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Peter Maximoff x Reader : wisdom teeth

A/n: after months of waiting finally got a good laptop so heres one of the request i have been meaning to write (kinda changed it up a bit but its fine i guess)

Warning : none 

Pairing : Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Plot : The Reader gets her wisdom teeth removed and Peter decided to use this opportunity to tease the Reader.

Wisdom Teeth.

It has been a struggle to keep the pain a secret. Seeing as your wisdom teeth started growing it was going to be hassle. But you weren’t worried about the pain you were more worried about Peter. He was the sweetest thing even if he was sometimes an asshole. He cared so much for you seeing as you are his girlfriend and he was part of the X men and his dad is one of the most dangerous mutants alive.

So you kept it in.

Till today the pain was bearable but as you got up this morning the pain was stronger times 10. You had a fever for the first half of the day and it wasn’t helping that you had a lot of things to do around school as well.

You just kept at it, trying to ignore the pain best you could. You decided to skip breakfast and lunch because lets face it, you probably wont even be able to drink anything let alone eat something.

Peter of course noticed it and found you in a matter of seconds in one of your classes.

You felt cold air on your back and soon after felt warm hands wrap around your waist. A small smile appeared on your face as you looked back to find the chocolate brown eyes you loved so much, staring back at your (y/e/c) colored ones.

“Hey you.” You say as you peck his lips lightly. He only smiled at you, holding you closer to him. “You haven’t eaten today, you ok ?”

You stopped moving as soon as he said that. You tried to think of a good excuse but soon realized that it was probably no use, knowing that peter wont believe you till you tell him the truth. With a sigh you said “my wisdom tooth hurt and I cant really eat or drink right now.”

As soon as you said that he ran off or the rest of the day.

When you got all your work done you went back to your shared room with Peter. Your stomach hurt and so did your teeth. You wanted too eat something this entire day but alas you couldn’t .

Damn those stupid wisdom teeth.  

You got to your room only to see there was a vase of roses, a few boxes of pain medication and a note on the night stand on your side of the bed. You smiled and read the note while also glancing at the box of pills. “hey you. Knowing you , you’ll be super stubborn and wont go see a dentist so I went for you. Along with that I got you a box of strong meds from the dentist so take the pills and go get something to eat ok ? I wont be back till tomorrow, you know, X men missions and such. So ill see you tomorrow . Love you, Peter. ”

You laughed under your breath and took the meds. He was always so caring it sometimes made you feel guilty that you made him so worried sometimes. But you were still thankful that he was with you.

The pills work like a charm and 15 minutes later the pain was gone for a while. You finally got something to eat and after went to bed. It was a bit weird  to go to bed alone because you didn’t do it often and most of his missions were over with quickly but it seems that this one was either far away or had a different task at hand.

In the morning you woke u and felt the dull pain in the back of your jaws growing stronger. You took the pills again and went to get ready to go to the dentist. you soon got everything you needed and you were out the door.  

A few hours later Peter was back from his mission, that, as usual, almost ended in a disaster. He was surprised not to see you home at this time but he tried not to give it to much thought. But when he got a call from the dentist he got a bit worried. It turned out it took a bit of time to get rid of your wisdom teeth and they just finished up and needed someone to pick you up.

When he got the dentist he was surprised to say the least. You were as high as the kite and with cotton balls in your mouth. A huge grin was on your face and giggles kept coming out of you instead of words.

With a sigh peter took you straight home and placed you on the bed. You , on the other hand , didn’t let go . instead you started whining “don’t go peteeeeeeee!” or “im cooooooold warm me uuuuuuuup”.

You were like a child and Peter didn’t waste time and took as much pictures and videos as he could.

Of course after you woke up from your nap your head was a lot more cleared up but at the same time you were confused at the amount of notifications on your phone. Seeing as you didn’t update you social media much you were surprised to see notifications from Instagram and facebook. But as soon as you opened your profile you knew exactly what happened. “PETER MAXIMOFF !!!” you yelled as you dropped your phone on the bed , Instagram opened on the pic of you sleeping , mouth wide open while upside down on the bed.

“(y/u/n): this little girl just got her wisdom teeth removed and passed out on the bed, I just had to take this pic <3”

when i got my wisdom teeth out not only was it two days before prom, (back five years ago) so my face was super puffy and i couldnt eat or drink anything, but on the sleep gas i talked about caterpillars and snakes for 4 hours and the guy got pissed cause he was just trying to pull out these teeth but i kept stopping him and telling him about the pupae stage of bugs, so thats why i still have one wisdom tooth because he was so angry he just gave up and passed me to my mother in my blanket i was wrapped up in and i guess i looked at her and was like “im ready to ascend to cocoon stage” and that was the last thing i said for 48 hours

AN: Hey! Like I said before, because I have finals coming up and I have school for another two weeks, I will not be able to post as frequently as I had been over the weekend. Anyway, this is for justang6! Thanks for requesting! *The gif is not mine, and please ignore my spelling mistakes!  Xoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Gah! Dude, you should totally right a one shot where the reader gets her wisdom teeth out and she loopy from the drugs they had to give her. Since I’m getting my wisdom teeth out soon, why not have a laugh!

