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My Dad once told me, “If you ever go on a missions trip or visit a refugee camp, don’t take photos.

I was confused and asked him, "Why not?”

My Dad responds, “Most people who take pictures only want publicity. To show off to their friends. That means their heart isn’t in the right place. Also, if you were in their shoes, would you feel comfortable if someone took a photo of you and your home?”


How astronomers see the Universe through our galaxy

“What we call “the Zone of Avoidance” isn’t, as we commonly present it, a nearby region with very few galaxies. Although we’ve seen very few galaxies, in reality it’s most probably a region with just as many galaxies as the rest of the Universe, that just happens to be hard to see from our vantage point!”

If you want to look out into the Universe, all you need to do is gather the light it gives off. Unless, of course, there’s something in the way. For about 20% of the sky, that’s exactly the story for our own Milky Way galaxy, where the neutral gas and dust block most of the visible light everywhere we look, preventing us from observing the Universe beyond. However, this doesn’t mean we have no options: the gas and dust might block visible light, but longer wavelengths like radio and infrared can pass right through. Recently NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) mission mapped the entire sky in the infrared, including the entire galactic plane. It not only found many background galaxies, but it gave us a new window into what’s possible. Perhaps, with future missions, we’ll discover the cause of the “great attractor” phenomenon after all.

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When coming to he froze into his spot. He wasn’t even sure what to think when he seen Ken the way he looked in front of him. Shaking in shock he couldn’t believe he did that to Ken. Immediately hating what he did. “ K…Ken….oh…my - “ Stepping back a bit he couldn’t remember the last time he’d done a thing like this or if he ever done something like this. If so it would have to be back when he just started out right? Mission wise that is.

“I’m…..so..so so sorry! I…i’m going to call….th..the CCG they’ll h..help! “ Highly doubting the other would want him touching him after this. He could hardly remember what their argument was about either. But he was sure it wasn’t bad enough he..had to do this to him. When he ran to the nearest phone he kept saying sorry over and over again until he got a hold of someone.

Halloween In Konoha [CLOSED]


The blonde Kunoichi was working on her Halloween costume, taking some of Naruto’s old and torn up clothes to make one for herself that’d fit. She was rather skilled in the art of sewing clothes together and making it look presentable. 

Temari by now was six months in, showing the child growing inside her by none other than Naruto. It had been stressful, sure, but she was also happy all the same. 

The blonde was not used to not being able to do anything, mission wise; therefore it wasn’t a surprise that she got bored rather quickly. “Naruto!” She called, “come tell me if you like this.” 

The Surprise

Tomorrow was April 7.

Winter’s grip on Old Russia was loosening slightly.  Though there was still snow in some parts, the world slowly began to turn green again.  Flowers bloomed, and animals coming out of hibernation.  It was Laine’s favorite time of year.

The winter had been long and harsh, as winters in Old Russia often where.  With not much to do mission-wise, Laine had spent most of the winter on the Ketch, spending time with her mate and looking after their rapidly growing daughter, who was now five months old.  The girl was growing like a weed, and crawling everywhere, somehow managing to get into everything.

“I can’t believe you don’t care if it’s your birthday….rebirth-day….whatever,” Aiden said from where he was standing, leaned against the door.

Laine rolled her eyes, making sure her brother could see it.  She sat in a soft chair in her and Kal’s quarters on the Ketch, bottle feeding Elira, who insisted on holding the bottle herself, at the moment.  The girl would soon be eating solid food.

“Oh yay, you survived another year without perma-dying.  Congratulations.”  Her voice dripped with sarcasm.  "So no, I don’t really care.“

["Birthdays, or in your case Rebirth-days, are often sentimental to many people,”] Haven from where he hovered over her shoulder.

Laine glanced at the Ghost. “I never really had that luxury,” she said flatly.  She swore she saw Aiden flinch out of the corner of her eyes.  It was a reminder of their shared childhood that neither wished to think about.

The Human Titan shrugged. “Suit yourself,” he said, walking out.

Laine waved a hand. “See you later.”


New Record Set For Massive, Young Galaxy Clusters

“Based on our understanding of how galaxy clusters grow from the very beginning of our universe, this cluster should be one of the five most massive in existence at that time.” -Peter Eisenhardt

While deep galaxy surveys from telescopes like Hubble are great for identifying distant individual galaxies, they’re not wide-field enough to find massive clusters. Similarly, wide-field surveys like SDSS don’t go deep enough to find the most distant clusters. But thanks to the all-sky infrared survey performed by NASA’s WISE mission, follow-up observations by the Spitzer Space Telescope and the Keck Observatory, scientists have identified a new record-holder for the most distant, massive galaxy cluster in the Universe. At some 10^15 solar masses some 8.5 billion years ago, it’s the largest one ever found at that distance, but it’s still only a third the size of the overall most massive record holder: El Gordo.