game night where sanvers is winning supercorp at almost everything and Kara pouts every time and Lena bites her lip just looking at her to hold the gay together.
Obviously Maggie aka the wise Gay Mom™ notices it and decides that this was a good idea and they should have many other nights like this. Who knows maybe during one of those nights SOMEONE can put their feelings on the tAble.

Y’all hanging out in my parents’ tag have got to chill. All this depressing talk is only making you more upset.

She is fine. He is fine. And most importantly, I am fine. Can we all agree to mellow out a bit? Please?

Because if you don’t, I will find you all and fart in your faces. Trust me, you don’t want that.

(Yes, I, Goose Helbig-See, Ferocious Attack Dog, Chief of Security, Forty-Five Pounds of Muscle, Love, and Aggression, just told you to chill. That’s how you know I’m being serious AF. Well, that and the farting threat.)

kids these days are so smart and i mean like 12-15 year old kids are so much more wise and woke than i was im glad you all know how to self explore in healthy ways and im glad you are learning what is and isnt an okay way for adults to treat you and how to say you’re not comfortable and stand up for yourselves but still have fun and be the children that you are you’re all so inspiring i hope you have really good happy lives 

matsuhana family headcanons

Matsukawa household:

  • Mom - 40, has a bachelor’s degree in literature, works at a library and writes books during spare time (and the books are quite popular)
  • Dad - 43, works in an office, a happy-go-lucky guy
  • Issei - eldest son, plays guitar and piano fairly well, cooks for family when he has time to, always makes bentou for Seiji to bring to school
  • Seiji - youngest, 8, super shy and timid, doesn’t have much friends because he’s scared they’re going to make fun of him, loves super heroes a lot and his brothers cooking
  • parents are super supportive of their sons and often talk about life problems and such
  • they own a big fish tank where Issei likes to watch the fishes swim while he’s playing the guitar or piano
  • they want to go visit Issei when he has a volleyball game, but there’s conflicting work schedules
  • once a month they have a movie night and watch whatever movie Seiji picks
  • both sons takes after their father (look-wise anyways)
  • the mom knew she wanted 2 boys; she named them Issei (quite one) and Seiji (refined second (son))
  • over dinner one night, Issei tells his parents he’s gay; mom is happy and cheering “YES!!! I KNEW IT!!! YOU OWE ME 10000 YEN!!!” while dad kept sulking 
  • they weren’t betting on whether or not their son was gay, but rather, when he’d “come out of the closet” 

Hanamaki household:

  • Mom - 38, masters in biology and specifically plant pathology and works at a flower shop
  • Dad - 40, was a stay at home dad while wife was at school, battled depression but ended up committing suicide 3 years after Takahiro was born, came out as transgender but friends and family were unsupportive and often harassed them because of it 
  • Mom’s fiancee - 39, owns a bakery and will spoil Takahiro with sweets of all sorts 
  • Takahiro - only child, can ride on the skateboard and perform stunts, beatboxes and raps, plays video games occasionally, really loves food, dating Issei
  • it’s not surprise that Makki takes after his mother
  • Took his mother’s last name
  • has vague memories of his dad but knows that he loved him and cried when his father passed away
  • his mom would tell him stories of when dad was still alive 
  • All three of them have been living together since Takahiro was 6
  • Takahiro came home sore one day and his moms knew why 
  • told them he was gay and currently dating someone from his volleyball team 
  • shows them all kinds of pictures of his team, including Issei of course
  • Takahiro calls his birth mother “okaasan” while the other one is just “Ma”


  • both families approve of their son’s relationship with each other 
  • they think it’s the cutest thing bc despite Issei and Takahiro’s knowledge, they act like an old married couple
  • Seiji really loves Takahiro and often calls him “Hiiro-nii”
  • sometimes Issei or Takahiro would call each others mothers as their own and be super embarrassed by it after, but the mothers don’t mind 
  • Takahiro started calling Mr. Matsukawa as “otousan” 
  • the mothers also get along really well with each other and loves to embarrass their sons

Abusive parents make a game of making you chase after them. Screw that. Stop chasing after them. There is someone else who really needs your time and attention. You.

Abusive parents make you feel like you aren’t important enough to have your own time and attention. They are wrong. If you must chase after someone, chase after you, and when you catch you, cover yourself in the love your broken parents never could. There is no one in your life who deserves it more.