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Confession:  I don’t understand why people get so crazy about the races in the games. I know that the games are amazing but I don’t think you should attack someone just because they like playing a certain race. I personally like playing a male human mage story wise. If I can I try to romance a female mage in the story (unfortunately couldn’t in Inquisition). Though I have played all classes and races and both genders which are awesome in their own way

why “magic” is spelled “magick” in Carry On

wise old mage: magic is now spelled m-a-g-i-c-k

someone: why-

wise old mage: to distinguish the difference between our society and what it runs on. magic is the building block of our society, but magick is our society as a whole.

wise old mage: also, it rhymes with dick this way

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Do you have any suggestions for blogs to follow? My dash is kinda dead recently. Thank you!

hi anon! i’d be glad to suggest some really cool blogs. i don’t really know what kind you’re looking for, so i’ll just list some really nice mutuals and cool blogs that i love seeing content from. hope this helps!! 

some mutuals that are fantastic people with great blogs:

@aragonr, @poe-also-bucky, @holdmyhansolo, @allexsummers, @jedireid, @xavier-chxrles, @quillpete, @curiouswildi, @brooklynscrapper, @kokoiki, @buckys-fossil, @sayweareleaving, @mightycaptainamerica, @oraftel, @walsche (my irl bestie), @starlight-down, @lukes-skywalkers and many others

some more good blogs i love following (star wars, star trek, dragon age, etc): 

@anakinswywalker, @padawanlost, @poesddameron, @steveetrevor, @wise-mage, @reysky-walker, @tatooineknights, @aveline-the-dragon-slayer, @softdelilah, @oscariasac, @poccassian, etc etc bc i’m sure i’m forgetting a lot of wonderful ones. these are some that show up on my dash quite a bit, so i hope i listed at least a couple you’d be interested in! 

A Perfect Amount of Disaster

I wrote this for @3jarsofbees during a Valentines-day exchange where the IDEA was to write or draw something disgustingly romantic. But of course, anything involving this particular Hawke and his elven paramour can never go exactly right, and 3jarsofbees fortunately agreed with me 100 percent. I’m still particularly fond of the final image I conveyed.

The warmth of the sun tickled against Hawke’s nose as he looked over the expanse of ocean and sand of the Wounded Coast. The ocean breeze tussled his hair and wafted the sounds and smells of ocean life toward him in a pleasant assault. The salt in the air mixed with the pungent aromas of sea foam and fish as he took in a long breath. Gulls cawed in the distance as gentle waves crashed on the sandy beach and into jagged rocks.

As a farm boy raised as far inland as one could live in Ferelden, Hawke had a deep (get it?) fascination with the sea, even after so many years living in Kirkwall with its famous port. If the boat ride from Gwarden to Kirkwall hadn’t been so overstuffed with tragedy and people, he might have enjoyed himself. He even had to hide a smile every time he took a ferry to the Gallows, although that hidden grin always died on its own by the time he reached the island. Hell, Hawke sometimes swore that the clouds looked lighter and fluffier on the ocean than they ever did over land. There was just something so magical about this place, and the boundaries between land and water.

Speaking of magical…

Was there any question that he’d find an excuse to bring Fenris here? He had no real occasion, other than the fact that neither of them had any pressing quests, concerns, or business ventures to deal with in the foreseeable future. The trail of Fenris’s master had gone cold yet again, and Hawke’s newfound wealth and fame kept him from having to seek work with the petty lowlifes he used to know. The Qunari were long gone from the city, and the Templars seemed content with staying out of everyone’s business for once.

All in all, for Hawke and his friends, life was good. And he thought he could celebrate such a rare change in fortunes.

He thought he and Fenris would be alone on this secluded area of beach.

He THOUGHT that, after what happened with mother, he had seen the last of crazy blood mages and their horrible misuse of magic.

Was the universe cursed, or did it just have a vendetta for people with the last name Hawke?

“Templar spies! They’ve found us, brothers and sisters!” A woman wearing tattered robes and sporting a heavily scarred face screamed as she jumped up from behind the shattered remains of a rowboat and plunged a knife into her open palm.

“Aw, come on, are you serious? No, wait, you don’t…” Anything Hawke would have said in retort was cut off as the shrill woman’s cry mixed with the familiar rumble of magic gone awry. He let his words fall into a frustrated hiss.

To his side, Fenris grumbled and reached for his impressive sword. “Two hours ago, you told me: ’Let’s go visit the coast, Fenris. I swear we’ll be totally alone all afternoon. I found this spot just off the trail that would be perfect.’ Two hours, Hawke. And look what you made us step in.” His impression needed work, but the sour clipped tones dripped with enough sarcasm to fill the ocean at their side. 