((Ps: I actually have never gotten my wisdom teeth taken out/never been on drugs like that, so I hope my story is at least a little correct! And I hope that all goes well with your procedure!))


“Unicorns and Chocolate Milk”

“Are you nervous?”

You peered up at Wanda, who (of course) could feel your emotions. But, really it didn’t take a mind reader to guess at what you felt like. Your legs were shaking, you were biting your lips, and your fingers were woven together so tightly that they turned white in your lap. Wanda sat next to you in the waiting room chair, her red eyes looking at you softly.

“Me? No. I’ve taken down more HYRDA agents then I can count, I think I can  handle a small trip to the dentist.” You lied, knowing full well that Wanda could see straight through it.

“Right,” Her Slovakian accent drawled out. "I do not believe you.“

You sighed and leaned your head against her shoulder. "Wanda, I’m scared.”

“I know.” She responded softly and grabbed your knotted hands from your lap.

“I don’t really like the thought of some stranger poking around in my mouth when I’m half asleep.”

“Don’t worry about it Y/N,” She said reassuringly. “You are not the first person in the world to get their wisdom teeth taken out you know, you will be strong like you always are, and before you know it they will be all done!”

You sighed, “Yeah, maybe.”

“Do you want to talk to my brother?” She asked, digging her phone out of her bag. “I’m sure he would love to give you some words of confidence.”

You blushed deep red and looked away so she could not see your face. “W-why would you think that I would want to talk to him?”

Her crimson lips twisted into a knowing smile as she shoved her phone back into her black bag. “Oh, it was just a thought.”

You loved Wanda dearly, but sometimes having a mind-reading best friend was annoying. She knew about your (not so) little crush Pietro, but you were thankful that she never came right out and said it. One thing that made you like Wanda so much was her respect of people’s privacy.

“Y/N L/N?” A lady in dark blue scrubs called your name in the waiting room, narrowing her eyes to read the name off of the clipboard.

You swallowed and Wanda squeezed your hand one last time.



Pietro looked up at the clock and frowned, Y/N’s procedure should have been over by now. He hadn’t received any word from Y/N or Wanda, which made him really nervous. He knew that nothing was going to go wrong, but he still felt the overwhelming need to be there for Y/N.

He had wanted to go, but convinced himself that if he had tagged along he would only make things worse and more awkward. He knew Y/N well, but not well enough to be able to comfort her like Wanda could. It was one of the few times that he was jealous of his sister.

A low buzzing came from Pietro’s cellphone, and in a flash he answered it before the first ring ended. “Hello?”

“Pietro,” Wanda answered. “What are you doing right now?”

“I was, uh, training.” He lied, in reality he had been moping around in his room waiting to hear how it went.

“Do you think that you could possibly come over to Y/N’s dentist’s office-”

“Is she hurt?” Pietro all but shouted into the phone, earning a chuckle from his twin.

“No. She isn’t out yet, but I just received word from Natasha that I have to meet her right now. Do you think that you could bring Y/N home instead?”

There was something off about Wanda’s voice, Pietro could tell that there was something she wasn’t saying, but he didn’t really care.

“I’m on my way!”

Pietro, seeing as he would have to drive you home, had to drive a car to get you. He almost rammed into three cars and blew through every stop sign he came across, the last thing he wanted was for you to come into the waiting room and not have anyone there for you.

Pietro parked (rather sloppily) in the first parking spot he saw and didn’t stall for a second before zooming into the office.

Pietro got there just in time to see a nurse wheel you out in a wheelchair, a small piece of paper in his hand. “Is someone here to pick up Y/N L/N?”

Pietro zoomed in front of the nurse and smiled. “That’d be me.”

“Great!” The young male nurse nodded and moved away from the back of the wheelchair for Pietro to take over. “Good luck with her, she’s still drugged pretty good.”


Pietro squatted so that he could look you in the eye. Your hair was all over and your cheeks looked puffy, like you had something in them. “Y/N? How are you feeling?”

You looked up and grinned at him, the bloodied cotton in your mouth almost fell out onto your lap. “Like a million bucks!”

You squinted your eyes and reached out, brushing your fingers on the tip of Pietro’s nose. “Whoa, Wanda you look a lot like Pietro.”

Pietro chuckled then got up and began to wheel you out of the office. He looked down at you as you spread your hands out and made plane noises like you were flying as he moved the wheelchair.

Awkwardly, he lifted you and put you in the passenger seat and buckled you in, seeing as you could barley keep your head up straight. He zoomed the wheelchair back to the office and back to the driver’s side.

