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Imagine Mob finding a stray cat and befriending it — it starts to become apart of his routine to feed and pet the cat every day. And naturally, he gets attached to the cat and starts to worry about it wandering around the city streets all alone. 

His parents won’t let them have a cat. They don’t have any pets, after all. So his next stop, naturally, is Reigen, who unfortunately has a no-pets-allowed policy in his apartment. He tells Mob to ask his friends and classmates and promises to advertise to clients, but already decided that if Mob can’t find the cat a home he’s just gonna smuggle it into his apartment, rules or no rules. 

Body Improvement Club is out. Everyone either already has pets, is allergic, or isn’t allowed to keep them. No one from the Telepathy Club is able. Even random classmates don’t seem particularly interested in adopting a stray. The more rejections there are, the more stressed Mob becomes. Ritsu asks Shou, but both of them agree that his hamsters will be quickly victimized by a cat used to hunting its meals. 

Somehow, Teru is the very last person that Mob asks. It just doesn’t occur to him. Their interactions in canon are pretty much limited to Teru approaching Mob (what a lovesick puppy lmao) so naturally that’s exactly how this comes about. Teru’s just walking home and oooooh is that Kageyama’s aura? 

The second Mob tells him he’s trying to find a home for a cat, Teru offers to take it in.

The next second he thinks I have no fucking idea how to take care of a cat.

Too late. Mob’s eyes are shining and he’d sooner fling himself out of the atmosphere with his powers than destroy the look on his face. 

That’s how Teru gets saddled with a cat. A cat that wants nothing to do with him or his psychic powers. He finds clawmarks on his furniture and learns very quickly that litter boxes need to be cleaned multiple times a day. If he tries to float the cat out of trouble, it just gets pissed off and knocks over a cup later. He does not get along with the cat. 

Then, Mob starts coming over to visit it. For a moment he has to wonder if somehow the cat got bodysnatched because it acts totally different around Mob. Purrs and cuddles and sleeps in his lap. Mob very clearly adores the cat (Teru clearly adores Mob.) Unfortunately, the moment Teru tries to give the cat so much as a scratch behind the ears he walks away with a bleeding hand. 

But like… Mob and Teru, bonding over taking care of a cat together? Teru learning how to care for another living creature? Mob just being an absolute sweetheart as usual (but maybe a lil sassy about Teru’s apparent incompetence with bonding with his new pet). Holy shit. 

My dear lgbt+ children, 

“When i was young, there were girls and there were boys, and the girls loved the boys, and everything was so much easier.” 

I had a conversation about this blog a few weeks ago with a women considerably older than me. She was interested and wanted to understand “all those weird words” i use in my letters. She knew what gay means and had heard bi before but wasn’t sure what it means, so you can imagine that words like pan, asexual, nonbinary, demigirl… were entirely alien to her.  

She listened and nodded to my explanations, and she didn’t say a hostile word about any label. However, when i had explained all the words she pointed out, she shook her head and said the sentence above. “…and everything was so much easier.” 

I’ve been thinking about this remark a lot. To me, it encapsulates the big thinking mistake many people fall for. 

I have said before that i grew up in a rural, small town, the same this elderly women grew up in. I’m fairly sure that there were indeed only girls and boys here in her childhood and that the girls loved the boys. In the same way, i believe there were no kids with dyscalculia living here - not because kids with learning disorders did not exist but because there was no awareness that they exist and so people just called them stupid or lazy instead. 

In fact, there have always been lgbt+ kids. They, and the people in their lives, just didn’t knew the term “lgbt+” yet. They couldn’t be their true self because society didn’t allow that yet. And so girls married boys - not because all girls loved boys but because there was no other option. 

Was that easier? Sure, for the elderly woman i talked to, it was. That’s because she was a girl who loved a boy. In her little world, all was well and she didn’t need words for anything else. It was easier - for cis heteroromantic heterosexual people. 

But all “those weird words”, all the labels we nowadays use and talk about, didn’t randomly fall down from a tree some day. We invented them because for us, for the ones who didn’t fit in that little world, it was not easy. 

The big thinking mistake, as so often, is “I don’t need this, so nobody needs this. I’m not that, so nobody is that.” or in the words of a wise little bird “I feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?” 

So, my dear, if you feel bad because you use all those fancy new words, think about the generations of lgbt+ people before you who might smile down at you from heaven now and think “Oh, finally, there’s a word for people like me!”. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

I’m looking into chicken rescues, and just found one site that states the following:

If you don’t free-range, you will want a very, very large coop. Coops that say they can hold about twelve hens can probably only hold about five or less (not free range) hens.

Yes! Very true!


*We only adopt to vegans and people who will NOT eat the eggs*

So… what? I’m supposed to let them hatch, thus creating more chickens to inhabit my coop that can only really house about five birds? Am I supposed to let their eggs sit and spoil to attract predators? Am I supposed to let my hens go broody whenever, a time that is stressful not only for the bird in question but the rest of the flock? Am I supposed to throw their eggs out, wasting my hens’ efforts entirely?

Look, if you’re vegan, that’s cool. But making this sort of thing criteria for a poultry rescue is ridiculous and counterproductive. Try again.

EDIT: @aficklebeast (who suggested that they might encourage people to feed the eggs back to their chickens instead) I have the same concerns you do. I’ll occasionally feed my flock an egg or two, but if you have a larger flock, that’s a lot of eggs and a lot of mess, which never struck me as very hygienic or good for them, diet-wise. 

Every single time I see a vine by Thomas Sanders I think to myself:

Him. That one. He needs to be a Disney prince. It’s his destiny. He has been chosen. Someone call the mouse and tell him the search is over.

anonymous asked:

SOMEONE GIVE WALLY A PARROT! Wally would have SO much fun with that parrot I swear- can we get a comic of this?

((I can’t tell if giving Wally a parrot would be a fantastic idea, or a horrid one. He’d teach it every swearword and insult in the book. Joey doesn’t allow pets in the studio, but lets ignore that and say he took it to work with him? He’d leave the profanity-spewing bird outside Sammy’s office.

Chaos ensues.))


Persephone- goddess of spring and queen of the underworld (x)

“People are equal partners with the plants and animals, not their masters who exploit them.”  
~Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders  

As human beings, we are not above anything nor are we below anything. Because of being equal, we need to discuss a little about the value of respect. Not just respect when it comes to human beings, but respect when it comes to everything. We are not masters over things; we are caretakers for the Great Spirit. We need to treat all things with respect.  
~White Bison Elder’s Meditation~

  • Do you dare call “Tao Te Ching” gibberish?
  • A path of water… makes water flow from highlands to lowlands. Then where must something… originating from the lowlands find its path? A path on which low can become high. Not only a path of water flowing high to low, but a path that is dry and desolate, which you must… carry water uphill if you must, to wet it. I could not find an answer in that “Tao Te Ching”.