“Come on, don’t be like that. This is plenty romantic.” The human responded as he reached over his shoulders, where his trusty daggers were sheathed. Even though he had planned for this to be a relaxing, private, and probably very intimate encounter between the two of them, neither men had left Kirkwall unarmed. There had just been too many instances of these things happening for them to assume they wouldn’t need their weapons.

Not long after the first crazy lady began summoning her own blood in some kind of magical ritual, other ragged and desperate mages crawled out from behind rocks, popped up from a sandy trapdoor, and he swore one of them appeared out of nowhere and did a neat three-point landing on the beach. The lot of them all had weapons, mostly clubs and short knives, but a few had full staves and dangerously long daggers.

“Hey, remember that time I took you to the Dwarven market at sundown?” Hawke said as he took a leaping step forward and used the flat of his blade to deflect a poorly-thrown rock.

Fenris rushed forward past Hawke, the elf’s muscles rippling as he heaved his greatsword over his head and into the body of a woefully unprepared mage. Blood flew everywhere as he finished his attack. “The Dwarf part of hightown is not ‘romantic’, either.”

“No, but hear me out. Remember that dwarven band that I tried to hire when we were there?”

“The one with the large horns, or the one with the drums?” Fenris whirled his body around in a graceful arc, letting much of his first victim’s blood slide off the blade, before he used its momentum to drag him around and into the face of another target.

Not to be outdone, Hawke bounced off the spiked shoulders of Fenris’ armor, and brought his weapons down into the collarbones of a mage. The problem with blood mages was that you had to work quickly, before all their gross fluids got loose and shit got crazy. The effort of sliding his daggers into the mage’s body made Hawke’s arms hurt, and he dismayed at the plethora of targets still around the pair.


“What about them?”

“What would you have said if I managed to finally get their services, and they were waiting for us up the road?” That part was also a sad truth. Yesterday, he had indeed hired a dwarven band to relocate to his spot on the beach, where they would briefly serenade the lovers before heading back to town, well paid for their efforts.

Fenris jabbed forward with his weapon, and barely deflected a desperate stab from a mage and his rusted, nasty knife. His leg muscles rippled as he followed through with a great cleave, ending the threat before the mage got to use any magic. Hawke watched each movement with rapt fascination, even though the battle around them had been thoroughly joined.

“I’d say you were a fool and an idiot. Why would they drag all those drums out here?”

“Money does a lot of things.” Hawke grinned as he broke into another jog, took four long steps, then flattened his body into the soft wet sand below him. The wet sand allowed him to slide several paces-worth of distance, right between the legs of a mage who thankfully wore trousers instead of a robe. His daggers did quick work of the apostate.

“I’d rather you spend that fortune of yours on more sensible things.”

“And I’d rather spend it on you.”

In response, Fenris grumbled something in Tevene, rather than dignify Hawke’s words with a phrase in the common tongue. The human returned to his feet and winked at the elf, his lips curling into a grin.

Unfortunately for the two experienced fighters, their surprising aggression wore off at that moment, and Hawke felt Fenris’s spiked gauntlet dig into his shoulder then shove him to the left as a bolt of lightning arced between them. Hawke hit the sand yet again as his vision darkened, stunned by the magical power directed his way.

“Okay.” Hawke groaned as he regained his composure. He knew he didn’t have very long before one of the surviving mages took advantage of his downed position and smote him down with yet more magic. He had to get on his feet NOW. “You’ve convinced me. No more beach trips.”

When his head stopped spinning, Hawke forced his eyes open and saw Fenris rising to his feet as well, using the sword, driven point-first into the ground, as a means to brace himself. “I don’t know. This is rather bracing.”

“Oh stop being such a contrarian! I hate when you do that!” Hawke teased as he mirrored his lover’s movements. In a heartbeat, the two of them were back in fighting form, back to back with each other, ready to start the next round.

“You’d hate it more if I stopped.”

“You know what…” Hawke turned his head, but his retort died on his lips. “You’re right. In fact, I demand you be more contrarian from now on.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll stop right now.”

“Oh for the love of…”

Fenris smirked a beautiful little grin. “I believe that I just, in your words, gotcha.”

“Maker above, would the two of you SHUT UP!?” Scarface the mage shouted as she approached the pair at a walking pace, all around her, the survivors of her group converged as well, their weapons held at the ready, but their faces showing grim concern. A crimson sphere hovered above her open palm, drawing liquid out of the self-inflicted wound with each passing second, growing larger and larger. Hawke swore he also saw it starting to glow. “Here we are, trying to hide from Templar bastards like you just to stay alive, and you’re treating this like some kind of joke!”

“Well, if you had just listened to us in the first place, you would have realized that we’re not Templars.” Hawke said with as much of a diplomatic tone as he could muster, but he could not hide the frustrated disbelief that peppered every word. A bad habit that he didn’t feel like correcting.

