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requested by anonymous 

philkas au in which philip gets his wisdom teeth taken out

because i couldnt do just a lukas version

After his own bout with anesthesia, Lukas is convinced Philip can’t possibly top it.

He goes with Helen and Gabe to the dentist, and sits beside Philip, bugging him as he tries to watch some video about wisdom teeth removal. Then the nurse comes and brings him back, and he sends one look back their way, obviously not excited to be heading in to get teeth ripped from his head.

He can tell Philip is doped up by the way he waddles out from the back, stumbling as if he’s drunk. The nurse tries to help him, another following with a wheelchair, but Philip seems to have refused it, pushing his way out.

When he sees Helen, a big grin flashes on his face.

“Helen! My other mom!” He exclaims.

The effect his words have on Helen are immediate. She goes still, lips parting, something like awe filling her eyes. She looks over at Gabe, who gives her a soft smile.

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Pharah and Mercy's (Tank!) S/O has just gone to dentist to have their wisdom teeth pulled out. Out of all of their blabbering, they start singing 'I am number one'?

(LOL! I actually had to look up the song for this because I’ve never heard it before!)

“[Name], you have to keep the ice pack on your jaw,” Mercy told her s/o as she guided their hand back to their mouth, “We want to reduce as much swelling as possible.”

[Name] rolled their eyes, really tired of having to hold a bag of ice to their mouth all afternoon. They were already loopy enough, couldn’t they just have someone tape it there for them? Still, Angela and Fareeha were great caretakers for their s/o. They both stayed in the waiting room for the entire length of the surgury (Angela occasional hovering around the nurses to make sure they were doing it right). Then they took [Name] home and had them lay on the couch while Fareeha prepared a lunch of soup and applesauce.

“Angela, your so pretty,” [Name] slurred.

“It is a good thing I’m your girlfriend then,” Mercy laughed.

Pharah came in with the bowls of soup, setting them on the coffee table.

“Fareeha is too…” they sighed dreamily.

“I’m what?”

“Pretty,” Mercy said.

“Oh! Thank you,” Pharah smiled.

“You’re pretty, and you’re pretty, and I’m pretty! I mean I must be to have to girlfriends, BUT we’re like the best!” they snorted.

Pharah held back from laughing as she took a seat next to Mercy. The two hated to admit they were making a spectacle of their s/o, but they were just being so hilarious!

“We’re like…number one!” they suddenly exclaimed.

The two froze at the mention of the song. Oh no, not that song! [Name] sung it obnoxiously for days after it became a meme! They eventually made a house rule not to sing it after noon, but [Name] was too drugged to remember that rule.

“We are number one! We are number one!” they started to sing, and both girls facepalmed over their soup.

“Now listen closely~” they continued, “Here’s a little lesson in trickery! This is going down in historyyyyy! If ya wanna be a villain number one–”

Suddenly Fareeha shoved a spoonful of soup into [Name]’s mouth, effectively shutting them up.

“Fareeha!” Mercy gaped, “You cannot be so rough! You could reopen the wounds!”

“Please just eat your lunch, [Name], hopefully none of us will remember this by tomorrow,” Pharah grumbled.

“Hahaha!” they laughed as they took the spoon from their mouth, “You think Talon ever sings that to themselves?”

“I’d like to think not,” Pharah rolled her eyes.

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prompt; marinette is gets her wisdom teeth out and tells adrien she's ladybug

Thank you for the prompt! I hope you’ll like it. This is gonna be fun. Also, there is a small, small sprinkle of sin in this, but it is just crack otherwise.

“Hello, Adrien. It is very nice seeing you again. Would you like a snack?”

Adrien smiled at Marinette’s mother. Both she and Marinette’s father were always very welcoming and Adrien couldn’t help but feel a wave of warmth whenever he stepped inside the Dupain-Cheng Boulangerie-Patisserie. “It is alright Madame Cheng, I just came to bring Marinette the homework and the notes from today,” he said with a smile.

“For the hundredth time, Adrien. Just call me Sabine. Sometimes I think you are too polite for the days we are living. Marinette is in her room, you know the way. Though, she is a little bit delirious from the medicine, so ignore whatever silly things she may say.”

“Thank you, Sabine. And don’t worry.” Adrien went past her, leaving her to deal with the customers that just came in. He could say he broke some record with the speed he reached Marinette room.

