The 10 Universal Laws of the Warrior Code by Dawn Callen

1. Pay Attention. Stay in the present. It’s the only place anything real is happening.

2. Take Responsibility. This is your life, take it back. Either you get to own it or you get to blame someone or something else for it. Choose.

3. No Kvetching (to complain persistently). No whining, no sniveling – it takes you out of the present and lets you abdicate responsibility.

4. Don’t Take Any Abuse. It’s very bad for ones self esteem to take any abuse. Stand up to your tyrants, both internal and external. The cost is too great not to.

5. Do It Anyway. Hard choices temper our strength and our integrity; they make the difference between a life of excellence and a life of mediocrity.

6. Don’t Quit. Look at what stops you, at where you give the effort up. That is the edge between becoming a victim or a warrior.

7. Keep Your Agreements. A warrior is only as good as his or her word. The way we build self-trust and trust in others is by making and keeping agreements.

8. Keep Your Sense of Humor. Otherwise what’s the point? Humor helps us to stretch beyond our own limits and ourselves.

9. Love One Another. Otherwise where’s the meaning? It’s the way we remember we’re not alone in the universe.

10. Honor Your Connection To The Source. There is a force in the universe, greater than ourselves that creates us, provides for us, cares for us, guides us, and loves us. It speaks to us from within. Trust it.

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Thank you so much. Honestly I'm so grateful that Liam has stans like you who aren't just stupid assholes. Like all those 'ziams' who are claiming that Liam hates Zayn and is an ignorant fool and all that, like honestly how can you be that blind. It's fucking clear that anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that is even associated with stupid Wootton is full of crap, much less a fucking podcast from him. Like don't be a fool. All these idiots need to be educated.

Hi friend, 

THANK YOU for seeing through the BS and doing Liam right. 

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I’ll tell you something. These “ziams” who apparently used to love and support both boys and cry about their matchy aesthetic and how they were pulling outfits mirroring each other are NOW saying Liam’s album artwork is copied from Zayn. LMAO, give it up for the royal fuckery and direct 180. These very people are NOW talking about how they are not a fan of the matchy lighting at Zayn’s performance and yesterday at Liam’s GN performance, meanwhile Niall is out there doing the same. I crie. XD

Let’s just accept the basic problem with these people. They would rather Liam be painted in the most negative light right now, notwithstanding the repercussions on his rep. More than half this fandom has a very distorted notion of love, tbh. They’d either buy stuff like z*gi or ch***iam or would rather think that Liam and Zayn do not have a life outside of each other and must do everything revolving each other and this mindset is permeates into the way they respond to stuff these days. 

Like you said, anything associated with dickpad is crap. I have some sharp friends and I am thankful for them, and one such lovely person made an excellent point: why did Dan get pictures with both Harry and Niall to advertise his fucked up podcasts but none with Liam? Liam’s been doing a lot of pictures, yeah? Then why? How many times do you think they recorded that bit to get it to sound the way they wanted? Another sharp friend remarked, if none of the boys are free, Liam isn’t free either. And yes, Liam’s narrative will always have been different to Louis’. They are stuck in a similar situation, not the same.

These people saying Liam deliberately signed up for a stunt…. UMM??? Which artist who respects and understands and loves music would want his solo promo to revolve around namedropping and talking about his personal life only? I have seen tons of interviews of new parents where the congratulatory talk happens and it’s done, they proceed towards work talk. Honestly, all the people thinking negative of Liam and painting Zayn as some hapless scorned lover need help. 

Remember when Liam wore the yellow jacket and Zayn that red sweatshirt like thing? Also remember when Liam posted the yellow jacket pic captioned with 5 hearts, rainbow hearts. If this were Louis or Harry, people would be calling them LGBT icons and Kings and savior of the fandom but anyway. 

Too much fandom negativity, look at this pretty boy now:

Wisdom Behind Fasting

In it is prevention of the self from Haraam (prohibited) things, of prohibited action and speech which is the pillar of Taqwaa. In the authentic hadeeth:

“Whoever does not abandon false speech and acting upon that, Allaah is in no need of his abandoning his food and drink”.

So the servant seeks closeness to Allaah (Subhaanahu wa-Ta’aala) through avoiding prohibitions altogether, and they are:

• “False speech” – and that is every haraam (prohibited) speech;

• “Acting upon that” – and that is every haraam (prohibited) action;

• Leaving every haraam thing that obstructs the fast and that is those thing things which break the fast.

So, since in fasting there are advantages, benefits and attainment of all good and reward, that which necessitates its prescription at all times, Allaah (Subhaanahu wa-Ta’aala) told that it was prescribed upon us as it was prescribed upon those before us. This is His affair with all His Laws that have universal advantages.

i’ve gotten a bit tanned the past 2 days and i’m not about to show my tatas to all 7.6k of u but i have the Worst tan line rn from wearing a bandeau bra out in the sun it’s just a literal rectangle of pale white skin right on my boobs