“Swords, armor, no magic? You may not be part of ‘em, but you definitely report to them. Everybody in this town does.”

“First off, these are not swords, you festering flabby meat flap!” Hawke shouted. “These are handcrafted daggers. Can you say that word? DAG-GERS!? Made just for me in gratitude for my services to Kirkwall. Or let me guess, you have no idea what those words mean, either.” He held his weapons forward for emphasis, letting some of the blood that had coated the blades drip onto the sand below.

“Hawke.” Fenris whispered. “Is it wise to antagonize a mage with an orb of blood in her hands?”

“Shut up. This is my date they’ve ruined, and I have every right to voice my displeasure!”

(more under the cut!)

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Possible SPOILERS - Full Miitopia Mii cast

Hi everyone! I had the chance to play the japanese version of Miitopia with a fan translation that was poorly made still was enough for me. I have played the game and enjoy it alot. I recommend it to everyone! I plan to do a playthrough when the game comes out in Youtube so follow me if you’re interested.

My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Kiatala

Since I played through the game I have access to the full Miitopia cast. I searched everywhere for a list but found none. I decided to make my own list. I for example wanted to know the list ahead of time so I placed the right characters in the right roles and didn’t need to go change it again later. You will also miss some cutscenes with your favorite characters if you don’t place them well from the beginning. So here it is:


Dark Lord 

(The first dark lord will be a normal person. In the final battle you will have a chance to recreate the face of the true dark lord. So the true dark lord only will be created nearly the final battle. The first dark lord you pick is just a victim. Have that in mind when you pick!)


Guide (A tour guide that doesn’t know a lot about tour guiding. This guide will have it’s face stolen so you will see it in a boss. Male)

Cheery Granny (always in good spirits. this mii will have its face stolen so it will appear on a boss. It will also send a letter later. Female)

Sassy Child (A child. It will have it’s face stolen so that means a boss.The first one you face in fact a slime. Male)

Worried Mother (A mother always worried with her child. It doesn’t have its face stolen but play important role in the beginning of the game. Female)

Couple Man (he loves his wife. Male)

Couple Woman (she loves her husband alot! Female)

Sarcastic Guy (looks down on others. Gets his face stolen and the boss is a rock. Male)

Mayor (it will have some relevance on the story and appear more than one time through the game. Doesn’t get his face stolen. Male)

End of Greenhorne people

Photographer (Takes pictures of the highlights of important moments or battles. He appear numerous times to sell the photos he takes. Either gender)

Quiz Master (A weird Mii always ready for a Quiz. He appears a lot of times with a quiz ready for you to solve. Either gender)

Postman (He gets letters from others to you. Appears a lot with letters from past friends. Either gender)

Roaming Gourmet (A critic of Food who appears throughout your adventure and offers food at the end. Male)

Worried Explorer (Travels the world searching for treasure and give useful tips. He appears more than once and is relevant to the game. Male)

Nintendo Fan (This Mii only appears at certain moments asking for amiibos! Either gender)


Serious Soldier (This one appears at the castle entrance and you have to show him the mayor’s papers to pass. It’s only there for that. Male)

Lax Soldier (Appears in the castle. Not much to him. Male)

Royal Support Right (It’s the royal right support. The king is big so he must support his weight! Appears like two time. Male)

Royal Support Left (it’s the royal left support. He daydreams.  Appears where the king goes. Male)

King (he has a large appetite so it’s always eating meat. He is one of the main characters and appears a lot. He has his face stolen more than one time. Male)

Princess (she is the king only daughter and has a secret love for a noble that isn’t her fiance. She is a main character and will have her face stolen more than one time. Female)

Prince from a nearby land (Prince of Sand town and the princess fiance. He’s pretty arrogant but loves his mother. He’s worst of the worst so have that in mind. Male)

Noble (Grew up with the princess but now rarely gets the chance to see her. He’s in love with her. He’s courageous but is a weakling. He doesn’t grow stronger either but wishes he could be more like the hero. Male)

Great Sage (A wise and powerful mage who roams the world helping others. He’s one of the main characters! Either gender)

Genie of the lamp (Only caused problems until the great sage sealed him to the lamp. He’s a trouble maker basically but mends his ways in the end. One of the main characters. Male)

Desert Town

Dancer (she loves to dance when nobody is watching. Has the face stolen. Female)

Rambling old man (rambles a lot. Male)

Shady Merchant daughter (has its face stolen, Female)

Shady Merchant (has its face stolen. Male)

Couple Man (tired of listening to his wife. He has his face stolen. Male)

Couple Wife (tired of her husband not taking things seriously. Female)

Celebrity (A wealthy celebrity. Relevant to the story and will appear more than one time. Face stolen. Female)

Elven Town

Eldest Fairy sister (she’s the calm leader and the star of the group. one of the main characters. Female)