“Hey, Mari! I brought you the notes from today. How are you feeling?” he said while climbing in Marinette’s room and putting his bag on the floor. The girl was laying on her chaise lounge and something odd flashed in her eyes when he saw him approaching.

“Adrien!” she exclaimed, moving in sitting position and extending her hands. “Come here, love of my life.”

Adrien choked on air. Love of her life? What? Okay, Adrien, breath in, it must be from the medicine she got. Isn’t like someone as amazing as Marinette could be in love with a lame dork like you. Unfortunately for Adrien, he didn’t have time to deny her request and tell her she needs to rest and probably not refer him as the love of her life while under medication’s effects. Marinette pulled him down and grabbed his collar.

‘’Kiss me already, handsome.” she order and Adrien needed all his force of will to put his hands on her shoulder and keep her back.

“I don’t think it is a good idea, Marinette. You had your wisdom tooth taken out and kissing isn’t probably recommended. Now how about… yee eep.” Adrien squicked when Marinette pushed him on his back.

“If you aren’t going to kiss me, I’ll kiss you,” she said with a hazy look in her eyes. Adrien gasped when she lifted his shirt and started kissing up his chest. Adrien was pretty sure the blood in his body concentrated in two regions. His face and his… yeah, Marinette really had to get up now, he couldn’t get a boner in her face. That would be extremely rude. He was raised better than that.

“Hey, Adrien?” Marinette asked in a breathy tone, before licking a small portion of his stomach. “Can you keep a secret?”

Adrien gave her a smile, hoping that if he kept her talking he would manage to get her off him. For her own benefit. She would never to something like that in her right mind. And well, he was an expert when it came to secrets. “Of course, Marinette.”

Trailing a finger up and down his chest she looked up at him with a lovestruck expression. “I’m Ladybug.”

Adrien blinked. Once, twice…


your hands are tough but they are where mine belong

requested by @pixodixo

philkas au in which lukas gets his wisdom teeth taken out

fun fact: the alleged swallowing of the gauze was an actual conversation that happened when i got my wisdom teeth taken out. i started crying. it was a weird experience. 

The first words out of Lukas’ mouth when the nurse walks him out from the back are, “Philip! Babe!”

His lips curl up in a wide grin, showcasing the bloody gauze he has in his mouth. He’s had all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed, and is hopped up on drugs. A lot of drugs.  

With Bo being out of town until the end of the week, Gabe, Helen, and Philip volunteer to watch him. Since he’ll be loopy for the next few hours, and in pain for the next few days, no one is all that worried about the boys doing something stupid.

The nurse and Gabe help Lukas down into a wheelchair, and he grips the sides, still grinning like an idiot at Philip.

“Hi!” He exclaims, lifting one hand to wave. Helen stifles a grin, and looks over at Philip.

“Aren’t you going to wave back?” She asks. Philip makes a face.

“He’s two feet away from me.”

She shrugs, smiling, and walks over to the desk, getting the medication and instructions on how to take care of Lukas from the doctor, who stands in the back with one of the nurses and the secretary.

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ok so i got my wisdom teeth out today and apparently after i woke up from the anesthesia i proceeded to fist bump everyone in the office on my way out

Orlando really hit home for me so i made some pride WtNV things for solidarity in our little fandom

Please feel free to use them on your blog, just gimme a little mention somewhere? i love you all and we are stronger than hate.

From the top down: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Aromantic, Demisexual, Intersex, Genderqueer, Polysexual,Transgender. 

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Hey could you do 83 for the drabble challenge?

So I haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth out yet, I kind of just used Google was a fact checker? Sorry if this is like totally off of what it feels like? Here’s #83: “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

“My fa’se feels gone Der,” Stiles slurred, tongue too heavy in his mouth around the ooey gauze.

His hands moved up slowly to his cheeks, his fingers prodding at his swollen jaw. Once he registered that it hurt to touch it he pulled back with a grimace. This was such a sham, his wisdom teeth didn’t hurt when they were in! Now that they’re gone it is a world of hurt.

Stiles looked around the loft, frowning when there was nobody in sight…or frowning as best he could, he was really numb. He made a move to push away the blanket on top of him, shakily trying to get on his feet.

“Stiles! Sit down.”

Instantly he fell back on the cushions, startled by the voice. His head craned back to see Derek walk in from the kitchen, weird looking stuff in his hands.