“I…I really like horses, Pietro.” You said very seriously. “Like, a lot.”

Pietro tried to conceal a laugh in, knowing full well that you expected him to be taking you seriously. “Oh, really?”

“Yes!” You shouted, your head bobbing back and forth as Pietro backed out of the space. “But you know what’s better than horses?”

“What’s that, Y/N?”

“Unicorns!” You sighed dreamily, and he could see your eyes look like they were deep in thought. “They are so strong, and pretty….we should have one on our team!” You looked at him with pure excitement. “A unicorn Avenger!”

Pietro was loving every single moment of this. “We should!”

“Oh, god…” You moaned.

“Y/N!” Pietro said at your sudden change in tone. “Are you okay?”

Pietro tried to look at you and keep his eyes on the road, and the glimpses that he saw of you made his stomach turn. You had your forehead pressed against the passenger side window, your arms wrapped around you like your torso like you were in pain.

“Oh, god!” You moaned again, but this time louder. Pietro was looking for a place to pull over, he was worried that you had hurt yourself somehow in your drugged state.

“I need to pee so bad Pietro!” You shouted at the top of your lungs.

Pietro almost passed out in relief. “Y/N! You can’t just scare me like that! I was so worried!”

You looked at him with sad, heartbroken eyes. He felt like he had just scolded a little child, he was instantly guilty.

“I-I’m sorry!” You wailed. “I don’t have to pee anymore! Forget I said it! I don’t wanna pee anymore!”

Pietro shook his head and reached over and gripped your arm with one hand. “Baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry…”

You shook your head. “I’m not crying, that’s a lie! I’m not crying and I do not have to pee!”

Pietro parked the car in the private car lot for the Avengers Tower. Pietro, with lighting speed, unbuckled you and ran you both up until you reached the main floor. He ran you into the girl’s bathroom (knowing that no one else was in the tower) and sat you down on the closed toilet lid.

You swayed back and forth as you adjusted to the new change in scenery. You looked around the room with wide eyes. “Oh my god… how did you know  that I had to use the bathroom? I thought that you were the twin that couldn’t read minds!”

He chuckled, happy to see that you weren’t upset anymore. “I have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Pietro let you use the bathroom whilst standing outside the door, waiting to hear the toilet flush so he could grab you and make sure you don’t fall. He set you on a couch and covered you in a warm blanket.

“Is there anything you want, Y/N?” Pietro asked while tucking the blanket all around you, making a little cocoon.

“Chocolate milk!” You grinned at him, showing your cotton pads.

“You want chocolate milk? I’ll get you chocolate milk.” Pietro shot up and ran to the kitchen, pouring milk and chocolate syrup into a plastic cup and stirring it up. He opted for the plastic rather than the glass, for obvious reasons.

He reappeared in front of you in record speed and you clapped your hands together. “That was so fast!”

He grinned and handed you the cup, careful to make sure that you held it with both hands. “Pietro, I can’t drink this.”

He cocked his head to the side. “Why not?”

“It’s…it’s…” You struggled to find the right word, he could see your eyebrows scrunch together as you thought really hard. He thought it was the cutest thing he had ever seen.

“Dirty! It’s dirty!” You said in an accomplished tone. “Look, it’s all brown!”

He laughed and shook his head. “It’s the chocolate, dear. See?” Pietro took a sip of the cup and gave it back to you to show you that it was okay to drink.

“Okay, I trust you, but can you put it on the table? I don’t want to drink it right now.”

He obediently obliged, and while he was turned to place the cup on the coffee table, he heard you say, “Oooh, gimme a piece of that fine Slovakian ass!”

Pietro’s bright blue eyes widened and he whipped around, seeing you smile drunkenly at him.

“Have I ever told you that you are…you are so handsome. You are better than unicorns and chocolate milk combined.”

Pietro’s heart began to beat faster, did you mean what you were saying?

Pietro’s phone rang from his pocket, and he fumbled to get it, his hands shaking from you strange yet amusing confession.

“Y-yes?” He answered, his voice cracking.

“So…” Wanda’s voice trailed from the other end of the line. “How is Y/N, what’s she been doing?”

Pietro was about to tell her that you were fine, but then it hit him. “You…you never had to meet with Natasha, did you? You planned on having me get her, didn’t you?”

Wanda just giggled and hung up the phone.

((Sorry if this was annoyingly long but it was sooooo funnnn to write! I hope you all liked it!))

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HEY. HEY EL. GUESS WHAT EL. I have a big gap between my two front teeth too! In some cultures, a split between the front teeth is actually a sign of wisdom. The larger the split, the more wisdom that individual holds, so you must be like the smartest person ever! -from one scrawny little gap-toothed nerd to a taller gap-toothed nerd-