Middle Fairy Sister (she’s shy and scared but sweet when she open opens up. She wishes she could be more like the hero. Main character! Female)

Youngest Fairy sister (she is very bossy but a kind elf. Main character! Female)

Injured elf (the town guard except he is lost in day dreaming. Male)

Eldest sister Fan (gets it face stolen. Male)

Middle sister fan (gets it face stolen. Male)

Youngest sister fan (gets its face stolen. Male)

Scared Elf (scared of outsiders. Gets her face stolen. Female)

Elf Hater (hates the faires with passion and think it’s better than them. Female)

Lazy elf (Male)

Mischievous elf (her magical abilities are limited exclusively to pranks. She’s a prankster and gets her face stolen. Female)

Travelers Town

Town guide (number one for intel about the Travelers town and medals. Male)

Travelers (they accompany you in your travels to complete their quests. They are so many that is better I describe them this way. They will disappear after you complete requests)

Things you should know

About your heroes. You can have up to ten until you finish to story. After that you can have as many as you want but the main will always be those ten ones.

They get captured by the dark lord and get their faces stolen. I think the way they appear when you get to save them is like this. First you will find the last three heroes you made for each chapter of the story, then you find the second spot ones from each different chapter. After that comes the first spot ones from different chapters. The last hero to be saved is the first hero you created to accompany you in your travelers.

What I want for Angie Martinelli as an actress aren’t Tonys and Oscars or any respectable award. Quite the opposite. She dreams big about Broadway and goes to every audition she can get and she gives it her all. But that’s actually the problem, because Angie loves drama. The big drama, the big gestures, throwing herself into every bit of a character 110%. The people at castings love her and all her energy, she’s such a charmer and everybody likes talking to her. But a lead role? Where maybe some subtlety could be involved? It seems too risky. But she gets the small roles, a few lines here and there. And she does get noticed for that. But by film people.

A producer sees her on stage or rather hears her scream. And while the whole play is okay, good actors and all, Angie stands out, because she doesn’t fit these other people. But he works for a company similar to Hammer Films. They mostly do monster movies, but think about branching out into science fiction.

“The Day Fear fell from the Sky” has the most outrageous script. And Angie keeps laughing about it, but the producer gets her to meet the director and they talk about it over lunch (she gets a free meal out of this, that’s nice). Angie somewhat kids around, because she wouldn’t wanna be the scientist’s girlfriend, she’d rather be the scientist herself, that role has the far better lines. (This is all Peggy’s fault, because Peggy is a hero all by herself, so why should Angie want anything less than to save the world herself from braineating space cabbages?) The director says yes. He flips the script and Angie has the part if she wants to.

The thing is, this director is more kind of Ed Wood. Critics trash the movie, but there is always praise for how fabulous Angie Martinelli is. And she had the time of her life shooting this beautiful disaster, so she keeps going. She gets roles as an adventurer, pilot, occasional human sacrifice in a bikini, the beauty to quite a couple of beasts, space princess, time traveling detective. In “Killer Robots from Inner Space” she has a four minutes monologue about the way mankind is destroying the planet and goes in a frenzy why we all should die, but maybe we deserve survival for some of the good there still is. And in “The Asylum where Angels Sleep” she gets to play twin sisters, but the audience doesn’t know thinking it’s a serial killer with a split personality and her performance when the two meet makes it an instant classic for its genre.

Conventions have been around forever now, but for Angie it all starts at the end of the 60s and early 70s. She gets invited to official events and also smaller fan conventions and she likes her job already, because she is doing all these crazy things, but people really love her. Especially after her greatest triumph, when she gets to play the villainous Mistress Omega in “The Legion from Vega 7”. She has this line where her enemies can surrender by kneeling before her and people love when she repeats those words along with the gesture and are only too happy to play along and pledge allegiance. It’s actually a hard role, Angie felt conflicted about playing the villain and talked a lot to Peggy about it. And at first it brought back horrible memories, because she has seen true evil like that. But this is fiction and Peggy provides helpful advice and if Angie is gonna do this, she’s gonna do this right. Peggy follows Angie’s career closely. She has a folder filled with one sheet ads and reviews and when the age of home video begins and the films are released, she collects them all.

Of course Angie gets older. When the slasher wave hits she gets small roles here and there. But she always meets new fans and loves every minute of her convention tours. A lot of films that were praised once seem mostly forgotten. But she meets teenagers who still hang up posters of her in all her B-movie glory. Angie Martinelli is a genre icon. At the end of the 80s there are some serious roles and that’s nice too. But nothing beats the thrill of attending the red carpet event for the re-release of “The Day Fear fell from the Sky” (full colour, digitally mastered, cult classic collection - two weeks in selected cinemas). Angie has a column in a monthly genre magazine for years, there is a second spring for her career to play mediums, old witches, wise mages. She loves every second of it. Her job is weird and sometimes bold and often ridiculous. But she gets to laugh, even sing (“Werewolf Phantom - The Musical” seemed like a fun project) and she meets so many people which leads to telling stories. It’s a good life.