“Derek! I miss’d ya, where did y’go?” Stiles asked.

“I went to get new gauze and some water for you. Stop talking, you need to keep biting the gauze,” Derek said and sat on the coffee table across from Stiles,then proceeded to rip open a medical packet of gauze.

Then there was suddenly a hand in front of his mouth, waiting expectantly.


“Spit out your gauze so I can put in the new ones.”

“Ew, you are g’ossss–”

“Stiles just spit them out.”

Stiles complied, laughing when the wolf made a disgusted face when the used bloody pads were in his hands. Although he had to say it was pretty gnarly. With ease he opened his mouth again and with a little help he got new gauze in to soak in the blood.

“Lay wi’f me, head hurts,” Stiles muttered and made grabby hands at the older man.

Derek huffed but did so, and Stiles ended up resting back against his boyfriend, all warm and snug. It didn’t do much for his headache or swollen face which he soon learned was very bruised. Then again how could he complain? He was getting cuddles and that was the best. Literally the best thing, especially because it’s with Derek.

“‘M hungry,” he muttered sleepily.

“What do you want?”

“Steak. Def’nitely steak.”

“You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday,” Derek reminded him and he whined. It got him a kiss on the forehead and a promise for a really good steak when he could eat normal food again. While still upset that he couldn’t eat what he wanted the compromise of applesauce with extra cinnamon wasn’t completely offensive, so he ended up eating half of it before passing out on Derek.

Maybe the next week or so wouldn’t be that bad with his personal servant, boyfriend, and pillow at his side.



Request: “Can you do a Lucifer one please? Maybe something involving Gabriel too? Or more things with all the angels haha. Love those. Thank you! Sorry I’m not very specific.”


“Do you remember begging the dentist to let me stay in the room with you?” Castiel asked you. “The dentist practically had to pry your hands off of me.” He smiled at the thought.

“It’s not funny.” You uttered through a mouth full of gauze, head lolling to the side, still feeling loopy from the medicine given to you. You’d put off getting your wisdom teeth taken out for far too long due to your fear of dentists, but the discomfort became too much to handle and it got to the point to where Lucifer himself took you to the dentist’s office. “They put a needle in me.” You complained, eyes still closed. You’d spaced out for the past hour or so, but you could tell that you were now laying in your bed.

“Yes, they will do that.” Lucifer said to you. “Can you open your eyes for me, darling?” He asked, a chuckle hidden in his tone. You could feel someone pushing your hair out of your face.

“I could.” You said, obviously implying that you just didn’t feel like it. “Take me to see the new Star Wars movie.”

“When you’re feeling better.” Gabriel plopped down on your bed beside you. “Right now, you need to rest.”

“I don’t want to sleep. I want to watch Star Wars.” You protested. “My boyfriend’s in that movie.”

“I thought I was your boyfriend?” All of the Angels chimed and you scoffed.

“You’re my butlers.” You uttered.

“Oh, really?” Balthazar laughed at you.

“You all watch over me when I’m sick, you make sure I have what I need, you always make sure I’m safe..” You were starting to doze off, cuddling into Lucifer’s side. “Maybe you are my boyfriends… My butler boyfriends…” You fell asleep with a soft yawn and Lucifer wrapped his arm around you.

“I would just like to point out that if anyone here is (Y/n)’s boyfriend, it’s me.”

My Everything

Request- Can you do a Peter imagine where he gets his wisdom teeth taken out and he’s doped up on Novocaine and he accidentally tells the reader he’s Spider-Man and that he loves her p.s I love your account

AN- Thank you so much! This request seems like fun so let’s have a go, hope you enjoy

Send in requests

Originally posted by septodragon

“Ok, I’ll be back shortly, just watch him ok?”

You nodded up at the doctor, then looked towards Peter whose eyes seemed to be trained on the ceiling, a small smile peeking at the corners of mouth lighting up his face.

His face seemed to be so overwhelmed with stress recently, little lines between his eyebrows that shouldn’t be there for years, constantly wandering off in thoughts when usually he never day dreamed.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words: 912
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I make a kinda silly deanxreader where she gets her wisdom teeth taken out and when they’re taking her home she’s still loopy from the anesthetics (I think that’s how you spell it) and the boys make fun of her? 

