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D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
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Which Cap movie is the gayest, tho?

Like, if you have to choose: is it Steve tryna walk to Austria/jumping through fire for the dramatic rescue, and Bucky sacrificing his life for Steve’s? Is it Steve breaking through decades of brainwashing and torture by reciting their marriage vows to Bucky, and Bucky pulling him outta the water? Or is it Steve pulling a helicopter out of the sky and blowing up his whole life to protect Bucky, and the way Bucky’s mouth curls telling Steve, “Your mom’s name was Sarah. You used to wear newspaper in your shoes.”?



George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, in Rishikesh, 1968; screen capped from The Beatles Anthology

“George was the most interested in the inner journey - a young man, only 24 […], of enormous fame and yet remarkable humility. He changed my life.” - Paul Saltzman, Examiner, 19 September 2009

“One moment remains etched in [Paul] Saltzman’s memory. ‘George was practising the sitar and it was just the two of us sitting together. George said - he said this without any ego, [he was] a very calm, very wonderful man - "Like we are The Beatles, after all, aren’t we? We have all the money we could ever dream of, we have all the fame you could ever wish for, but it isn’t love, it isn’t health, it isn’t peace inside, is it?”
‘The sentence George said to me impacted on me hugely so I have never forgotten that,’ says Saltzman.” - The Telegraph India, 27 March 2005


George Harrison: Hamburg, 1961, and London, 1986; Hamburg, 1961, and Friar Park, 2000.

Photo 1: Jürgen Vollmer

“It doesn’t take long to being from 17 to being 57. Forty years just goes like that. You know? Now I understand about 90 year old people who feel like teenagers, you know. ‘Cause nothing changes. It’s just the body that changes. The soul in the body is there at birth and is there at death. And the only thing that’s changed is the bodily condition.” - George Harrison, 2000

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From George Harrison’s handwritten lyrics for the song “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth),” as included in the booklet of the remastered edition of the 1973 album Living in the Material World.