By the time “The Legion from Vega 7” gets a Blu-Ray release there is a very adamant lesbian fanbase advocating for the subtext between the Mistress and the brave Agent that ultimately kills her (Omega totally loses on purpose, because she feels remorse and doesn’t think she could ever deserve love, it’s so obvious the way they look at each other even through videoscreens, there is longing underneath, because the Agent understands what a woman must sacrifice to gain power, yes, all there, very queer, much lesbian).

tl;dr B-Movie cult icon Angie Martinelli! *・゜゚・*(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

Take up your arms, brave knights, and defends your homestead. Take up your books, wise mages, and cast out evil. Take up your broom, old man of questionable sanity, and tell these knights and wizards to get off your lawn.

Whatever you do, whatever you choose, your fate is completely up to you. Live out a simpler time when Pokeballs weren’t being lobbed everywhere and people caught their companions like men. Live a simple life and pray your farm isn’t attacked by Bidoof again this year. Live a life of wonder and booze by hanging out with the mercenaries in your local tavern and roll to seduce a wench. 

                                         Open Medieval loosely D&D inspired group
                                                             #V: pkmndnd
                                                         Home ll Rules and Ap 


Suzuki, the Super Adult Level Rookie, is back to life. In a typical Japanese manner, the very first thing he does is apologize for all the worries he caused because of his sickness. Today he is introducing the 4 Super High School Level students we have left.

Super High School Level Tennis Player: Ryouma Hoshi (seiyuu: Akio Ootsuka)

Hoshi is a hard-boiled dandy character. He has such a heavy history that the fact is still only a young boy becomes irrelevant. He is the most calm/composed character in the game. The thing he always has in his mouth is candy. I mean, you all can see that there’s no smoke coming out from it, right?.

Hoshi’s voice is the main force showing his hard-boiledness, so they chose Akio Ootsuka. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hoshi’s success as a character was thanks to Ootsuka’s voice acting. Ootsuka liked Hoshi’s character so much that he would be wearing  Hoshi’s trademark outstandingly cute horned woollen hat for his next official appearances in events.

Super High School Level Astronaut: Kaito Momota (seiyuu: Ryouhei Kimura)

Momota is like a reliable older brother. Thanks to his a lit bit clichéd hot-blooded spirit and to his document falsification, he was the first person to ever pass the Astronaut Exam before the age of 20. Because of that, the first impression he gives is something like “Is this guy really a high schooler?”. Momota is smart enough to pass the Astronaut Exam, so one of the more promising points of the game is showing how he will use this characteristic power of him.

The choice of Ryouhei Kimura as his voice actor was completely centered around Momota’s image as a reliable older brother. Ryouhei Kimura was the who most surprised Suzuki because he was the only one who asked for the script to be sent digitally to his tablet, instead of getting a printed script like everyone else. Apparently, the reason for that is because Kimura tends to “get addicted to his characters”, so the tablet makes it more convinient for him to keep reading his script 24/7.

Super High School Level Magician: Himiko Yumeno (seiyuu: Aimi Tanaka)

Yumeno is a very “small” girl. So “small” that she thinks the talent is actually Super High School Level Spellcaster. Her real talent are magic tricks good enough to earn the title of Magician of the Year. An award truly fitting of Super High School Level. Yumeno is by far the laziest girl of the game. This and her other character quirks combined give Yumeno a very unique cuteness when compared to the other characters.

Yumeno’s seiyuu is Aima Tanaka, nominated to the 2016′s “Best Female Debut-year Seiyuu” award. Yumeno’s very outdated way of speaking is one of the points that contribute to her aftermentioned cuteness.

(Note: I still haven’t read any translations to Yumeno’s introduction scene, so I can’t tell if it’s noticeable from that, but Yumeno speaks like a generic RPG wise old man mage, except female)

Super High School Level Artist: Angie Yonaga (seiyuu: Minori Suzuki)

Yonaga is a character that stands out. Suzuki consider that she is quirkiest character in the DanganRonpa series, a series where basically everyone is quirky. Her habit of making up her own words shows a little bit of the artistic side you would expect from the Super High School Level artist, but even put that aside, she has a lot of weird in her. Suzuki calls her “Strange-chan”.

Her seiyuu is Minori Suzuki, the newcomer that, like a shooting star, appeared out of nowhere in 2016 and suddenly everyone is wishing for her. The Super High School Level Rookie Suzuki says that fans should look forward to his fellow rookie Suzuki makes Yonaga feel like the super unique Strange-chan she is

Now the character introductions are over. That was fun. 