A/N: If you want tagged in something, send an ask (I don’t always see replies and reblogs).

Dean’s Point Of View 

           Y/N hated the idea of having surgery, especially when it came to her mouth. So, getting her wisdom teeth taken out was definitely torture for her before she was even put under for the procedure.

           “So, she’s going to be pretty out of it,” the nurse told us.

           “Oh, I’ve seen the videos,” I said, “She’s going to be gone.”

           The nurse chuckled, “You’re going to be one of those boyfriends, aren’t you?” she asked knowingly.

           “Oh, most definitely,” I nodded.

           The nurse shook her head, “Come on in.”

           I followed her into the room and saw Y/N with the gauze in her mouth, looking around a little without actually focusing.

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ok look i realize its super late, but i had my wisdom teeth out and was not up for drawing for a few days 

BUT now ive got an official comic updating schedule :D. i’m gonna update it at least every other monday, i might update it sooner but im gonna stick with monday being the update day. 

this is just napstablook’s fight part one btw, there is more i promise


previous: X

start: X

OH! also, Napstablook is now available for asks ^^ remember to read the ask rules and stuff 


I do not own this gif !

Summary: Jungkook just got his wisdom teeth taken out. He’s kind of high off of anesthesia. What could go wrong when he meets a pretty girl?

Genre: Jungkook Fluff ♡

This was much longer than expected xD 

I was inspired by a few “Wisdom Teeth Reactions” on YouTube, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already!

Word count: 1.8k

Jungkook felt loopy. Really loopy. As if he was underwater, but somehow breathing and not drowning.

“Hyung… What happened?” Jungkook asked, his head suddenly feeling too heavy for his neck. His head lolled to the side, his eyes still closed, and he heard Jimin chuckle from behind him.

“You’re on drugs, Kookie.” Jimin patted Jungkook’s shoulder. Jungkook shot up in his seat, his eyes snapping open. His hands patted his jeans and face before gripping the armrest of the chair he was sitting in.

“I’m on drugs? I’M SORRY, MOM! I’VE FAILED YOU AS A SON.” Jungkook’s vision was beginning to blur. He pressed his palms over his damp eyes. “Tell her I love her, even though she would never forgive me.”

Jimin burst out into a fit of laughter, slapping his knee and throwing his head back.

STOP LAUGHING, HYUNG! THIS ISN’T FUNNY!” Jungkook yelled, wiping at his eyes with the back of his palm. Jimin was still dying of laughter and Jungkook wanted to tackle him, but when he made the move to stand up, he just fell backwards into the chair as if he was a rag doll with no strength.

Jungkook began to panic. “WHOA. W-Why can’t I stand up? Where am I?”

The pale white walls and tiny room was not familiar. He was kidnapped.

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wisdom teeth headcanons
  • phil gets like super duper clingy when he’s loopy so when dan comes in after it’s over phil grabs hold of his arm and won’t let go and dan has to sign all the paperwork with his right hand since his left is clutched in a vise grip
  • he sees the x-ray of his mouth from before the surgery and starts yelling that they forgot to take his teeth out, and won’t be quiet until the doctor shows up with the teeth and shows them to him
  • phil tells everyone at the office that he loves them, he calls them pretty and nice and says he’s going to miss them as dan wheels him out, barely holding his laughter inside
  • he lays his head on dan’s shoulder in the cab and giggles about absolutely everything on the way home, and dan has to hold his hands down so he’ll stop booping his nose every ten seconds
  • dan has to take phil’s phone from him because he keeps tweeting stuff, ‘i feel fluffy like a cloud or a dog or mashed potatoes’ and ‘dan keeps trying to take my pho-’ 
  • dan plants phil on the sofa and turns on those property shows he loves, and he keeps babbling about moving to all of these houses and dan just pats him on the head
  • dan gets phil some sorbet and phil gets grumpy that it’s not ice cream because he forgets he’s lactose intolerant
  • he keeps poking at the gauze in his mouth and trying to pull it out but every time he sees the blood his eyes go wide and he starts yelling for dan to take him to a&e (dan is sitting right next to him with fresh gauze)
  • phil starts to go back to normal and he gets sad because he’s ‘losing the fuzzy’
  • he starts to feel the pain and lays his head in dan’s lap and keeps saying ‘owowowowow’ while dan pets his hair 
  • he refuses to acknowledge that half of these things happened the next day