wisdomgrace replied to your postInterested in watching potato star… but omg 100+…

i know, i wanna watch it too. but isnt it supposed to be like high kick? if its like that the episodes are going o be like 30-45 mins long. haha maybe it will be super addicting and 100+ ep. wont be enough. lol

haha I actually started already… its abt 30min per episode..  and omg Yeo Jin Goo.. this kid!!! I cannot believe he is 1997.. looks and sound so mature.. (I ship this kid with almost all of his female costars -_-“" )

and Ha Yun Soo is like 7yrs older than but she looks younger… she can even call him oppa and i’ll buy it 

wisdomgrace said: :O! how come I’m only finding out about this now?!?! hahaha prob cuz i haven’t been on soompi for evaaa. anyways. i totally just followed you. yes. more hyukhyuk >______________________<

wisdomgrace hahaha I made this announcement on this blog a while ago… ya!! I don’t see you in soompi anymore =( ya… I decided to make one just for hyukhyuk.. this blog is a mess.. god can’t even save it