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The Grand Cheese

Characters: Varlen Lavellan, Riven Lavellan, Thedas

Summary: In an alternate world, where Corypheus has risen without the presence of the mark, two elves decide that enough is enough. Riven Lavellan, wise mage with a scowl that could cower even the fiercest of warriors, takes on the role of Inquisitor, forming an organisation the likes of which the world has never seen. Her brother, ambitious as ever, forms his own band of calcium-enriched warriors and dubs himself The Grand Cheese. Their bone strength is their greatest weapon, and together both organisations end the reign on Corypheus and usher Thedas into a new, protein-fueled future. 

First Line Meme

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WIP Quote:

“Solas, it appears you’ve reached a new level of sadistic, congratulations on the achievement.”


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King Calenhad, The Great

Disclaimer: All of this is completely canonical knowledge. Nothing headcanoned, there are sources for it and I’ve gathered from every source that I could. This includes: Many Codice (Aldenon’s Vestments, Willem’s Bulwark, Freedom’s Promise, Robes of the Pretender, Camenae’s Barbute, Lyrium, Politics of Ferelden. Lake Calenhad, Lothering, Redcliffe, The Howes of Amaranthine, How to Act Fereldan, The Lady of the Skies), The World of Thedas Vol.1&2, Dragon AGE Core Rulebook, Until We Sleep (Comic), In-Game Dialogue, and dragonage.bioware.com (old DA2 site). Nothing is headcanon and nothing is taken from an unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia).

This is a lot longer than I thought it would be, but there was a lot of fascinating stuff. Including an alternative codex for Hawke’s family and relation to Calenhad, as well as a canon codex mistake that was never corrected. So I usually like to not put Read Mores on lore posts, so fic reference reblogs can easily see the information. Unfortunately that’s not possible for the length of this, so of course there is a read more. Enjoy~

Calenhad’s Titles

  • King Calenhad, The Great
  • First King of Ferelden
  • The Silver Knight
  • First of the Theirin Line
  • Father of Our Fathers

Early Life, The Beginning

Calenhad was born in 5:10 Exalted as the third son of a Highever merchant, who was barely able to support his family. So when Calenhad was old enough he was sent to a distant cousin, Ser Forannan, and began work as the man’s squire and dog-handler. Soon after, Ser Forannan joined under Arl Tenedor’s service, an Arl no older than Calenhad himself, and Calenhad was brought along underneath the Arl as well.

Eventually Arl Myrddin marched on Tenedor at what was once known as the Western Hill Bannorn(now known as West Hill), he planned to either gain Tenedor’s loyalty or head in his campaign to be King of Ferelden.

However, before blades met, Myrddin called for a parley and Tenedor fearing for his safety decided to send a disguised squire in his place. The Arl of West Hill called for a volunteer and Calenhad immediately stepped forward. Yet when he met Myrddin he identified himself not as Tenedor, but as Calenhad and neglected Tenedor’s plan. Calenhad faced Myrddin head on and claimed he would die for his Arl. Myrddin was impressed by Calenhad’s bravery and loyalty, offering the young squire a place at his side instead. Calenhad refused, he told Myrddin that if the Arl had planned to kill his Arl during the parley, then he had no honor or worth. The comment caused Myrddin’s allies to ridicule and spurn him, the fact that a simple squire knew honor better than he and Myrddin was forced to concede. He would instead continue his assault head on, than use tricks.

During the attack both Calenhad’s Arl and cousin fell, but Myrddin chose to duel Calenhad for his victory. The young squire bested the Arl in a duel and a humbled Myrddin knelt before the common lad, surprising his allies. Myrddin once more asked for Calenhad to join his side, now that his forces had been defeated.

“You are not a man known for your honor, but I believe you wish to be. You allowed me to live once, and so now I do the same for you. Perhaps if more of our people lived by honor, we would learn to trust each other long enough to live together.” ~Calenhad

The Arl pledged his support to the young man instead. He shouted to his allies that while he knew that he would never be King, he knew who would and should be.

Calenhad would go on to be named Teyrn of West Hill.

Some of Myrddin’s allies also pledged allegiance to Calenhad, one such was the freeholder, Elias Howe. 

Yet most of them would resist following a simple commoner as their future king. Though that would change as Calenhad proved his worth, gracefully wielding his reputation for honor and gaining many victories that built up his army.

Unification of Ferelden

As Calenhad began his campaign across Thedas, claiming fealty after fealty, he was met with strange greetings, occurrences, and trials from the Banns and Teyrns of Ferelden. Many of which who did not wish to bow before the ambitious commoner.

It was during a march in the lowlands bannorn that Calenhad would meet his most famous companion and dearest friend, Lady Shayna. She was a proud and powerful warrior, who agreed to fight by Calenhad’s side from the near start.

Calenhad was then married to Myrddin’s, famously beautiful, daughter, Mairyn.

