wisdom teeth thats why

So I’m going to say something I probably shouldn’t but here it goes. 

I just don’t fully believe Shane. And it’s mostly because his letter comes off as disgruntled employee who’s using this as a way to get back at RT. It reads as someone who can’t work with a team or understand why no one could work the crazy hours Monty and him did. But that’s all business side and I’m not much of a business person. 

My main reason for not believing him? Is because you’d have to be completely oblivious to not see how much RT, and more importantly, how much Burnie and Matt and Miles and Kerry cared for Monty. I just can’t believe that they would ever try to use anything’s of Monty’s as a stepping stone to make money. There is just no convincing me of that. 

And I’ve seen some people say they wan RT to respond to this. The thing is, they legally can’t. It’s called an NDA, or Non Disclosure Agreement, which is supposed to protect both the employer and the ex-employee. Shane broke his part of the contract by writing this letter, so maybe that gives them freeway to answer. And while I’m curious about what RT’s answer would be, a part of me wishes they wouldn’t. Not really just to save themselves, but also Shane. No matter what your viewpoint on this issue is, the sad fact is that this letter could seriously hurt him in trying to get a future job.