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Do you mind giving me a link to all your favorites Jared interviews please? Hope you feel better!! Happy new year 🎆🎊🎈

Oh my… if I am going to put together all my fav Jared videos it would be too long a list, so how about top 10? That I can do. 

Happy New Year, anon! :)

30 Seconds To Mars ALT 92.9: I like how Shannon and Jared talk about living in Boston for some time [1:20]. Jared: There’s actually one season [in LA]. You know what it is? It’s called nice.  Lucky you, Jared. We in Estonia have one season as well. It’s called cold, grey and windy.

Jared Leto at 96FM Perth: This is such a funny and light interview. Jared talks about his grandpa’s hairstyle, balancing acting and music, Artifact, always buying the ugliest christmas tree with his brother…

Jared and Tomo on Subterranean MTV: They are so amusing and funny here xD 

30 Seconds to Mars Fan Q&A: The classics about favorite sleeping position :D And talking about the happiest moments of LLF+D tour. 

Jared Leto interview with 101WKQX: Getting excited about the word bowels, talking about his passport, oh-ohs in their songs. [Interviewer]: when you were promoting  The Life Is Beautiful record. [Jared]: Yeah, A Beautiful Lie. lol

30 Seconds To Mars Worst Technology: Jared at the end is the cutest

Jared Leto - Shark story: Another classics. Jared talking about sharks. Sharks are sharks; humans are not sharks. – wisdom from Jared Leto. The whole Myspace Q&A is amusing. Just put 30 seconds to mars myspace in youtube search and you will find all parts.  

30 Seconds To Mars ROXWELmusic: Very cool interviewer and therefore a nice and chill talk with the guys. Jared talking about how he needed to go back to parking lot and search a trash can to get his very expensive vinegar back.

30 Seconds To Mars for Rockerrazzi.Com: Once again Jared and Tomo goofing around. Love it! [3:05] – [4:05] This is hilarious xD

And finally this is not an interview but Jared outrunning paparazzi which you must admit is pretty funny and clever way to shrug them off.

  • Kakeki: I love-
  • Everyone else: yes, you love Hideyoshi Nagachkica, we know, you love Hideyoshi Nagachkica so much, he’s the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Hideyoshi Nagachkica, we KNOW , you love Hideyoshi Nagachkica you fucking love Hideyoshi Nagachkica ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE HIDEYOSHI NAGACHIKA. WE GET IT.