One of Calenhad’s stranger greetings came from Bann Camenae Eremon of The Waking Sea. The Bann greeted her would-be King by shooting his horse out from under him, a league out from her castle. Calenhad continued his journey on foot and yet when he arrived at Castle Eremon, he was refused entrance or audience. Calenhad and his men waited outside the castle until sunset, when Camenae finally made an appearance trussed in armor and her bow at hand.

She then knelt to her future King and swore fealty, impressed with Calenhad’s qualities.

You have proven you have sense and humility, Theirin. And no man can hope to lead the Bannorn without those gifts.” ~Bann Camenae Eremon, of The Waking Sea Bannorn

Another challenge for Calenhad would be Highever’s Eletha Cousland, who fought the would-be King to retain the Teyrnir’s independence. She led her local Banns . against Calenhad’s force, though Calenhad prevailed. Yet instead of punishing the Teyrna, Calenhad asked for her fealty in exchange for Highever to remain a Teyrnir and she a Teyrna. A deal that would make the Couslands only second to the King himself.

Calenhad’s religious views continued to build his reputation. The Chantry, still new to Ferelden, was gaining ground among the nobles and found a leader to push it further in Calenhad. Many voices of the court joining both the religion and Calenhad’s march all at once.

Calenhad would go on to defeat all other claimants to the throne, acquire the fealty of almost all Ferelden, and finally face Teyrn Simeon of Denerim.

In 5:42 Exalted, Calenhad with his might and faith, was unstoppable. With Lady Shayna at his side and the rest of Thedas at his back, he descended upon Teyrn Simeon’s forces in what would be known as the Battle of White Valley.

Calenhad would face Simeon as his forces occupied Simeon’s forces, however he would nearly be killed by Simeon’s blade. Calenhad’s close friend, Shayna, instead took the last blow meant for him and killed the Teyrn herself.


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She did wonder how their daughter was doing. How were they coping? Studies wise, both mage craft and normal studies? Socially? Emotionally? Psychologically? She did remember raising her daughter to fit the aristocratic life style, but never forced it. Unlike with her own childhood, she ensured her daughter had freedom, opinions and choices, once she reached that age of course. But, she still raised her to be a lady that much was never going to change. Were they learning of crushes, lovers? Were they learning of their womanly issues? Imagining Shinji’s expression at explaining the girl talk was enough to make even someone like her laugh.

She knew that Shinji would want revenge, something she had been worried about. She knew of his past, the sins he had made. Zouken had made sure of that during their engagement. Of course, she was furious at the time, even broke down crying, slapped him and hid away for a good twenty four hours to speak with Sakura, the one Rin never mentioned but Zouken did. You would think one would hear of Sakura in the Clock Tower? Never

Sakura had explained her entire backstory, even happy Shinji had become a better person and she even hoped Luvia would stay with him. It was hard, even though she understood why Shinji broke and committed such crimes. And yet, she still returned to him and reminded him he was belonged to her and no one else. They had a powerful bond, it was no surprise Shinji was still loyal to her even after years passed. She also understood his temper and how emotional he could be, she always kept him in line, but he did so much for her- nothing was too much, or too difficult or too much effort for her. That was the real Shinji, that Zouken tried so hard to break.

Was Auguste still alive? He must be truly ageing by now, but she knew Shinji would not leave their daughter with just anyone. If not Auguste, it was someone Auguste trusted immensely. Her butler had always sworn to serve her until his dying breath, it would be no surprise. So many memories, flooded back to her. Their wedding day, her giving birth and oh God pity the nurses during that moment. Honeymoon, their daughter’s first words or first steps. Having Sakura visit and have Shinji be normal around her, seeing Sakura normal. It was all so pleasant.

She had lived a happy life over all, ignoring the years after her mothers murder of course. Now as a counter guardian, she understood her summoning was rare they were akin to a Ruler, almost impartial. Well, in truth she was impartial, she had no wish. Not when alive, not now. However under a Master she had to fight, she enjoyed fighting, but…she only wanted to go home.

“Come.” The Caster spoke, taking him by the hand and taking him further from the city. She saw his tears, heard his stutter. He must have been so heart broken, she had never expected to be so out numbered during her final moments. And they certainly had weapons, it was unfortunate. But, she did wipe them all out, just…at a cost. Once hidden within the forest, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, tightly, her facade fading in-front of her husband. Death or not, she viewed him as hers.

“….Shinji-, my love.” She spoke happily, tears falling down her cheeks with a shaky voice. She was, so happy to see him again. “How is…everyone? What of you? Are you eating and sleeping well?” How long had she been gone? She only remembered feeling asleep, drowned in a dark abyss, unable to move. It was not painful, but she was not conscious. 

Until she was summoned and her soul reacted to the summoning, to be awake again. “Perhaps if I live, our child could turn me into a familiar.” She joked, though knew it was possible, in-between choked giggles and a smile. “Why are you…here? You have no servant and are a Matou…you…idiot.” She knew the answer, she only clung to him more.

Her death, although painful and rather slow due to blood loss was not a truly sad one. It was, in the essence of losing Shinji and her daughter, not seeing Auguste again or even…would her sister ever marry? Even so, she had died remembering the happy memories, even though she shed tears of sadness, despair, her smile as she died reminded her that she should be mourning for Shinji and her child, who would be without her. If she could survive this war, maybe she could be with them again…even if not normally.

“I am…so happy, you still love me.” And with that, she kissed him softly and pulled him against her.

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Types as characters in a medieval fantasy setting. Like the mage, the king, the dragon, etc.

ENTP - The quirky dwarf goblin who never leaves the king’s side. Nobody really knows what they’re supposed to do, but they’re great at impersonating the king beside his back. 

INTP - The kooky wizard who locks themselves in their laboratory mixing potions and only comes out to turn someone randomly into a toad. 

ESTP - That one knight that’s the king’s favorite who keeps flirting with the princess. They went off to slay a dragon by themselves, with fifty flaming swords, and it looked pretty damn cool, but they haven’t been seen since. 

ISTP - The knight’s page who is much more talented than they seem. There are rumors that they’re either under some weird curse, or they have unusual magic powers that they’re still figuring out. The peasants are making plans to burn them at the stake before something gets out of hand. 

ENFP - The peasant maiden that half the court is longing for. Eventually the page gets over themselves long enough to ask her out, but after a cute giggle, she transformed into a unicorn and ran off into the woods. The page was trampled. Well, at least now the peasants don’t have to go through the hard work of preparing a burning. 

INFP - The princess who has simply refused to give into this whole royal business. She is seen around the castle, barefoot, making friends with the woodland animals and sticking her nose up at her royal duties. Eventually she befriends a mystical unicorn and runs away with it into the forest, where she truly belonged all along. 

ESFP - The court jester. Is beheaded after insulting the king in a cocky impersonation.

ISFP - The misunderstood dragon that lives in a cave and prefers not to meddle with the others in the kingdom. They love their peaceful life of solitude and are quite content with never meeting a knight. Until the ESTP shows up and challenges them to a duel. The dragon sneezes in terror, roasting the knight instantly. The dragon is so mortified that they decide to never ever come out of their cave again. Not that they wanted to in the first place. 

ENFJ - The wise mage who gives council to the king. They secretly hate him, but their wisdom is enough to ensure that they’ll have this job forever. Sigh. They’re thinking about talking that weird INTP wizard into turning the king into a toad. The guy’s an asshole. Still, the mage keeps a smile on their face, ever plotting. 

INFJ - The witch who lives in a mushroom and doesn’t speak to the subjects unless they have a prophecy. Actually, they might be dead. No one’s seen them in quite a long time. 

ESFJ - The queen. She meddles with everything that the king hasn’t already meddled with, and then some. Like almost everyone else, she doesn’t care too much for her husband the king, but hell! She’s the flippin queen! She was brought to the castle after a horrible childhood of solitude and now she’s making it up to herself by ruling over the kingdom and bossing everyone else around. It’s a good life. 

ISFJ - The lovely peasant everyone knows and loves. He keeps doing favors favors for everyone, and since he can’t bring himself to say no to people, he keeps getting sent off on quests, and has probably saved the kingdom a dozen times. No one really notices. 

ENTJ - The evil advisor, also known as the king’s brother. He has had a plan to take over the kingdom for years, but his plans were foiled when the lovely peasant boy accidentally brings him the chemically altered soup meant for the king, turning him into a toad. 

ISTJ - The prince, who almost never leaves the library in the castle. He’s not very aware of the drama in his family, nor is he sure where his sister or uncle went. He’s chill with it, though. It’s a good life.

ESTJ - The king. Completely unaware of the whole toad thing. Rules with an iron fist.

INTJ - The head of the royal guard. Oversees all of this shit but doesn’t bother mentioning it to anyone. 

15 Associations: Adelina Trevelyan

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Rules: Repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL: Fennec

2. COLOR(S): Green, red

3. MONTH: June ( Ferventis / Justinian )

4. SONG: Ruelle - Oh My My

5. NUMBER: 7


7. PLANT: Prophet’s Laurel

8. SMELL: Old books, cinnamon

9. GEMSTONE: Sphene

10. SEASON: Summer

11. PLACE: The Hinterlands forests

12. FOOD: Baked apples

13. ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Sagittarius

14. ELEMENT(S): Earth

15. DRINK: Champagne

I’m not sure who has already done this so I’m tagging everyone who wants to! I’d love to see all your precious characters and their associations ♥